Mayor Dan: One fight too many for Trump



For many of us who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, there was no more compelling figure than Muhammad Ali. Arguably the greatest boxer of all time, his persona was bold, larger than life. He did things different. He called his opponents names: Sonny Liston was The Big Ugly Bear. Joe Frazier was The Gorilla. George Foreman was The Mummy. He confidently predicted his rounds of victory.  

He delighted the media with his poetry and with his quick wit and sense of humor, unless of course they were the objects of his sarcasm and out right scorn. He took on the U.S. government, defying the draft during the Vietnam war on religious grounds, and he prevailed. He became a Muslim, which was controversial at the time.

As a boxer, he accomplished everything his sport had to offer, becoming the world champion on three occasions and accumulating wealth and popularity beyond any childhood dreams. Alas, he did the one thing that boxers should never do, but too often do anyway.  He kept fighting when it was no longer possible for him to prevail. I’ll never forget cringing with every blow laid upon him by the then-champion Larry Holmes, a fight that should never have been allowed. Hubris led a lesser Muhammad Ali to believe that he was still the greatest. All good things come to an end.

I am hoping that this will not be the story of Donald J. Trump.  

The parallels with Ali are all too similar. The 45th president is also a fighter. He can counterpunch in the political ring with the best as evidenced by his disdain and public rebuke of a hypocritical and biased press. Despite the mainstream media and a deep state government working against him, Donald Trump had four successful years as President, leaving a strong economy, a far more secure border, a stable international geopolitical scene, and a renewed belief in the greatness of America.  

This last mid-term election has seen the rise of several legitimate challengers to the aging former President.  Governor Ron DeSantis has certainly proven himself a strong leader who is well liked among Florida’s diverse population. Others like Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo all seem to have the right stuff.  

I can’t imagine the name calling schtick that took down “low energy Jeb” and “little Marco” resonating against the likes of Ron DeSantis.  Trump’s initial foray into that arena fell as flat as George Foreman in the “Rumble in the Jungle.” Ron DeSanctimonious? Really?

Donald Trump will be making an announcement in a few days. Many believe he will be announcing his bid for a third try at the Presidency.  With all due respect, I hope not. I voted for him in 2016 and along with millions of Americans marveled at what he was able to accomplish during his one term.  I admired how he took the jabs, the left hooks, the right crosses thrown at him every day by powerful institutions, yet still managed to successfully promote the America First agenda.  

But the nation has moved on.  The same conservative message delivered by new charismatic Republican leaders is the way forward.  If President Trump enters the political ring again, it will prove to be one fight too many and it will cost us the White House.

Dan Sullivan was mayor of Anchorage for two terms.


    • You mean Dan the guy who is responsible for us still being plagued by Murkowski? Dan the guy who when he announced his run for the senate said he didn’t think he would win but asked for support and donations anyway? Dan who then withdrew after it was too late for anyone else to run? Dan the man with faulty judgement? You are with him?

  1. Campaigns are about God and right timing and who gets to go forth to do God’s purpose leading His nations and His peoples. That leader either in or passed over or saved for a later campaign. But for america we need leaders (D and R) say we are sinners, and we messed up big time, and this is what we are going to do about following king david’s son josiah repenting turning judah back to the Lord. America maybe running on borrowed time before its given over to her enemies as jay vernon macgee said. Everything america has came from God, because of her founders anchored her on God’s Word. The leaders (all!) need to repent and get right with the God who gave us our fortunes.

  2. I will disagree with the mayor and anyone who was a Trump supporter and now changes their mind. Is this what you call “a Fairweather Friend?”

    NOW is the time to fight with and for the only President in the last 100 years who took the institutions by the neck and twisted them into partial submission. You liked and some even loved him when your 401K took positive turns and your border was secured or at significantly slowed down, and your cost of living was improved, and your kids could walk on the street, and you had police protection

    But now you want to cut and run. It’s your choice

    When the hell are we going to learn you have TO FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED
    Donald J, Trump had my vote twice and will have it a third time.

    • Voted for President Trump twice. Went to the Rally in ANC.
      But some things he says are not right, they are mean spirited, petty and hurt his chances (although at the really he was great to listen to)
      HE cost himself the Ariz loss by saying terrible things about their veteran, war hero Senator.
      Sen McCain was not the most liked Republican, but he was their man, their Ted Stevens
      How many Ariz military veterans refused to vote Trump after what he said?
      Donald Trump was a”fortunate son”, a rich kid & a draft dodger & he dissed their Senator, a war veteran
      How stupid is that?

    • Nope. You are so very wrong. Mr. Sullivan is mostly correct.

      What you suggest, is what we call in the real world, is “chasing a failed tactic.”

      We live in a civil society, a democracy of sorts, and almost a republic. Either way, we reside alongside fellow men and women of different experiences and worldviews.

      Trump, beyond most expectations, prevailed in 2016 because many Americans were disgusted with Hillary and tired of Obama-era policies. Trump motivated people, but mostly just annoyed Democrats…they didn’t take him seriously.

      In 2020, the Left came out to vote, with a vengeance. Moderate and old-line conservatives wavered because frankly, they were tired of a POTUS that threw tantrums on Twitter and behaved, at times, very childishly.

      Trump hasn’t changed, if anything he’s gotten worse. Trump motivates the Left more than anyone else…to push their socialist agenda through and more importantly, to vote and organize. Some people believe everything bad about him because he makes it sooooo easy by spouting off like a name calling child.

      If he runs, we will not re-gain the presidency, we will not expand or gain control of congress. You WILL see more Republicans become what you call a RINO.

