Poll: Most Americans want abortion limits


While the March On Women is threatening a “summer of rage” over abortion rights, new polling from the Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group reveal that most Americans actually support abortion limits.

57.6% of those polled by Trafalgar said “abortion should only be legal in specific circumstances.”

Democrats, by nearly 19 percent, say abortion should be legal all the way “until the moment of birth, including partial birth.” Only 4.5 percent of Republicans believe that should be legal.

Among all respondents, the poll found 11.6% said “abortion should be legal up until the moment of birth, including partial birth.”

The poll was conducted between May 5-8 and had 1,082 respondents of likely general election voters. The margin of error was calculated at 2.99%.

Last month, a draft decision from the Supreme Court was leaked to the media, showing that the majority of the justices had voted in February to overturn the landmark decision known as Roe v. Wade, which puts limits on how far states can go to determine abortion laws.

The court’s decision, while not final, is expected to be released in early summer and already threats are being made against the majority justices, as pro-abortion fanatics have marched in front of their homes, and some have threatened to burn them down. Virginia Gov.  Glenn Youngkin and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan urged the Justice Department to tighten security around those homes.

The issue of abortion is becoming the major political tug-of-war for the midterm elections, as Democrats believe the issue may turn the tide in their favor. For now, it appears Republicans will be winning seats across the nation, in a growing voter rebellion against Democrat-Socialists and their policies.

View the results of the poll at this link.


  1. Made my stomach turn last weekend seeing women and men (with children around I may add) with signs proclaiming abortion is about women’s rights and not about babies. That was one sign an idiot male was holding up!
    All day long abortion is wrong. This shows the insanity of these pigs. They bring their children to a protest… I guess those poor kids made it thru without being killed by them.
    They can shove their summer of rage over this.
    Abortion needs limitations and no state should ever be funding it.
    I cannot and will not respect any person that thinks killing a baby early or late term is ok. Why don’t they push birth control and sterilization? They hate babies so much, strip the females of that precious right. First time you abort a child, you get a hysterectomy or your tubes tied. Boom. Problem solved!! Stop using abortion as your birth control! Keep Roe V Wade overturned!

  2. It’s like the author didn’t even try to write an article here, just pull together some words to make their conclusory statement that liberals are commie-pinko-jerks who want to murder white babies and replace them with brown babies. One might think that the author would comment on how the Trafalgar Group poll shows that 62.1% of those polled believe abortion should be legal in some capacity! No mention of how the leaked draft SCOTUS opinion represents rolling back a 49 year precedent that the majority of Americans support–a tactic of an “activist judiciary”. And no mention of any of the incidents in the last 30 to 40 years where “pro-life” activists have murdered people in support of their cause to end abortions (because apparently saving a 10-week old fetus is more important than the 40 year old’s life). This is not the best work by MRAK.

    • Z Thomas, ‘Commie-pinko-jerks who want to murder white babies and replace them brown babies’. Funny that you just laid that statement out there but you did not personally refute it. 😂😂😂 I love it when you libbys accidentally tell the truth but it must be painful for you. Like smashing your finger in a car door, I imagine.

  3. But what the heck are the democrats in D.C. smoking?

    “… an “expert witness” testifying today on include, when asked a very straightforward question, gave this #Science response.

    House Judiciary GOP
    Q: “Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?” [email protected]

    A: “Yes.” -Democrat witness”

    West Tank Farm? Really? Men can become pregnant? That is a major miracle if you ask me.


  4. There is probaly a whole other reason why God could allow 60 million american lives abruptly ended. Last week. I don’t know why my memory pulled up what i heard from Someone make mention ‘there be no state of iseal if there was no holocuast’ today jews are in back
    in their own land just as
    jeremiah prophetcized. 60 million dead babies whom all had a lineage like the 6 million jews suffered and died. There
    has to be a divine purpose why 60 babies were allowed to suffer and die by roe. I hope there be a grander purpose for the
    killing 60 million pregnancies other than women’s health nor science, these two
    reasons are just out of selfishness.

  5. Up to the moment of birth??? When a doctor can reach in, tear off limbs, tear off the head, and finally remove a dismembered body, somehow we are supposed to believe that this is not yet a human being…. If they would just go ahead and say ” A woman has the right to kill her baby if she wants to ” at least I would be able to call them honest. Not a trait often found in those on the left. – M.John

  6. The precedent set by Roe v Wade (“my body my choice”) tossed out previous precedents useful to the foreign one world order tyrrany here of the “for the greater good” precedents fixed by previous stare decisis and now displaced and recognized by the previous inappropriate admiralty law enforced on American land, thus trespassing and elevating tyrranical BRITISH Common Law over almost non-existent American Common Law over the ocean emanating from the islands of Great Britain and tespassing admiralty dock jurisdiction over to the lands of the established nation of the republic of America and declared nationhood of the United States of America Republic established by the 1776 US Constitution ctration document. There is more going on here.

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