Parade continues: Biden in Anchorage for Sept. 11 memorial at JBER


After a summer when it seemed like every member of the Biden cabinet has been traveling Alaska, President Joe Biden will also be in state.

Biden will stop in Alaska on Sept. 11 while traveling back from Vietnam, India, and Asia.

Biden will not participate in memorial services in New York City, Virginia, or Pennsylvania. Instead, the president will stop for fuel in Alaska on Sept. 11 and attend an observance at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson on his way back to Washington.

Sept. 11, 2023 is the 22nd anniversary of the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Virginia, and the Pennsylvania crash of United Airlines Flight 93, which was hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists who intended to crash it into a federal building in Washington, D.C.

The president will be in Hanoi, Vietnam on Sept. 10, to meet with Communist General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and other key leaders to discuss ways to further deepen cooperation between the United States and Vietnam, the White House said. 

Trong has been the general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam since 2011.He is the head of the party and is Vietnam’s top leader.  Trong, 76, was given a third term in office as party leaders could not reach consensus on his successor. He is one of Asia’s most powerful leaders.

While in India from Sept. 7-10, Biden will be attending a summit with other world leaders.

First Lady Jill Biden will not accompany Biden to Alaska, India, or Vietnam. She will, instead, stand in for President Biden and lay a wreath at the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial.


  1. It’s like somebody in DC suddenly “discovered” Alaska and now all and sundry flock here to see if we actually belong to this country….
    Frankly, it ergs me that Biden’s scheduling person can not be bothered to have him at one of the 9/11 sites that were most impacted. One wonders if he is just not up to it anymore and they hope stashing him in what they consider a “backwater” it would not be noticed.

    • No. He’s going to be coming back from Asia; so Alaska is a gas stop for the plane, on the way home. At least he’s going to be commemorative about the 9-11 ordeal. He could just sit in the plane. Shrug.

      • I think that Air Force one can be refueled in air by a tanker and we have lots of Air National Guard tankers stationed at Eielson. Biden is stopping in Alaska for political reasons. Is Representative Peltola going to be at the ceremony?

    • At least he’s not on his way back from meeting his favorite Despot and murderer little Kim like Trump was.

      • Yes, no need to convince North Korea to stop firing missiles. Upon turning over the office of President, Obama told Trump North Korea was going to be Trumps biggest concern. One that Obama was never able to solve. So Trump has a simple meeting with “little” Kim and North Korea STOPS firing missiles. Trump solves the problem, but now we have gone to an illegally elected Democrat Alzheimer moron running the show and the N.Korean missiles are being launched again. You must be proud…

          • And yet again, another typical snarky and ad hominem attack from cman, who cannot rationally or logically rebut the valid argument of a non-radical-leftist, non-pro-establishment poster. So sad, so pathetic, so typically radical leftist extremist.

      • You’d have preferred a shooting war?

        Besides, Biden has his own sweetheart in China, Ukraine, and anyone else willing to pay.

        • I’m so old, I can remember when REAL leftists (not the quasi-crypto-fascists who pass under that rubric today) were actually ANTI-war!

          In fact, REAL leftists used to be anti-establishment. But if you bother to notice, the so-called (radical extremist) leftists of today are entirely PRO-establishment: pro-censorship, pro-war, pro-centralized power, pro-corporate power, anti-worker, anti-choice, etc. etc. They are in fact a repudiation of everything that leftists used to stand for not so very long ago.

      • I remember when leftists such as yourself all celebrated 0bama when he said he would meet with Kim without any concessions. It was historic you all said.
        What changed?

      • That would be so funny Biden talking (sleeping) with Kim he can tell him about his oil cancer or the death of his son in Iraq.

  2. We need to be putting pressure on Dunleavy to do the right thing. Something not good is brewing here. Why are so many White House thugs coming to Alaska this summer? The hard push to let confused, mentally ill people push their perversion on the children, the talk of shutting down our heating and fuel sources, taking away incandescent light bulbs that have been so useful for more than just providing light, un-elected “metropolitan planners” looking at our communities- for what? 15 minute cities? I hope that Dunleavy’s black eye was because he told the evil to shove it; but, in the meanwhile, we need to have our heads on swivels and be planning for the worst and praying for the best.

  3. Yes it’s possible, some rational folk can still learn and know how old enemies CAN be new allies. But as in the case of Trumputin, it’s still one in the same insane.

