Over 100 Marines kicked out of service for not getting a Covid vaccine


As of Thursday, 103 Marines have been separated from the Marine Corps for refusing to get vaccinated against Covid-19, the Marine Corps told Marine Corps Times.

According to the online publication, 95 percent of the active duty Marine Corps is partially or fully vaccinated, and the Corps has approved 1,007 exemptions to the vaccine, Maj. Jim Stenger, a Marine Corps spokesman, told Marine Corps Times in an email. The Marines are the least vaccinated of any branch of the military.

All active duty members of the military had until Nov. 28 to be vaccinated or apply for an exemption. Those who failed the deadline are being processed out.

Previous threats of dishonorable or “other” discharge for not getting the vaccination are still legal but may not be for long. And reports indicate that the military is not dishonorably discharging these warriors. The National Defense Authorization Act, which passed Congress this week and awaits the president’s signature, prohibits punitive discharge of those not willing to get the shots.

The Marines report that 3,144 members have applied for religious exemptions, and none has been approved, according to Marine Corps Times.

The Air Force and Space Force had 96% of forces meet its Nov. 2 deadline, while the Navy reported that 96.3% of active duty sailors were fully vaccinated, the news group reported.

So far, 27 members of the Air Force have been kicked out of that branch so far, for similar refusal to be vaccinated.


    • …….Trump knowingly allowed the spread of this pandemic, murdering over 800,000 of his fellow Americans.

      Yes, the call came from WITHIN.

      • More people have died under Biden WITH the vaccine than under President Trump. Go holla at ADN, your opinion is not needed here.

      • Sophie, you seriously need help, but I am sure you shall never seek it, as you live within your own little bubble…sigh…

      • More deaths have occurred under Biden and that’s after knowing much more about Covid and having multiple different treatment options and shots available that reduce the chances of severe covid. So if you blame Trump, you must be extremely upset at Biden, which is cool if you are, but it’s strange to call out Trump and not Biden if you are.

      • Sophie, do some research on remdesivir and its use on covid patients.
        Then do research on the treatment and thousands of deaths of aids patients at its peak in the 1980’s. Basically it’s the same Doctors, medications and resulting deaths. Read the new book by Robert Kenedy Jr. on Anthony fauci. There’s time between booster for a little curiosity.

  1. My son-in-law is a Marine Corp officer and went with a group of seven other officers to get the clot-shot a few months ago. Two of the eight are now seeing cardiologists and cannot even run. Just what we need: Marines that are maimed by presidential order…

    • My daughter’s fiancee’s brother in the service, flight crew, in his 20’s, has been grounded due to severe cardiac issues since the shot. My own brother (55, not military) is in the hospital with clots filling his lungs and an enlarged heart after the shots.
      May God have mercy on us all.

      • I am now up to 4 people I know that have suffered an early and untimely death. I’ve NEVER seen people dying like this. And yet they say, Moderna and the Almighty Phizer are just fine–but that the J&J is not, as it has had 7 deaths–which is a total LIE.

    • So sorry. Their service is honorable. As for the Senile in Chief, he will pay for this treachery in this life or the next.

    • Eek. For all of those that think it is an unworthy selfish fight that these marines are fighting, you better scroll past this comment so you can still selfishly feel right.

    • Very sad news. Jiden is offering general discharges to all. It’s cheaper than all the vet “benefits”. Not reported though. “Newspapers” report that Ms. Demboski doesn’t have a nice democrat personality.

  2. We cannot know what the results of the covid shot will be. The trials on animals ended after they were killed by the covid shot. Giving mRNA to the entire military is unconscionable.
    I’ve got a very bad feeling as to where this could lead. I called all the DC representatives and of course they could care less.

        • They have chosen their own ideology over the safety of their own colleagues. Since such a small percentage of total marines, my guess is these yahoos were looking to get out by any means. They will get their wish IMO.

          • Wrong!
            You miss the point. You miss it by about a galaxy and a half.
            The battle they are fighting is a battle that should be common sense in America. Forcing someone to take an ineffective and dangerous clot shot for a virus that is not dangerous at all is a battle worth fighting. They are standing with those that should be stood with.

          • The soulless cannot apprehend the idea of honor and devotion. Two, of many things they will never understand.

          • Bill,
            You are so much less than a Troll. These men and women have more guts and integrity than you could ever be capable of. You are the worst, of a despicable class of loser that hates America, what it stands for, and those who stand to defend it. These men and women, may have more issues to navigate because of their courageous stand, their life may be more complicated, but I take great solace knowing they, whoever and whatever they are, will never be anything like you.

