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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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What did you do in the war that China just won?



I spent a lot of the 1980s and 1990s riding airplanes and sleeping on floors or in hotel rooms for federal and state governments.   

I read a lot of what I styled “airplane riding books.” I have every Tom Clancy book, the actual Tom Clancy in 1st edition hardback.

It feels like we’ve spent the last year in a Tom Clancy novel except that unlike a Clancy novel, we can’t be sure that our side wins in the end.

Donald Trump, private citizen, was critical of US policy towards communist China as far back as the 1980s. He was equally critical of the MBAs and “captains of industry” and financial moguls who couldn’t abandon the U.S. quickly enough so they could take advantage of Chinese slave labor.

Funny how these left-leaning crony capitalists are all-in on American taxpayers who never owned slaves paying “slavery reparations” to people who never were slaves.  But then if the Left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

Fast forward to 2015, and Donald Trump arrived uninvited at the crony capitalist and political insiders’ party to choose a U.S. president.  His appearance was met with derision by those who were “supposed to be there,” but ultimately he won the Republican nomination and with the help of Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytics, he defeated the Clinton/Soros voter fraud scheme for the swing states. That’s why Bannon retreated to a monastery in Europe and lived under a heavy guard for years. 

On Jan. 20, 2016, the very worst nightmare of all the political cool kids in America came true: Donald Trump became president of the U.S., which was then in decay from the hegemonic power it had possessed since the collapse of the Soviet Union after 16 years of misrule under the inept George Bush and Comrade Barack Obama.  

In addition to having arrived uninvited, President Trump was a populist/nationalist who was openly opposed to the globalist agenda of the cool kids with participation certificates from the social clubs at Hahvud and Yale.   

By the way, President Trump has a degree from Wharton Business, also an Ivy, if we’re counting coup on snobbery.  

Unlike every politician I’ve observed since Richard Nixon, President Trump did what he said he was going to do. Imagine that, an honest politician.

Trump went after communist China’s nuclear proxy, North Korea. The PRNK has caused every U.S. President since Jimmy Carter to grasp their pearls. The PRNK has obsolete Chinese nuclear technology that they can’t build reliably. The Chinese have obsolete Soviet technology that they can’t build very well.   

The Soviets have stolen American technology that they can’t build very well.  That said, a near miss is good enough with a nuclear weapon and Slick Willie improved the accuracy of Chinese weapons by giving them U.S. guidance technology in exchange for campaign contributions.

Then President Trump did something unthinkable to the cool kids; he started a trade war with China and engaged U.S. allies to also participate.   China first questioned his resolve and entered into a basically nothing trade agreement just to make the upstart president do a victory lap and go away.   That ploy didn’t work and the U.S. imposed sanctions and tariffs. We don’t know much about the details but it is likely that the U.S. challenged the value of the Chinese currency.   

It didn’t take long before U.S. policy was taking a serious toll on the Chinese economy. China declared a “People’s War” on the U.S., an event that garnered little notice in the US.

As the Trumpian Knot tightened on China, there was either a fortuitous accident at one of China’s notoriously sloppy bio-labs or a willful action by the CCP. The U.S. was willing to accept the accident explanation because the alternative was war. The U.S. could turn China into a sheet of glass, but they have enough nuclear weapons to cost us several of our major cities and military installations.   

We decided to fight the war with money and technology. Rather than hitting the Red Button we pulled out the debit card, or more correctly the credit card, and launched operation “Warp Speed” to develop a vaccine to the Chinese bug.

Come now the U.S. Democrats; you know the people who never let a crisis go to waste. The Democrats have close ties with China going back to at least Slick Willie’s time. I don’t know enough to know if they were co-conspirators with the Chinese or just saw the opportunity and jumped on allying with them. When the Chinese bug attacked America, the Democrats attacked America. 

Democrat governors assassinated huge numbers of America’s elderly population by putting COVID patients in nursing homes; it is only coincidental that their Medicare/Medicaid liabilities were reduced.   When the government subsidized COVID patients, everyone became a COVID patient.   COVID is actually a miracle cure for influenza and pneumonia because it has removed both of those as major causes of death.

The federal public health bureaucracy and the Democrat governors have placed most of America under house arrest. They and their media lackeys have instilled an irrational panic over a bug that is no more than a seasonal influenza, and, yes, I’ve had it.  They used the panic, or indifference, to justify the ultimate voter fraud device, the mail ballot. They spent most of the year before the election using feckless or corrupt government officials to modify the provisions of constitutionally established statutes to impose dictates by judges and bureaucrats. 

Anyone who doesn’t believe that the Biden victory was the result of massive voter fraud is either a morally or intellectually bankrupt leftist shill or simply pig ignorant.

Now we have the Chinese Communist Party’s quisling government, the Democrats. If you don’t know who Viktun Quisling is, you should have learned more Western history. 

The Chinese won the war and we now have an occupation government that serves their will.   What did you do in the war?

Art Chance is a retired Director of Labor Relations for the State of Alaska, formerly of Juneau and now living in Anchorage. He is the author of the book, “Red on Blue, Establishing a Republican Governance,” available at Amazon. 