  4. I regret that I will not be able to attend. I will be bathing my hamster 🤪
    🇺🇸Trump 2024🇺🇸

  5. Certainly, we are not a state that makes much difference in the presidential race, and no other president has spent any time here except to refuel and dump the latrine, so it is a curious visit. To bad that 95% of the military members will be locked away and unable to see the ceremony, for security reasons.

  6. Should we expect the honorable and esteemed “Hunter” (aka: smartest son) to be tagging along with the “Big Guy” (aka: Mr. 10%), possibly swinging resource development deals for Alaska O&G and Critical Minerals???

    • They can’t let bag man Hunter near the mountain tops. He’d try to snort all that white stuff on top

  7. Alaska must now be a full-on blue state. Biden and his gang up here visiting their election fraud organizers and pals. Lisa Murkowski included. After all, where would Lisa be without RCV and her daddy organizing her Senate tenure?

  8. Now wouldnt this be the opportunity to send a flock of Drag Queens out to LBER as a welcoming committee?
    Joe Sniffy could have a little alone time with the Queens for some private table dances without Dr. Jill tugging on his leash to rein him back in.
    Throw in a little background music “Who let the dogs out Ruff Ruff”.
    Or there is always a sideshow going on at Mad Myrnas with Felix and Constant performing as Anchorages welcome wagon.
    Dont forget the string of bananas for the Big Guy from the banana republic!

  9. Regardless of who is holding the office, it’s always imperative to show the respect that the office deserves.

    • not in this case…not at all. That hypocritical, entitled old creep has made us a laughing stock in the eyes of the world!

      • I’ll bet you call yourself a Patriot too, don’t you ?

        You, are no Patriot. Your comment is very shortsighted and I’m-American

    • The office that you refer to is an office of United States Incorporated. We do not belong to that corporation and do not recognize that illegal office and its resident who thinks we are his slaves and that he has the right to dictate to us. FJBLetsGoBrandon #donotcomply

    • When the leftists show us how to do that when a Republican is President, I might be able to do it when a leftist is President.

      • I was taught this lesson as a youngster by my very conservative father. It is good advice for everybody to follow, regardless of your politics. Some of the comments here are pretty vile

        • Indeed, the fact that the current globalist and utterly corrupted potato of a husk of a puppet of a usurper occupies the White House IS truly shameful.

          The China Joe DC regime has no legitimacy. None.
          They are a lawless, evil occupying power, nothing more.

    • Joe insists it was that MAGA group responsible for the 9/11 attack on the capital so he is focusing on Alaska.
      Someone told him we were all MAGA….Uh oh here come the early morning raids.

    (how is your $10,000 demotion working)

    You “DEMOCRATS” need to pull your head out of where “Constant Felick’s” sun don’t shine and WAKE UP!

    One of your own “DEMOCRATS”; former DNC, Tulsi Gabbard a Hawaii U.S. Legislator, renounced being a Democrat and left the party with all this insanity! As well as I have too! Now I’m an “Independent”!!!
    And could not feel more relieved…

bottom line, not for the rest of us American people!
    DEMOCRATS are not the party I grew up with, in my parents southern household.

    And they are a traitor to our democracy and everything for which it stands for of our REPUBLIC!

    I’m not a huge TRUMP fan, but performance wise, as a private corporate entrepreneur, his policies are best for my company and best for my family! PERIOD!!!

    *********** TRUMP 2024 *************

  11. So is the date September 11, 2023 or have we traveled into the future for September 11, 2024…or are my eyes crossed reading the article?

  12. Remind again, where President Biden was on August 26, the date 13 U.S. service members were killed just two years ago during Mr. Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal?
    Of course it matters. The idea is to remember all Americans killed by Muslim terrorists, no?
    Hardened cynics could be forgiven for believing the Anchorage appearance was planned to avoid potentially awkward, high-visibility problems which could detract from the dignity of Presidential appearances at Shanksville, New York, and the Pentagon.

    • You mean the withdrawal agreement that Trump signed with the Taliban that Biden was merely trying to carry out? That withdrawal?

      • Just stop. Wee-man.
        Biden owns the taliban enriching afghan withdrawal all by himself. Remember he campaigned on “The buck stops with me!” If you call what he did a campaign.
        Plebes such as yourself always want to try to defend their errors as somehow magically being someone else’s fault. Part of being a grown up is owning and admitting your mistakes then trying not to make those mistakes again. That seems to be impossible for you lefties. If President Trump was so bad then why would Biden even touch his withdrawal plan? Unless…it was a good plan that the Biden admin completely goofed up in which case Biden still is responsible for the embarrassing failure. Go take your seat in the corner.