          • Lawrence, you know nothing of what you speak-you are basing your post on your own assumptions that are likely untrue.
            These yahoos joined marines and are unwilling to complete their mission-likely because they’ve just recently decided they don’t like what they are doing. Tough noogies to them and you.
            By the way, I got a battery of vaccines when I was drafted in 1967 and didn’t see a single individual protesting them. Most were given by air driven guns but one, in particular, was given by a syringe that did cause a few big guys to pass out at the sight of that try of syringes. Heheh!

          • There’s a big difference between vaccines before and these dangerous, experimental, and useless clot shots pushed for some political purpose by useful idiots.
            Sadly, seeing that evidently takes some intellectual prowess that is above the level of some as apparently also is not making ASSumptions about someone’s motivation.
            I guess the average draftee doesn’t exactly relate to the above average Marine that volunteered.

          • Hello Bill,
            I am a Marine Wife, and a Marine Mom. I beg to differ, there is nothing safe about this shot, my son is being persecuted for his religion, being Orthodox. The kill shot, is doing just that killing. Pro life, means all life, even if the fetal baby parts are from 1972, a child who was alive before they took the babies kidneys for your so called vaccine, oh but hey the Pope says it’s ok. You sir are some sort of different stupid I suppose. Our Military is going to be full of the weak. Biden is just keeping up with the Jones’s. We will fall as a country, with people like your dumb ass making comments about something you no nothing about.

          • Well Renee’, the loss of less than 3% of Marines who can’t/won’t do their sworn duty will likely result in a much more strong and ready force IMO.
            Pretty hilarious that your thinking that 97% of Marines are the weak and that your son is part of that 3% being persecuted for his religion-evidently his religious exemption is not being taken seriously by the Corps.
            Tough noogies to you and your son.

          • Renee, thank you and thank you for your husband’s and your son’s service. A person like BY that says ‘tough noogies’ (he’s either childish or senile) that and doesn’t have a clue about individual liberty, unlawful orders, and what honor is is only making himself look bad with this idiotic tack and ignorance.

      • Billy and Homo, thanks again for enlightening us all about the Marines.
        Formerly I was under the impression that my Uncle Ed, who served with Col. Evans Carlson’s Raiders from 1942 and reportedly was the most decorated Marine from the city of Chicago along with my Father in Law, Fred, who as a young Marine won a Silver Star in Korea along with my son Robbie who graduated Company Honor Man and was an infantry Sgt serving in Afghanistan for three tours earning decorations in combat were all good and brave men.
        I now know from your comments that these men were really just selfish witless stumble bums.
        I commend both of you for the courage and intellectual fortitude that you have displayed on this forum.

        • Robert, for whatever reason, these few marines have chosen to run from their orders-likely because they’ve decided they don’t like the marines any more. You do realize they are a very small percentage of their marine cohorts so they deserve what they’ve chosen IMO. Your relatives did their duty-these guys failed.
          Nobody is badmouthing these guys for anything other than their refusal to get these ordered vaccinations. They didn’t get an exemption so further evidence of their selfish attitude.

          • Pathetic. Bill, your know nothing assertion is vile and cowardly. There are plenty of Seals and Delta that are in the same boat. You are not even worthy to comment about this and you know nothing about what stance a real American should take on the forcing of this dangerous and worthless clot shot social engineering.
            Deep shame on you.

          • One that can’t figure out to oppose this clot shot mandate isn’t really a true American. They just happen to live here.

    • Ah, so insult warriors of this Nation within a political aspect…I wonder, H.E., would your army guy father have ever gone one on one against a marine within that context, or would he have just been glad that said marine was there to cover his ass?

    • Homo, every Marine I know is smarter and certainly better than you, but to be fair, you don’t set the bar high at all.

  3. So they will accept being sent into battle to (very probably) get killed, but they object to receiving a vaccine that has been proven to be thousands of times safer? What kind of logic is that?

    • They volunteer to protect our country. They never volunteered to be forcibly given an experimental vaccine. Get a clue.

      • Uh, being ready and able to fight sort of has a bearing on their ability to protect our Country. Sick in bed or dead with Covid doesn’t support that mission. Get a clue.

        • BS. To a strong young man, this is a mild flu at best. No need for coercion or force to take a useless, dangerous, experimental clot shot.
          It is sick, wrong, and unAmerican.

          • 100% true on all fronts. But the truth has been obscured and fear has been worshiped and glorified along with condemning blaming others for not having irrational fear. It is sick. I would normally say that marines should follow orders, but this isn’t political, it’s insane. German soldiers said they were just following orders. These guys don’t think that’s a good excuse.