      Trump motivates Democrats to vote. Trump convinces the undecided and moderates to consider voting for Democrats. Trump invites the old fashioned “compassionate conservatives” to lose interest in politics or become conservative Democrats.

      Little story from history. Once, not too long ago, an amateur in one field was in charge of professionals in the field. He demanded they do something, they objected but did as he said…turned out the amateur was right this time.

      That amateur never got it right again, but he declared himself a genius in his field and never listened to the professionals again. They continued to obey.

      Long story short, his nation was crushed, spent generations living divided, and now is and has been the nation that the amateur feared.

    • Completely agree with you, Jim (and D) ~ notice who is putting $$ behind DeSantis – the “establishment” Republican donor groups who keep the Mitch McConnell / Lindsay Graham types in office. The donors & others who prefer candidates that don’t ‘upset the apple cart’ in DC bureaucracy. Donald Trump is a once in a lifetime person who has the will to fight, the real intent to drain the swamp, and the fortitude to keep his campaign promises. Now he also has a keener grasp of who can/can’t be trusted there (which he didn’t have the first time), along with a strong vengeance to right the wrongs from the first term. He’s our best chance to do what his slogan says … M A G A !

  3. Ron Desantis is from St Elmo secret society he is a Bush guy. They all are corrupt and people just fall for the shiny objects. Trump is looking at the playing board..who is with him and who will stab him..he calls people out because he has rhe guts to..he takes rhe slings and arrows for us because they are after us but he is in the way. For those who know the main stream media lies they sure listen to their propaganda!!

    • What Bush guy would that be? I’m not sure the Bush’s have a category. If anything, they are all Reaganites, which derived from T Roosevelt. Trump is a looser. Stop crying in your beer and stop putting the blinders on for all the good Ron has done for Florida. I saw a great shirt the other day. It read DeSantis Airlines. Then it had a picture of a jet on it and under the jet, it read We bring the border to you. It was great to see.

    • I think President Trump is the right man for President. He will be insulted by the Democrats who want primarily to kill at least their first born in utero like SATAN AND baal worshippers. Then, they want to mutilate the kids to destroy their procreation functionality for the future. They want succor with globalists who want to shake down and destroy America and its republic (three branches) form of guaranteed government. Loyal to America military support our union and liberties and President Donald J. Trump. Globalists and their Dad, Satan want most Americans dead by 2025 and the rest enslaved and medically harvested. If this your vision also vote Democrat. Otherwise President Donald J Trump will do his utmost to save what we have taken for granted of this country. The media “reports” full on lies (Pelosi’s odd adventures is the most recent attempted story among others). What do you want? Our republic or mob rule? Tyranny wants you to your detriment.

    • You won’t achieve anything positive in politics by alienating and insulting people.

      What you call backstabbing or wavering is called compromising by adults. Yes, there are perfectly rational people that don’t agree with you, or agree with me. You have to work with them.

      That’s how a democracy works.

      Trump doesn’t grow support by childish antics or ranting and raving. He does motivate Democrats to vote, he does alienate moderates, and he forces real conservatives to seek alternatives.

      Sorry, but Trump doesn’t love his country, he lusts after attention. He knew very well what his spouting off two days before election day was going to do.

      Trump now will seek to be the “man on the white horse.”

      No, that’s not from cowboy movies, just a little bit of a history lesson for you.

      • Honest people support Trump. Everyone else is afraid he’ll rat them out and he will. No doubt about it. Not an antic.

        • Not claiming a monopoly on honesty or good intent.

          I would caution anyone against believing that only those who agree with them are good, honest, and ethical.That’s one foundational difference between extremists and others.

          I won’t say that DJT was an ineffective president.

          I will call him highly ineffective.

          The reason I do so, and yes the economy was in much better shape as were the borders during his tenure because of this…

          The moment, the very instant, that he lost power, his policies vanished like a f*** on the wind. Blame whomever you want for that, but it happened.

          There was no continuity, no foundation. The changes he implemented only lasted as long as he did.

          This occurred because, like the POTUS before him, he was both unwilling and unable to work with people who didn’t agree with him.

          Yes, I do put Trump in the same light as Obama; they both see themselves as messianic figures. Our republic has no place for cults of personality and when things work well, they experience the nation’s backlash.

          If a leader’s power only extends as far as his arm, he’s no leader and he has no legacy.

  4. I have great respect for Mayor Sullivan.
    I’m sorry to read between the lines and figure that he did not vote for President Trump in 2020. By that observation it is assuming that the barrage of mortar fire fired at the President. Dissecting every tweet. Cutting and editing every sound bite by the mainstream super spreader had consumed yet another. Action and results is where it’s at.
    All the future hopefuls will still be there after after President Trump being elected a third time.

    • A third time?

      Sorry, I may be conservative, but I can still do math.

      That nearly every candidate he endorsed in 2022 lost in 2022 is proof positive that Trump lost the nation’s endorsement in 2020.

      Frankly, it reminds me of a football coach who blames his team’s loss on the officiating. The good news is, that coach is usually eventually fired and has a hard time finding a new job.

      Trump may find a lesson in that.

  5. I thought about replying to some previous comments but will avoid being confrontational to others. In addition to the Mayor’s points, I would add that the now former President has been front and center for Republican defeats in 2018, 2020, the Georgia run-off in 2020 and now 2022. These defeats indicate that he has a political/electoral ceiling that does not result in victories. He appears to be unable to close the deal. He is seventy-six years old. The breadth and depth of excellent, and younger, alternatives is clear. Donald Trump has had his day in the sun. Time to stop the chaos.

