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Friday, July 23, 2021
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Pennsylvania orders people to wear masks inside homes

Pennsylvania has mandated that people wear face masks even in their own homes, if people are visiting their homes.

This should make Thanksgiving interesting in the state that is the home of the first first nationally celebrated Thanksgiving, which occurred in 1777.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued the following guidance on the order:

Do I need to wear a mask when around my family members or at a friend’s house?

Yes. A face covering is required when indoors and around persons who are not part of the same household. For example, if you are a part of a family of four who is hosting a dinner with extended family, friends or neighbors, all attendees must wear face coverings. If having dinner with just the persons who reside in the same home as you, you do not need to wear face coverings. If outdoors and able to maintain sustained physical distance, face coverings are recommended, but not required.

The entire Universal Masking Order is at this link.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Screw them, we will not comply so don’t think about doing it in Anchorage.

    • Amen to that brother! Its complete and total insanity!
      Here in the uk they’re talking about mandatory vaccinations, forced jabs in a supposed free western society.
      It’s getting more and more like North Korea every day, at least you guys have Ar15’s and have the capacity to give em a bloody nose.

      First one to try and stick me or my family with any untested and rushed chinese vaccine better get their health insurance up to date.

  • My family has lived in Pennsylvania for over 150 years.
    My great grandmother told me stories of getting assaulted by neighbors during the great depression as she attempted to bring groceries home to her children.
    When the churches were closed in March, I immediately called my grandmother and asked her if she had ever seen this before in her 92 years on earth.
    No, was her answer…”This is a very bad sign for the country” she told me.
    Shortly after she was admitted to a rehab facility as her health had diminished and she was approaching the end of her life.
    Family was not permitted to visit until her very last few days on earth and that was even only because a nurse let my father into her room “against the fascist laws”.
    Make no mistake….this all started under TRUMP.
    You can blame the DEMS all you want, but I see a GOP governor in charge of our state and TRUMP is still the main A$$ in the white house.
    2021 will usher in a new era of fascism never seen in this country before and every single one of you will have your will tested.
    The way you respond to these authoritarian mandates is the way you and your children will live in this country for years to come.
    History shows us that when democracy falls, the iron curtain remains for many decades to come.

    • Steve, you make me wonder what side you are on. You blame Republicans but warn of the upcoming democrat fascism.
      Are you an independent that has a dislike for both?

    • Your current governor, Tom Wolf is a second term Democrat! I understand your angst concerning your Grandmother’s governor, but at least blame the right party!

    • Steve, you can live 1,000 years in a place, but if you cannot understand the basics of prevention, all you are doing is to show your ignorance and bigotry. It happened the same with car seatbelts, and you are using them “going against your freedom to fly through the windshield.” Seatbelts are a permanent need; restrictions by COVID are temporary; if you cannot understand that, it is useless to discuss in this or another forum.

    • That statement was absurd… Donald trump was against all of this horse shit he was the only man with two brains, the left wing biased media and the horse ass Dems are the reason you couldn’t see your dying grandmother and they will rot in hell for this mutiny I feel your pain we need an end to this totalitarianistic racism of “mandates” preventing us from seeing family friends dying members of society and doing the things that keep our economy running

      • I think if there is blame to be had, it should be put on COVID- 19. Stop blaming one another. We have Never had to go through anything like this before. I think people are offering up the best they can. Please don’t pick this comment apart.

    • I always knew you was a socialist but I’m glad you came out of the closet. what did you want everybody to do open up the doors to the nursing home or the hospital like they did in New York City and kill all the old people? Having stacked in refrigerator trucks like cord wood with furnaces burning night and day to get rid of the bodies reminiscent of Jewish prison camps. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong decision, Trump had more than just your grandma to think about. All the while you’re nipping on Trump’s heels during the impeachment trial and the Mueller probe. You sound like the hypocrite I always knew you were. A lot of things went on during the 1930s that people weren’t proud of. Survival was the name of the game. My grandpa lived on a farm in Southeastern Kansas and grew their own meat and vegetables. I’m pretty sure the churches didn’t want to lose all their parishioners with the Kung Fu just for leaving the doors open. Pretty sure your family has some horror stories to tell originating in Germany the home country. Back when the Kaiser was taken care of all of you and Hitler was growing roots.

    • We are a republic meaning each state creates their own laws.

    • Don’t know why you’re blaming Trump. You should know your constitutional rights. If you don’t, then keep blaming Trump. But if you do, go about your business because it’s not law, so get with the constitution on this before you go blaming Trump !!

    • The governor of Pennsylvania is a democrat. Wolfe

  • Talk about Gestapo tactics

  • Still think masks aren’t a violation of your civil rights?

    That this sham is about “virus control”?

  • Still think this is about virus control?

  • I’m in such shock and disbelief. This isn’t for anything other than total control over your lives. We no longer are humans. The puppet master has spoken.

    • You are wearing seatbelts in your car, and they are permanent, these are temporary measures.

  • From D.C. to Adak, the push is on for a communist America. Can’t let that happen folks. We need to do what we need to do to not let that happen. Like Napoleon said, “stupidity is not a handicap in politics”‘. The politicians are not too stupid or they wouldn’t be in control. That must mean we are stupid to let it happen. Let’s not be stupid. We must fight the ‘controllers’ everywhere we encounter them. President Trump and America, the entire world, needs us to stand up to the leftist domination scheme. If we don’t, Somalia might be a good place to flee to as a refugee . America will cease to be the leader of the free world, if there is a free world left without America.

