Pollock wins over Scallops, King Crab, and Salmon in Division of Elections mock primary


The Alaska Division of Elections, running a mock election to help Alaskans understand their complicated new election methods created by Ballot Measure 2, has closed the voting in the Seafood Favorites primary, and the results are in:

Pollock won 27%, followed by Weathervane Scallops at 14%, King Crab at 12%, and King Salmon at 10%.

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In the “open primary,” voters had a choice of 18 Alaska seafood choices — everything from geoduck to pink salmon.

To see for yourself how it works, click on this link.

Now that voters have whittled it down to the top four, on Wednesday, June 16 people will have chance to rank those top four from top favorite on down, and that will determine the winner as votes for second, third, and fourth are recalculated.

The seafood primary lasted two weeks. Early in voting, Halibut, King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, and King Crab were the top four, but at the end of the voting period, Pollock received 1,023 votes, Scallops took 532, King Crab had 453, and King Salmon came in fourth with 384 votes.

Must Read Alaska set a mock election up at this link to rank the most biased mainstream media in Alaska.

(So far, the Anchorage Daily News is far-and-away the winner for the most biased of the candidates. We call this a landslide.)


  1. You expect me to believe that the McDonald’s Fish Sandwich won?! Seriously?! How the — did that happen?! ?

  2. If pollock won, then it was not Alaskans that were voting. I don’t know anyone that would have even thought to vote for pollock. I have lived in multiple coastal Alaskan communities and have never eaten nor caught a pollock.
    I guess our future elections will be just the same, outsiders deciding what we like.

  3. I was thinking the other day Ranked Choice voting might finally elect Anchorage’s Dustin Darden to a public office. I can’t believe King salmon wouldn’t have been most people’s first choice or second choice for them to end up voting last for pollock.

    I hope he and others like him continues to run and finally wins by rank choice voting, so we all can see how the Republican and Democrat parties responds to their political scheme putting out their favorites for the weaker candidate. That’ll end rank choice voting real quick when the parties are losing power if here in Alaska RCV backfires with the election of candidates the political parties can’t control.

  4. Seems like this poll demonstrates perfectly the failure that this type of voting will ultimately be.
    Pollock. Let that sink in for a bit, pollock won over crab, salmon, shrimp, halibut, cod, and many, many other actually delicious choices.

  5. Evidently the machines were the same used in the Presidential election.

    Every 5th vote for salmon and king crab was changed to pollock……….

  6. STEVE-O wrote:
    “Seems like this poll demonstrates perfectly the failure that this type of voting will ultimately be.
    Pollock. Let that sink in for a bit, pollock won” over crab, salmon, shrimp, halibut, cod, and many, many other actually delicious choices.”

    Biden is so pollock.

  7. Pollock. Well I would say that proves election fraud is alive and real. That would not be Alaskans voting either.

    Commercial Pollock fishing uses the big massive trawling drag nets – highly destructive to our oceans, sea life, the marine food cycle, bycatch and other fisheries. The faux election was rigged.

  8. Looking at the website of the group sponsoring this mock election & backing ranked choice voting, they talk about how our elections & politics have become partisan & how we need to get away from that. In fact, the other night I heard the same thing from a local supporter of ranked choice. That ranked choice somehow yields candidates most everyone can agree on in a non-partisan way, thereby bringing more peace in the valley.

    But the thing is politics is 100% partisan (and local “non-partisan” races/issues are sometimes the most partisan of all) if you hold values & principles as an individual or as a member of a group. That’s where the passion comes from. The reach for freedom & liberty which is our foundation. When you try to eliminate this when those values are under attack what have you got? Not much…..

  9. Yes Pollock won. Come on folks, every time you eat that imitation crab salad had a buffet you’re eating Pollock. Anytime you eat a mcfish or the likes in any restaurant you’re eating Pollock unless they specifically claim halibut or cod. Anytime you eat fish sticks out of the grocery store Frozen aisle it’s Pollock. Surimi can be made into any number of different items.

  10. I was going to say, what the heck, crab, salmon, and halibut. So basically this kind of voting will end up giving the perceived notion that Alaskans have absolutely no taste. “Figures.”

  11. And that’s how we’ll probably end up with the worst candidates winning. Prop 2 has to be repealed.

  12. Cheating cheating cheating
    It all smoke and mirrors.
    God be with us if that swamp creature Lisa win again.

    So the person who gets the most votes win
    One vote in person with ID
    So the losers in forth places wins how Stupid is that. This needs to be overturned before the next election.
    It was stolen in the first place with these machines.

  13. People tried to warn Alaskans about prop 2 but let’s face it, they weren’t awake enough yet to pay any attention, just like Anchorage needed to be absolutely gutted before enough of them woke up to get them to change course. The upshot of the Biden, and Berkowitz is that they woke up a lot of people who had left the “paying attention” to their neighbors. The story of these atrocities is really about the apathy of a society when it is so very comfortable it feels it doesn’t need to concern itself with who governs it anymore. Tyranny is always one election away. Yes, the axiom is true: the price of liberty IS, in fact, eternal vigilance. Sorry- but You can never rest while defending liberty. When you do, you get what you get.

  14. I used to be in the fishing business. Pollock was considered garbage fish. I think other commenters are correct in thinking there’s something fishy about this voting system.

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