Oregon Secretary of State fires election director after he reveals security issues


In further election-related security news, Oregon’s elections director was fired in a text message by the Oregon secretary of state on Thursday night after he pointed out in a memo a series of serious problems with the state’s technology for running elections.

Elections Director Stephen Trout learned that he was fired while the vote counting was still underway in Oregon during a record-breaking election that has yet to be certified. Secretary of State Bev Clarno announced to elections officials on Friday morning that Trout was leaving the department immediately.

Trout said he would have stayed on with the secretary of state’s office until Dec. 15, to complete tasks associated with the election. But he was told to clean out his desk.

“I would not abandon my staff or the counties before the election is over, especially since I was the only one at the SOS office with a security clearance that could be notified of any election attacks during this certification process,” Trout wrote in an email to reporters. “There is no resignation letter because I didn’t resign. I was laid off via text message late Thursday.”

Oregon was the first state in the nation to institute all-mail-in voting in the 1990s, along with with automatic voter registration.


  1. ‘Oregon was the first state in the nation to institute all-mail-in voting in the 1990s, along with with automatic voter registration.’
    Resulting in a one party progressive dysfunctional government of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites.
    The Magna Carta was not forced upon King John (of Robin Hood fame) for the sake of the peasants, but only because the king trampled upon the nobles (elites). Only the American Revolution finally brought the peasants to equality under the law, at least until recently.
    By the way, my ancestry traces through Edward 1 (as in Braveheart) and John.

    • Pretty simple. Do not allow mail in ballots anymore. None. The only ones that should be able to vote absentee are the military. Period. Sorry. There are too many cheaters in this world that love to take advantage and they have. No more mail in ballots. If you can’t vote in person, then too bad. Oregon is a cesspool and the infection has spread. Our voting system is a joke. If we had left it alone and voted in person none of this would be an issue.

      • I agree 100%. Time for mail in ballots to be outlawed as all they do is promote fraud. If you aren’t military and stationed out of the country then you must vote in person in order to have your ballot counted. Time to stop the fraud of mail in ballots. While we are at it, if you aren’t a LEGAL citizen of this country, or you are DEAD, then you aren’t allowed to vote.

  2. Well at least they can now smoke meth in OR without fear of prosecution….. That should ease the transition!

  3. Since Oregon started mail-in voting there have been all Democrat governors. Before mail-in voting, the state elected Republican governors at a rate of two to one.

    • Mail-in voting in Oregon started in 1996 and the steady stream of Democratic governors started in 1987. A point of interest to some, perhaps, is that the last three Republican governor’s elected in Oregon would be run out of the GOP were they around today. Oregon is a solidly blue state … there can be no question about it.

  4. Perhaps the Oregan Election director should become a whistleblower going straight to Gulliani with his concerns. File a wrongful firing suit against the State of Oregon in Federal Court.

  5. Of interest to some, perhaps, is that Bev Clarno, the Oregon Secretary of State, is a Republican and was appointed to the position by Democratic Governor Kate Brown. I don’t know the details, but Stephen Trout revealed prior to this development that he already planned to leave the job in December 2020. According to him, he was laid off.

  6. Until we somehow put the cork back in the bottle and vote in person again with proper ID, we will face failed failed government serving only themselves and the folks be darned.

  7. I have a lot of experience with Oregon. Even lived there for a time. Despite appearances, Oregon politics and public life is dominated by pseudo-elites from Portland and is rotten to the core. Supported by legions of cannabis-dazed progressives, the pseudo-elites have given Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt, an unrepentant pedophile rapist and Governor John Kitzhaber, a pathological liar. Absolutely no one should be surprised at corruption and failure in Oregon elections.

  8. We moved up to AK from Oregon 2 1/2 years ago. When I complained about mail in voting while I was there the response from liberals was not very understanding. What really convinced me against mail in voting was visiting a friends home. There, on the kitchen counter, was her husband’s new ballot. Unfortunately he had been dead for 5 years.

    At the time, when I let Oregon authorities know about this, it was pretty much…nothing to see here, move on. I would have thought somebody would have at least asked for a name to check up on it in the voter reg records. Nope, the response was, don’t worry we double check signatures to verify the authenticity of the ballot.

    If you’ve ever worked in retail and received credit card payments you know just how thoroughly signatures get checked in high pressure environments. Not very well, if at all.

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