One year anniversary: Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s resignation, Dunbar’s defense


Oct. 13, 2020, former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz resigned, after nearly five and half years serving as mayor of Alaska’s largest city. He has barely been seen or heard from since.

The day before, he had admitted to engaging in a salacious relationship with then-news anchor Maria Athens, who posted a photo on Facebook that looked like the bare-naked backside of Berkowitz.

She also accused him of posting nude selfies on a website for older men interested in dating underage girls.

“It is with profound sadness and humility that I resign as mayor of the municipality of Anchorage,” Berkowitz said in a statement that night. He didn’t actually read the statement himself; it was read into the Anchorage Assembly record by his Chief of Staff Jason Bockenstedt. “My resignation results from unacceptable personal conduct that has compromised my ability to perform my duties with the focus and trust that is required.”

The Assembly chambers were filled that night with residents protesting the mayor’s dire restrictions that were killing businesses and ruining people’s lives. The crowd sprang to their feet, clapped and cheered at the news of his departure.

Berkowitz would remain mayor for another week and a half, while a transition took place to make Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson the acting mayor, a role she held onto for eight months, after the Assembly refused to hold a special election for mayor.

Soon, the disgraced mayor used the power and privilege of his office to attack Athens. Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar joined him in attacking the woman:

While Dunbar attacked Athens and Must Read Alaska, and strongly encouraged people to delete any of their shared social media posts about the incident, the mainstream media stayed quiet for days, unwilling to touch the story about a man who many journalists considered an ally and a friend.

“Do not give this lie oxygen it needs to live, and let us try to leave this, and other shameful, public slanders of this past summer, behind us,” Dunbar wrote.

The media complied. More than 50 hours after the story first broke of the sexting relationship, the mainstream media still had not written a word about the matter. Instead, the Anchorage Daily News ran a story about the mayor’s proposed budget.

Also defending the mayor was Eric Croft, another political ally of the mayor who had already announced his candidacy to take over after Berkowitz was scheduled to be term-limited out in June, 2021.

The response from the Left — not believing a woman in this “believe all women” era — and the silence from Alaska’s largest newspaper, became the hot the topic of discussion in many conservatives circles in Anchorage. 

The reporter who blew apart Berkowitz’ political aspirations for governor — or for finishing his term as mayor — ended up leaving the state and has disappeared from public life.

Read War of the Roses meets Fatal Attraction

By Oct. 21, the Left-stream media, the Anchorage Press, had written a feature blaming the mayor’s demise on Must Read Alaska and Save Anchorage, titled, “Save Anchorage, Must Read Alaska and the plot to overthrow the mayor.”


    • Dunbar is both, and more, and worse.
      What good can be said about a ragingly arrogant, power-mad sociopath?
      Of course, the same could be asked about any of the assembly’s Marxist Nine.

    • ….. or both. Either way I can’t see how he is representative of more than the smallest handful of people in his district. I’m so happy he’s not our Mayor.

  1. Liberal arrogance is actually a debilitating ignorance. It’s as if they are walking around in clown costumes pretending to not be clowns. Laughable!

    The other thing that is laughable is that the ADN lead the state to believe it was merely “sexting” . Come on, Man.

    Ignorance is still bliss.

  2. It is an established fact that MSM has covered for sex offenders and sometimes even pedos. Makes me wonder with Dunbar covering for Berkowitz, what dark secrets do they share? If Berkowitz was truly innocent, then why did he abruptly resign over a simple picture of his backside? We are born naked, who cares right? Unless the story does truly go deeper than what has been revealed.
    Is it possible that the tyrannical authority that the assembly is pushing on the people is actually a distraction for their own dark deeds? Perhaps they are all victims of blackmail?
    Maybe it is time to change focus from politics, to the actual motivations behind our political bullies.
    The assembly’s recent actions have shown they do not administer policy with honesty or integrity, but within the shadows. Why use such tactics if they actually think they are doing the right thing?

    • He committed an immoral act. He did the responsible thing. He resigned. Get over it. Unfortunately, too many conservatives refuse to do the right thing.

      • Did his wife do the responsible thing after running over a pedestrian? Why do you excuse people from being held accountable? Sick.

      • He owes every single person in this state a hand written apology letter for all of us having to witness his flat wrinkled old man butt.

  3. as a fellow ally shame on forrest for not believing all women and calling into question a woman of color’s mental health this whole thing is a very problematic stain on forrests record supporting confirmed sexual predator and alleged pedophile Ethan Berkowitz. The only way for sexual predator sympathizer, forrest dunbar is to step down from his position of white male privilege and go join the fight with his antifa comrades in Portland

  4. Go back to San Francisco you scoundrel. And take your city council with you. What a plague of locusts on Alaska you were

    • Amen Fat Albert! How many thousands of us came to Alaska to make a living, and also to have intelligent fellow Alaskans and politicians? Some idiots thought this place was wide open for misfits….but the school system, the oil companies, the utilities, the military, independent businessmen, colleges, tough fishermen, and the hundreds of thousands of faithful indigenous people are laughing at the escapees whom we are indulging. (People who escaped a defined society. ) Guess what…we all derive from a defined healthy society. Take your bodies elsewhere. !

  5. Dunbar and his bitter comrades have shown themselves to be above and beyond the law in many ways. If the people in Anchorage both Democrats and Republicans do not go to the ballot box and elect others with integrity, sensitivity and intelligence, it will be a lost cause. Hello, both sides of the mask mandates have the right to testify and what Dunbar and his group did to depress free speech is beyond the pale. Sue them all

    • If you think a liberal Dem resigned because of an affair…you are mistaken….usually this is a badge of honor. Something else was going on I feel…more diabolical than cheating on his wife, family, and the city. Where is the in depth reporting of the FBI involvement at the beginning and why?

  6. Ethan Berkowitz made a mistake and has suffered the consequences. Mr. Dunbar, on the other hand, sought nothing but personal political advantage from the situation. One can be forgiven; the other, decidedly not.

  7. Why is it Dunbar looks like that psycho private from Full Metal Jacket..? Good choice for a picture to portray the left- psychotic.

    • You beat me to it. He looks exactly like Private Pyle just before he shot up his platoon. Alaska National Guard take note.

  8. First axiom of politics in play.
    “It is not the action taken by a person that is offensive. It is the political affiliation of the person taking action that causes the offense.”
    Any and all leftists exemplify exactly that. When anyone even remotely on the right side of the political aisle does anything even remotely “questionable” they are vilified, and resignations are demanded. (See what the Assembly tried to do to Jamie Allard when she said the german word for father was not offensive on a car tag.)
    On the other hand, even with demonstrable proof of unethical behavior from a liberal, it is dismissed. A well connected Dem from CA is caught sleeping with a chinese spy, and his punishment is a place on the House Intelligence Committee.

  9. ‘Every Man’s Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time, Revised and Updated 20th Anniversary Edition”
    By: Stephen Arterburn, Fred Storker, and Mike Yorkey.

    Men you were made to be the Glory of God. You were to be the head not the tail. So use your head and Read That book and get a copy for your friends.

    There are 280,000 residents in Anchorage. Well at least 100,000 of you men should be buying a copy and reading the book. By golly! Amazon should be surprised one city can be requesting so many copies of the same book.

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