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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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On eve of second impeachment, Anchorage Assembly condemns Trump supporters for violence

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A resolution condemning violence in the nation’s capital on Jan. 6 was vigorously debated during the Anchorage Assembly meeting on Tuesday, after conservatives in the room took issue with the way it blames Trump supporters, and won’t acknowledge that Alaskans who went to Washington, D.C. for the Save America protest were not part of the violence.

One member of the public who went to D.C. spoke during the public comment part of the proceedings and said the resolution was shameful.

“I think it is absolutely outrageous and unfair to assume that everybody was invading the Capitol. There were tens of thousands of Americans that were peacefully protesting,” said Eagle River resident Kristine Schuster. Some 73 million voted for Trump, and crowd estimates at the Jan. 6 Save America rally put the size at over one million.

Although it turned violent at the front of the protest, violent riots across the country during the summer and fall of 2020 included many attacks against police, and yet the Assembly never issued a message of condemnation, noted Assemblywoman Jamie Allard.

In fact, 25 people were killed across the country in 2020 during riots that involved Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Five of them were Dallas police officers who were ambushed by left-wing urban terrorists in payback for the Floyd George killing at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

The draft resolution is at this link.

“These are simply the facts,” said Suzanne LaFrance, referring to Trump supporters’ involvement in violence at the U.S. Capitol.

Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar wanted the resolution to state that Joe Biden won the election fairly, but his amendment was voted down. It was just getting too partisan. Dunbar, who has been mainly appearing at meetings telephonically, is running for mayor and is a hard partisan Democrat.

Assemblyman Chris Constant said he had no proof that Alaskans who went to DC were not engaged in violence.

Without evidence, the Assembly’s resolution inaccurately states a police officer was “bludgeoned” to death by a fire extinguisher. Social media video shows a fire extinguisher being tossed into a crowd of police by one person, hitting one or more of the officers in the head, but the weapon was not used as a bludgeon. An officer subsequently died a few hours later.

The resolution is also inaccurate in blaming rioters — plural — for the “bludgeoning” of a police officer with a fire extinguisher. It was the act of one person, if the video is correct, rather than more than one. However, other video shows group violence against other officers trying to barricade the Capitol from the onslaught.

“Our city is dying, and this is what you’re spending time on?” said Schuster, a military veteran who made it to the podium to comment, only to be interrupted by Assemblywoman Meg Zalatel, who said “point of order.” It was Schuster’s first Assembly meeting.

The resolution said that it is, in part, to ensure that the “bounties of freedom are equitably shared among us,” a nod to the collectivist principles of communism.

The resolution also snubbed Sen. Dan Sullivan, saying, that it wanted “To thank those elected officials who have condemned the violence at the U.S. Capitol, especially Senator Lisa Murkowski and Representative Don Young, who have called for bipartisan cooperation as we move forward as a nation.”

Assemblywoman Allard asked for an amendment to include thanks to Sen. Sullivan and Gov. Mike Dunleavy. That amendment passed.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Anchoage assembly has it’s own pathetic problems. Hypocrites.

  • These assembly fools are walking a very dangerous line.

  • We got what we have come to expect from these far left assembly members as they continue to lie, abuse their offices, and express their level of hate for the citizens of Anchorage and America.

  • I hope voters in Anchorage get rid of this assembly…..I can’t, I live in Palmer or I would in a New York second.

    • The difference is, black lives matter burned and pillaged and killed because according to the Democrats and the media, this is what Justice looks like. As if they were trying to say this is payback for those 240 years of slavery. I like to look at it this way, if there hadn’t been slavery in America, there would be no Oprah Winfrey, no Al sharpton, no LeBron James and his mouth, no NFL or NBA because of the selective breeding. In fact no black people would be here at all at least nowhere near the numbers that they are now. They would have been long dead in Africa from cannibalism or Ebola or starvation and wars. Although it was bad at the time the end result it’s pretty favorable in my view. All countries had slaves and even native Americans took slaves of other native Americans. Only 10% of the slave trade ended up in the United States the rest went to the Caribbean and South America. I can’t say that slavery was right {comma} but 10 out of the first 12 presidents on slaves. Washington freed all of his slaves by his will after his wife Martha died and they were of no further use. Jefferson owned hundreds of slaves and he knew that slavery was needed because tobacco crops were heavy dependent on laborers. Getting back on subject, the Anchorage council cannot compare the burnings and pillaging of innocent big screen TVs to the theft of American democracy. They aren’t even in the same food group.

  • Listen. And understand. That democrat is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

    • I think it feels fear. Otherwise why would it have 15 POLICE OFFICERS called to protect it? The same officers it is trying to defund.

    • Exactly. Too bad most don’t understand that.

  • We condemn their BS over reach and restate that they are the ones guilty. How much more of a yoke have they put on Anchorage? Yes, the ccp hits local.

  • What a complete and total waste of the Assembly’s and public’s time.
    Instead of passing BS resolutions recognizing national fillintheblank day, or condemning the same stuff that has already been condemned by pretty much every other person already.
    To call the Assembly a joke is an insult to jokes everywhere

  • It is my fervent hope that the people of Anchorage wake up and replace these assembly members that are pursuing their own agendas instead of what is best for Anchorage and Alaska. That they are fighting the recall efforts so vigorously is indicative of how little respect they have for the people that elected them.

