Murkowski, Sullivan explain why they are against the $3.5 trillion spending bill


Alaska Sens. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski issued statements on Wednesday explaining why they oppose to the Democrats’ legislative blueprint for their $3.5 trillion budget bill.

Sullivan called it “reckless tax and spending spree that will have a disastrous impact on the country.”

Sullivan said the plan is loaded with radical policies like the Green New Deal that will further the cradle-to-grave socialist agenda and “stick hard-working families in Alaska with higher costs, lower wages and less freedom.”

The “blueprint” for the budget plan was passed on a party-line vote of 50-49 just before 4 am Eastern Time on Wednesday. It’s the first phase of a long process the Democrats are ramrodding through to remake America into a socialist country, where the government is giving entitlements to the majority of Americans in one form or another.

The vote this morning gives President Joe Biden and Democrats wind in their sails to get the legislation through this year, before the 2022 midterm elections take over the Washington agenda.

“I share the concern of many Americans about out-of-control government spending,” Sullivan said, citing inflation that is rising rapidly. “The reckless spending that we’re seeing from the Democrats is going to do real, lasting damage to our economy, in addition to driving up our national debt to historic levels. And make no mistake, because Democrats are beholden to their far-left radical supporters, they alone will own the debt, higher prices and loss of income that will result from this unprecedented, irresponsible socialist spending spree.”

Sen. Murkowski said in her statement:

“Today Americans are able to witness the best and the worst here in the United States Senate. The best—the Senate just passed on a strong bipartisan basis, an historic infrastructure package focused on core, legacy infrastructure that will create new jobs and benefits that will pay forward for Americans for decades to come—all without raising taxes. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is the result of months of bipartisan negotiations that I was proud to be part of, working diligently with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to deliver for the American people.

“The worst—the Senate immediately turned to a wholly partisan bill, a budget resolution which proposes over $3.5 trillion in new spending which will result in tax hikes on Americans. This partisan exercise to implement a wish list of reckless spending is unfortunate but not unexpected as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer previously admitted that Democrats were ‘going alone’, without any effort to work with Republicans. Taxing and spending without limits is nothing to be proud of,” she said.

Meanwhile, radicals in the U.S. House, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional Progressive Caucus, have vowed to block the Senate’s $1.1 trillion infrastructure bill until the $3.5 trillion package that their agenda is passed by the Senate.

President Biden is on record saying he will not entertain the infrastructure bill without the costlier and more radical bill now working its way through the Senate.


  1. Wow! So the RINOS went ahead with the 1.2T package knowing full well that they could vote against the 3.5T package because their vote would not matter. Just disgusting.

  2. If our RINO/Communist Senators did not vote for the “bipartisan” infrastructure scam, this would not be happening. Manchin would not have been able to vote for it. Negotiation 101

  3. All dog and pony show. They know full well what they did and how the game work. I supported and voted for Dan Sullivan but at this point if I were to have voted for Al Gross at least I knew what I would be getting. All these RINO makes trusting the whole picking our elected officials through our vote is pointless. All politicians are in the same party eventually and are only running as different political opponents during election.

  4. Trying to save face and votes locally knowing it will pass without their public support. Kind of 2 faced but there you are. I wish they would have just voted for the country. Kind of tired of the best country in the world having to live and work amoungst ruins.

    • Please correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure you will!) but isn’t the “infrastructure” portion only 23%? That won’t fix many bridges or roads.

      • I like the part about old people getting more benefits. For Alaska and the rest of the nation, I like the part about native American infrastructure. Finally the natives are going to get out of the Stone age. I like the part about school funding for preschool. I like the part about knocking down the slums and building clean safe affordable housing for the needy. Yes it’s very expensive. It’s been long overdue though and it’s built up to a point where we can’t continue to look the other way on some of this stuff. We should have been doing it long before now. I don’t have a problem paying for it. Even the Green card thing, I don’t particularly want those people in our country but they’re coming and or they’re already here. We might as well get them documented and have them paying income tax instead of receiving chump change on the down low from illegal employment.

        • Don’t give them any benefits, though. Those who live in the shadows and have so much as a misstep need prison time.

  5. Duh! How ’bout this argument against the $3.5 Tril:
    “the country can’t afford this type of debt b/c the socialists want to eliminate private wealth and spread it around so that the non-producers and trough feeders get to have the same amount of wealth as the ones who work hard and understand money management.”
    Then, we all become socialists, as the left would have it.
    Just say it like it is, Dan, and quit your bullsh*ting.

  6. Write Murkowski and Sullivan and tell them how you feel! We must send a clear message that Alaskans won’t put up with this two-faced RINO behavior.

  7. These two are asinine. There is no infrastructure in the infrastructure bill. They voted for $1.2 trillion of rotten pork. They facilitated adding the multiplier first, so now we have $4.7 trillion total.
    And they talk about “socialism” as though they are opposed to it. Just the inflation tax is massive and redirects personal spending away from the private sector.
    It’s a clown show, and they are as serious as World Wrestling Entertainment, without any entertainment.

  8. I loathe nepotism. And I admit I was pretty cynical about Ms. Murkowski, but she has been a good Senator for Alaska. and She is loyal to the law. Too bad more don’t have the guts to stand up to two-faced liars and men who eat avarice with their hamberders.

  9. If Senators Murkowski and Sullivan can figure out what they might be able to guarantee to Senators Manchin and Sinema – and it might be a lot – it would be worth it. The $3.5 trillon spending spree will create vast new entitlements and dependency and make the USA much like Argentina during the Peron years. It would likely signal the end of the country. Many on the Left are not people of goodwill. It is time, unfortunately, to stop being polite.

