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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Breaking: Berkowitz resigns

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Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has resigned. His resignation letter was read at the Anchorage Assembly meeting tonight. The resignation is effective Oct. 23.

Berkowitz, while not in attendance, announced his resignation through a written statement read by Chief of Staff Jason Bockenstedt.

“It is with profound sadness and humility that I resign as the mayor of the Municipality of Anchorage,” Berkowitz said. He said as a private citizen it would be easier for him to deal with the damage caused by his admission of guilt to an extramarital relationship, and he wanted to protect his family.

The audience broke into a rousing applause.

On Monday, Berkowitz admitted to having an extramarital sexting relationship with TV news reporter-anchor Maria Athens, who had posted a nude photo of him on Facebook last week.

Check back as this story is developing.

The full video of his resignation letter being read is at this link:

Last week the mayor denied claims made by Athens about his involvement with kiddie porn. The Anchorage Police issued a statement saying they had not found any basis for the claim and the case was closed.

An effort to reorganize the Assembly to put Assembly member John Weddleton in as chair failed on a vote of 8-3. This means Assembly Chair Felix Rivera will become mayor on Oct. 23. He is part of the hard-left radical group that runs the Assembly.

Voting to place Rivera in as mayor rather than Weddleton were those hard leftists: Suzanne LaFrance, Kameron Perez-Verdia, Chris Constant, Forrest Dunbar, and Pete Peterson, and Austin Quinn-Davidson, Meg Zalatel, and Felix Rivera.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Just out of curiosity … why did Athens do the reveal now?

    • She likes bigger packages?

    • I wondered too. Nothing I have read quite explains why “several years” later she would suddenly have a breakdown. Oh, there was something floating around about her (wrongly) believing the Mayor had been using a very young “escort” – but that sounds too tentative to explain what appears to be a sudden nervous breakdown. I hope it all comes out with time.

    • If you think a liberal would resign over this….which to them is a badge of honor…then you must think the story has ended. My bet….and I know nothing in regards to Berkowitz is there is a lot of story still out there and his move so quickly was to end the blood letting.

  • Felix Rivera may end up burning City Hall to the ground before he is through. Buckle up. Things will get a whole lot worse before they can get better.

    • Rivera is NOT a step up, Not a fan of the Mayor but I’d prefer him to the title wave of G-d knows what that’s coming our way from Rivera

      We need to force a special election no matter the cost to stop FR from taking this further into the weeds

      • I am unfortunately of the belief that things must get even worse before they will get better. The voters need to see the abuses, incompetence and even totalitarian impulses of the Left in full flower before they will understand that change is necessary. Mr. Rivera has all the qualities and skills necessary to impose a Leftist government on Anchorage that would make Fidel Castro and Pol Pot blush. Let’s get on with it.

  • I wonder how this affects his upcoming run for Governor? Interesting how law enforcement did a full and complete investigation of him, his computers and phone, and concluded no wrongdoing in less than 3 days.

    • Yup! watch the cares act $$ carefully.

    • He’s toast. The heat got too high. Trying to tamp out the flames. There can be no run for the governor now thankfully. This is a huge win for conservatives and the State of Alaska.

  • This is amazing!

  • I wonder if the nude pic rises to the level of Carlos Danger? If not, Berkowitz must have this shrinking feeling.

    • That’s what his wife said.

      • Someone please check Berkowitz’ government computer. Save the software. There may be images worth saving (or laughing over).
        Also, check Athens’ server to see if any secret government contracts were released using taxpayer’s money.

  • Gutless Perv didn’t want to face the citizens and sent out his little assistant to do his dirty work. Pathetic.

  • One down a few more to go.

    • YEP! Git’em Suzanne! Another donation forthcoming!

  • Too bad they didn’t find the kiddie porn which we all know he had.


  • Maria Athens is a hero. Full stop.

    • Yep…she fell on her sword to save Anchorage. Now the folks in Anchorage need to be digging up the dirt on Rivera and the rest of those “hard-lefters”.

