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Poll: Most Americans say election results take too long

Alaska’s Division of Elections will next report results from the Nov. 8 election on Nov. 15. As of Nov. 10, there are at least 32,736 ballots remaining to be counted, including 19,198 absentees, 13,538 early votes, and 1,549 questioned ballots. Ballots will trickle in and the final tabulations for the ranked choice races won’t be done until the afternoon of Nov. 23.

With the balance of power in Congress still undecided, American voters expressed in a recent national poll that they clearly dislike delayed reporting of election results, according to Rasmussen Reports’ latest national telephone and online survey.

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The survey showed that 65% of Likely U.S. voters agree that many states take too long to count the votes and report results on Election Night, including 37% who Strongly Agree, 28% disagree, and 13% who Strongly Disagree. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters was conducted on Nov. 6-7, 2022 by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

While election results were known quickly in Florida, Arizona lags in counting, and Alaska is stuck with delays due to ranked choice voting.

In addition to wanting results to be known more quickly, fewer than half of voters think the news media did a good job covering the midterm campaign. Almost half say the coverage is biased in favor of Democrats.

Only 13% of Likely U.S. voters rate the media coverage of this year’s congressional campaign excellent. Some 24% rate it good and 23% give the media’s midterm coverage a fair rating. Another 33% rate it poor. That compares to November 2020, when 40% rated the media’s coverage of the presidential campaign excellent or good.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Democratic processes are by nature cumbersome! And, just as naturally, there are those who squawk just to hear themselves squawk! Those who squawk the loudest are usually the least thoughtful! And, like those with venereal disease, they are found in all societies!

  2. RCV is a disaster when it comes to a new governor having enough time to work out a budget and appointees. For those contests requiring the ranked voting, where the contest was not decided outright, November 23 is way too long. And with no daily updates after the first few days, trends are not apparent, so final decisions are more easily questioned. More transparency is needed, as well as more timely result reporting. As for the press, I gave up on them a long time ago.

  3. If it takes more than 12 hours – *maybe* 24 in an exceptionally close rase – to count votes and report results, cheating is occurring.

  4. Election fraud takes time. They have to be certain that they can manufacture enough votes for the politicians they want to put in office. “Ranked Choice” voting is just another election fraud scam, like mail-in voting. Nobody is fooled by this very obvious fraud.

    Alaska has one of the most corrupt election processes in the nation. Demonstrated once again by Kevin Myers intentionally violating the US Constitution by enforcing illegal open primaries – which the Supreme Court has already shot down as violating the First Amendment – just so they can put into office whomever they please, regardless of the actual vote.

    • Ten out of thirteen extended counts favor Democrats, despite all mathematical odds. That’s right, the Democrat party is so awesome that probabilities don’t apply to them. Additionally, Haberman winning ~1100 votes in a New Hampshire town with less than 700 registered voters is due to Democrat party radness (it’s a word now).

  5. Com’On Man!!! It’s only been 4-days now, correct? AND, we still don’t know the winner of the US Senate race!?!? We could’ve sent a crew to the Moon and back in this timeframe!
    Something goofy is going on with this RCV. It’s quite obvious that Kelly-T has the most votes and is the rightful and clear winner. When the RCV calculus awards the victory to Lisa, that’s when the voters will turn vindictive and vengeance will most likely prevail. Stealing votes from the voters and distributing them to other lesser candidates is “unfair” and a dangerous precedence that will no doubt turn elections from ‘already ugly’ to something only seen from a Mad Max movie.
    I think(?) the Governor can now advance an initiative to scrap RCV?

    • You’re joking right Rob? And by your theory, Peltola would also be the “rightful and clear winner.”
      Any close election would not be known in 4 days due to absentee ballots being given time to get through the mail. You wanting to deny those ballots, their being counted, so you might know who won the US Senate race only?
      I say tough noogies to you Rob. Heheh!

  6. There are two obvious conclusions to be drawn here.

    First, when races are close, after long drawn out “counting” procedures, Democrats inevitably win as Dem votes always manage to be “found.”

    Two, RCV clearly was devised to favor off-the-wall liberal candidates who could not win by traditional means. Peltola and Murkowski are obvious examples.

  7. Alaska’s delay in absentte ballot vote counting has zero to do with RCV and 100% due to a State law that says absentee (military primarily) ballots will have two weeks after the election to be recieved as long as the ballot is postmarked by election day. IMO 2 weeks is too long. The DOE will establish the timeline and report to the Legislature through the Governor’s office. Perhaps the two week timeline could be reduced to one week.

    • RCV has everything to do with the delay in results up here. There’s too much math involved after the first round to determine a winner, particularly with the large number of mail in ballots that are given two weeks to come in. It’s not like in years past when only a relatively few mail in ballots were out, you knew how many were to be counted yet, and if the race difference couldn’t be affected by those ballots, you knew the winner. RCV, open primaries and limiting the number of mail in ballots to be counted after election day, or as you suggest reducing the time allowed for them to be counted, needs to be changed.