    • Ben, are you a bitter ignorant boomer? You cannot even differentiate communism from socialism or social democracy. All that COVID came to show is how deep is the ignorance and bigotry of people in the world (yes, you are not alone, stupidity is endemic).

    • Ben, I disagree the Dems are Evil smart while the Republicans are, well, just stupid.

  • Elite Stupidity Excels itself. Now America is no longer the home of the free, Nor the Land of the Brave, Tis the Land of the ‘Living Scared’. Death is a natural part of life folks. Discard all masks and cease this nonsense. Isn’t it strange that a medical profession that all take the Hippocratic oath all choose to ignore that Greek Doctor’s miracle cure for all ailments. namely; Elderberry. Absolutely no vaccinations are necessary. At 88 I still refuse to take one because they contain aluminum which affects the brain. Keep you immune system in top notch by taking Vitamin D with K, Vitamin C, Melatonin 10mg for sleep, Quercetin, and Immunity Echinacea.

    • At 88, you must be smart and mature, and you are only an old man full of ignorance, what a waste of a long life

    • And yohombi bark for wood right?

  • A mask order will come from Gov. Dunleavy in the very near future. Writing is on the wall.

    • I seriously doubt it. Governor Dunleavy is a strong conservative that understands the freedoms that we have as citizens in a free country. If he issued a mask mandate he would be telling the people of this state who voted for him that he isn’t the strong conservative man we thought we elected. Additionally, as a lot of us have been saying for months, masks are not going to make you immune or keep you any safer than not wearing one. Look at Anchorage and their mask mandate and what it has gotten them – hundreds more cases in that city on a daily basis and a stagnant economy. People just need to have common sense – stay home if you are sick, wash your hands, and cover your nose and mouth if you cough or sneeze. It’s pretty basic and has worked for generations to keep the majority of people healthy.

  • Democrats have always been about control.

    • Really? The Republicans want to control abortion rights, contraception and anything else they can get their grubby paws on. Did it occur to you that wearing a mask when others are at your own home may save a life, of course not. Trumplins obey their Orange Master…soon to be removed from Whitehouse on Jan. 20th when the new president-elect Joe Biden is sworn in.

      • Conservatives want to save babies. Fixed it for you.

      • Rent free in your brain. All of it.


        Something fishy about this election. Close to 200,000 votes in Wayne County with no registered voters?

  • Next they will start asking people to tell one each other. there is no way government will know families and friends aren’t complying unless one tells on the other

  • Fact check: the governor of PA is Tom Wolf. He’s a Democrat.

  • I’m from Pennsylvania, constantly people keep gathering and entering stores without masks increasing our case rate. This isn’t tyranny, this is a result of conservative temper tantrums increasing infection rates.

    • COVID is being used to control you and the economy to deplete you of your constitutional rights. Wearing a mask makes things worse. When you breathe out, your body is getting rid of harmful bacteria like it always has. A mask makes you breathe it back into your own lungs causing bacterial pneumonia Also, has been proven they lied about the severity of the virus for political gain. COVID 19 IS a joke being used to instill fear in people. Don’t you think we’d all be dead by now if it’s as bad as you’re being made to believe it is?

    • Maybe if you had any remaining credibility you could convince someone. Ever hear of this being a free country?

  • Fascism has arrived in the USA. We are doomed..

  • The simple preventive measure firm the beginning would have been to ban all international travel until it was over.
    When 911 happened, the FAA hesitated to ground all commercial air traffic. The result was that the WTC was hit while there were several F-16 fighters in the area that could have shot down any traffic not on scheduled course.
    Of course, this is America where we don’t shoot down commercial air traffic, unless of course it’s an Ageis cruiser in the gulf.
    So, we often pay a price for our freedom. Were Covid-19 as fatal as the Bubonic Plague, or even the Spanish Flue, all these mask and other rules would make sense.
    As is, that thresh-hold hasn’t been reached, by far.
    I’m 75, in that at highest risk group, so I don’t give my opinion lightly. If Covid snuffs me, oh well! I still ascribe to the “Those who would sacrifice freedom for safety, will end up without either.”

  • Governors have no such authority. No one in America does.

    What country is this now?

  • Then by all means die. We don’t need you and the other irresponsible idiots including trump.

  • It’s just me and my dog in my house so I’m not wearing a mask

  • Destroy the social fabric of individuals.
    Replace it with The State.

    That is the ideal that some leftists would very much like to see. China is moving in that direction with their Social Credit System. Want to earn perks? Demonstrate your love of the State, get points. Get additional points by ratting out your family, friends, and neighbors when they demonstrate wrong think.

    What does this have to do with masks?

    Everything. This virus has gotten people terrified of interacting with strangers. Terrified of standing less than six feet apart. What is better than making everyone a faceless stranger?

    Interestingly, it has been demonstrated that masks really do nothing to stop the spread of the virus. A recent study that advocated for mask wearing was pulled back when the counties studied showed equivalent COVID surges despite widespread mask use.
    “Decrease in Hospitalizations for COVID-19 after Mask Mandates in 1083 U.S. Counties.”
    was pulled back when the conclusions were not supported by reality.

  • Steve…lol?
    Trump was the president when the virus came to America, so blame him?

    Darn it!
    I was here in Alaska in ’64.
    I guess we should have blamed Governor Egan for the biggest recorded earthquake in North America?
    You are a funny guy….

  • Elected officials cannot dictate what we do in our homes. Granted we have easements, restrictions, mineral rights, ingress/egress clauses, and HOA stipulations if you have one in place. They cannot enter your property and peek in the windows, they will need a search warrant. Our law enforcement has so much more to do than deal with this nonsense.

  • So you can riot & loot mask free but u can’t have a friend over.

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