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  • Amen. Agree 1000%

  • Brilliant synopsis of a modern American disaster. I shall be following your books and columns from now on. Thank you, Art!

  • This is an excellent article and spot on. It is also pretty depressing. Welcome to Bananamerica.

  • Actually, rather than Quisling, my kids studied King Haakon of Norway, his escape and government in exile. Your writing is deep into conspiracy theory which may or may not be accurate, but that said there is no doubt that Biden is an opportunistic bumbling tool who has not had an original thought in his whole career and was placed there by puppet masters controlling ballot counting throughout the country. What next? If we are smart (doubtful) we start locally demanding honest elections in person with ID to minimize fraud. Won’t happen but it is a good thought. All politics start locally, and people of Alaska, and especially Anchorage, need to move in order to salvage any legitimacy of our government and resemblance to Constitutional law.

  • I read Igor Gouzenko: “The fall of a titan.” Gouzenko was the spy who provided the west with the Soviet Embassy communications detailing the Rosenberg’s transmittal of US atomic secrets. His novel describes what it will be like in the woke US.

  • Wow, what a great summary. Unfortunately, most will never get it. Where can a person go to sit out the next four years? That’s the question. I’m too old to watch this.

  • A brilliant analysis of our current and past situation in America with regard to national defense, international trade , politics and the COVID-19 pandemic!! How it could unfold like this in America still amazes me. There is so much that is it stake that an am truly frightened for our nation and peace loving, conservative middle class American values.

  • Great article, I’m going to copy and hide it. If we have a country in the future this is what people need to read as they do now. God help America the Barbarians are in the gates!

  • Go Art. Right on.

  • A good telling of the grim litany we have experienced, except it leaves out the part about the corporate fascist , you know the politically correct corporations. The one’s sensitive to the Chi-Com dictators. From the NBA to the Movie studio. Certainly the media and Big Tech including Apple. An accurate analogy of the situation in D.C. might be the taken from the movie Caddy Shack. Ted Knight , the Country Club CEO and his ilk depict the swamp, or Establishment. Trump is played by Rodney Dangerfield. Rodney is popular with the worker bees at ” Bushwood” (the C.C. name) and anathema to the Establishment (swamp) Country Club Members. Oh, did I mention that the Establishment is in bed with the Chi-coms?

    • I took a slap at them in the 4th graph, but they aren’t what I was writing about.

  • These are the questions we must prepare to answer our grandchildren one day, and for some that conversation will be in a language other than English.

    To stand on the front lines in this war is to welcome (though not invite) the ridicule and derision of those now celebrating the ascendancy of future President Harris, members of the Chinese Communist Party among them.

    You only welcome such filth with the firm conviction that it is not at that moment being poured on some other innocent, less able to stand up under it. Trump welcomed that filth for four long years. He was America’s president, proven by the ire he provoked in America’s enemies. May we be fortunate to again have such a one as our commander-in-chief. But now that this role will be deserted by the incoming presidential administration, who among our elected leaders in Alaska will pick up the slack? Who will welcome the filth that the Left has stored up for the leaders of their opposition? Who will be able to bear up under it?

    Our senior senator?
    Our junior senator?
    Our Dean of the House?
    Our governor?

    We must have a first line of defense. Yet who will man it?

    • We have seen which side they have chosen by their actions, and their silence. However, there is very good reason to pay close attention and not give up hope David. Trump is not about to abandon the American people, or those that love freedom around the world. He will not be handing the Presidency to Biden and the globalists. Who knows how this will play out in the coming days, weeks, or months, but be ready for something unbelievable to all us today to happen soon. Everyone needs to stop watching and listening to the government media complex. Its mental poison.

  • There’s a grave in Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon , Georgia. It contains the remains of a Baptist Missionary who also was a highly decorated U.S. Army Captain. He was well liked by almost everyone who knew him. 11 days after the end of WWII he was shot and killed and left in a ditch by Communist Chinese troops. The U.S. Government tried to cover it up. His name later became the name of an organization that was branded as ‘a bunch of kooks, racists, and conspiracy theorists’. Sound familiar. Oh, over half a century ago they just happened to predict everything that is happening now by listening to their enemies. None dare speak his name. He was just one of millions dead, part of a ‘red scare’.

  • It is refreshing to see you describing things so pragmatically. Except for your light touch on the problems in the Republican party, your expose’ is to be highly commended. The likes of Romney, Murkowski, Collins and McCain have done untold damage.

  • One of the first things we need to do is break the news and social media’s control over the gates of information and organization.
    Suez, Gibralter, Singapore, Panama, Cape Horn, Bosporus, and etc are, or were at some time, all gates through which our enemies would sail freely if we didn’t control them.
    News and social media are also gates of control. Our enemies presently control most of them, and that is the first stronghold which we must break down or take back.
    Their support base is CCP, whom have sworn, and are fervently dedicated to destroying America. Make no mistake. CCP’s core agenda is that every potential enemy must be killed, so that they may live. That kind of thinking always ends up in genocide, and the CCP is planning on a grand scale … in the billions.
    Don’t take my word for it. The CCP has openly published their agenda for America, and the western world. Google is your friend … maybe not enough of a friend right now.

