Poll: Dunleavy has net positive of 13 percent


In the latest quarterly poll of how governors are doing, the polling company Morning Consult says that 42 percent of Alaskans approve of the job Gov. Michael Dunleavy is doing, 29 percent are unfavorable toward him, and 29 percent have never heard of him.

His net approval among all voters is +13 percent. Among Democrats, he’s not widely revered, with a net disapproval rating of -36. But Republicans hold him in a positive light with +56 percent approval, while those with no party still favor him slightly, with +9 percent approval.

Still, Dunleavy ranks second from the bottom of the list of all Republican governors, and is 42nd overall in popularity among the 50 governors. His “unknown” factor is fairly high on the list, with few other governors having a “who?”

View the sortable table at Morning Consult here.

Dunleavy was elected with 51.4 percent of the vote in November of 2018. Soon after taking office, he signaled he would have to cut the state budget dramatically in order to pay Alaskans their full statutorily determined Permanent Fund dividend. He also proposed three constitutional amendments:

  • Putting the Permanent Fund dividend into the Alaska Constitution.
  • Making no taxation possible without a vote of the people.
  • Instituting a constitutional spending cap.


  1. I would give tremendous odds that the disapproval “rating” of Governor Dunleavy is, most assuredly, from the liberal/dim/wingnut/public employee crowd and “politicians” and not from true Alaskans. If you look past those socialist participants in the “poll”, one will see and believe, without the polls, that Governor Dunleavy is the only antidote, currently available to Alaskans, to counter/try to counter the socialist agenda of the left. I certainly support him. All true Alaskans should, without question! Hoorah for Governor Dunleavy.

    • i’m genuinely curious. what’s your definition of a “true Alaskan?” I hear that tossed around a lot lately and it seems as though there may not be a consensus among Alaskans about how it is defined.

  2. Dunleavy is doing a ‘GREAT’ job!!! He and his Administration are actively seeking a reasonable and responsible solution to this financial crisis created by past administrations and reckless legislators. it’s time to cut the budget (specifically the incessant fat, waste, inefficiencies, non-essential government spending) ‘SIGNIFICANTLY’ and adapt-to // learn-to live within our means.

  3. Scott- My very thought as I read. Thinking too, as I read, was the thought of who were those in opposition and readily came to the same conclusion as Ben.

    In my opinion, there is no “True Alaskan” it is a term of endearment for self identification.

  4. Regardless of the rest ot it, it’s hard to believe a poll that has nearly 1/3 of the respondents saying “who’s Dunleavy”?

  5. I get pretty sick of Juneau Speaking for alaskans I do not live in Juneau nor d I want to live there’ I want my Whole PFD.. I would suggest that if The so called people that voted against this ..maybe they should perhaps donate their PFD PERHAPS TO ME !! I WOULD BE EVER SO HAPPY TO TAKE THEIR (PFD)MSN

  6. Let Alaskans vote on a new PFD Payment schedule:

    2019 $6700 ,
    Future years total payout of 1% of the value of the PF

    The bulk of the first payment is out of savings and can paid in several payments
    Could even through in a a spending cap

    Voters will overwhelm only approve and gives Alaska 20 years of budget

  7. Somalia is very conservative, small government, limited services. Oh my bad i was talking about kansas under the last koch brothers sponsored government. I don’t understand why some folk need to be ruled by kings. They “got” there’s, kicking your neighbor out of the pioneer home may make you feel better, but it doesn’t give you “your’s” either. Hard to slice the cake when you are not allowed to hold the knife. In defense of cutting your nose of despite your face, misery loves company.

    • Thank you for the nice indictment of the liberal, Progressive, left-wing, Democrat, media industrial complex who wish to rule as kings, making every decision for their subjects and providing cradle-to-grave security and poverty for all.

  8. This poll reveals a damning criticism of the democratic process when 29% never heard of their governor. When that many are disengaged from the process, there remains but little time for a government of the people. Maybe they recognize their votes have less and less effect with time since we have a situation where a majority of voters chose the Republicans to enact their policies yet a few have chosen to hijack the legislature and thwart the will of the voters.

  9. How can 29% of the people in a state not know who the Governor is? What you want to bet many are the rise in undeclared who are coming to Alaska for the dividend and Cadillac medicaid and welfare. Just saying.

  10. The 29% that have never heard of Gov. Dunleavy must have been the ones attending public schools out in the Bush. Of course, they couldn’t spell Murkowski either.
    Some probably couldn’t spell L I S A.

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