  6. When I read these responses I’m appalled at the lack of understanding of our political system and common sense by so many posters.

    Some hard facts for many of you to deal with.

    -God does not care who gets elected any more than who wins a football game.

    -If Trump won again he is term limited by the Constitution. He goes in as a lame duck without the momentum a conservative term brings. He will not have the ability to make lasting changes or undo with Biden did. The Swamp will just wait him out. Again.

    -If Trump runs again, he will absolutely spilt the GOP. Not necessarily a bad thing, but be damn sure you want to hand power to the Democrats for 12-16 years as the Republicans rebuild.

    -Places like Gateway Pundit and Info Wars are not reliable sites. DeSantis is not more of a globalist plant than Trump.

    -A Trump candidacy will drive the suburbs into the arms of the Democrats for a decade.

    -As good a President as Trump was, his flaws as a person undid his Presidency. He has not gotten better as a person.

    -After what he did to Pence, who will be willing to be his running mate? Steve Bannon? Sarah Palin?

    It’s time to move on. DeSantis, Noem, Perry, Cotton, are all much more viable and electable candidates than Trump.

    Alaskans tend to vote with wishful thinking when they bother to vote. That’s how we got what we got in this last election.

    Reality matters.

    • “…….He will not have the ability to make lasting changes or undo with Biden did……..”
      With a signature, Trump opened ANWR to exploratory drilling, and the leases were sold. That was a lasting change. Biden immediately placed a moratorium on drilling, but he couldn’t repeal the leases. Those were property, and they still are.
      Trump accomplished what 40 years of Alaska delegations couldn’t get, and Murky stabbed him in the back afterwards.
      Trump can also undo everything Biden did by executive order, and that aline is worth re-electing Trump.

      • A hollow gesture and effort to open ANWR—most leases have been rescinded and the EIS is undergoing a second review. But it made for good theater since it was never going anywhere with the Slope operators—too much risk and too much money to try and build a field out there. Only politicians cared and that’s why folks like Dunleavy pander to you and cost the state millions in losses with their lease buys and legal challenges.

    • The Dems are exposed for their Anti-American directives,delimiting American population and “fundamentally changing” the most liberty oriented nation on earth into the dictates of Satan worshipping WEF scourges. The dems will no longer be a group obedient to the WEF on this continent.

  7. I like Mayor Dan, and I respect his opinion, but I’m not ready to dump Trump. I believe he is more than able, if elected, to bring the battle back to the left. They have now showcased themselves to be anything but moderate, but instead evil, corrupt and inept. Desantis has many good points, and I love the way he totally shuts down the woke mob, but Trump did something no other Republican could do, and he deserves another chance to complete his mission which was fraudulently stolen from him.

    • DeSantis is like a good Trump, only 30 or 40 years younger, a war hero, a great father and husband, has his ear to the sound of the people. He listens and he has a good head on his shoulders and great advisors. Plus if you can take the sexual spin out of this, he’s pretty handsome and that don’t hurt. Look at Bernie! First came Trump, and in the beginning he may have helped DeSantis along, but Ron is On solid ground and has a firm grasp on the reins. Plus he didn’t have any skeletons. He’s one of these guys that’s so righteous and he doesn’t really care who he pisses off because he knows he’s on the right side of things. Hard to be the guy like that and also hard to dislike a guy like that. Ask all the Cubans down in Miami who voted for him and turn Florida from a swing state to a solid red state make America like Florida.

  8. “…….the nation has moved on……..”
    Downward. Literally with hundreds of thousands in the gutters. Every city in the nation at war with themselves, and with the cities at war with the suburbs and rural areas.
    Your short list of political saviors leave me in dread. Frankly, I think you’d be a better POTUS than any of them, and Trump has already proven himself to be better than them all, accomplishing much more (including the opening of ANWR after 40 years of Alaska’s delegations fecklessly failing to get it done), and all the while fearlessly conducting a hot political war with the Demonrat Party, his own intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies, his Justice Department, and two thirds of the media, and treating them all with the distain that they so richly deserve.
    And I’m supposed to believe that somebody that The Beast approves of can do it better?
    Sorry. I don’t believe it for a second.

    • The thing is, all that he did with the stroke of a pen was undone with the stroke of a pen.

      That is no legacy. There is no legacy because there was no leadership.

      If as POTUS all that you do is by EO because you can’t work with differing people’s viewpoints, well, you have no legacy and you’ve shown no leadership.

      It takes nothing, nothing at all, to convince people who agree with you to do your bidding. Anyone can give a child candy.

      It requires leadership to convince people to change their minds, to risk their necks against their self-interest, or to follow you when you’re silent.

      Folks will do well to remember in 2024 that one legacy of Trump 2022 is a series of failed candidacies.

  9. In case you don’t yet recognize “controlled opposition” this article is what it looks like. It’s designed to do exactly what Ranked Choice Voting did, which is divide the support base for the only person to fulfill his campaign promises, and replace them with some unknown contender promising Utopia if elected?

