Transportation Sec. Buttigieg to visit Kotzebue, Anchorage, Juneau


Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is the latest member of the Biden Administration to make a trip to Alaska this summer.

The diplomacy tours with Alaskans started with First Lady Jill Biden in May, when she visited Bethel, the home turf of Rep. Mary Peltola. Sec. of Interior Deb Haaland came on that trip. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy visited Anchorage in June to focus on mental health issues.

This week, Assistant Sec. of Health Dr. Rachel Levine is visiting Alaska, with a message of LGBTQ health and the “Summer of Pride,” as announced earlier by his office. No member of the Alaska delegation has signed on to accompany Levine, whose first stop was at the organization most responsible for gender transitioning of children in Alaska — Identity Inc.

Next week, Buttigieg is up for a visit. It’s on the “Investing in America” tour that the Biden Administration cabinet is doing this summer to tout government spending.

Buttigieg in 2020 held a fundraiser for Senate challenger Dr. Alan Gross, who tried to unseat Sen. Dan Sullivan, unsuccessfully but also by using brute force politics. But all is forgiven — Sullivan will accompany Buttigieg to Kotzebue on Monday, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski will tour him around Juneau on Wednesday. Tuesday is reserved for Anchorage.

Rep. Mary Peltola will not be part of the Buttigieg visit; she is believed to be out of the country for August recess.

Buttigieg was the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, which is when he announced that he is homosexual. A Democrat, he then was the first openly gay major presidential candidate. Buttigieg rose to become an early contender in 2020 but was never able to forge a broad base in the Democratic primary, dropping out in March 2020 and throwing his support to Biden. Unlike Assistant Sec. Levine, he does not make his own sexuality the main focus of his work as the head of the nation’s roads, bridges, tracks and tarmacs. As with most of the Biden Administration, however, Buttigieg focuses a lot of his message on diversity, equity, inclusion, and climate change.


    • C-130 would be a perfect choice, relatively low, slow (long time airborne) and bumpy. Couldn’t happen to a more qualified kind of guy. Cheers –

  1. Hopefully Pete will go down to Cape Blossom, an ideal spot for a US Coast Guard Base and Arctic Port. MRAK readers need to stop biting the hand that feeds their Pseudo Reality Nihilism.

    • Frank, the road from Kotzebue to Cape Blossom isn’t even half finished stopping just short of Saddie Creek. I doubt that Pot Hole Pete will get to the Cape unless he flies in a Coast Guard Helicopter. However I’m pretty sure that if the wind ceases at the Cape after his arrival, his backsides will get plenty bit by the mosquitoes!

      BTW Frank, speaking of Reality, what good is an Arctic Port on the Baldwin Peninsula without any infrastructure beyond the Port? Pseudo Reality Frank? Seems that an Ambler Road to the Dalton Highway would be the ticket, but wait, the nihilist in your Biden Administration are opposed to that, right?
      I await your learned reply.

      • How much infrastructure is beyond Cold Bay, Adak, Shemya? I would like more coastal military/ Goast Guard presence with families and rotation in and out of Anchorage and Mat-Su. We should reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and get out of the Mediterranean and Middle East. The Ambler Road is illogical, far more cost effective to use airships to transport ore to Cape Blossom/ tidewater

        • “far more cost effective to use airships to transport ore to Cape Blossom/tidewater”

          Oh the humanity!

          The inanity of ‘Hindenburg Frank’ strikes again.

        • Your are kidding right???? “…far more cost effective to use airships to transport ore…..” Frank flying is probably the most expensive way to transport anything, let alone heavy ore. The infrastructure alone to maintain, fuel etc. is costly and think of the thousands of gallons of aviation fuel you burn just to get ore from point A to point B. Then you can only fly in decent weather. Building a road makes sense. Trucks are cheaper, use clearly less of your hated fossil fuels, you can run a bunch of them to transport ore and it will open up more of our state to build infrastructure.
          Out of curiosity why fly to Cape Blossom, where there is no infrastructure? Why not to Anchorage, it has a port?
          Never mind, I get it, you really do not want ANY development, so you demand flying into a place that really doesn’t exist and will take years to establish if at all.

