Oil and Gas Workers Association endorses Tshibaka


The Oil and Gas Workers Association announced Wednesday that it is endorsing Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate. The association, based in Texas, represents more than 45,000 oil and gas workers across 33 states, including Alaska.

Matt Coday, president of the OGWA, released the following statement:

“Now more than ever, America’s oil and gas workers need elected representatives who will not waver in protecting and promoting our vital industry and jobs. Kelly Tshibaka is the champion who will put Alaskans — and all American workers and families first. She will fight for our energy jobs, and will oppose anyone who threatens them.

“Incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, in contrast, has kowtowed to the Biden administration. She cast the tie-breaking vote to advance Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to final confirmation, even though she knew that Haaland would be hostile to the oil and gas industry, and therefore, Alaska. Murkowski has also cast far too many votes to confirm radical environmentalist federal judges, who are just as harmful to workers. We once thought Murkowski would fight for our jobs, but her voting record proves that she bows to anti-energy activists.

“Put Kelly Tshibaka first because she put working families first. Put Lisa Murkowski last because she put our people last,” Coday said.

The endorsement follows a big Tshibaka endorsement last month from the Alaska Outdoor Council, an organization that is well-known for supporting candidates who win. She is also endorsed by former President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party.


  1. This is a no-brainer to support Kelly T. I have been a friend to oil and gas development for my entire political career. Unfortunately, my daughter is very mixed-up, as to the real needs of Alaskans and Americans. Big donation coming your way, Kelly. I would even consider attending one of your campaign rallys and vocally endorsing you.
    And say hi to Donald from me.

    • Kelly T. is bringing Republicans back together, finally. I just received my notice yesterday that I’m welcome to the lady’s luncheons and teas IF I wear my “Kelly For Senate” campaign button. I’m set to go. And I’m even invited to play bridge with my women friends again. Kelly T. is a blessing to
      Frankie and I. She’s like the daughter we always wanted.

    • If you are truly Frank Murkowski then I commend your honesty and integrity. However, if you are an imposter, then you are a disgrace to all reasonable gentlemen.

  2. Oath integrity is at hand for Alaskans we got to get Kelly cross the line. Lisa is doing so much evil to keep her power, Lisa just retire we all want Kelly, oath integrity and for the people by the people of the people once and for all. Oath integrity immediately oath takers we want oath integrity demand oath integrity so help you GOD.

  3. Kelly T is the best choice for Alaska and Alaskans. When you vote, remember, Kelly T is your 1st choice and “Daddy’s Little Princess” (aka Lisa M) is no higher than your 4th choice.

  4. Great,. How long was fat frank in the senate, how much did he accomplish? Then he sent Lisa to the senate, what has she done but alienate us from the one president who was pro development, I am all for Kelly. just look at the price of fuel today, and our Legislators still refuse to give us our due PFD. We are really going to hurt before this is over, let’s hope it can be turned around, and please do not forget walkers sweetheart deals with China.

  5. There is hope. Alaska has lots of oil and gas locked in the ground and it can be unlocked with pro-development leaders that have the wisdom and know-how to undo the oil and gas regulations that kill oil and gas production.

    I believe that with new regulations and new systems that support more oil production both fast and safe all Alaskans will prosper. This is a great plan and Alaskans can do it so all are successful and the workers are productive and happy,

  6. If you want Lisa to fade gently away make Ms. T your FIRST “ranked” choice. It there is another actual Republican in the running mark that one as your second choice. Under no circumstances make Alaska’s Little Princess any of your choices. Better an honest (OK, I know, oxymoron alert!) Democrat would be better. At least it would stop the lying.

    The only thing rank about ranked choice is there rotten smell.

  7. We need new blood. Our current representatives have spent too long languishing in the swamp. If Lisa Murkowski loved and was committed to Alaska, she would be in DC right now demanding we open our oil and natural gas fields (same with the other two).

  8. For some reason ‘mustreadalaska.com’ keeps showing up in my newsfeed. Reading the propaganda is so irritating, I feel as though I should respond. Reading about the antics of Ms Tshibaka and her flit-abouts here and there without rhyme nor reason, trying to find out what sort of voters she’s courting is just plain an exercise in understanding irrational behavior.

    Seems that the Alaskan commonsense, the pioneering spirit, independent and strong-willed, dedicated and honest, hardworking generosity that is a mark of pride for the Alaskan is sorely missing in the Alaskan wannabe Barbie doll who supposedly graduated Harvard by age 22 and then thought she could make up a story that pulls at the alligator tear duct. So, what’s she got to bring to the table to benefit Alaskans? A real tear-jerker of a ‘homeless’ story –who wouldn’t know what to do about the homeless if she threw millions at a program, not a whit of substantive or organized, coherent messaging except that she ‘wants’ to be someone on the front page of Dancing with the Stars television shows held stateside.

    There seems to be no factual basis to her irrationality, nor those that support her. So, it must be assumed that those that want to see her doing the bidding after listening to her on-call deity, are basing their allegiance to a person, not to actual accomplishment nor reasoned response. What happens when the ‘trust’ when citizens thought there was more to her find it to be worthless pyrite, and find themselves trying to fix the damage she’s created solely for her lip-service?

    This Ms Tshibaka is just so, so, such an annoying type of mosquito woman. She calls herself a pastor of something that trades on the name of something valuable but she herself is a fly-by-night. With her unnatural smirk, and doofus rationale, certain types of folks with minimal I.Q. or fail to use the I.Q. they were given responsibly, respond in the affirmative to her dithering buzz. Maybe there’s a way to remove her propaganda from my newsfeed. But, maybe I don’t want to not know what a jerk she is for trying to ride on the coattails of a criminal previous Federal government administration.

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