Alaska’s vaccine breakthrough Covid infections reached 47 percent of all Covid cases in December


The number of Covid-19 cases among those who are fully vaccinated for Covid has reached 47 percent, according to the latest report by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, which documents and summarizes Covid data through December. This means nearly half of those getting Covid have been vaccinated for it.

December saw 8,078 total cases of Covid-19 documented in the state, a low number compared to the high of 22,971 cases of Covid diagnosed in September.

Of those 8,078 December cases, 3,795 were among those who had been vaccinated. In December, over 55 percent of Alaskans over the age of 5 were vaccinated for Covid, just two percentage points higher than the month prior.

For the entire year — Jan. 16 through Dec. 31, 2021 — a total of 27,831 vaccine breakthrough Covid-19 cases were documented in Alaska residents. An additional 4,591 cases occurred among Alaska residents who were partially vaccinated. The reporting on cases typically lags by at least two months.

The incidence of Covid-19 among fully vaccinated persons has remained lower than among persons who were unvaccinated, “though at the end of December 2021, the relative difference in incidence rates was much less marked. This corresponds temporally to the Omicron variant wave in Alaska,” the department said in its December report.

Read the December Covid report in its entirety at this link.


  1. Now tell us how many myocarditis cases are vaccine breakthroughs.

    Remember kids:
    100% safe
    100% effective

  2. This is an expected statistical phenomenon and does not reflect on the desirability or efficacy of the vaccine. We know that Covid causes infection in both unvaccinated and vaccinated populations although in the vaccinated population, the rate of infection, the severity of the cases, and rate of excess deaths is much, much lower. However, if you have a 100% vaccinated population (not too far from Israel’s experience), be neither surprised nor alarmed when the breakthrough rate approaches 100%. It’s simply how the math works. Further, don’t draw the incorrect conclusion that he vaccine is no longer worth taking.

    • Too late, Pete I’ve already come to that conclusion.
      Fauci made covid and don’t want his shot (s) as well.
      Fear, shot, and passport — I’ll pass on it all.

    • You never said anything like that 1-2 years ago. It was, get the vaccine so others won’t get it. Was that a lie or are you lying now?

    • “…although in the vaccinated population, the rate of infection, the severity of the cases, and rate of excess deaths is much, much lower.”
      Prove it.
      Before the vaccines were available, about 3-4% of the people who tested positive required hospitalization, and about 1.6% of those testing positive died. After vaccination became widespread, those percentages did not change much at all. In fact, any reduction in hospitalizations and deaths are just as easily the result of normal viral disease progression. As with any new disease, well even with the seasonal flu, those who are most susceptible will catch it first, require hospitalization earlier, or die first.
      I do not see any data that indicates the vaccines are responsible for the slight reduction in hospitalization/death from the virus. In fact, there is some evidence coming from the UK that the fully vaccinated are more than three times as likely to require hospitalization than those that never got a single dose.
      I do hear a lot of anecdotal information though. Lots of vaccinated people saying “if I had not been vaccinated, I would have ended up in the hospital or died.” Not sure how they are convinced they are part of that 3%, but who am I to say.

    • That was not what the administration was saying in the summer when they were mandating everyone get vaccinated. Now it’s like, “well, everybody knows, blah, blah, blah.” You should look up the meaning of dissemble.

    • Funny you should mention hospitalization rate. The report linked above says, in part “Fully vaccinated persons were much less likely to be hospitalized due to COVID-19 than persons who were unvaccinated. Based on COVID-19 cases with specimen collection dates in December and adjusted for age, region, and
      calendar day, the incidence of hospitalization among persons aged ≥5 years who were not vaccinated was 16.5 times higher than the incidence among fully vaccinated persons.” According to that report the percentage of those who have been hospitalized with covid over the last six months has ranged between 18.1% and 25.4% for people who have been vaccinated, during that same time between 46.4% and 55.7% of Alaskans aged ≥5 years were vaccinated. Seems like the vaccine kept a lot of people out of the hospital.

      • Now, after your disingenuous slight-of-hand with juggled statistics, Steve, please go on to tell us about the massive numbers of those injured, suffering long-term side effects, or dead as a result of the jabs. Or are you going to continue to blindly and dishonestly parrot the pro-big-pharma propaganda of the Biden cabal and the CDC, and attempt to tell us that not only are there not such large numbers of negative side effects and deaths, but NO deaths or negative side effects whatsoever?