  10. Jim and D are spot on right, Mr. Sullivan doesn’t understand The Real Trump Supporter, with out Trumps Base nobody in the Republican Party can ever win a National Election, and any of you out there who are getting a little light footed in his support better realize, the Days of the Old Guard establishment people winning the R Nomination are gone, This doesn’t Mean Ron D isn’t a decent leader, but whomever takes the torch from Trump in 2024 or 2028 ? Better be ready to Attack these loons on the other side and learn the trump brand, these peoples intentions are calculated and real, and they intend on destroying our Country as we know it, they are already getting a good start on it now. Politics is not for the weak kneed or the overly emotional and easily offended , especially in our current situation. Whomever takes the torch from Trump( My Guess 2028) barring Trump handing it over to someone trustworthy sooner, They better be ready to be attacked non stop from the Lunatics in the Democrat Party and the Media, they are not going to stop when Trump does decide to step aside, they will Double Down and press on to destroy whomever the republicans push to the top, Trump has shown time and time again that he will fight these people and risk it all, the only way to deal with these people is playing pure hard ball . If you really think hard about all he has been thru the last 7 years, it’s pretty amazing how he has taken the shots , which 99 percent were cheap shots and lies, and still stands tall and fights back, keep in Mind if we as Conservatives of and Party Break now in support for him, you will be in for a rude awakening when he’s out of the arena. Jim and D made excellent points, especially the comment of finding out who you can trust around you, Trump Turned over the Table and Broke the barrier into the Deep State and had to swim in the swamp not knowing what kinda swamp creatures he was dealing with, and DC is entrenched with these people as are many State and Local Governments, many of these people are far to comfortable and far to entitled, many are corrupt as hell, I’m guessing Desantis and others will be smart enough to stand back and wait, learn and listen. Unless behind the scenes the 2 are talking and calculating even something bigger for America. All though occasionally Trump makes all of us wince a little, the rewards from his efforts are easily our best chance. If we can get rid of all the RINO republicans Like Markowski and assemble a trustworthy team, that’s are best chance to move forward, but like I said wimpy candidates got us into this mess, we don’t ever need to see another one as far as I’m concerned!

    • You’re too quick to put Trump on a pedestal and knock DeSantis down. You forget that DeSantis was fighting Trump and the whole system basically when it came to running his state and fighting the covid bureaucrats. He did it his way and it was the right way turns out. He also didn’t hesitate by sending a plane to Texas and loading up a bunch of those future residents of Massachusetts. Surely you noticed that that story wasn’t in the news more than a few days. He had his people on the ground in Texas and appropriately asked questions about where the illegal squatters wanted to end up and anybody who said Florida, well they got a free plane ride by their own choosing I might add. Don’t blame DeSantis if you’re stupid and breaking the law. He’s also fought with schools and school boards down here about school closings and mandates and came out on top. He has a great record of appointing judges. I can’t think of a thing he’s done wrong. If you would ever go to one of his rallies you would know that it’s a class act and not one of these tomato throwing parties like Trump puts on. Once that message gets out Trump is going to be lucky to be given the pardon that is coming. I’m not saying that everything they did to Trump was justified or legal, but I suspect that Trump bears some fault himself.

    • Splitting the GOP is not a ‘winning’ strategy. Pres. SP is clueless to this, as they are too egotistical.
      President Trump will be an 80 yr old, one term President & the left will turn out en mass to defeat him.
      I fully respect what he did, but that was 6 years ago and it will be 8 years ago come the next election.
      Let it go.

  11. This is the Establishment/RINOs/Never-Trumpers/Swamp/Deep State using Desantis as a weapon against Trump. Nothing else has worked and this is the tactic now. DeSantis is the golden boy only because he can be used against Trump. If DeSantis was out there by himself they’d Trump him.

  12. Was it main stream, liberal propaganda when Donald Trump called John McCain a loser because he was shot down & captured in Vietnam? Or did he say that?
    Trump is a rich kid & a draft dodger. He lost Ariz because of that, not because of voting machines.
    Becoming cultists for an arrogant, self centered rich kid, is not the path forward.

    • McCain was a loser because he was a RINO. As far as being a hero, ask the survivors of the people he killed on an aircraft carrier in his reckless arrogance.

      • You think it was smart to dis their Ted Stevens and expect to win that state?
        It obviously wasn’t, they voted against Trump, have 2 Dem Senators now, a Dem governor, and 5 of their 9 congressmen are Dems.
        Donald Trump had a lot to do w/ turning that red state blue.
        Trumps gal Kari Lake is no better a candidate then Sarah Palin. They are TV personalities & not too bright.

  13. Wrong, Donald Trump was the best president we ever had. He worked harder than anyone for nothing. We need that again and Republican politicians have proven over and over that they are weak cowards. We want to preserve our republic we have to fight for it. The Republicans won’t even try. I’ll vote Trump and if the corrupt Washington DC deep state Republicans attack him I’ll vote for someone else if he’s not running.

    • Trump did work hard and he did many things right, but it was the bad things that the left took and ran with. And then there was Trump’s never ending run of the mouth that frankly we just got tired of. The next president of the United States from Florida won’t be Trump. Make America like Florida.

    • Better then Ronald Reagan? who took 49 States in his second election.
      Get real. Reagan won over Democrats by being smart.
      He did away w/ the Soviet Union and handed Bill Clinton a ‘peace dividend’ w/ a booming economy.
      Clinton got trashed in the midterms (by Republicans that Reagan manufactured) and moved ‘right’ giving us welfare reform & closing underused military bases that were wasting Federal $ for nothing (both Republican moves imo)
      Reagan trusted the Left on immigration & was stabbed in the back (big mistake) and his POTUS choices were not good, but he manufactured A LOT of Republicans in eight years.

      Where is our promised Wall? …. nobody gets everything they want, doesn’t mean they are a RINO.

  14. Trump has proved himself to be nothing but a kook: he is definitely more than “slightly” touched! That said, the future belongs to the young. The demented old fart should make way for DeSantis! But we know Trump often gets himself high sniffin’ up his own flatulence and goes struttin’ about thinking of nothing but himself.

