Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson files letter of intent to run for reelection


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson intends to run for reelection in 2024. He filed his letter of intent Tuesday with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

The move allows the first-term mayor to start raising the funds needed to stand up a solid campaign when the time comes, and is sends a signal to others that he is in the running.

Bronson first ran in 2021, and won handily against Forrest Dunbar, the Bernie Sanders-style Democrat who serves on the Anchorage Assembly. Mayors in Anchorage serve three-year terms.

Bronson was an Air Force pilot and is a commercial jet pilot. He worked in the Alaska Air National Guard and as in the Air Force Reserve Command.


  1. Hate to disagree a bit Suzanne, not sure if Mayor B “won handily” that was a close race.
    We were very Lucky to get the Mayor in there, considering how liberal ANC has become.
    Hopefully the 2nd time will have a better margin, but the ENTIRE press (excluding you of course) will be constantly pounding against him day & night.

    • Hey noticer-we have an assembly.

      Might want to notice that. And that they are all from Anchorage. And they all use their real names.

      The noticer is weak on noticing.

      • Oh Maureen, The City Assembly yes is an “assembly” but it functions like a City Council. The terms can be used interchangeably.

        Your cheeky response was just that, cheeky.

        • No, folks who refer here to an established seat of government as something else do that because a) they don’t know how government works, and b) to demean the actual role and lawful power of the Assembly.

          No it can’t be used interchangeably because it makes the person doing just that look like they don’t know what they are talking about, and makes the commenter look mean (or hilariously funny if you like bullying in government).

          Cheeky? Are you writing in from London?

  2. Bronson is a true fighter, fighting the good battle on behalf of the Anchorage Taxpayers against the fringe – miscreant Assembly. I’ll be voting for Bronson because I’m voting for a better future for Anchorage.

    • As much as I hate to say it, I think you will be waiting a long time for that future. Anchorage is lost, and not because of the Assembly. The people get the government they deserve.

    • Obviously.

      Bronson does not play by the law, though calls himself the law and order candidate. Bronson turned off the lawful supply of Flouride to the city. Bronson hired Gerace who had lied on his resume especially stated military experience he did not have. Bronson okayed the development of a navigation center that did not have the millions of funds okayed by law through the assembly. Bronson said wewere gonnaget the homeless out of our woods then directed them to a campground in the woods.

      Bronson’s list goes on and on for the folks who want their mayor to act against law and order.

      • Blah blah Maureen. It’s hard to get things done with the Assembly has made it their mission from day one to stall this Administration. Bronson is a good mayor and you can’t prove otherwise.

        • Blah, blah Zack. It’s harder to getthings done in a city government when the mayor keeps breaking the law. Several times as described above. Sorry about your blindness to reality.

          • Maureen, your cherry-picked examples of Mayor Bronson supposedly ‘breaking the law’ are laughable and reaching in the extreme.
            On the other hand, one could list the egregious violations of the municipal charter by the radical leftist extremists on the municipal ass-embly, such as Chrissy Constant and Meg Zelatel, and especially illegally-acting (and degenerate) former “mayor’ Davidson, all day long

      • Fluoride can make those handling it ill. It is not a foregone conclusion that fluoride is anything but a toxin. Assmblymen are public servants. They are not delegated personal or subject matter Express US Constitutional jurisdiction to apply toxins to the people. Corporate by laws are not “the law”. The words law and bylaw are spelled differently and mean different things. You wish to solve dilemmas with imprecision since it is a popular custom among democrats.

  3. Election central down by the railroad tracks, that location was picked for a reason. They’ve already passed have signs saying “that no overnight camping”. This doesn’t mean that the landlord placed those signs, it could’ve just been ordered by B Jones.
    The surrounding properties owned by the railroad I believe. We need to start looking into surveillance cameras and eyes on 24/7. I’m sure Barbara and her handlers have a plan to put in motion. I wouldn’t put out the possibility of underground tunnels from the likes of this group.

  4. Saw the boss man at the gala tonight.
    He has strong support in the community.
    Let us – the people – show him how we vote in Anchorage ?

    • Remember he barely beat the pitiful candidacy of Forrest Dunbar.

      Based on voter tallies of the last 10 years, Anchorage votes blue.

  5. Mayor Bronson indicates he is appreciative of the US Constitution as the laid-down foundational law of creation that defends and establishes the people’s rights even in the municipality of Anchorage corporation.

  6. As a Commercial Pilot Mayor Bronson spent a career defying gravity and he has given Anchorage politics a much needed lift. He’s not the kind of guy that’ll stall out. Finally, Anchorage has a good Mayor.

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