        • Frank, I agree in part about the military importance of Alaska but question whether a Base in Kotzebue would significantly add to our security. Sure as a Radar site, but a Base? I’m also wondering how the Cape Blossom project would help in weaning the U.S. off of oil.
          Cape Blossom is cold, really cold, in fact Kotzebue Sound, Chukchi Sea and Kobuk Lake are Ice bound from October to June. Aside from the need to heat the new Coast Guard Base it occurs to me that the base would by needs have to be serviced by Ice Breakers for most of the year. I’m wondering what type of fuel one could utilize to power an Ice Breaker aside from oil? Nukes?

  2. Why are all these Dems coming to Alaska? What’s the end game?

    I don’t imagine forgiveness has anything to do w/accompanying anyone here. After all, Alaska isn’t known for liking Biden, yet we still refuel his planes.

    • Best guess is the bill came due.
      Someone Important wants money and/or a gasline without further delay.

      • Possibly trying to find something else to give to the Chicoms – and see it all before someone else lays a footprint on it. Guarantee they’ll stay well away from the North Slope – reality might contradict their narrative.

  3. Hooray! Pothole Pete is coming to Juneau. I feel Juneau has a lot of racist roads and bridges that he’ll hopefully point out. He can also help pound the climate change drums from our recent disaster. Maybe he’ll just get off the plane, have a quick look, and leave. Anybody’s guess.

  4. this guy is a huge phony he was caught on tape pulling a mountain bike out of a suv to act like he rode to a press conference while pushing global warming/climate alarmism legislation instead of focusing on why trains were derailing and poisioning the enviroment this ding dong focused on racist bridges and other intersectional crap. there are some rumors that he’s faking being gay for political clout (completely believable) Murmurs of CIA agent and military service fakery
    all and all just another scumbag politician to pete, rachel, jill, deb, zack fields go back to D.C. and dont come back

    • Whose hiding in plain sight in Alaska would be the better question. Sounds like the chickens have come home to roost. Paybacks coming…

    • They’re looking for things that function, so they can shut them down. Not allowed to have stuff that works!

  5. Yeah, sure, send us your deviants. Why not? Of course, nobody will demean them, since we are respectful people, but what exactly do you think you are selling us? Or is this just tourism on the government dime?

  6. “Unlike Assistant Sec. Levine, he does not make his own sexuality the main focus of his work as the head of the nation’s roads, bridges, tracks and tarmacs. As with most of the Biden Administration, however, Buttigieg focuses a lot of his message on diversity, equity, inclusion, and climate change.”
    Doesn’t matter. He is just another useless Biden appointee who got the job because of what he is, not because of what he does.

  7. All The Democrats are coming to Alaska to be sure the white unmarked planes landing at the airport are loaded with illegal immigrants so they can vote for the Democrats that flew them here.
    Nice trip for these no-goods to see our beautiful state on taxpayers money.

    • On a recent “man on the street interview”, Savannah Hernandez was asking the nitwitted youth (who had just graduated college) in NYC to name one Country, other than America, that makes up North America ~ after some hesitation, one person said “Alaska” ? Another said “Hawaii”? More answers were Toronto? Brazil? Chile? Antarctica? Heaven help America when these people start taking the reins of power.

  8. How come his Afganistan deployment within his 8 years of Naval Reserve military service is not mentioned above? Certainly a lot of focus on his being homosexual, not his service history.

    He’s the Transportation Secretary. There is a lot of Transportation money coming for roads and bridges as our president who happens to be a democrat was able to get that giant infrastructure bill for MUCH NEEDED upgrades, repairs and builds.

    But yeah, let’s look a gift horse in the mouth. Geez people, geez.

    • The GRIFT horse. Fixed that for you! If they’re coming here, its to loot and pillage more tax money into their pockets, or their friends’ the10% for the Big Guy isn’t going as far anymore with inflation and all. They gotta find more graft somewhere

    • “Certainly a lot of focus on his being homosexual, not his service history.”
      Ohhh… I do not know why there is no mention of his service. Or his accomplishments. But, there are plenty of people, including and especially Sec. Pete that insist on talking about how he is gay at every opportunity. It was the main reason he got attention during the 2020 primaries. He said he was a good choice as Sec of Transportation because he proposed to his boyfriend in the Chicago O’hare airport.
      What I find interesting is someone, such as yourself, who is always quick to label people, is suddenly put off by others doing the same thing. Funny how it is OK when a dedicated leftist, such as yourself, does it, but it is an unforgivable offense if others do that.