  15. You’re a smart guy Mayor Dan, and you did well for Anchorage. But it just amazes me how you and other respected politically involved individuals simply refuse to pay attention to details. How many years now did Trump prove to all of you that the media is fake news? Over and over he proved their lies. The media and the deep state politicians told you that there was no voter fraud and Trump lost the 2020 election and you all bought what they were selling and want him to “move on.” It’s all about moving on with most of you.
    What are we moving on to Mayor Dan if Trump doesn’t get 2020 fixed? More voter fraud that he just spent 2 years waiting to show you would happen again because we didn’t correct what happened in 2020 yet? Or are you already buying the government media complex fake news narrative again this time around for the mid-terms that there was no voter fraud again this time, or not in significant numbers?
    Look, the sooner you all snap out of the hypnotic political trance you are suffering from, the quicker you can begin understanding that we are at war and have been since 2020. This is an information war, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen or dealt with. Trump has exposed so many of the deep state apparatchiks and their evil agenda over the last number of years it boggles my mind how some of you still don’t see the big picture. Trump isn’t going anywhere, and a correction has been happening right before your eyes since his involvement in this political nightmare. Turn off Fox News and the rest of the fake mainstream media. This is an information war. Don’t buy everything you see in the window such as the BS narrative about Trump and DeSantis, and whoever else gets brought into the light. If you have questions, go sit down with General Paul Nakasone for some insight on what is actually going on right now. At least read what he has been doing. Go read what Trump put in place during his term preparing for this with his PPD’s and PEAD’s before he left office. We are at war. Buckle up.

  16. I remember the 60’s all too well, Muhammed Ali was hounded by the press and the establishment. Did Mayor Sullivan forget the loved Ali was sent to prison for three years because he did not want to fight corporate America’s war? George Wallace would be a better 60’s symbol for most of the Republicans Sullivan named.

    • Ali served no time in prison and most of America disagreed with his refusing to be drafted. The potential Republican challengers I listed have nothing in common with George Wallace and I was only comparing Trump with Ali.

          • True, but his initial conviction carried a prison sentence sort of on the order of Steve Bannon being sentenced to prison but is “out” under his appeal.
            Those were some crazy times and essentially were brought to a head when the National Guard killed those Kent State students. The entire country began to wake up from McNamara’s War and they no longer “disagreed with his (Ali) refusing to be drafted.”

      • Losing ones livelihood in the prime of their career for three years is the same as a conviction. Abbott and Noem’s policies are blatantly racist and Pompeo is a Roman Catholic demagogue. Brian Kemp is the only Republican listed who is smart enough not to engage with a pig in the mud.

        • I think avoiding getting punched for three years extended his career, even if he kept at it for too long at the end. Compared to prison? No comparison. He enjoyed all the perks and privileges of a wealthy man during his time out of the ring.

  17. D,
    Trump has the guts to go head to head in a fight, I’ll give you that, but does he have the persona to lead a Nation? Does Trump have within himself the humility for Leadership? Do you think Trump see’s the American people as his Boss, or is he the Boss?

    I like a fighter, but at some point, especially when you are losing a fight, it’s not a good idea to alienate your allies, all of the time.

  18. I am grateful to Trump for reinventing the republican party and rallying the middle class against the elitist establishment. Too bad his personality flaws led to his ruin. It’s past time for him to step aside. He can never win again.

    After watching him this past week, I am convinced that he still thinks he is more important than everyone else, and if he keeps it up he could end up destroying the very party he revitalized and reimagined. He’ll probably make a third-party run after the republicans repudiate him in the primaries, and like his predecessors, Teddy Roosevelt and Ross Perot, hand control of the country over to the very ideologues he rails against.

  19. Mr. Sullivan is mostly correct.

    What Trump suggests, is what we call in the real world, is “chasing a failed tactic.”

    We live in a civil society, a democracy of sorts, and almost a republic. Either way, we reside alongside fellow men and women of different experiences and worldviews.

    Trump, beyond most expectations, prevailed in 2016 because many Americans were disgusted with Hillary and tired of Obama-era politics, Obama also didn’t know how to work with people who disagreed with him.

    In 2016, Trump motivated people, but mostly just annoyed Democrats…they didn’t take him seriously.

    In 2020, the Left came out to vote, with a vengeance. Moderate and old-line conservatives wavered because frankly, they were tired of a POTUS that threw tantrums on Twitter and behaved, at times, very childishly.

    Trump hasn’t changed, if anything he’s gotten worse. Trump motivates the Left more than anyone else…to push their socialist agenda through and more importantly, to vote and organize. Some people believe everything bad about him because he makes it sooooo easy by spouting off like a name calling child. Frankly, I wouldn’t tolerate his behavior as a child and voters won’t tolerate that as a president.

    If he runs, we will not re-gain the presidency, we will not expand or gain control of congress. You WILL see more Republicans become what is called a RINO. We may turn to re-form the Democratic party instead, yes, there were conservative Democrats once upon a time.

    Trump motivates Democrats to vote. Trump convinces the undecided and moderates to consider voting for Democrats. Trump invites the old fashioned “compassionate conservatives” to lose interest in politics or become conservative Democrats.

    Little story from history. Once, not too long ago, an amateur in one field was in charge of professionals in the field. He demanded they do something, they objected but did as he said…turned out the amateur was right this time.

    That amateur never got it right again, but he declared himself a genius in his field and never listened to the professionals again. They continued to obey.

    Long story short, his nation was crushed, spent generations living divided, and now is and has been the nation that the amateur feared.

    So Trump of 2016…”past performance is no guarantor of future returns.”

    • I believe that the amateur you have referred to is Adolf Hitler and the nation – Germany. Comparing anything or any nation to Germany in the 20th century is very tricky but I believe you are essentially correct.

