Joe Biden picks up big endorsement — Michael Avenatti


Former Vice President Joe Biden announced his 2020 bid for president on Thursday morning.  He can already count on one vote: disgraced celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti.

“I am extremely happy that @JoeBiden has decided to enter the race. He offers Dems the very best chance in 2020, especially in key states. He has the fight, intelligence and fortitude to beat Trump and begin to make America, America again. He has my enthusiastic support,” Avenatti posted on Twitter.

Avenatti represented adult film actress Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against President Donald Trump over a “hush money” agreement they had regarding a sexual relationship he was trying to keep quiet. The president rejects the allegations and his lawyers are suing Daniels.

In March, Avenatti was arrested in New York City on charges of trying to extort up to $25 million from Nike Corp.

Biden is at the head of the pack of dozens of Democrats vying for the opportunity to knock off Trump in 2020. Morning Consult and Politico released a poll on Wednesday showing that, as of now, Biden could beat Trump.