      • If it’s as you say “too much math involved………………,” then what does that have to do with the large number of mail in ballots given two weeks to come in. RCV doesn’t even get involved until all the mail in ballots are in and counted.
        Believe me, or not, the math involved is not going to be any delay once it is “involved.” Quit your whining about not getting results for a couple of weeks-that’s merely due to the time allowed for these mail in ballots to get through the mail. Would you be happy if that two weeks were shortened to 10 days? Then try to get it changed. Simple.

  8. It is BS that other countries, with a solid photo ID requirement, and paper ballots can determine a winner within hours. But, the US with all their lax requirements to vote, and tech up the wazoo to assist with counting cannot get it done?
    Nothing but finding time to cheat if you ask me.

  9. Suzanne ma’am your site is such a hit. For me ma’am it exposed oath breakers flat out. I don’t care if it’s a democrat republican a judge legislators they all swore an oath of integrity hand on Bible it’s a contact with GOD himself. Imagine if every citizen had to oath up to go to work who don’t fear GOD the world would be perfection. Citizens oath breakers are exposed is that not the enemy of the state, is that not the one the citizens should tar an feather and mock. GOD created us all on the same day and gave us a book on how to live right and act right towards one another and make our lives shine. Television and oath breakers are just smoke and mirrors, Jesus expects us to discern our way through this and back him to choose him. Do not choose the evil one and his ways that take us away from the ways of Jesus. Oath breakers please turn back towards GOD and your oath duties of for an by the people please.

  10. How is we can track every movement of an Amazon packages from 5 years ago and yet we have no voter security/track record? How is it that we have vactrax but no historical records of our personal votes over the years? How is it that we get an extra $50 of insurance for our packages if we choose priority but we have no assurances with our own political voting system?

    When I voted and the voter worker pushed mine into the machine, it hated the votes so much it spit it back out several times. Is that a coincidence? Or is it because my vote was overtly conservative and the scanner can see that?

    It’s 2022 – we have these phone devices that have gps tracking and smart watches and a millions other technologies that are capable of providing us with a simple solution with regards to the voting scheme. Why are our politicians dumping millions of dollars into their campaigns? They should be investing millions of dollars into a voting system that gives people the power AND assurance when they vote.

    • V, you didn’t say why the machine spit out your ballot. Is that because it didn’t give you a reason or that you are embarrassed to tell us?
      Mine went through the first time but the monitor said hers was kicked back for an error on her part. I suspect yours had a similar error, relative to this RCV.

    • How is it, in Arizona, they count Maricopa’s votes at the same place they print the ballots, and they do it secret. Hell, they don’t even provide a chain of custody, they are still withholding the 2020 CoC. The United States of America is dead, now all we have is this fascist joke left in its place.

  11. As was once said by a well known communist.
    It’s not who votes but who counts the vote.
    There’s a reason why we don’t get totals at midnight like we use to.
    It is strictly for the cheat.

  12. It very difficult and bad optics when you inject to many disenfranchising fraudulent ballots to soon. Need just enough to not trigger a recount yet make it seem that the other team almost won.
    This takes time and just the right timing on a pipe breaking.

  13. When Div of Elections announce final results Nov. 23, we will all have a big sigh of relief and be glad that the rest of the nation will stop laughing at the sorry debacle Alaska’s elections have become.

    Time for the new legislature to start working on fixing elections and getting rid of ranked choice.

  14. The only way to have clear, honest voting with clear, timely results is paper ballots with in-person voting, ID required. I have yet to hear anyone give a legitimate explanation as to how this “supresses” anyones vote. We already have a good system in place for absentee voting. Voting machines were originally designed to change election results. Especially here in Alaska, with fewer than 800k people, there is absolutely NO legitimate need for them. They were put in place specifically to give certain individuals the opportunity to commit fraud, as were mail-in ballots. If election night results was something we had always hoped for, but were never able to acheive, it would be different. Up until just a couple of years ago it was the norm, and was expected. Now, with all this ridiculous extended “counting” democrats always seem to somehow squeak out impossible victories…… Anyone who doesn’t see what’s happening here is clueless. – M.John

    • M. John-why did the Republicans of the 90s put Diebold, that had tochange its name to Dominion because of bad press regarding voter errors, in as the vote machines in use?

      Why did Republicans insist in buying for election vote counts the very machines you are concerned about? Was it the well known republican business people making the machines who financially were supporting the republican party and candidates?

  15. Odd that in the close races like AZ and NV, they are having trouble counting votes whereas in FL, the counting was complete within hours. Usually GA is on another planet

    What I would prefer is to go back to:

    One legal vote by
    One legal voter on
    One legal day at
    One legal polling place
    Plus necessary absentees

    Mail in (actually unsolicited mail out) has pretty much crapped on the process.
    Remember when you could vote and by the time you woke up the next day you knew who won? I do. Now they have to verify signatures. Leaves it open to all sorts of shenanigans — on both sides.

    An alternative would be to shorten the process to something like three sequential voting days at a physical polling station plus a national holiday on the traditional Tuesday ending the process

  16. Well sure, a lot of folks expect everything everywhere to be as fast now as the cell phone in the picture.

  17. If you think results are slow or things are inaccurate just wait for the state to hang around while May-Su counts a ranked choice election by hand.

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