  10. The economic self destruct button has already been pressed…we’re just waiting for the implosion. It is disingenuous for Senator Sullivan to claim the Dems “alone will own the debt”. Certainly adding 3 trillion in spending is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard (economy wise) and will hasten an economic collapse. However, there were “stimulus packages” #1 and #2 which Republicans went along with because they thought it would help them win in the 2020 elections. Trump’s tax cuts, with an existing debt of 17 TRILLION was, at the time, the most insane thing I’d ever heard. Economists, seeing the Government getting away with runaway debt for so long, are now starting to say that the debt doesn’t matter! Money printer goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Inflation is the natural consequence of free money. The real problem is that in March 2020 interest rates fell to basically nothing. As a result, that kind of free money has inflated the stock market and the housing market. They are both bubbles and the needle that will pop them is the INEVITABLE need to raise interest rates. There’s no stopping it now as no one has the spine to cut spending AND raise taxes (Federal!). One of the main reasons I’ve voted Republican is because you are supposed to be FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE…you guys have let me, and America down.

    • Trump’s tax cuts yielded recorded receipts to the Federal Treasury. It’s all about the spending. Out of control and it will be the ruin of our great nation, just as it was to great nations before us.

      • You must get your news from conservative brain washing sources like FOX or Newsmax, as opposed to liberal brain washing sources like CNN or NBC. Either way you’re wrong. The GAO, CBO, and most real economists all put the cost of the Trump tax cut at 1.9 Trillion. That was in 2017, 2018, and 2019. However, in 2020 when some cuts/provisions were extended the new numbers are a LOSS of revenue of OVER 5 TRILLION dollars by 2028 because of Trump’s tax cuts. Now technically you could say that’s revenue, not spending… but giving away your guaranteed income is NO different than spending it. Here’s a concept that will be hard for most of you to understand. You think of tomorrow as a blank page, waiting to be written. In reality, tomorrow already exists, complete with all the things that happened tomorrow. I can turn the page and see tomorrow…I don’t know why you can’t. America dies, and this huge debt is a part of it. We are on the Titanic and you want to defend the Captain’s order of full speed ahead (26 knots!) even though he KNEW there were icebergs reported! I had somehow hoped that the Republican party could admit to it’s mistakes, TRUMP, and get their act together before it’s too late (The Dems aren’t going to save America!). Now I see that they (not directed at you Mayor) are just going to keep repeating the same old crazy stuff and blaming the Dems for everything. Sad, that our children have no future.

  11. Neither of those bills should be passed, and shame on Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan for voting in favor of the infrastructure bill!

  12. Hmmm??? … Between all three of these “experienced” public service monkeys (ie – Don, Dan, & Daddy’s Little Princess), and we continue on this downward spiral and, picking up speed, heading towards impending disaster and possible economic ruin, at an exponentially faster rate of speed everyday!
    Even as one reads the “excuses” listed above, I’m certain that reasonable and responsible adults are forming questions of their own, such as:
    – Are these the best monkeys we have in the barn to represent us?
    – After all of these years of public service from these “experienced” monkeys, are Alaskans really better off with more economic opportunities, living your life with greater freedom and prosperity?
    – Is Alaska producing more raw natural resources: Oil & Gas, Minerals, Timber, Fish, etc?
    – Are there more private industry “MEGA Projects” being developed nowadays within Alaska?
    – Out of all three of these “experienced” monkeys, could they not necessarily see how they are getting out-played by the democrats and look like (proven to be) complete fools and idiots?
    Sadly and unfortunately, the answers to my questions above all end in “NO” … The same answer that I conclude with when I think of supporting them in future elections!

  13. So let me get this straight: they were for it before they were against it? Where have I heard that one before?

    • They’re still for it, but that’s behind closed doors. They realized that a lot of stuff in America needs to be fixed. Spiraling medicine costs, roads and bridges falling apart, the high cost have a college education that can lead to higher wages is not reachable by many in the middle class, social housing programs crumbling down. Just the other day Rubio told them to shut down a big facility because the rats were over running babies and children. Americans deserve better than that. People on St Lawrence Island deserve running water and toilets. Navajos deserve to live in something a little better than mud and stick huts in the Stone age. The list goes on and on. Who’s going to pay to fix all this stuff if we don’t, the Russians? I don’t think so. Previous administrations have let America down and let it fall down around ourselves. It’s time to spend some money on America and on Americans.

  14. So, let me get this straight. After spending 1.2 TRILLION dollars on a hoax infrastructure bill, of which only 20% went for infrastructure and the rest went to pay off Dems, the 2 Idiots Alaska has representing us in the US Senate discover fiscal responsibility? Did I read that right? What a complete sham and joke. I can’t wait to vote against Murki next year. I guess that Dan Sullivan is firmly in the RINO category now. His turn will come in 5 years when Alaskans will vote against him too. Shame on you Lisa and Dan. You have failed Alaska yet again.

  15. Both of these Rino’s need to Go!! Vote out The Worst RINO Murkowski next year! Dan needs to be recalled!! Don is so old that his running is a joke!! ALASKA’s need to educate themselves, and vote in strong America first Republicans. We have got to have a few in the state don’t we!??

    • You tell me where. Republicans have let us down so poorly but I’ve gone over to the independent part which I thought I’d never would do. I’m sitting on the damn fence and it sucks. Right now I’m a member of the what can you do for me party. How is Mike’s biggest supporter when I was up there. I supported him on here when afn bad mouthed him off the stage. I waited for him to reinstate long overdue PFD money only to get white noise.i watched Bryce laugh at him. Yeah you tell me where there’s a good Republican nowadays. There is no such thing. Not one with a backbone anyway.

  16. It would be the ultimate insult to believe Murkowski and Sullivan would talk of turning down but support ultimately. Devastating!!!!

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