        • Jeff,
          Feel free to share that information, do you actually have it? I’d be interested in seeing it if you do.

          • Steve-O – here it is, recently forcefully released from the FDA by court order.
            Look it up. Public Health & Medical Professionals for Transparency. When you get to their website search 5.3.6. Nine pages of serious side effects and many adverse reactions. This is contained in the first 10,000 pages. I believe the court ordered Pfizer to release 80,000 pages a month from now on. Pfizer argued for a 75 year timeline to release the data and the Judge rejected that. It’s been a tough two weeks for Fauci – that’s why he is in hiding. He should be in prison!

        • Don’t pay any heed to this clown Steve-O, he is incapable of answering one simple question:

          “Steve-O, other than MRAK, who are your trusted news sources.”

          • Eric,
            I’m not sure calling Jeff a clown is really appropriate, yeah he can’t answer simple questions and like yourself struggles to make a point he is certainly incapable of providing any information to back up his opinion, but it’s all a part of his charm.

          • More twaddle from you Steve-O!

            Where is your provided information sourced, which publications other than MRAK are you referencing? Go on, demonstrate that it’s actually YOU, who cannot answer a SIMPLE question.


          • Eric,
            We’ve been over this already, what you demanded was “Name some objective independent US news-sources, ones without ties to a larger corporate/pseudo government overlords.” ‘’ It didn’t go well for you.
            I know you want to win the comment section with all your posts, so take a win. I’m not interested in telling each and every news source that I read, it doesn’t further the discussion in anyway, it simply takes away from it which is why you continue to beat the same dead horse.
            On a side note, it might be a good idea for you to brush up on the proper use of quotes. Good day to you Eric.

          • That wasn’t too hard was it, well done, we call that personal growth.



            It’s the other issue you are woefully misinformed about!

          • Check-out the documentary– we’ll wait for you soliloquy of obfusation.


      • You mention “the report” Do you believe everything you read? Seems like the believing everything you read mentality might be part of the problem. No?

        • Joel,
          I actually don’t believe most of what I read. Do you have anything to counter “the report”? Did you read “the report”?

      • Hot of the press, from you know who, your narrative is starting to unravel:


        • CBM,
          You’re not lying with statistics, you simply have the wrong ones. If you are going to compare hospitalization rates of vaccinated vs unvaccinated and do so in different countries then you must use the hospitalization rates, you did not do that. Please review page 48 of 58 on the actual report from UKHSA ‘’ I don’t know where you got your information from but those numbers are not the hospitalization numbers.

      • Steve-O.
        Going to recommend a book to you. it is titled “How to Lie with Statistics” Written by Darrel Huff. Good read.
        Further to that. What you state directly contradicts data from the UK, where the fully vaccinated are more than three times as likely to require hospitalization than those that never too the shot. When you compare percentages per capita, (per 100,000 unvaccinated versus 100,000 fully vaccinated in this situation) the story is very different.
        Here, one of many bits of data from the UK health system.
        100,000 40-49 year old boosted Brits, 2,760 cases in week 5-8
        100,000 unvaccinated Brits, only have 817 cases.
        (From UKHSA report from week 9 of the year.)
        The remainder of the data points to the same conclusion. If you are fully vaccinated, you are three or more times as likely to get sick.
        And… yes, I am fully aware I can be accused of lying with statistics here as well. The point is, there is no solid evidence vaccination has made any difference whatsoever.

        • CBM,
          You’re not lying with statistics, you simply have the wrong ones. If you are going to compare hospitalization rates of vaccinated vs unvaccinated and do so in different countries then you must use the hospitalization rates, you did not do that. Please review page 48 of 58 on the actual report from UKHSA ‘’ I don’t know where you got your information from but those numbers are not the hospitalization numbers.

          • Quoting Alex Berenson’s source material now Steve-O, wonders will never cease, wait long enough and night becomes day, day becomes night.

            I’ve been telling YOU for months, Berenson’s got a good handle on accurate source material, but no, you wouldn’t listen or look (until now). Yet here we are, months of wasted back and forth with you slow learner types!


          • You are correct there Steve O, I used the incorrect term “hospitalizations” when I meant cases.
            My point remains the same. The vaccines does not provide the benefits claimed. And, the stats used to demonstrate it does are questionable at best, and outright lying at worst.