          • Bizarre and stupid. I had it with comorbidities. It was barely a mild cold. A young, heathy Marine is in more danger from the clot shot. You have jumped the shark. You’re now worse that Evan Singh.
            It is a good thing that someone with the clot shot can’t get it. Oh! They can and do VERY often. Same with other flus and the common cold. But I suppose only an ‘unvaccinated’ KungFlu cough will give a sniper’s position away?
            I can’t believe how low your intelligence has sunk in a week. You and Brandon should get a cognitive test together.

      • I disagree with you quite often on this, but I am not used to you saying something abjectly stupid. The battle they are fighting is a battle that should be common sense in America. Forcing someone to take an ineffective and dangerous clot shot for a virus that is not dangerous at all is a battle worth fighting. I thought you said earlier that no one should be forced to take the shot. Something change?

          • Sure Greg, lots of things bigger then a couple of shots to worry about here. Like the next ” booster” and the one after that until you are greatly immune compromised by this poison. The clot shot doesn’t give you immunity. What does provide immunity is getting the Chi- Com bioweapon AKA Fauci Flu and beating it naturally by way of the immune system God gave you.

      • Well Greg–good luck in the years coming up booking flights. Many pilots will not get the shot, as downrange, they perceive there is a good chance they will lose their aviation medical cert for life–rendering their pilots license useless. The long term consequences of this calamity are at the very early, beginning stages.

    • Welllll…perhaps they believe within the premise of what, and who they protect is worth dying for, rather than accepting something into their body that has no aspect as to furthering nor detrimentally affecting said premise…

      Or, perhaps this…

      The very fact that they are more than willing to accept death within their own premise of defense of their Nation, and its populace, and yet, even within that honor and bravery, what is being asked of them regarding a mandated experimental foreign substance being forced upon their being is beyond the pale, even for those that would gladly give themselves up within a righteous cause…

    • The clot shot is dangerous and ineffective (and therefore not necessary).
      You need to learn what proven means.
      You are a fool to question the bravery of Marines from the safety of your mom’s basement couch.

  4. The current military leadership is incompetent and derelict in there duties to the troops and the Corps. They went political and kissed the democrats’ a——.

  5. Whidbey Dog – You evidently have the mental abilities of your name. Marching into battle is a decision made to protect our nation. A decision made to allow people like you to post your opinions on a conservative site like this. The mandated shot is an unwelcome forced medical experiment upon their person. Not a decision.
    These soldiers keep your freedoms safe. Never second guess them.
    Semper Fi

  6. At least those who refuse the scamdemic will survive when those who willingly are scammed and become sick or die, at least the unvaxxed will survive to continue on where the idiots who fall for the bs will perish. I will survive

  7. A lot of posters here seems to be missing the point that Marines, and Army, and AF, and Navy all routinely receive a number of vaccinations for a whole list of things. There was some conflict over the anthrax vaccine, but pretty much everyone in the military ended up getting it.
    So, what’s the problem with the Covid vaccine? Ignorance or ideology? Or both? Most likely both.

    • 1) Purely experimental and unproven nature of the so-called “vaccine” (sic)
      2) Widespread and growing evidence of the inefficacy of the so-called “vaccines” (sic)
      3) Widespread and growing evidence of radically serious side effects and even deaths
      4) Well-justified skepticism and fear in the face of the rabid, hysterical, unprecedented campaign of bullying, intimidation and coercion by the powers-that-be to force everyone to subject themselves to the so-called “vaccines” (sic).

    • Speaking of ignorance and ideology there Psuki 2.0, it is not lawful to demand that they get something experimental (and the bs comernity crap is not available – shocker). It is also obvious that this dangerous and useless clot shot is all the more useless for strong young men that are more at risk of myocarditis for a virus that doesn’t threaten them. This is naked ideology and control for some unknown nefarious crap.

  8. I know a couple of young Marines who are going to be kicked out of the USMCR for refusing the jab. Both are in extremely good physical condition and do not want to endanger their bodies for an unnecessary shot. I’m actually kind of glad because I wouldn’t want them to be called up to go into battle under the command of the senile doddering old occupant of the Oval Office.

        • What an ignorant load of horse hucky. Requiring this clot shot is illegal. Forcing it is also unneeded and vile. These young men signed up to train and maybe die in battle. Being forced to take a useless and dangerous clot shot for a virus that really doesn’t threaten them is sick and stupid social engineering. These excellent Marines (all Marines are) should fight this illegal and vile farce. I am disappointed that you JUST DON’T SEEM TO GET IT.
          What happened to the guy that agreed a few weeks ago that nobody should be forced to take this? It obviously was not a principled stance for you.