  • Assembly my ars. More like a circus.

  • Democrats have disenfranchised half of the country with an impeachment and other behaviors for the last 4 years. Not to be outdone, the Anchorage Assembly passed a resolution condemning Trump supporters and all those that peacefully protested, as is our Constitutional right.
    There was never any condemnation of the violence committed by democrats that included murder, arson, looting and rioting, by any of these democrats, from the federal level on down to the Anchorage Assembly.
    Let me be clear. This is not a threat, but rather an inevitable conclusion. The democrats have awakened an angry half of the country. They can only be abusive for so long before people will have had enough.

  • Assemblyman Chris Constant said he had no proof that Alaskans who went to DC were not engaged in violence. This is an elected official in The United States of America, where the presumption of innocence is the law of the land.
    Anchorage, get new representatives.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      They sure seem quick to blame and slow to understand.

    • So then let us apply the same argument to Mr. Dunbar, who bragged that his sister and cousin were at the riots in Portland. (MRAK 7/25/20)
      Since we have no proof that they were not engaged in violence, according to the assembly’s “logic” and “facts”, we should condemn Mr. Dunbar’s relatives for the violence that happened there as well, right???
      Aren’t these two lawyers?

  • They continue to poke the bear.

  • All I can say from heart is I sure hope the old mayor and acting Mayor with council members love their tyranny.

    You have have done harm to many that you proclaim to help.

  • Anchorage better wake up! It will not be long before this assembly will be enacting ordinances as they have done in Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland and other cities. These far left assembly members must be voted out as it is clear the non-partisan assembly is nothing but far left partisan democrats hell bent on destroying Anchorage.

  • So, according to Mr. Dunbar, the citizens of Anchorage who were in DC are guilty until proven innocent. This is the man who wants to be mayor?

    • Correct. Such is the mind of the sick degenerate. Truly mentally ill.

  • Maybe they should also blame Jerry Nadler and Bill Clinton for setting an example of what happens to someone who actually bombed the Capitol and got pardoned. Or perhaps the Anchorage Assembly should concentrate their efforts on freeing the rights of Anchorage’s businesses and citizens and quit playing their holier than thou cards because they are not.

  • “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth.”

    Trump supporters rallied at the Capitol building. At the rally, people broke into the Capitol. Ergo, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol.

    After people broke into the Capitol, five people died. Trump supporters were at the rally where people broke into the Capitol, therefore Trump supporters are domestic terrorists.

    In November, the United States held an election for President. No court has yet ruled that any of the many, many allegations of fraud are true, therefore they are false. If the allegations are false, then Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were elected in a free and fair election.

    War is peace, slavery is freedom, and lies are truth. Welcome to the peaceful, free, truthful New America, comrade!


  • The Anchorage Assembly, to include the acting Mayor, is an exercise in adolescent behavior.
    It’s time to ring the bell.

    • Right. We are becoming a society of “children growing older” to a very great degree. Ill-informed and poorly behaved children at that.

  • Virtue signaling as usual.

    Say, is the BLM banner still hanging on the PAC? Cheers –

  • He’s assembly keep it up it’s going to be easy to replace you with normal people come election time and I can’t wait. I will have lots of time to get the message out about your circus you clowns.

  • “The resolution said that it is, in part, to ensure that the “bounties of freedom are equitably shared among us,” a nod to the collectivist principles of communism.”

    There is nothing equitable about this. Democratic thugs are allowed to commit violence by killing people, destroying businesses, taking over part of cities, inciting violence, but if something can be read into something Trump said that they don’t like, suddenly it’s all such a horrific crime.

    There is no equality here, nor is there bountiful freedom, and there certainly is no tolerance.

    In the last 4 years, I have seen more tolerance from conservatives than I have from those on the left.

  • The Anchorage assembly is run and staffed by ignorant people wearing blinders as they lie to themselves and ignore the will of the people.
    The majority of Alaskans are Trump supporters.

  • This is their version of a victory lap and a desire to go “mainstream” with their national brotherhood. There’s no place for this divisive garbage in Alaska. If this doesn’t get people off of their collective butts to vote in April and beyond, I don’t know what will. We need to save Anchorage and the state from the inmates who are currently running the asylum.

  • All the complaints about the assembly seem true to me, but unless we get rid of the “mail in” system of voting, we are going to continue to have these types of mayors and assembly persons. What are the options to end mail in voting in Anchorage????

  • We have people fighting for their very livelihoods and the Anchorage Assembly only cares about a stupid meaningless resolution? EagleExit, we need you now more than ever!!

  • Pathetic, they have their facts completely wrong. I guess they haven’t seen the pictures from Trump supporters showing the Antifa & BLM people taking off their MAGA gear and putting their black thuggery gear on. How easily weak minded people get fooled by these fascists! It was actually Trump supporters that were pulling the thugs away from the windows trying to stop the damage. I guess facts do not matter to leftist idiots in the Anchorage Assembly who apparently are trying to out stupid Mayor Wheeler in Portland or Gov. Cuomo in New York who only pacify domestic terrorists while their cities burn. How in the hell do these type of fools get into office?

  • It’s great to see the consistency of leftists. Like runny chicken droppings.

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