    • What on earth is your definition of a hero? Athens violated her own profession’s code of ethics by engaging an illicit relationship with a public figure whom she was covering. She knowingly entered into an immoral relationship with a married man, which means she had no regard for the man’s wife. She left a hateful anti-semetic message calling a Jewish man a piece F****ing s**t. She also promised to kill a man and his wife. She illegally trespassed on property.

      She is not a hero. At best, she is a very disturbed person. At worst, she is seeking revenge for a man who had scorned her.

      • Berkowitz, Athens, the Democrat party, the leftist city council all deserve each other. those that defend or support their behavior should please leave Alaska and move to where you would fit in, maybe southern California or Portland.

  • hard leftists line-up,,,, elected by the people of Anchorage,,,,, this should be interesting

    • Torches and pitchfork interesting.

  • Holy moly… there were a couple of seriously self important windbags in that process. Good to hear the cheers!

    …and good riddance to the worst Mayor Anchorage has ever had and the only one that has turned Assy meetings into regularly scheduled protests focussed on his shortcomings.

    • Worst Mayor Anchorage has ever had?

      Just you wait and see how awful it will be under Acting Mayor Rivera. I am afraid I will long for the days of God-Emperor Berkowitz.

  • We shall see if ADN treats this like they did the Byron Mallott resignation. That would be giving the Mayor a pass by not getting all the facts out. There is much more to this story than has been reported. A reasonable assumption would be that the Mayor’s relationship with Athens went much further than an inappropriate messaging relationship. How long had it been going on and how often?
    What ever the facts are, it would seem that Berkowitz’s political career is likely over. Given the cheers heard when his resignation was announced his popularity had already tanked.
    Next is: what will his spouse do? Stand by her man, like Hillary claimed would not be her role, but did anyway after Clinton’s repeated affairs with his intern. Whatever the outcome is, it is clear that Berkowitz has proved just how dumb he is.

  • Mayor Rivera, may be worse than Mayor B…watch out!!!

    • Yes, this little tubby bald princess will wear a tiara to the swearing in.

    • He & his other cronies on the Assembly might will try their best to disregard Anchorage-ites in opening the floodgates to a lot of their social standards.

  • Congrats Anchorage!!! Best news all year!

  • I watched on KTUU as Berkowitz’ statement was read…the cheers of the audience was music to my ears. Felix and Forrest were not expecting that immediate response, and were a little flabbergasted for a bit. Interesting to see how the Council goes now…full speed ahead to the left or a slight right hand tack after they’ve had their asses handed to them. I personally doubt they’ve learned a thing. Oh well, one down, many to go.

  • No Kwanzaa or Festivus gifts this holiday season for Ethan.

  • I think he knew he was doomed when the news of this sordid affair went global.
    It’s in the U.K. Daily Mail, and has been for hours.

  • Good on you Mr. Mayor may God richly blesess you from this moment forwarded. Political subdivisions put aside, we are all guilty of some infraction to a higher moral standarded.

    • Speak for yourself. I live my life ashamed of nothing.

      • Bulldust. Falsehoods count, Fork.

  • Resign Hell … him so ANCHORAGE will not have to pay Benefits to an official that left the city in worse shape than when he won(stole) office……roll him and the assembly in molasses and pepper corns and send them back to SFO one way!!

    • AMEN! How do we get rid of this garbage that has taken over our Municipal government? Like-minded citizens of our town need to get thinking and rid Anchorage of the abomination that has taken control of our town. Now that this Mayor is supposedly out – let’s get rid of the rest of the miscreants who are bent on destroying our lives and livelihoods.

      • Old Alaskan (Robert Schenker) also says, “Good on you Mr. Mayor may God richly bless you from this moment forward. Political subdivisions put aside, we are all guilty of some infraction to a higher moral standard.” His two comments are contradictory.

  • wow. This unfortunate incident may just save Anchorage. The ADN is reporting a “consensual, inappropriate messaging relationship” is the root of this. I doubt he would ,drunk with covid power walk away from this unless there is more to it. The millions of relief dollars that have not been distributed can hopefully be released and the crazy lock down killing business will end.

    • Oh the cares act money will be spent now for sure! Anchorage is about to see its first LGBTQ arts center, museum, hospital and college.

