Juneau schools keep masks on, while the rest of the world goes mask-optional


The Juneau School District says the children must remain masked, because of the science. This, while across the country schools have made masking optional. The latest was the Montgomery County Public Schools, the largest school district in Maryland, which ended its mask mandate immediately today. Even the Democrat-run state of Hawaii has ended its mask mandate.

In a message on March 3 from the Juneau School District, capital city parents learned, “Masks, or similar facial coverings designed to mitigate COVID-19 transmission and are well-fitted covering the mouth and nose, are required for all persons indoors in Juneau School District facilities. Masks are optional for staff, students, and visitors while outside on District grounds. The Superintendent has the authority to grant minor exceptions/adjustments to this policy that are consistent with CDC guidelines for in building operations and at District sponsored events outside or offsite.”

The note to parents said that there are some exceptions/adjustments are currently in place for indoor student activities using testing protocols to provide for optional use of masks for participating students. 

“As part of our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff, we work closely with Juneau Public Health and the City and Borough of Juneau. We have followed the recommendations of the CDC and are aware of the recent change in guidance for mask wearing in schools. The Board of Education is considering this recommendation along with our existing mitigation strategies and the current impact of COVID in schools. Our number one commitment is keeping schools open for in person learning.  The School Board is considering the balance of all things related and input received.  With spring break just around the corner and the likelihood of many staff and families traveling, this is also a consideration,” Superintendent Bridget Weiss wrote.

“It is important to take time to assess our needs and any changes in protocols.  We have evolved throughout this pandemic and made changes along the way when it was deemed appropriate. The School Board has already received input from many – some wanting masks optional and some requesting to hold onto the mask requirement through the remainder of the year.  The Mask Policy will be on the Board’s agenda Tuesday, March 8th during their regular board meeting,” she wrote.

The Juneau School superintendent, while arguing that masks work in the Juneau schools, also seems to say they don’t work, with 177 cases of Covid in January, and 144 cases in February in the schools — a total of 321 cases in a fully masked school district in 59 days. That is 7 percent of the student body of the Juneau School District, or 6 percent of students, teachers, and staff.

“This is a ‘good problem to have’.  This is an uncomfortable and complex time.  While cases are decreasing, they are still more than we have seen in other times.  In January, we saw a minimum of 177 COVID cases inside our schools and in February there were 144.  Change is disruptive.  Closing schools is extraordinarily difficult.  We have managed to stay open since January 2021 when we returned to in person learning.  That is our highest priority,” Weiss wrote. She then linked a survey to get public opinion on whether the mask policy should continue.

On Tuesday night, the school board took public testimony about the mask policy. The testimony from parents and teachers, made via Zoom to the masked board members, was mixed. Some parents want the masks to remain mandatory, arguing that they work while others said it is child abuse and is stunting the development of the children.

“Juneau is becoming an anomaly,” said one parent, citing the fact that all over the country masks are now optional.

The school board will take up the matter again on Thursday at noon and will take more public testimony.


  1. Move the capital to anchorage immediately the vacation is over for our oath breakers. Shameless corrupt cowards look at the evil oath breakers go, Rigged elections take GOD out of the schools mock GOD Alaskans take the mask off stand up to these cowards.

    • Oath Integrity, you sure about moving the Capital to Anchorage? Last I checked that city was run by a devout gang of Bolscheviks. Hardly the influence I want placed upon lawmakers.

  2. CBJ will never, ever, end masking unless forced. Never. Except for its beloved drag shows.

    Juneau is the perfect storm of covididiots, paranoia, and progressives.

  3. Looks like parents have to grow a set, tell school officials where to shove their mask policy, get the situation reported on national news, take their children out of school right now, and prepare to home-school them for the foreseeable future.
    If doing so is too inconvenient for parents, one is left to wonder whether parents might be as complicit as school officials in the institutionalized child abuse which passes for Juneau’s public education racket.

    • Stupid is pretty strong here.
      The school board will look at all parents’ ideas about this situation and then vote accordingly. You sound like all parents are of a mind to get rid of masks, as if you could possibly know what all parents are thinking. Frankly, my opinion is that someone who hides behind a handle like Morrigan clearly hasn’t a clue about the thinking of anyone but him/herself.

      • Yet here we live rent-free inside your skull
        where handles matter and reason’s dull.
        Eponymous anonymous reverently christened
        are simply excuses
        for one who won’t listen
        but only accuses.

      • Kids are suffering. I have personally talked with many teachers and have heard the horror stories. Rashes, acne, learning disabilities, and some children hiding behind masks afraid to show their faces. Frequent hand washing has proven successful. I will keep the names of said teachers anonymous as they fear retribution. I never hide my name, I’m one of the brave few.

        • All you’ve got here is a couple of anecdotal stories you’ve mentioned but haven’t backed them up with any evidence-I guess we have to take your word for your opinions. Heheh!
          If I recall you pride yourself on facts so how about giving some.

          • Real people, real stories, real problems. Some of us prefer the truth, facts, and reality. It makes a person smarter and wiser, as opposed to regurgitating links to Chinese sponsored fake news.

  4. Where the H-E-double hockey sticks is our governor? He could end all of this right now, by executive order, but he chooses not to because it would offend his RINO “principles.” Remind me again why I am supposed to give my rank vote to Dunleavy?

    • Hiding behind his desk, as usual. Waiting for Porcaro to give him a back rub interview

  5. Little Communists in training. Indoctrination camps. Juneau is a perfect for it, since most Alaskans who don’t live in Juneau, don’t even regard Juneau as part of Alaska.

    • Mary I understand, but believe me, there is a sizeable population here who believe as you. We fight back whenever we can but face the same obstacles…a corrupt city council, biased media, and a teachers’ union that is gloried as heroes. But, we do exist.

  6. Juneau is just a little island of Liberal Hell on Earth. Alaska should just cede Juneau to Washington State or Canada and form a new State Government somewhere on the Road System.

  7. The virtue signals never stop. After the liberal Marxist implantation of the drug culture worldwide for over a half century, and millions of deaths, these misanthropes still have the nerve to tell us they “care”.

  8. Following the science? No they are not.. Corrupt CDC says its no longer required. Yet here Juneau is… Showing the world how dumb they really are. I feel sorry for the children… Parents need to fight it

  9. These liberal bureaucrats cling to power like Gollum loves his ring. They will certainly seal their own fate.

  10. This is so ridiculous, I did read that the mask mandate will end on April 4th (what less than 30 days will do who knows). They can extend it though if circumstances demand it. We have a contingent here, many in leadership positions, who’s sole source for information is the CDC, Dr Fauci, and CNN. They’re like zombies walking around masked with the fear of god in their eyes. Just sad.

  11. Juneau is a democrat ——, we need to move the legislature to Southcentral Alaska so the people can confront unruly politicians.

  12. There is no science that supports mask mandates for children, period! Remember the names of the officials who are perpetuating this child abuse. They need to be sued into oblivion. And where the Hell is the Cowardly Lion while this is going on? Dunleavy should be raising holy hell over this!

  13. ” Mask Mandates have ended all over the country already for a simple reason that it is backed up by scientific studies” Masks don’t really work. EXCEPT in Juneau where the Democrats are in control.

  14. On a final note, I don’t know why there is such a concern about masks. My senior daughter spends most of her time in the commons area of school because teachers don’t show up. There are no substitutes if that would make a difference anyway. Once you let teachers sit home in pajamas and teach via zoom, they won’t go back.

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