      • I was under the impression that the,plan was formed by BHO. DJT extended it, and pushed it into the JRB administration. JS

      • Cman, that’d be the withdrawal plan which Mr. Biden, President and Commander-in-Chief was empowered to adopt, reject, modify, reinvent, to do with whatever he wanted.

  13. In most of the visits by the Biden Bunch present state officials were excluded. Normally the governor takes part in the September 11 ceremony. How much does anyone want to bet he will not be in the area in this one? Segregation by political party will be mostly complete except for Murkowski and the locals, mostly democrats. One does have to wonder why so much attention on a state with one electoral vote and less than a million residents. Oh yeah, there are those resources that Alaskans are not allowed to develop. Is Hunter coming?

    • Of course Hunter is coming…and Jim too (to tote the money bag). His experience at Burisma makes the Biden’s experts in the development and distribution of “natural” gas. Unfortunately its not the odorless form of gas we like to use….:(

  14. I keep saying it. The whole Biden Bunch is here to exploit our resources. They have shut down oil production, stymied additional mining, and curtailed fishing to residents and private industry. Why, I still feel they will be turning massive swaths of land, waterway and fishing rights to the Native Corporations. They then will be setting up deals with China, India, and various rapidly growing Asian nations. being on native corp lands, they can circumvent all the regulations they’ve placed on us.

    • I would not be surprised if land, waterway and fishing rights are turned over to the native corporations as you suggest. The natives have fallen in to a trap and most do not know it yet. Interestingly, a couple of corporations removed themselves from the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN); if I remember correctly it was ARSC (Barrow) and Doyon, Ltd. I wonder if they see the writing on the wall and have figured out that the O’biden team is playing them.

  15. Chi-Com Joe’s visit is yet another jab in the eye for Alaskans. Aircraft fight restrictions in and out of Anchorage will be in observance due to the Knuckleheads Jet. This will cause a disruption of air traffic since it coincides with Hunting Seasons when many charter operations and private pilots are running full tilt along with impacting a host of regional carriers.

    I once was on a Ravn flight that along with 2 other RAVN planes were redirected to Kenai when Trump was visiting Anchorage. The 3 plane loads of passengers spent 3 hours in the Kenai Airport waiting for the OK to return to Anchorage. It was my first experience with suffering from T.D.S., (Trump Deplanement Syndrome).

  16. FJB celebrating 9/11 week with Vietnam commies, who would’ve thought? Is he signing them up as new accounts receivables for his 10% for the Big Guy plan with Hunter, Robert L Peters, JRB Ware? At a cost of how much carbon emissions, fossil fuel burning for the climate change, environmental emergency he is so worried about? Then stop here to celebrate with the AK commies all on the Taxpayer Funded Credit Card. Maybe Lisa-the DC Democrat Bureaucrat Tourguide and FJB should go glacier walking and see the Katmai wildlife while he is here.
    Typical tonedeaf FJB move to be Exactly across the country from where an actual President should be on 9/11.

  17. No worries. Brandon plans to thank God in his speech that the Japanese didn’t get our carriers that Sunday.

  18. Maybe after going to Vietnam in Sept., Biden/Robin Ware/JRB Ware can regale us with his tales of when he and Dick Blumenthal served together in Vietnam during the war and after the lies about all the other things he didn’t do.

    • It was SEAREd! SEARED! Into globetrotting climate czar Kerry’s memory. he got another of the Purple Hearts he threw away from his wounds suffered that day!

  19. President Biden’s memory probably forgot Sept 11th is a significant day in modern 20th century history. His cabinet members appear to running away from something. Why else are they coming to Alaska if a get-away wasn’t on his cabinet’s mind.

  20. Hopefully his plane crashes before he gets here or he stays in China where he belongs, fucking commie

  21. E-Mail Sullivan – [email protected] and call Dunleavy’s office – (907) 465-3500
    Request a hand written message be delivered to Dunleavy (Don’t use the recorder) and email Sullivan requesting him to discourage Biden’s visit to Elmendorf.

    • He, along with Peltola and Murcowski, will probably be there to greet O’biden in an attempt to earn their brownie points from the illegal regime.

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