  • Gross.
    No special election? Will Rivera just act as mayor until the special election? I thought if there were more than 90 days until the next election, then we had to have a special election to replace the mayor?

  • The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.
    -Albert Camus

    I hope Maria Athens is vindicated, charges against her dropped and she is back to work soon.

    • Interesting Author to quote from, he also wrote “The Plague” an account of the Black Death in Europe.

    • She called him in front of witnesses in a diner threatening to kill him and his wife.

      • So? If we locked up every other woman who threatened to kill the guy when she found out she wasn’t the only other woman we would have no room in our prisons.

        • True and I am not a fan of the ex mayor in any way but because of the anti Jewish context this might fall under a hate crime? Also the Anchorage Press brought up a good point, ( believe it or not) of this being revenge porn. If all he did was have an affair that is not a crime. But I think she broke a few laws. No clean hands in this at all. Side note in her voice message rant to Berkie she says she will win an Emmy. They have a category for this?

          • Oh Puhlease! All of you liberals and “independents” with your sudden holier than thou attitude? You are all for degeneracy, perversion, thievery, arson, looting and murder. GTHO with that BS.

    • But it was too late. Blakely’s misinformation set the scorned Athens off. Berkowitz’s former lover exploded in anger. Blakely and Athens then traveled to Kriner’s Diner. There, Athens, in front of several witnesses, left the following loud, animated, and profanity-laced message on Berkowitz’s voice mail:

      “Ethan, it’s Maria Athens from Fox, ABC, CW, Newsnet National Alaska. I just learned through my uh Emmy award-winning journalism you’re also a pedophile and like little girls and children and there’s a website. I’m so fucking exposing you. I’m gonna get an Emmy so you either turn yourself in, kill yourself, or do what you need to do. I will personally kill you and Mara Kimmel my God damn self you Jewish piece of living fucking shit. You have met your match mother fucker. You have met your mother fucking match. I can’t believe I am such a good person and thought I loved you. I fucking hate, I don’t even hate you. I will pray your Zionist fucking ass you piece of shit loser. And I’m putting this on the news tonight. Bye. Have a great Friday you mother fucker.”

      • Yeah, every guy who has been sleeping with multiple women at the same time has voicemails like that.

      • Sounds like the music to my ears, jack

  • Good! Dictators, predators, sexual deviants need not be in public elected office foisting their warped sense of authority on citizens. Good bye and good riddance. Hopefully we don’t see him trying for Congress next election cycle.

  • He should think about going Full Buddhist Candle at this point…if he had that much courage and honor

  • Oh no, that means Rainbow Not-so-bright is going to be taking over! Get ready for a 24/7 mask and face shield mandate coupled with a explosion of homosexual agenda law’s passed secretly behind assembly closed doors.

    • Yes – get the filth out of this beautiful city that has been my home for 60 years. Let’s get rid of this infestation. Dig them up like weeds. Or we could raise public interest to ship their sorry a**es to SF, Portland, or Seattle to feed their desires to live in filth.

  • Buh-bye Lord Farquaad. You won’t be missed.

  • The liberal media is in full damage control mode. Thanks Suzanne for real journalism.

  • Berkowitz should be able to land his next job at Robin Brena’s law firm. Great dumping ground for disgraced politicians.

    • Bill Walker is now taking applicant’s interviews.

      • Makes sense. He interviewed Byron Mallott, and that worked out for him…………..
        until it didn’t.

  • Berkowitz’s union goons showed up at tonight’s assembly meeting harassing people as they went in – like the leftist thugs they are. They disappeared as soon as the cameras did when their master’s shame was announced. Made us wonder if they even had a clue what was going on? Good riddance to that cretin but I doubt Rivera will be any better for us.

    Vote all the leftist out of Anchorage/Alaska/United States!

  • Our dictator can go show his little Napoleon Bona-Parts elsewhere.

  • This was explosive to say the least, it sounds like a woman scorned to go all out like she did. I wonder what the real story is, so much activity in such a short amount of time resulting in her arrest Why now since the initial events happened several years ago? Why now did she choose to try to report this? Something happened that no one is privy to. There’s more to the story that I’m sure we will never know.