          • You obviously don’t know much about the true meaning of America and individual liberty. As for your other blisteringly ignorant guess, I am a combat veteran with a small service connected disability.
            Swing and a miss there Greg.
            Also, your historical knowledge is lacking. Following unlawful orders is not necessary and is not even a defense (not to mention fighting this garbage clot shot mandates is the patriotism of today).
            Also, I doubt you were a former Marine. If you were, you’re now an ex-Marine.
            Also, your ignorant assertion (and anyone else’s on here that tries it) that impugns their character over this keeps ignoring the fact that there are many of our brave and combat proven SEALs and Delta that are also refusing on principle. None of you will address that because you know that your silly assumptive argument can’t hold up.
            Weak sauce fake boss.

          • I think I get it now. You were drummed out of the military and you’re bitter towards the government and anything connected with the United States. I think Canada is still letting you folks in you might try up there

          • Some minor awards for my service in combat and an honorable discharge. No bitterness. Just proud of my service and proud of those who served honorably, which includes all Marines until PROVEN otherwise.
            Sell pathetic and Faucciism somewhere else. Here you are only digging your hole deeper.
            Your choice.

        • I’m no law expert, but it seems to me that this Biden administration is testing the application of the term “TREASON”, so I looked up the formal definition in 18 US Code 2381. Look it up. The context that may apply is that this administration appears to be knowingly and willingly, by its actions, waging war against the USA , weakening our fighting forces by mandating an unproven substance that has proven to cause significant health risks, for a marginal benefit, to an otherwise healthy demographic of our population. This is an issue of national security, so we all have skin in the game. How much Evidence Based Practice (VAERS cases, studies, etc) does it require before a group of citizens with brass cajones enjoins Constitutional legal services to hold their government accountable for potential crimes against this Nation?

  9. It’s obvious that the people who have decided to take the shot and not suffered bad effects now think that everyone else is a wimp. Much like the people who wear the useless masks and give dirty looks to anyone who does not prescribe to their way of thinking. I’m sure we will all know the truth someday. It really comes down to who you think you can trust with your life. We still don’t know how many Congressmen have had the jab, but they are exempt. Reverend Jones sure had a lot of followers. Do what you think is best, but don’t force your will on everyone else because none of us knows how this will end…those soldiers have lost none of my respect.

    • I don’t think they’ve lost anybody’s respect. All I’m saying is if you swear that you will follow orders and you break that promise then you don’t deserve to be in the military anymore. If you swear you’ll follow all the Walmarts rules and break their promise you don’t get to work there anymore either.

      • You obviously don’t know how the oath or the ucmj works, but that’s not surprising.
        I am so sorry that I overestimated your intelligence, sense of honor, and patriotism before. You have erased the scales from my eyes concerning you. Thank you.

      • Your comments have been on the disrespectful side though, Greg. If walmart has irrational rules and you don’t abide by them and they kick you out, who is unreasonable? And if this was a time of war and they said “I don’t want to go to that bunker. I refuse.” that would be very different than the military making all of the soldiers do something idiotic and not needed and against principles and human rights and values while on base during peacetime and the soldiers saying, “nah I don’t think so. I’m out.” Beside, consider if you were sent on a mission to force an entire population to receive controversial shots against their will, how would be feeling about that? The military wasn’t under some crisis until the vaccines came out. Not at all. But there are health issues being caused by these shots for military aged men, especially pilots and more frequently than it appears you are willing to admit. Besides, these shots do very little to stop the spread anyway, just showing how people in leadership roles have lost their minds and aren’t using logic and reason anymore and these guys said no, enough of that. I think they are being very principled which is part of what makes a honorable soldier. What you are asking for, it seems like to me, is slavery, or even worse, brown shirts.

        • See that’s just political though. The commander-in-chief has the right to command, regardless if he’s a buffoon or not. Those under him have the duty to follow orders. I’ve been disrespectful to no one. I’ve tried awful hard to this fool that’s been jabbering at me but he don’t understand anything so I’ve wasted my breath.

          • I have a hard time understanding that which is unintelligible and without reason, patriotism, or a grasp of the subject even when pointed out at an elementary level.

  10. Go back to school then and try to get some common sense. Perhaps it’s too late for you I don’t know. You certainly claim to know how chain of command in the military works. That’s all we’re saying here. Try not making it any bigger deal than it really is. You’ll live longer.

  11. Greg, still not one substantive reply to any of my objections to your unsupported attacks on these Marines and you attack my common sense and education?
    I don’t think this is all reflecting well on you.

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