Don Young votes against impeachment, explains why


Congressman Don Young stood with the majority of Republicans who voted against the hastily drawn articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The impeachment articles did pass, however, with 10 Republicans voting with all the Democrats to impeach on one count of inciting an insurrection.

The vote was 232 to 197 in a House chamber guarded by National Guard troops.

There are now more troops guarding the U.S. Capitol than there are in Afghanistan (10,00 vs. 8,600).

The articles now go to the Senate for consideration. Sen. Mitch McConnell said he would not agree to use emergency powers to bring the Senate back into session for a trial before Jan. 19.

In a statement, Congressman Young wrote:

Today, I voted against the Article of Impeachment of President Donald Trump. This past week has been a difficult one for our nation, and it will undoubtedly go down as a sad moment for the institution and country I love.

What transpired at the Capitol on January 6th was an act of terror against American democracy, law enforcement, and Members of Congress. We must send a clear message by bringing the perpetrators of violence to justice, and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.

Our nation must recover from the deep wounds of division that have driven us apart over the past few years, but I do not believe that impeaching a president in the last week of his term is the best way forward.We must lower the temperature of our political climate, and begin to recognize that our toxic discourse can have dangerous consequences.

As I have said before, it is on all of us, including President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to tone down the rhetoric and help foster a political climate worthy of this great country. President Trump has committed to a peaceful transfer of power to President-elect Biden, and next week, we will begin an orderly transition as we have for over 200 years.

National unity and accountability can go hand-in-hand, and I call on both Republicans and Democrats to work on keeping their own houses in order so that we can begin to heal.This is a challenging time for our country. People are out of work, children are facing greater obstacles to learning, and small businesses across the country are shutting down for good. People are suffering, and if we are to get through this as a nation, we need to get back to the people’s business. No matter what party controls the White House or the Congress, America will always be great. May God Bless America and may God Bless Alaska.

Young also voted earlier against requesting Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment process to remove the president for being incapable of doing the job.


  1. Biden couldn’t even tone it down when asking for healing the nation. Where was all the objection and call for healing while Anti-fa and the hijacked BLM were burning down cities and destroying private businesses, even attacking the Oregon mayor who supported them? Healing by the Democrats means silencing anyone who disagrees with them, cancelling their ability to make a living and even snatching their children for re-education camps.

  2. Good on Don! Another reason to be glad I voted for him. Hopefully Dan will take heed. Lisa is just a lost cause. The sooner we can send on to other endeavors the better.

    • I wonder which four letter word in Don’s vast vocabulary was used to describe Nancy Pelosi after the swearing in?

  3. Thank you, Don, for not voting to impeach President Trump. But I will never vote for you again because you allowed this corrupt election to be certified.

  4. I voted for him, however this will be his last term. He missed the conservative revolution. He is part of the swamp, looking out for himself, he can not see past this. He will be primaried out with a new true conservative. His decision to not support Trump will end his political career in Alaska.. and that’s the Dagger

    • You mean the swamp down in the Everglades, where Don pumped a few $$ billion of public money into a new freeway that led right up to a big donor’s shopping mall?

      • Don Young, someone who has lived off the taxpayers for far too long, has nothing to say about the overwhelming evidence of election fraud that no court will even hear…including the traitorous U.S. Supreme Court.
        Young voted to certify the electoral votes from the swing states where the evidence is most compelling.
        Young thinks that a small number of people walking around inside the Capital building taking selfies after being let in by Capital police and an even smaller number of people engaging in petty theft and minor vandalism is some kind of earthshaking assault on our country.
        Maybe he’s just not mentally flexible enough in his dotage to see what is right before his failing eyes.
        Instead he blathers on about “compromise” and “bipartisanship” while the Democrats completely ignore and violate the laws and rules that are supposed to protect us.
        Young us either a fool or a traitor or, maybe, both.
        In any case it’s time to retire this bureaucrat.

        • PJ,
          After 50 years in Congress, one’s litmus test for political self-preservation is to stick your wettened finger into the air and check the breeze.

    • How can he be “primaried” out when ballot measure 2 “passed” during our last election? If that is not challenged in some way there are no primaries.

  5. “There are now more troops guarding the U.S. Capitol than there are in Afghanistan (10,00 vs. 8,600).”
    The Dems are running scared, as the guilty flee when none pursue. Calling out the military may just be the wrong move on their part.
    Once our full military might is deployed around the country, it’s just a baby step to a military coup. What makes such an eventuality possible is that there’s at least half of the voters in America who would be comfortable with that happening.
    Our military isn’t a bunch of mindless conscripts. They’re all volunteers who take their oath, against all threats, external and internal, to heart. Yahweh bless our military … faithful to the people, whom are their families and friends.

  6. I never heard President Trump say he was committed to a peaceful transfer of power to the Biden “administration”. He did say that he was committed to a peaceful transfer of power. Who or what that entity is was never specified.

  7. No one condones the violence yet, why only speak up so vehemently now, Don? Was it was because it occurred at your place of business? Ironically, no Dems and only a handful of Repubs decried the nearly year long devastation of democrat controlled cities with businesses burned to the ground, innocent citizens beaten and hospitalized, and city blocks taken over by anarchists. This should have been a wake up call at the very least. First, months of physical intimidation followed by an extremely suspect election process that put Uncle Mumbles and Kamelback “0.03%” Harris into office and now… national de-platforming and cancelling of anyone who disagrees with the results. I guess we all now know what the role of a “Community Organizer” is.

  8. I have a different take on the election.
    We were betrayed by our own. The democrats worked hard to make sure they could and did change election laws in the key states. They did it under the Republicans noses!

    Now we have a President that has been impeached twice and all of us Republicans are criminals in the communist media. It really set me back because I believe that Trump did right by our country and actually the world.

    Politics is so corrupt. I don’t know what happens to people that end up in Washington and get drunk on power and forget about us DEPLORABLES back at home. This whole last year has been horrible. Now they are prosecuting people that were allowed into the Capitol building just to be in there, not rioting. Prosecuting the wrong people!!!!

    The country needs a peaceful revolution by voting the dead wood out! Term limits are needed. We need a pro active Republican Party. Trump did his part but our party let him down. A DREAM of another 4 years has gone. Now we have to deal with the NEW DEAL, all things against freedom and liberty. I HOPE I AM WRONG!

  9. At least Don had the guts to stand against impeachment but, unfortunately for him, it is a day late and a dollar short. Murkowski has once again sold out Alaskans and the American people but I think that was pretty much expected. Dan Sullivan, as usual just sits on the sidelines doing nothing. Gov. Dunleavy has proven himself just as useless with his weak excuse of not having enough time to properly assess supporting Texas in their efforts and just stood by and did nothing. It is time for these people to go! We need somebody who is not a self-serving ego-maniac that isn’t afraid to represent the citizens of this great state and true American values!

  10. So, as I understand it, “…an act of terror against American democracy…” perpetrated in part by the President and his minions should be met with an effort, “… to tone down the rhetoric…”? Don, I know it’s hard to pay attention now that you’ve been in your sinecure for lo, these many years, but don’t you think impeachment and arrests and trials might be a more appropriate solution.
    After four years of Trump’s over heated rhetoric, you are now in favor of toning down the rhetoric?

  11. Larry907, you are not wrong or alone in your thinking. I’ll bet the majority of Alaskans would agree with you. Our president didn’t do anything wrong, the media and corrupt politicians of both parties have spined this to make us and the president look bad. The weak spineless cowards in the republican party all need to be fired. I’m praying for our republic and state, dark days lie ahead.

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