Peace Road briefing Friday


A briefing on a possible rail connection under the Bering Strait that would connect Alaska with Russia is the topic this Friday, Aug 13, from 10 am to noon  Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage. More information can be found at:

Participating speakers include: 

  • Mead Treadwell, Vice Chair Alaska To Alberta Rail, Former Alaska Lt. Governor *Invited
  • Joe Henri, Co-founder of the Inter-hemispheric Bering Strait Tunnel and Railroad Group 
  • Scott Spencer, Chief Project Advisor, InterContinental Railway
  • Lou Cerny, International Railroad Consultant and Engineer
  • Vladimir Petrovskiy, Chief Researcher, Institute of Far Eastern Studies

The briefing includes a videotaped message from Alaska Congressman Don Young and a preview of the soon-to-be-released documentary film called, “The Strait Guys.”

Sponsors are The Washington Times Foundation and the Universal Peace Federation Alaska Chapter.


  1. A nice idea that might be financially viable in the long run, but overall pretty grandiose when we struggle to pay current bills.

  2. Whoo-eee, just what we need. Another pie-in-the-sky megaproject to nowhere. Or worse yet, Siberia.
    Those who say progress comes with a price couldn’t pick a better boondoogle.

  3. How about just accomplishing the link up between the Canadian Rail Road & the Alaska Railroad first? That is if this new administration will still allow it. And if it’s got anything to do with the UN I’d be skeptical from the get go. And isn’t it Russia that was supposed to be conspiring with Donald Trump to destroy our nation as drummed into us incessantly by Congress? Plus who knows how much a giant tunnel like this would cost. This while our deficit spending is beyond comprehension. Actually, maybe a tunnel from Juneau to Haines would be more to scale. Or Homer to Kodiak. Or if we really want to shoot the moon Bellingham to Haines or Skagway. Or a tunnel from Ketchikan to the airport. Meanwhile we can’t even resolve the PFD. I feel like we’re living in LaLa land surrounded by folks who have no idea how things are being perceived by the common people. But maybe it’s just me.

    • I’m with you on this one. Anything brought to us by the man who brought us the Bridge to Nowhere? 👎

  4. Don’t we need the GENI project first? (Global Energy Network Intertie) Or maybe the Cook Inlet tidal Energy project (aka Beluga Blenders)?
    Let’s not forget the Tandy Corporation’s proposed domed city at point McKenzie with an aerial tram across Knik Arm. Or the gas-fired iron smelters when we had the cheapest natural gas in the world.
    We can’t even finish a rail line to Port McKenzie that we spent $250 million for. Or a port in Anchorage that crapped away half a billion due to political corruption and incompetence? I could go on forever.
    At least we are not spending money on the Bering Straight Rail Tunnel. Or are we?
    How about these geniuses turn their efforts to teaching the Legislature some basic math instead?

  5. How much is the broke state paying these consultants.? Can’t even get a bridge across Knick Arm, although three or more could have been built with the money spent on consultants ..perhaps they could just get a real job. Or at least be weaned off the state funds..

  6. What about building a highway to the moon… It could be part of the Green New Deal… We could save on fossil fuel since rocket ships use up a ton of fuel just to get into orbit… As long we are living in la la land, we might as well shoot for the moon… And if the venture fails, no problem.. Like every other debacle the Democrats are now blowing money on, the cost will be passed onto our grandkids after we’re long gone and buried.

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