Lacey Sanders named new top budget director for Dunleavy


Longtime legislative and budget expert Lacey Sanders is the new director of the Office of Management and Budget.

“Her experience is valuable to the State of Alaska, and I look forward to working with her in this capacity,” said Gov. Mike Dunleavy in his statement announcing the appointment. She replaces Neil Steininger, who served since 2021 in the position and left the administration this month.

Sanders has an extensive resume in government budgeting. Most recently, she served as administrative services director for the Department of Education and Early Development and Office of the Governor. She was senior fiscal analyst (operating budget coordinator) for the Alaska State Legislature’s Legislative Finance Division for several years. She also served as budget director for the Office of the Governor under Gov. Dunleavy, and in budgeting positions in other state departments, including Commerce, Corrections, and Environmental Conservation.


  1. She has a nice smile. Good thing she didn’t need approval from the Anchorage assembly. She is definitely a she. And most likely qualified for the position, even though she may not have a degree from a liberal college.

  2. Seems to me like this would be an easy job, it doesn’t require a State office … State Car … State Travel, and the best approach is to merely cut the SOA Budget 25% across the board in all State Agencies (except for the DOT and Public Safety).

    • What a simple solution, you must be a simpleton. With nearly 40% of residents on Medicaid you likely have friends and relatives on it. You good cutting them off randomly, or exactly how are you going to reduce the entitlement — no regular doctor visits or what?

      • Indeed, I have a ‘Geriatric Child’ and they have Medicare Benefits and a Union Pension + Union Medical Benefits. I do support anything and everything that my relative need!
        HOWEVER, I can’t continue to be asked to help so many others who haven’t prepared themselves!

  3. Can she cut government spending? No she will support more PFD theft. The game is rigged against us taxpayers. Yes we pay half of our PFD unwillingly that’s taxation without representation.

    • Mark, please explain what state income taxes we pay, very little if any. The PFD is an appropriation, made by the legislature.

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