          • CBM,
            The numbers you provided show that the vaccinated are hospitalized at a much lower rate than the unvaccinated. The numbers across the world show the same thing for all of the various vaccines.
            I’m not sure why we are using the UK numbers instead of our own, I fully accept the CASE numbers you provided and are found in the UKHSA week 9 report. 40-49 year old boosted Brits, 2,760 cases (per 100,000) in week 5-8 unvaccinated Brits, 817 cases (per 100,000). The note from that section is listed below noted as 1. The HOSPITALIZED numbers from the same section for the same ages 40-49 year old boosted Brits, 5.2 hospitalized (per 100,000) in week 5-8 unvaccinated Brits, 7.4 hospitalized (per 100,000). Now I think we can all agree that 7.4 is a larger number than 5.2. I know you are familiar with statistics and how they can be made to lie, so please explain to me how 2,760 cases (per 100,000) resulting in 5.2 hospitalizations (per 100,000) a 0.19% hospitalization rate is larger than 817 cases (per 100,000) resulting in 7.4 hospitalizations (per 100,000) a 0.9% hospitalization rate. Yes there are more cases in the vaccinated for whatever reason (note 1 from the report gets into that) but there are less hospitalizations in the vaccinated and the hospitalization rate of those cases is much lower than the unvaccinated. Is 5.2 a larger number than 7.4? Is 0.19% a larger number than 0.9%?
            Note 1. Comparing case rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infection. Vaccine effectiveness has been formally estimated from a number of different sources and is summarised on pages 4 to 15 in this report. The rates are calculated per 100,000 in people who have received either 3 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or in people who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine. These figures are updated each week as the number of unvaccinated individuals and individuals vaccinated with 3 doses in the population changes. The case rates in the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations are unadjusted crude rates that do not take into account underlying statistical biases in the data and there are likely to be systematic differences between these 2 population groups. For example:
            • testing behaviour is likely to be different between people with different vaccination status, resulting in differences in the chances of being identified as a case
            • many of those who were at the head of the queue for vaccination are those at higher risk from COVID-19 due to their age, their occupation, their family circumstances or because of underlying health
            • people who are fully vaccinated and people who are unvaccinated may behave differently, particularly with regard to social interactions and therefore may have differing levels of exposure to COVID-19
            • people who have never been vaccinated are more likely to have caught COVID-19 in the weeks or months before the period of the cases covered in the report. This gives them some natural immunity to
            the virus which may have contributed to a lower case rate in the past few weeks

          • Eric,
            I’ve been posting information from various international sources for well over a year on this site. Sometimes it’s from the UK, sometimes it’s from Israel, sometimes it’s from Portugal, sometimes it’s even from here in Alaska. I’m glad this Berenson fellow actually goes to the data, hopefully he is relaying it correctly instead of mixing up cases and hospitalizations…is that where the mistake was made and then repeated here as if it were true?

          • Steve:
            “I’m not sure why we are using the UK numbers instead of our own”
            Because our own numbers are crap. They are deliberately manipulated to make the pandemic appear significantly worse than it actually is. That is why I am looking to other countries for real data.

          • CBM,
            If our own numbers are crap, and they very well may be, what do you make of other countries numbers (like the UK) that also illustrate the point that the vaccinated have a much lower hospitalization rate than the unvaccinated?

          • They’re all fudging the data, the best they can, but the truth is slowly starting to trickle out: ‘

            FYI: The Epoch Times is proving a little more reliable than your [yet to be] named sources.

  3. Never bring data to a values fight. The fact of the matter is that none of the people here who oppose vaccination possess sufficient scientific knowledge or expertise to actually support the position they have taken. It’s not really vaccinations that they detest. What they despise is submitting themselves to any sort of authority, and no amount of statistics will change that. To do so would make them look foolish to their like-minded friends.

