Peltola votes against funding for Veterans Affairs, and against military toxic exposure fund for injured vets


On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4366, Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2024.

The measure was approved with a vote of 219 to 211, with every Democrat voting against the bill, including Alaska’s Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola.

The Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act includes a total of $317.441 billion in funding for the Department of Defense (Military Construction and Family Housing), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and related agencies.

Of the total, $155.701 billion is provided as discretionary funding, and $161.740 billion is provided for mandatory programs.

Some $17.5 billion is for Department of Defense military construction projects, which is nearly $800 million above President Biden’s budget request.

The bill fully funds the Department of Veterans Affairs for Fiscal Year 2024 by appropriating $137.755 billion in discretionary funding in addition to the $20.268 billion included in the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 for the Cost of War Toxic Exposures Fund.

Cost of War Toxic Exposures Fund also has funding for the Honoring Our PACT Act, which extends health coverage for veterans exposed to burn pit smoke and other environmental hazards that caused cancers and other illnesses during while they were serving our country.

Earlier this month, Peltola voted against the National Defense Authorization Act because it did not provide enough money for abortions and transgender surgeries.

Peltola is running for reelection in 2024, and has been challenged by Republican Nick Begich, who has come out strongly in favor of national defense and military families.

“Alaska has more military veterans per capita than any other state in the nation. It’s critical that our sole representative in the House show up and deliver on the promises made for those who have chosen to serve our country,” Begich said.

“Mary Peltola’s betrayal of veterans and active duty troops may be her worst betrayal of Alaskans yet. Peltola votes the extreme Democrat party line even when that means targeting the health care and benefits veterans earned serving our country in uniform — or blocking pay raises for active duty troops,” said NRCC spokesman Ben Petersen.


  1. How dare money be spent on our people instead of Ukraine?

    Everyone is disposable to the left.

  2. Pretty easy to do when you have no skin in the game.

    Her (step?) kids are coasties, if I recall correctly from her pic a while back in the swearing-in article.

    Those native vets should be proud of her. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Alaska takes pride in our Veterans! What the hell is the matter with her? Vote her out!!

    • Maybe you shouldn’t tie veteran funding to endless wars for corporate profits. In effect, the MIC is is holding them hostage. The author of this article didn’t even bother to explain why funding wars and a bloated military is required and focused on this small part for rhetorical effect. Do you support endless wars and murdering kids just to buy a CEO a new yacht?

      • The military industrial complex??? Really?? That’s so last century.
        You are either one of the last hippies or some skull full of mush (oh I miss Rush), who runs around demanding to do whatever you want and yell “I have rights”, while spitting on the very people, who stand up quietly to secure those very rights for you to make asinine statements like this.
        It bears pointing out that not one of those “peace-loving” democrat presidents did anything to end the “endless wars” you are complaining about. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama both had both houses or congress and did nothing. Joe Biden haphazardly pulled out of Afghanistan, leaving American citizens behind and donating billions of dollars worth of equipment to the Taliban. Now he is making great strides of getting us into that Ukraine/Russia fight.

    • Why are budgetary measures being bogged down with social issues? If the House was serious about wanting to support veterans, why would they include poison pill riders in the legislation? Could this not be grandstanding by the Freedom Caucus?

      • Listen to yourself. Why are budgetary measures being bogged down with social issues? That is exactly what Republicans are saying. They didn’t start this culture war. You and your Democrat socialists did. They’re just holding the line for American taxpayers so we all don’t have to pay for fake boobs to be installed on soldiers and lifetime support of Big Pharma.

  4. I bet the only concern she has in her mind is that they really got away with a rigged election & this is all I got to do. Just wait we will all be in one place at one time & we will all see who made the cut & who came up a bit short yes. Oath breakers are the biggest mockers of GOD so there is that. Flat out shameless how you oath breakers have allowed Obama to lead you like the puppets you are. Rigged

  5. I assume she thinks she gets only one term, or that the fix is already in. She really can’t be this dense and think she is reflecting the needs and wants of her constituents.

    • Her fix was installed the minute Nancy Pelosi threw her arms around her and guaranteed the deep pockets of out of DC dark money to pay her hayride for many tears to come.

  6. Democrats hate the military and have ever since the 60’s. She is a useless democrat, she has voted against Alaska, natives and military. Someone keep track of her voting record so she will be replace.

    • Democrats hate military but love war especially when they are invested in the machinery used to fight the war. Check out Paul and Nancy Pelosi’s investment portfolio. The horse Paul dumped millions on, “Ratheon,” came in first place with a huge 13 to one payout…. At least Democrats love something besides themselves.

    • It’s anti-American to support endless wars, massive budgets, and murdering kids for corporate profits. Are you a NeoCon?

  7. I don’t have Ms. Peltola’s contact or I would personally send this text. My nephew and his beautiful wife of 3 years found out he had bio-duct cancer for toxic burns done in Afghanistan when he was a Marine. He lived one year. You and people like you are some of the most disgusting people I know! Glad no democrats voted for it! votes would have tarnished his memory!


