Peltola is a no vote on national defense spending bill


On a mostly party-line vote, the U.S. House narrowly passed a $886 billion defense spending bill on Friday.

Alaska’s Rep. Mary Peltola voted no on the final votes and the amendments preceding it, although she missed most of the amendments preceding the final vote. The measure passed 219-210.

Democrats opposed the National Defense Authorization Act because the Republican majority had inserted amendments that cut funding for unneeded transgender surgery for troops and removed funding from the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy, which pays for women in the military to travel to another state for an abortion if they are stationed in a state that has abortion limits.

Peltola was in the Capitol on Wednesday and played at the congressional women’s softball game against journalists that evening. She also voted no on the moving of the National Defense Authorization Act on Thursday, before disappearing for final votes on amendments and then voting against the final passage Friday morning.

This story has been updated to reflect her final vote.


  1. Just another employee that just can’t make it to work!!! “HEY MARY…ever heard of a work ethic!!!”

    • If it’s to sell cluster bombs and tanks to Nazis, I’d stay home too! Don’t you think military spending is ridiculous and wasteful at these levels? Seriously. We’d all be rich by now if it weren’t for the MIC.

  2. Your headline is wrong. You wrote: “Peltola is a no-show on national defense spending bill vote”
    What I think you meant was “Peltola is a no-show”
    No need to thank me, I am glad to help.

  3. I wonder if Mary’s husband was running a Snack Shack selling Cracker Jacks, Big League Chew and Carbon Credits. To the point, it’s much better if she doesn’t vote anyway.

  4. Mary and Gene are just in DC on a vacation, how many important votes is she missing ? how much time are the Disfunctional Duo out there stumping for one of Gene’s many side hustles ? 2024 cant get here fast enough

  5. Thank you Suzanne for keeping us advised of the actions /non-actions of our congresswoman. Where else can we go for this news except to do a search on our own?
    Go Nick!

  6. I was hopeful for a second that she voted it down because she doesn’t want endless proxy wars and murderous foreign policy… but it’s just more tranny junk. A pity.

    • Coffee Black, I agree with you about the MIC and endless wars, that said however, I don’t see how the promotion of Freak Show sexual behaviors enhances our Nations Defense. Am I missing something here?

      • It’s mostly a distraction. Something both parties have decided to focus on in a last ditch effort a keeping Americans hating each other with culture war nonsense while the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, life expectancy’s decline, and the wars for profit continue. It’s a shame people are so easily manipulated by this silliness.

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