  20. I agree Dan. Trump didn’t need to pick a fight with DeSantis. Trump was fantastic as a President, but he was too combative to win in 2020 and he has continued to loose support by picking fights.

    DeSantis will get all the Trump votes and he will also get a lot of anti Trump votes. If DeSantis wins the primary. I voted Trump twice, but as it stands now, I would have to pick DeSantis if we want a chance to win in 24.

  21. Dan, I don’t remember seeing you at the Trump rally in Anchorage this summer. Maybe that is because Dan is a RINO. RINOs see an opportunity and are attacking Trump, trying to weaken him prior to next week’s big announcement. Join the crowd, Dan. This is an existential battle between the elite country club Republicans as represented by former mayor Sullivan, and the blue-collar Repubs, as represented by Donald J. Trump. It is a battle for the soul of the Republican party. When it ends, I predict that Trump will be the victor. Not just as party leader, but as the 47th president of the USA.

    • Do you recognize the flaw in your reasoning?

      First off, albeit there are hardcore DJT supporters out there, their sound volume (hence media attention) is greatly disproportionate to their numbers. The polls represent this, study the science of polling by taking a few statistics classes. Trump does not have the support to be elected.

      However, as long as Trump gets attention, as long as he has people’s attention, he wins. He will never concede to a loss or admit error…he thrives on cult of personality. The election? To him, it’s almost irrelevant.

      When you speak of the soul of the Republican Party, what exactly do you mean?

      The blue collar worker is part of the soul of the Democratic Party, the small farmer is also part of the Democratic Party, look beyond national politics for a moment.

      When you study local and state politics, the Democrats still respond to their traditional base and the Republicans still appeal to their traditional base. The same people that you expect to vote Trump into power are the same ones that Democrat mayors and governors see every single day.

      Sorry, it happened once. The Republican traditionalists and the Democrats both underestimated Trump once, don’t expect that it will ever happen again.

      Trump may attempt a 3rd Party one, he will act as a spoiler to stroke his ego, he will lose stunningly, and he will destroy what’s left of the Republic if he does so.

      • I support President Trump because supports the US Constitution and it defends our rights and is the laid-down, declared law of creation of this nation. He believes that our republic functions best among all the nations. How is that a “personality” problem? Saying it is is revelatory about those whoever repeats the insult.

    • How long you been in Homer? Calling Dan Sullivan a RINO is ludicrous.
      Dan Sullivan fought for years against wasteful spending & a growing MOA budget while on our Anchorage assembly.
      As Mayor he shut down several wasteful MOA programs, as many as he could.
      As a Municipal employee I watched him almost empty the old Providence Medical Bldg on L street (that should be torn down, it is a half empty maintenance nightmare) by closing unnecessary government programs there.
      He was outnumbered by liberals (as Mayor Bronson is now) but got as many gains as he could.
      Calling him a RINO shows a real lack of understanding about MOA politics.

    • You knew everybody who was at the rally? Wow. I supported Trump through two elections but reality says it’s time for new leadership from someone who believes in the same mission, making America Great Again. We are blessed with some great choices. And, anyone who watched me govern knows I am not a RINO, but if it makes you feel better to call names, have at it.

  22. Greg and George, you guys are totally taking the bait, your typical of the weak establishment Republicans that have never won anything important!. A lot of People who have served our Country came home and later worked against our Country, McCain was a bitter establishment guy who because he himself couldn’t sell himself LOST the presidential election. He was another one who felt Owed the presidency like Hilary did, and one should never bringup The Great Ronald Reagan in this argument, That was 40 years ago before 50 percent of our Country had been completely indoctrinated by our educational systems and the Democratic Party still had a few normal people in it, Now days the Dems are all either morally corrupt Goverment Workers. Desperate dumb Poor people, or drugged out Hollywood and pro athlete Morons. Trump knows what needs to be done, the problem is the Crooks are entrenched in our Goverment Agencies and in our Schools and Universities. If you don’t deal with it now, it’ll never happen!

  23. Mayor Dan
    You just proved yourself a swamp creature. When Trump was in office you played along. Now that he is out and attempting to right a crime (yes many of us believe our own eyes when we see election corruption on video) you want to walk away from him and just say ‘time to move on’.
    If Trump showed us anything it’s that it’s good to fight for what you believe is right/good/correct. Since Reagan, most republicans stared at their shoes or apologized when attacked by liberals. Why? Are liberal ideas good? Of course not! Abortion without restriction, limiting our constitutional rights to free speech and gun ownership, expanding the role of the federal government at the expense of state and local controls are all examples of liberal ideologies that are not only bad but criminal and will eventually destroy our society. The greatest country in the history of mankind. Built around Godly principles of our Constitution. I dedicated twenty years of my life serving my country and I’m in no mood now to stop. Trump is not some saint, even he will tell you that. But he was willing and able to stand up and fight for our country. He brought the economy back to a strong, self sustaining level. Re equipped the military to handle modern day foes. Made the United States the top force again on the international stage. All things that were dismantled by the current white house resident. But, most importantly, he gave a voice to all of US here that shared his vision of returning our country to it’s first world status. That’s right. People like you, Mayor Dan, think it’s all about Trump. He’s just the face of this movement. The multiple millions of us out here aren’t gone just because he was removed from the White House. Like Trump, we aren’t going away. And Like Trump we’ve been subjected to lies, slander, innuendo, and sometimes crimes like election corruption. We are here and always will be, looking to get our country back from any and all that wish to stray from freedom and the Constitution. I guess you just aren’t one of us.
    And haven’t we all worked with/for a total a**hole? If he did his job very well we just worked with him, despite what might be said in conversations.