    • I’d bet Maria had dirt that she’d given to the FBI and APD long before this became public and when they didn’t act on the evidence that’s when she decided to take matters into her own hands. No question that Berkowitz, his wife and key players could’ve seen this coming.
      Maria, may God guide and protect you as you go through this. You are courageous and have the support of many.

  • In the immortal words of Curly Bill, “Well…………….bye.”

  • Such hatred lives here on MRAK. Glass houses and all that…

    • No, we just expect our elected officials to behave in an honorable way. If they can’t do that we’ll get somebody else. Cheating on your wife and sending nude photos of yourself to your girlfriend?? Am I to assume that you’ve cheated on your spouse and support such actions by shrimpy?

      • Then I guess you’re ticking the Biden box on 3 November?

        40 happy years here, and never looked at another woman. Sorry to disappoint.

        • Some are more put off about Biden’s penchant for creepy behavior such as that video of him and that 8 year old girl.

          • Your vivid imagination is nothing when compared to Trump’s factual and undisputed transgressions.

    • Why do you show up then, doggie? Me thinks you just love to hate. Back to your kennel. Woof-woof.

  • One of my favorite old Jay Leno Tonight Show jokes when Obama was in office was this…”Did you know Barack Obama has impeachment insurance? Yeah, its called Joe Biden.” The replacement could be worse than what you now have. We’ll see…

  • Time to launch a ‘Collusion’ investigation, of the entire Anchorage Assembly.

  • My heart goes out to his wife and children. I’m sure it will negatively affect his childrens’ entire lives if not dealt with honestly and immediately. The sooner a child knows everything, the less the long term impact. I experienced a tragedy(a death) at a young age and it definitely changed everything forever. That said, if Berkowitz hadn’t been such a dictator, I would feel more sympathy for him. I hope he acknowledges his family’s pain supersedes any loss of stature or political ambitions.

  • Little E had his spokesperson read the disgraced mayor’s letter of resignation.
    The POS still “ had nothing to report”! Unbelievable!

  • I still think his initial apology over the messages was ment to distract from criminal conduct. His people were quick to announce the fbi said nothing to see hear but the official FBI announcement indicated a on going investigation was in progress. More to come.

  • Oh yes, this happened years ago. Rebecca Logan would have been a much better Mayor and our City would have prospered. However, I cannot understand how YouTube would would carry the rant of the woman scorned. Her filthy language should have been censored. Guess she wasn’t taught that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

  • Why do people vote these Democrats into office ? This is what was voted in, now you must deal with it. Liberals don’t like to be disagreed with. If you do they will burn down the town. “People should be allowed to do what they want to, didn’t work out last time maybe it will this time. ” George Carlin

  • Don’t let him slither off without a real criminal investigation into the child porn allegations.

  • According to Section 7.02(c) of the Anchorage Municipal Charter: “A vacancy in the office of mayor shall be filled at a regular or special election held not less than 90 days from the time the vacancy occurs. If less than 90 days remain in the term when the vacancy occurs, the vacancy shall not be filled. When a vacancy occurs in the office of mayor, the chairman of the assembly shall serve as acting mayor until a successor is elected and takes office. The acting mayor has the veto power, but may not vote on assembly action. The assembly by ordinance shall provide for further succession to the office of acting mayor.”

  • Yes Whidbey the dog, the mayor was a tie-runt not a leader. He did not listen to the people.

  • No reason to expect the acting mayor to be any different than the one that just resigned. In fact, it could be worse.

    However, this year (in my opinion) is the absolute worst time to act as temporary Mayor. Given the absolute black versus white division between those that want to protect against COVID spreading and those that want to get back to work, no decision on the part of the temporary Mayor will work in their favor. Whatever further political aspirations Felix Rivera might have will likely be squashed by his tenure as acting Mayor. There is a million to one chance that he will survive this politically.

    And, not a bad thing either. Good riddance to someone who is more interested in the wants of a small minority, instead of the needs of the taxpayers.

  • He wouldn’t have resigned so quickly if there wasn’t some truth to what she said and posted. He’s hoping by resigning it’ll all go away. I won’t be at all surprised if he’s posting in kiddie porn sites.

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