  • The only thing Art got wrong in this column is that the official acronym for North Korea is the DPRK.

  • Mr. Chance, doesn’t the plight of President Trump remind you of the dilemma of the little Dutch boy who “…saves his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike. The boy stays there all night, in spite of the cold, until the villagers find him and repair the dike.”
    There will come a time, I think, when all the American people – even the never-Trumpers – will realize that President Trump was trying valiantly to save our country and was being mostly successful. I’m afraid it will be too late though, by the time they figure it out. All the leftists are ignoring the lessons of history, because history is an inconvenient truth.

  • Art outstanding read, Well Done.
    Everyone please read “The Hundred Year Marathon “ by Michael Pillsbury.
    Dr Pillsbury is America’s expert in Red Chinese affairs. This book validates what Art so wonderfully has written.
    The Chinese Strategy since 1949 is to be the Worlds Super Power by 2049.
    It is shocking how the USA has facilitated China since the early ‘ 70’s to help achieve their goal of World domination.
    It was not till President Trump arrived that the USA stopped bending to the will of Red China. So who had the most to lose if President Trump was re-elected, China.
    Everything was on the table even biological warfare. Note that even now after the election was 100% secure, did China allow the WHO inside the biological lab where COVID 19 was manufactured and released upon the World.

    • Yeah and China claims that we invented and started the epidemic. As with any murder, the first things that investigators look at are who had the most to gain and who had the most to lose. Human nature never changes. We save the Chinese from Total annihilation by the Japanese during world war II because it was what was best for America. 5 years later they paid us back by allying with North Korea. We had North Korea whipped until China sent a million men across that River into North Korea. General Patton had the right idea, maybe should have fought the Russians and the Chinese while we had everybody over there to do it and while we were the only ones that had the nuke. Of course with one country controlling the world, just think of what election would mean now. It’d be like a crazy risk game going back and forth back and forth with armies and people dying with each roll of the dice. That’s human nature.

      • You’ll know they didn’t let the WHO investigatory team in until the US election was settled in Dementia Joe’s favor. The CCP-owned WHO will “scientifically” determine that the CV-19 virus didn’t originate in China and may go so far as to buy the CCP line that it is American in origin – an a lot of the World will embrace that idea.

  • Art Chance doesn’t dumb himself down writing so people can understand him. The audience has to get out of their formulated opinion comfort zones to understand him. I always thought the worst unclear explanation lesson I heard from English professors is Know your audience and write for the audience. It’s made too many writers dumb themselves down not challenging their audience’s comfort zone.

    • Thank you for the kind words, but you should see how far I can dumb stuff down; I used to write briefing memos to/for elected and appointed officials.

      • Ahahahahahaha! So funny…………

    • Well, if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullpucky.

  • You never disappoint Art! Thanks for the synopsis.

  • Art, please go away. You no longer serve any useful purpose, just smoke and mirrors.

    • Also, Art– Trump didn’t get into Wharton. According to his sister, he’s as dumb as a box of hair.

      His best friend, Joe Shapiro, took Trump’s SAT and got him accepted to Wharton; whereafter, Mary Trump Barry, (sister and esteemed federal judge of DJT) did some of his classwork and he paid other people to do the rest. So — if that Wharton degree belongs to anyone, it should be re-issued to Joe Shapiro and Judge Barry and Associates.

      BTW– DJT’s niece has the receipts on this: recordings of conversations between herself and Aunt Mary.

      • Even if any of that is true, do you think that half at least of every Hahvud or Yale class didn’t get to hear Pomp and Circumstance the same way?

      • So let’s unpack your premise. Trump got someone else to take his SAT (occurs in high school) which requires an ID and cheating is quite risky. Then, his sister did “some of his classwork.” Really? A bachelors degree requires 4-yrs of college with about 15-classes per year. That’s 60-classes, meaning 60 final exams, 60 mid-terms and probably no less than 600 weekly written quizzes. So, you’re contending Trump cheated his way through no less than 720 various tests of varying importance. Your assertion reflects an extreme lack of understanding of what is required to obtain a technical degree such as finance.

        • It could be part of that ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ we heard so much about. Just look at what those right wingers did to Minneapolis, Portland and all those other cities.

  • Wow! If this is what right wingers are listening to it’s no wonder the centrists in this country are worried.
    The only idea I agree with here is we should never have gotten into bed with Totalitarian dictatorships like China in the first place.
    Thanks Republicans for foisting that on us.

    • Is some Soros front paying you or do you just spout idiocy on your own?

    • What did Art get wrong?

    • Just to clarify for you, Bill Clinton, who conceded the most to Communist China, on behalf of our country, was not a Republican but rather a Democrat. Additionally, fronts of the CCP were very heavy contributors to the Clinton Foundation. And, there is convincing evidence the Clintons were very crafty at siphoning money from their foundation.

  • Vidkun Quisling?

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