    • Why can’t the leader of this movement be DeSantis, who learned the ropes from Pres. Trump?
      A young, competent, family man who just turned Blue Florida Red .
      DeSantis produced the ONLY red wave we had on Nov 8th.
      He doesn’t run on ego like that a**hole boss we all have had to work with.
      And he won’t be an 80 year old candidate going for a lame duck, 4 year term.

      You posters from the Valley & Kenai should stop calling our Mayor a RINO/ swamp creature.
      He fought as well as he could against a liberal assembly while he was on the assembly & then fought libs for 6 more years as Mayor. He never raised taxes & closed unnecessary “programs” that were wasting MOA money and he never sent all these homeless bums to hotels & hockey rinks.

      You guys have Trump so ingrained in your heads, you remind me of liberals that could never stop thinking about him either. Pres. Trump won in 2016, but has lost twice since 2020 & 2022.
      I voted for him twice & stood for the looong standing ovation we gave him at the ANC rally.
      I really appreciate him stopping the 3rd Obama term and all the things he did as president were right, but he couldn’t beat old senile Joe (because of that a**hole personality) & that was the beginning of the end for Presidents Trumps political career.
      You can cry cheating all day long, doesn’t change a thing; no elections will be reversed because of these accusations.
      Was there cheating in Georgia elections? Then how did Kemp get reelected as governor there? How did Abrams lose? Does the cheating only go one way?
      Herschel Walker is just another, not too bright, Trump backed candidate, …like Lake & Palin & Oz. Trump will ruin the Republican Party for decades if you let him.

  24. For the love of God, people. Learn how to use paragraphs!

    Where did you learn grammar? Public school?

    Wait, I answered my own question.

  25. For all the Trump worship, the blind loyalty forces people to disregard several facts.

    -Trump was a good president but a crappy politician. Not every battle needs to be fought in public. His mouth and his Twitter account alienated more people than it won over.

    -Trumps election was a clear referendum of US politics. Not an endorsement of the man. His reelection was an endorsement of the man. He lost.

    Since his unexpected rise to power his popularity has been steadily decreasing. For all his good works, he can’t shut up and let people appreciate what he did for them.

    He lost to a senile man in a basement. Dwell on that.

    -Since nobody took Trump seriously the first time, nobody knew how to combat him politically. Biden’s people were smart enough to let Trump sink himself.

    The next primary challengers won’t be surprised by his antics. They’ll learn from Biden and make use of Trumps trail of carnage.

    -Trump has alienated a lot of GOP power people. Many will find his challengers out of spite. More will endorse his challengers out of spite.

    Trump is Leon Spinks. He got lucky and beat overconfident opponents. It’s not likely to happen again

  26. i too voted twice for Trump and don’t regret that but he is basically a dumb—. When Corona came calling, any rational person would have said (as I did at the time to anyone who would listen), get over it. Instead, he went for the lockdown position and elevated Fauci to a rockstar. He dumped all over Kemp in Georgia for lifting restrictions, which in the end made him a dupe to walk into the democrat’s trap.

    He is dead meat politically now, because he has alienated half his base and the other half off the country besides. He can hold a rally and get a bunch of people to applaud him but he can’t win an election. He can be a force for good but i don’t think his ego will allow that. He needs to go…now!!

  27. Trump should have realized what a great VP DeSantis would be and done everything he could to get him as his running mate. The fact that he chose to call DeSantis names made my decision easy. Not voting for Trump a third time.

  28. Trump will win in 2024. It isn’t his responsibility to get every Tom Dick and Sally elected in every state. He can only help out. If the ignorant buffoons voting out there want two more years of misery nobody can stop stupid. Maybe think about voting substance instead of style. After all the US Government is the biggest most complex financial system the world has ever known, you think maybe it might be a good idea to hire people that have financial and business experience instead of candidates that can’t balance their own checking accounts. 2008-2016 Obama /Biden administration perfect example created more debt in 8 years than all other Presidential administration in history, and old Joe is on track to match his old bosses records

  29. We’ve had Republicans and Democrats playing for the same team for how many years?! President Trump rose above the rest to stand up for Americans despite the Mockingbird press and those who wanted to keep the status quo. He got three conservative pro-life judges across the finish line to the Supreme Court, built the wall, opened ANWAR, and a very long list of other accomplishments. DeSantis did a good job in Florida but that doesn’t compare to what Trump held up under on the national and international level. People all over the world have been inspired to work for freedom and are praying for his return. There’s no way his base will turn on him like a fairweather friend.

  30. I agree that the Republican Party needs to ditch Trump. The 2022 election demonstrates that most folks are exhausted by his MAGA nonsense and want to move on. They want to forget Trump and his divisive hate-filled rhetoric. Until the R’s figure this out, find better candidates and a better message, they will keep losing elections. 30% of voters may love Trump, but if 60% hate him, he will not succeed in politics. He is like a 20 ton anchor wrapped around the Republican Party’s leg, pulling it to the bottom of the ocean. Time to use a knife and cut him loose,

    I disagree with the statement that “Donald Trump had four successful years as President, leaving a strong economy, a far more secure border, a stable international geopolitical scene, and a renewed belief in the greatness of America.” Trump inherited an economy that was in good shape. It continued to do well during the first three years of his administration. But there is no denying that it tanked completely in 2020. That was due to the Covid pandemic. So it just ain’t true that Trump left us with a strong economy when he left office. It was in tatters and we are still recovering. I am not saying this was Trump’s fault, just pointing out that the Mayor’s statement is not correct

    Re foreign policy, Trump had a few successes, but he seemed far to eager to ingratiate himself with the likes of Putin and other strong men dictators. And he seemed keen on disrupting and damaging our alliances. Biden has done a masterful job of unified NATO and many of our Allie’s to counter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and seems to be much better at foreign policy than Trump, who was more like a bill in a China shop.