    • Maureen, you remember the huge omnibus bill under Obama (and I think Bush jr had one too) that supposedly was to fix our aging infrastructure like roads and bridges??? You remember what happened to all those billions? The vast majority ended up in union coffers or was frittered away on other things. We have spent so much tax money on supposed infrastructure projects in my lifetime, we could have redone EVERY bridge, road and train track twice over. Yet here we are again. So in my experience an infrastructure bill is just a way to pay off the donors politicians owe. Until money is earmarked and tied to a specific project, we will continue to waste it. One would think that with some military experience our transportation secretary would know you lead from the front. Yet when they had a major train derailment, he or his boss were nowhere to be seen. Actions Maureen speak louder than equity, diversity or climate change talk.

    • Check back in two years, Mo.
      I’ll wager not one damn thing of use to the majority of Alaskans has been built. Maybe we buy another “fast ferry” or more 5g internet for the villages but the bridge and tunnel crowd? Nah, your feeble attempts at justifying this idiots existence are laughable at best.

    • Yeah Joe Sniffy may have installed him as “Transportation Secretary” but it had more to do with him publicly touting his Queerness than his qualifications as a qualified individual that knows how to properly handle a massive train derailment loaded with thousands of tons of hazardous chemicals on board.
      He was a no show for days because He hadnt a clue how to respond to any disaster that to this day is affecting residents with deadly chemicals in their ground water leeching into drinking water.
      If all that matters to you is his reserve military service then that is why He was selected solely based upon his sexual preferences by Mr Sniffy and certainly not based on his ability to manage a transportation disaster which He failed miserably.
      Joe Sniffy has proven He is not qualified to fill these important positions either when it comes to public safety. Ask the folks in Ohio about the response time.

      Sam Brinton who was in charge of spent nuclear waste is another example of Joes inability to fill important positions regarding public safety. He spent his time “while employed” on the clock surfing baggage claim areas looking for designer brand luggage full of expensive womens clothes to steal.
      Or did He have commendable military service we should praise him for instead?

    • Life and the environment is much too delicate in Alaska to have a “NO SHOW” in charge in the event of a transportation disaster.
      We would be on our own anyway as lackluster Joe would first count all the votes he did not get here then yawn and look for a cozy place to nap with his phone off the hook.
      Thats exactly the situation in Ohio.
      However on the contrary “War in Ukraine”…Give them everything they need AND boatloads of money!
      Me an Hunter owe them bigtime!

    • Maureen, my comment had nothing to do with homosexuality if he does get to meet with Dr. Rachel Levine it’s simply because she is a beautiful, powerful, independent woman. Please keep an open mind.

      • Either you are sarcastic regarding the Rear Admiral or your descriptions are only in the eye of the beholder(you). So our man Richard may dress up like a woman, but calling him beautiful, powerful or an independent female is factually incorrect and on top a total insult to any real woman. If you spend your days in an alternated reality, please pardon the interruption!
        As an aside they both work in DC, so they would not need to visit Alaska to hang out together.

        • Taxpayer, if sarcasm has to be explained then it means it was used on the wrong person. Hang in there, you’ll catch on eventually!! Maybe

          • Nice try! Sadly sarcasm in written form only works IF you know the person, making the statement (and societal cultural literacy is homogeneous, which is no longer a given). This is a general forum. Words have meaning and will be taken at face value. Put a disclaimer behind it next time. There are some comment contributors on this site, who do view Admiral Levine as a woman.

    • Maureen, His Afghan deployment probably isn’t that noteworthy because he was “in the rear with the gear”.
      Beyond that, other vets like my middle son a Marine Infantry Sgt who served three tours in Afghanistan in the sh*t, might question whether there was any intelligence at all in how Biden and his inner circle concluded that 20 year debacle. Especially so since those Afghan men who served our boys and girls as translators and guides were left behind by Pot Hole Pete’s administration to endure a fate far worse than death. There is a thing called Honor, I doubt if Pot Hole Pete or Sniffy Joe have any conception of what that word means.

  9. They will never build or develop anything of substance in Alaska. It’s too hard. They might get their Beatle Boots dirty. EEEWWW.

  10. All these dudes come to Alaska because it’s on our dime. What’s a better deal than seeing the most majestic state and having your employer pay for it? They care little about Alaskans and are only on the grift, imho.

  11. Juneau maybe for a short time. Probably Anchorage. Not a chance Mayor Pete and Kotzebue are going to mix. Wonder if he and his partner would be able to live a life they are accustom to. Think not if it can’t be done in D.C.

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