    • My condolences to your family. I just lost a second family member who lost a lifelong battle with cancer from agent orange with absolutely no help from the VA.

    • My condolences also. I think my opinion is supported by most Americans. I think our veterans deserve our support and bipartisan support by out legislators. Sadly politics gets in the way. Maybe we should wait to see the final bill and how the vote is on that before calling people disgusting. President Biden believes his son Beau’s cancer was brought on by the burn pits in Iraq. He signed the PACT Act of 2022 to help veterans harmed by burn pits and agent orange. The law was sponsored by Democrats. Maybe you should send a message to the 174 house Republicans and 14 Republican members of the senate who didn’t want to support our vets.

    • Judy, maybe you could consider pointing your finger at the Freedom Caucus and other GOP members who have decided to make every measure a “cultural war” stance. Why can’t a budget bill be just that–a budget bill?

      • Give me a break. Do you have any clue how much “culture war” carp the dems stuff into their bills? You must be brain dead to think the freedom caucus and GOP are the inventors of this deplorable tactic. The left set the table….we are simply adhering to the rules of the game. You seem to be a delicate type of person so I’m sure you weren’t aware of how dirty and underhanded the left is when it comes to forcing the house and the senate to vote on a bill before they can see what’s in it. I’m also sure you’ve never taken a look at the slimy dealings of chuck Schumer, Eric swalwell, Maxine waters, Nancy pelosi, chuck nadler, Adam schiff, Joe biden, Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein, ilhan Omar, AOC, Cory bush, etc. etc. etc. most of these are pro Ukraine.
        Also the left has had multiple opportunities to end our wars…….funny how they never do, unless it’s a surrender.

      • Jaded, look I’m with you pal on the “Endless War” and Military Industrial Complex thing. That said though, I’m also happy that we have young folks who volunteer to serve. I watched my Son go off to that worthless sh*t hole called Afghanistan, 3 times when he was a Marine Infantry SGT. My son felt it was his duty to serve and he fulfilled his obligation, manfully…

        I take exception with your assertion that prohibiting freak show, gender confused non-sense within the ranks of our best troops is somehow a “Culture War”. Your argument is non sensical and infantile and makes as much sense as mandating that blind people suffering from manic depression with an I.Q. below 85 drive Alaska Airlines 737-800 Jets into Kodiak. I’ll let you buy a super saver on that flight while I’ll get a ticket on the Tustumena.

        • Though it is unfortunate Lia Thomas is allowed to compete against women, you are deluding yourself if you actually think she would be less capable than the average of our “best troops” should she choose to volunteer to serve. There are many ways to serve, and nether being a female who might find herself in need of reproductive healthcare nor being in any way a member of the LGBTQ community pre-empts a person from in no less than some way being a valuable member of our armed forces.

    • Howdy Judy, Jesus said, ” No Greater Love, than Giving Your Life for Another.”. He is Safely in Heaven waiting for you. We here on Earth are Liiving in Pre Hell. Free Will allows us to Decide where we want to go after this short life is over. Your Nephew has chosen wisely.. Our lives are but a second in time compared to Eternity.

  8. She needs to go. She is so out of touch with our state it is shocking that she grew up here. She is just a vote and puppet foe the left, albeit most of us knew how that would be but alas, thanks to rigged choice voting she ‘won’ her position without actually being ‘voted’ in by majority, which is what normally happens in a real election process. We need to get rid of RCV. Make sure you sign the petition if you have not already.

  9. This is one I can fathom no reason for her to disrespect those who have enlisted to defend our State and our Nation. Disrespect is anathema to Bush cultures.

    • Is it truly lost on you that the bill itself disrespects those who have enlisted to defend our State and Nation? So that, in actuality, she is affording to all veterans both respect and the same level of respect. This is true, because a portion of those Who Enlisted To Defend Our State And Nation are in need of the transgender care and of the reproductive care and of the LGBTQ support this bill refuses to provide. This bill singles out groups of people who have enlisted to defend our State and Nation to not receive the care they need and deserve and have earned through their service. That can’t truly be lost on you. Or any honest individual.

      • “…those Who Enlisted To Defend Our State And Nation are in need of the transgender care and of the reproductive care and of the LGBTQ support this bill refuses to provide.”
        Sorry the VA deals with SERVICE related care. Transgender procedure doesn’t fall into that category. As one congressional committee person pointed out recently, all sex change procedures fail 100% of the time, as you can not change a person’s sex. In the end it is strictly a cosmetic procedure to support that individuals vanity and mental status. The VA doesn’t pay for tummy tucks or boob jobs, as it would be a misappropriation of tax funds. Why should the taxpayer be liable for life long meds and surgeries? As for “reproductive care” definitely not service related and a misnomer as you are not “reproducing” but instead failing to reproduce by choice. The you thing Th LGBT need support. If these individuals are so fragile that they can not make it through the day without affirmation and praise for their choices, they are in the wrong job. You achieve self worth and respect by achieving goals and completing the mission. In combat there are no participation trophies.