  31. Looks to me like the majority of Americans have finally had enough of Trump’s puerile behavior. The fact that so many people found name-calling to be a good quality in a President is amazing to me.

  32. What you’ll get here is “piling on” by never Trumpers and disgusted D’s, saying, “See. We told you so!”

    But. Think for a minute. This is how Donald Trump has sifted out those who are loyal from those who aren’t. He’s done this before in his business world. By throwing up bad signals that he didn’t have any money, many investors left him at that time. He’s doing the same thing now. He needs to know going into his new administration (the next one) that to truly clean house, who will truly stick with him.

    He says, they are not going after him, they are going after us, and he just happens to be in the way.

  33. Hey Dan. Why did you drop out of the 2016 Primary, leaving Lisa Murkowski unopposed.That move got her ELECTED. She was only Vulnerable in the Primary, and you let go unchallenged. WHY .

    • I withdrew for personal reasons. Before I filed, I contacted several other potential candidates like Joe Miller to make sure they weren’t running so we wouldn’t split support. They weren’t running because they didn’t see enough support forthcoming given Lisa’s seniority and committee assignments. That was the feedback I got as well. Remember, this was before she betrayed Trump on Obamacare and Kavanaugh.

  34. I am a big fan of Mayor Dan but like others I have heard with the same whisper, they have fallen under the spell of the Totalitarians who have beaten them down such that they can’t take anymore and are surrendering. They see a smoother path with an alternate who may be less confrontational but project the same MAGA policies. I submit that Trump got 80,000,000 votes. FYI, Germany just threw out their election because there were just too many irregularities. Did anyone see that in Corporate Media.

    • That’s because the court ruled that the Berlin election in 2021 involved enough chaos that it could have altered results. No court has ever come close to ruling any irregularities could have altered results in Trumps loss in 2020.

      • Hey Bill. Some courts did. Some of their findings where overturned, some whern’t , because they couldn’t Mandate Enforcement to Districts that didn’t want to comply, and the clock ran out. You already knew this cuz your one of the Sharpest Knives in the Drawer. Germany is the size of Texas, that makes a do-over more practical. When Elections are RIGGED, the Republic Dies. We are seeing this happen with the Lawless Actions of the FBI, the Trickle-Down will become a way of life down the Law Enforcement chain of command. The completed scinerio of this is the Ted Stevens case. I wish you a quiet and peaceful life

        • OK Sarge, name one court where their findings were not overturned. And while you’re at it name some court rulings that were overturned. Heheh!
          Has nothing to do with size of do-over. There is just no evidence any 2020 US election has been shown to have been capable of overturning results. If you have what you think is this evidence, then by all means give it to us. Otherwise stfu.

  35. So Trump gets the election stolen from him and ppl be like he had his chance and lost so I’m done. In this general his endorsements had over 80% success rate not bad considering many of those candidates were up against the republican establishment I wonder what that success rate could have been had the republican establishment been more helpful. Trump is easy to not like. But judge a man by his actions and his enemies. I’ll go to war with the horse I know. Trump is rich he doesn’t need the establishment that’s why they hate him. Ask yourself, how will DeSantis get the money to defend himself from constant legal bs or are you fooling yourself thinking they will leave him alone cause he’s nicer , get a clue they hate Trump cause he can’t be bought.

  36. There is a huge effort from the MSM to undermine Trump’s credibility and electability following the recent election. They would have us believe that Trump’s base is abandoning him like rats off a sinking ship. I am a huge fan of Mayor Dan, but in this case disagree. I believe there is a very large segment of the voting public that has had a belly full of exorbitant and completely unnecessary energy cost, rampant inflation and weaponizing the alphabet agencies, not to mention the complete chaos on our wide open southern border and resultant fentanyl disaster. Trump would tolerate none of this. A Trump/Desantis ticket would I believe be a winning combination and set the ship of state on course for possibly 12 years.

  37. Thank you for the response. I have always figured if I’m taking fire I must be very close to on target. We all have our opinions just as we all have certain parts of the anatomy. So is energy exorbitantly expensive and unjustifiably so? Have the CIA, DOJ, FBI etc.etc. been exposed as corrupt and in fact weaponized? Is the Southern border a disaster with an unchecked flow of illegals? This used by the cartels as a diversionary tactic to allow other unguarded portals free access for the drug trade. Is the unchecked flow of fentanyl via this open border situation a deadly menace? Personally I think that it is. Apparently from your perspective that is “delusional” I prefer to think of it as informed, concerned and alarmed. The next step is how to correct, and that can only be done with straight up honest elections. No mail in (except when absolutely necessary) no drop box and no Dominion voting machines. I see Trump /Desantis as potential salvation to a Constitutional Republic going down. If there are better ideas I want to hear them.

    • Pretty funny that you would pick a microscopic part of your above screed, that I called delusional, to pat yourself on the back about (fentanyl issue). And, just so we don’t get too far into the weeds again Michael I’ll make specific what I’m speaking to when I say you are delusional-frankly I should have said your idea, that “A Trump/Desantis ticket would I believe be a winning combination,” is delusional IMO.
      The recent election has given us plenty of information that, anything connected to Trump, is a losing situation except in a few red states. That said, you are entitled to your opinion as delusional as it is. Heheh!

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