    • 1. I recommend to people to never use a pharmaceutical on the market less than 5 years UNLESS that exceeds their life expectancy. This also applies to the highly touted injection which is a pre-treatment, NOT a vaccine. I give you: Baycol, Bextra, Duract, Lotronex, Merital, Micturin, Omniflox, Palladone, Posicor, Raplon, Raxar, Redux, Rezulin, Selacryn, Vioxx, Zelmid, Zelnor (all fully approved by FDA and pulled within 5 years), as well as many previous vaccines including early polio vaccine formulations which devastated children. After decades of trial and error, Salk finally got it right and children benefit from OPV for generations now (even better than Salk’s).
      2. In my practice, 32/34 most recent positive COVID cases, including all of those showing severe symptoms, are ‘vaxxed’ and mostly boosted.
      3. Among HCP, some of us privately refer to the ‘vaccine’ as Provasic, for more than just its inherent dangers but also for the ruthless Devlin Macgregor profiteering. Many HCP who previously submitted themselves to this experiment now anxiously watch the journals for daily reports of long term consequences.
      4. I normally won’t respond to ignorant baiting trolls, but the facts of the corruption, including recently released reports detailing government bribes paid and accepted by ‘news’ organizations (all of the majors) to promote the shot are finally coming to light. As with Provasic, human life and good health come secondary to profits and power. Pharmaceutical behemoths make no profit from healthy people. Off subject, but true recent studies now show superiority of Ivermectin to Remdesivir without the deadly side effects. But again, those massive profits!

      • Thank you for taking the time to share information that actually means something. All these people that do whatever big brother says want to call the rest of us ignorant, but it doesn’t take a medical professional to know that new products are inherently risky. Nevertheless, to hear a medical professional validate that position is encouraging and gives me hope that not everyone in the profession cares more about their career or reputation than they do about people’s health or their right to say what they believe is true and right.

    • Figures don’t lie but liars figure as my dad always said. Percentages are meaningless without numbers for instance a change from one case to two is a very large percentage but doesn’t mean much in numbers.

    • “The fact of the matter is that none of the people here who oppose vaccination possess sufficient scientific knowledge or expertise to actually support the position they have taken.”
      A statement equally applicable to those pushing the vaccine mandates.
      It is not fear of looking foolish that is creating a pushback against vaccine mandates. It is over a million entries in the VAERS database for the COVID vaccines (compared to about 800K for all other vaccines combined) that is causing questions. It is data from the UK that indicates the fully vaccinated are more than three times as likely to require hospitalization that is making us question. It is how professional athletes are getting diagnosed with myocarditis at an alarming rate that is making us question.
      The “evidence” that vaccines keep people out of the hospital is questionable at best. Prior to vaccine availability, the percent of COVID positive people that required hospitalization was hovering around 3%. After widespread vaccination… the percentage did not drop significantly.
      Finally, it is a personal decision. The government should not have the right to require medical procedures, especially ones that has questionable effectiveness.

      • Oh… and one more factor that I forgot to mention.
        Given that the vaccine does not stop someone from catching the disease, nor does it stop a high enough viral load to prevent spread, if… and that is a questionable if…IF the vaccine does prevent someone from felling sick, you just turned that person into Typhoid Mary. The more vaccinated people you have the higher percent of them will be asymptomatic, but still spreading the virus. Meaning, the vaccines are doing the opposite of slowing the spread. It is increasing it.
        So, government mandates to vaccinate are the opposite of good public policy. And, as such, should be fought.

        • Tried telling Stevo-O this early on– he couldn’t compute/comprehend.

          The un-vaccinated are actually the proverbial Canaries in the Covid mine.

          • Eric,
            Did you ever think that it could be how you present information, or more accurately how you don’t present any information?
            Great proverb too, it’s easy to see why so many chose not to be the canary.

          • Let me see, what to be?

            A Canary in a Covid mine, or caged Chicken in a Pfizer experimental factory farm?

            Tough choice, not, lol. YMMV

        • CBM,
          Do you have any information whatsoever to back this claim up “The more vaccinated people you have the higher percent of them will be asymptomatic” How exactly does that work, does the vaccine somehow know to make a higher percentage asymptomatic? So if you only give say 10% of the population the vaccine is it 20% of the vaccinated that are asymptomatic, but if you give 50% of the population then 47% are asymptomatic? That’s quite the extraordinary claim.

          • I do not have data to back that up, because overwhelmingly asymptomatic people do not get tested. The days of testing people because of a casual encounter are past. People getting tested these days are either symptomatic, travelling, or require it for their job. (Or hypochondriacs, but that is another topic.)
            The cause-effect logic is simple enough for anyone to understand.
            1. The vaccines are supposed to reduce symptoms. (Per… well everyone pushing the vaccines)
            2. There were plenty of people testing positive in the past that had mild or no symptoms, but (per Fauci, and the CDC) were still contagious. (Social distancing, quarantining the healthy, etc…)
            3. Which means that a vaccine that reduces the symptoms will result in more asymptomatic individuals going about their normal day to day lives under the belief they are not contagious.
            Now, it is 1,000% clear that the vaccine does not stop you from catching the virus. Nor does it stop you from getting a sufficient viral load to get sick. Which means you also have a sufficient viral load to spread the virus. But, your symptoms are eliminated or reduced. Which means, you are now typhoid Mary.
            Unless the claim that symptoms are reduced or eliminated (making the CDC, AK DHSS, Fauci, and every liberal politician an outright liar), or my logic is sound, and vaccinated people will spread the disease more than the unvaccinated because they will not realize they have it.