  10. You are all the victims of biased journalism. And, likely, biased thinking. Bigoted thinking, actually. But, we’ll see. Peltola didn’t vote against the funding, as the headline reads and the story puts forth, she voted against the VA Budget Bill. If the House Republicans would abstain from writing discrimination into the bill, she would jump at the chance to fund the VA. Perhaps you don’t know what Politics is, but the House Republicans are playing politics, and playing you, with the VA Funding. They are tying, or (hopefully only) attempting to tie, their partisan inequities to the funding of VA. If any of you truly are concerned with the funding of the VA, tell your Republican incumbents to stop playing politics with VA Funding; to not play at tying their agendas to the Funding. The funding of the VA needs to happen apart from political agendas! It’s too important to play around with. I’ve had this discussion with a very good friend. She is a GS-15 Step 7 employee with the VA and she hates seeing partisan agendas tied to the funding of the VA. You should, too!!!

    • Simple question: did she vote no?
      Save the explanations/rationalizations.

      If she wants to make her case, she’s free to do so. Until she does (preferably with some kind of supporting evidence), she voted against VA support.

      Curious how you lump politics at the feet of the GOP ( feckless idiots that they are) and make no commentary of the progressive grandstanding that goes on hourly.

      You might, might, have had a chance to make some points but you threw it away early with an incipient claim of bigotry. Couldn’t help yourself?

      If anyone wants to claim bigotry, talk to the vets of all colors who are having care opposed by the native with a dubious agenda.

      • TMA, you are normally more insightful than this in your comments. You know as well as anyone who pays mild attention that a contingent of the GOP is dead set on making every piece of legislation about cultural issues (namely hating gays and abortion, even though those views are extremely contrary to the numerical majority of Americans). That said, you must also be aware that these same legislators are the ones who believe government is worthless and would like to “make it small enough to drown in the bathtub”. They are irresponsible legislators who are elected based on a platform of burn it all down. And they are getting what they wanted, that’s not on Petola. Let budget bills be budget bills. Let the Senate confirm DOD promotions.

        • I’m unclear what part of my commentary you have issue with.

          Especially since I specifically called the GOP feckless.

          If you do follow my comments then you know I’m usually much more critical of the GOP than anyone else not named Biden.

    • When you start your comment with “you are the victims…bigoted” etc. and then proceed to give NO details of the alluded “discrimination” or “politics” you just wasted everyone’s time.
      The bottom line is very simple:
      The VA needs funding for FY2024. The bill FULLY funds the VA for that time period.
      Mary Peltola votes against it, effectively stating that she will rather see the VA and DOD employees worry about their paycheck, their continued care and operations of hospital and clinics, because her cause is so much more important than they are.

    • On another note, the point of congress allocating and dictating how money appropriated is spent, is part of their fiduciary responsibility. Setting the terms has always been part of any bill. Nobody has ever given any department or the president carte blanche to just do as they like. In recent memory every time some one (usually the dems) demand a “clean” spending bill they have other aspirations for that money.

    • The fact is she voted no. If her reason was that preserving her own party’s radical agenda was more important to her than funding the VA, so be it. She can explain that to her constituents (us).

  11. Would it have helped her if the bill included funding for drag shows and vet transitions?

  12. Here’s the answer to why the left (Peltola, et al) are the way they are. Proverbs 8:36:

    But he who sins against me [God] wrongs his own soul; All those who hate me love death.”

    When God judges a nation he gives them wicked rulers. John Calvin

    They are all Jesus-hating communists.

  13. I didn’t vote for her the first time around, wont do it the 2nd time around either. Her and Gene are just lining up people they can mooch off of when the DC Vacation is over and they have to come back to earth

  14. The military budget is way, way, way, too big. These wars are way, way, way too frequent and wasteful, they don’t serve Americans interests. The military is making us weak and hastening our decline as a nation. It doesn’t really matter to me what the excuse to reduce funding is. Maybe she’s anti-war and she needs a excuse that play’s well on MSNBC, who knows. It doesn’t really matter. Is this a NeoCon website, or a conservative one?

    • The military makes us weak?
      Boy you outed yourself there.

      BTW: 9 out of 10 times, only leftists trying to pass themselves off as “conservative or moderate” use the term neocon.

      • I’m not pretending anything., Do I need to be part of your cult for you to listen to reason? Do you even know what a NeoCon is? What’s conservative about bankrupting yourself on nonsense wars, big guy? Are you really that brainwashed? Still? How old are you?

      • Hey patriot poser? I see you can’t logically support your brain-dead pro-war / pro corporate corruption nonsense. GOOD, and GOOD RESIDENCE. I plan on defeating the likes of you with regularity, and shame you back under the rock you crawled from.

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