          • CBM,
            Given that explanation, it seems like your statement “The more vaccinated people you have the higher percent of them will be asymptomatic” should have been something like ‘The more vaccinated people with covid you have the more asymptomatic cases you have.’ The same can be said about the unvaccinated, the more unvaccinated people with covid you have the more asymptomatic cases you have. Vaccinated or not, there are asymptomatic cases. I haven’t seen any data suggesting that vaccinated or unvaccinated have asymptomatic cases more frequently than the other, have you?

          • CBM,
            It’s worth noting that being asymptomatic and having reduced symptoms are not the same thing. Oh also worth noting, I have no doubt that CDC, AK DHSS, Fauci, and every politician (liberal or otherwise) are guilty of lying, misleading, and/or simply being wrong.

          • ““The more vaccinated people you have the higher percent of them will be asymptomatic” should have been something like ‘The more vaccinated people with covid you have the more asymptomatic cases you have.’”
            I fail to see how your edit changes the point in any way.
            As to “the more unvaccinated people with covid you have the more asymptomatic cases you have.”
            But, the destroys the narrative that vaccines reduce or eliminate symptoms.
            As to the specific word “asymptomatic” please focus on the point being made, not the specific word used. We are not in a court of law here, and my point remains valid, even if I use a less than ideal word.

          • CBM,
            The percentages of asymptomatic do not change the more vaccines are given, the overall number will most likely change but the percentage does not grow just because more vaccine is given. That’s the difference. If you take slice of pie that is 1/8 of the pie the bigger the pie the bigger the slice but it’s still 1/8 of the pie no matter the size of the pie.
            We aren’t in a court of law, but words have meanings and if we discount that then we may as well just grunt at each other. Your point isn’t valid if it is based upon false information. If the vaccines reduce symptoms that means there are still symptoms, being asymptomatic is the opposite of having symptoms.

          • “The percentages of asymptomatic do not change the more vaccines are given, the overall number will most likely change but the percentage does not grow just because more vaccine is given”
            If that is the case, the vaccines are truly meaningless. They do even less to stop/slow the spread than claimed.

    • Most people are in opposition of the mandate. People were told to get vaccinated to prevent spread to others and the vaccine clearly does not prevent spread.

  4. This covid scam is far worse than the global warming farse. Both scams just go to show how gullible the average zombie keeps falling for the propaganda.
    Deas almost 50% compliance mean that Alaska’s population will be gone in the coming years due to this man made scamdemic? I will not cry for those who choose their own fate. They have no one to blame but themselves.

  5. The Covid vaccines, and the development of anti-viral medications, are what are allowing us to return to normal times. The development of the vaccines in less than a year is a truly remarkable feat and those involved will one day receive the NobelPrize in medicine for saving millions of lives. Unfortunately, some people refused to get vaccinated, choosing to believe anti-vaccine propaganda, and persons promoting ridiculous therapies like deworming medications. Had those folks gotten vaccinated a year ago, we would have not had the same surge in serious cases and deaths during the delta and omicron variant surges, and would not have had the same level of masking requirements in areas dealing with those surges. Ironically, those who refused to get vaccinated are the same persons responsible for extending the length of the pandemic, yet they were the people wearing the Star of David while protesting mask mandates and acting like having to wear a mask while in public buildings was some unbearable burden on them. The right wing snow flakes make the liberal snowflakes look amateurish!

    • What a funny spin on the bioweapon propaganda justification. It must be the graphine oxide running through you blood.

      • No, it is more like those who love the face diaper, took the star of David arm band from their arm and voluntarily moved it to their face and their sanity along with it. Did you get the scamdemic covid while wearing your diaper and getting every death shot?
        I did not wear a diaper or get any death shot. I did not get “covid” nor succumb to the psi op propaganda. I would say I have done better than those who fell for the whole scam and are still suffering from the side effects.

        • When I was young, we visited my relatives in North Carolina every summer. All of the adults smoked (my grandparents, aunts and uncles). When we kids tried to tell them that smoking causes cancer and was bad for them, they told us that the government scientists were wrong, and that according to the tobacco industry, there was no scientific evidence that smoking caused cancer. Every one of them continued to smoke until they died of cancer or cardiovascular disease, most in their 50’s or 60’s. They didn’t want to stop smoking, so they were happy to believe the misinformation put out by the tobacco industry that disparaged “government scientists” and the medical community. And they were arrogant and condescending about the whole thing, Anti-vaxxers remind me of my deceased relatives, They ignorantly believe anti-vaccine misinformation found on internet blogs and on podcasts and tv shows, rather than the medical advice being given by dedicated and professional medical professionals. Incredibly, they are arrogant and condescending towards anyone who tries to point out the errors in the misinformation they have swallowed, I guess it is too hard for them to admit they have been duped. I hope the worst of the Covid pandemic is behind us, but the odds are pretty good that the virus will keep mutating and there will be more variants. I just hope the variants of the future are not virulent or more anti-vaxxers are going to get seriously I’ll and some will die,

          • More Doctors Smoke Camels

            Before they were against smoking, they were for smoking. Know your history, so you don’t buy into the propaganda, hook line and sinker. Same goes for ANY doctor/corporations recommendations, recent case in point, OxyContin.

            Now, sit back and enjoy the Camel Cigarettes link, and please let us know what you think:


      • For those like myself with asthma, a mask is a real burden. My Abuterol use nearly doubled. Now that the mandate is over, I’m breathing easy again. BTW, got COVID for a second time, recovered in two days. Feel great.

        • Jim…..’
          Order several, your friends will appreciate it.
          Just had someone fly with one and got a big thank you ?

    • GIO – you and your fellow Covidiots may be interested in reading the latest release of FDA Covid vaccine data obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request by a large group of doctors. virologists and other medical professionals. 9 pages of suspected side effects, some of them life threatening. Any medical professional advocating for more “safe” Covid “vaccine” shots in light of this new evidence should have their licenses suspended. Look it up for yourself – Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. When you get to their website search 5.3.6. Oh, did I mention that the vaccinated have a more than 130 times risk of developing myocarditis vs the unvaccinated. Good luck – you are going to need it!

      • Sorry, but you are misreading the report. While there are some side effects associated with the vaccines, they are rare, and most are not serious, ‘

        While most unvaccinated people will experience a mild case of Covid if they get infected, we know from the past two years that enough of them will experience serious illness, or death. Even during the “mild” omicron wave, over 2,000 persons were dying of covid every day. The risks of getting a serious side effect from the vaccine is much lower than the risk of getting a serious case of covid.

        • Your source is opinion. My source was data directly from the FDA/Pfizer via Freedom of Information Act request and subsequent court order. You lose.

  6. CDC all the oath breakers Fauci my doctors office with the mask mask mask you will be the ones hiding from GOD if the trumpets blew today. Invented war invented covid all for the cameras your all so exposed fake on fake on fake on. So help me GOD you all swore to us, remember your actions your history shame shame shame. Oath breakers beware GOD is waiting for you in his office.

  7. COVID is a product of the CCP. All democrats love it, embrace it and suck in the propaganda like a dry sponge to later spew its filthiness on everyone else. Democrats are the problem.

  8. I been peeking at the adn obituary notices. I notice there seems a death trend in age group 45-70 and people dying at home. It can still be a coincidence, and totally not vaccine related. I am used to seeing the obituaries about 80-99 and longterm health issues and died in a facility. So to see who basically were relatively healthy i am suspicious.

  9. How many serious diseases have or more likely have not gone through the American population in the past 50 years because the epidemiologists and virologists kept them under control? And no one knew their names. None of them grabbed a spotlight. The head of those researchers who helped keep the majority of us from getting the likes of HIV and MERS and several others, not to mention guiding research that lead to a vaccine to keep our kids from getting herpes/genital warts and cancer, was a Dr. Anthony Fauci. No one knew who he was until a certain president dragged him out of his lab and threw him in front of TV cameras! And I’m sure he preferred it that way! He’s a researcher, not a glory hound. He has spent 50+ years saving lives. Saving us from MERS, HIV, etc. Why the f**k would he develop a pandemic virus when he spent his entire adult life working to prevent just such an occurrence?? It makes NO sense! And he sure as hell wouldn’t wait until he was 80 to do that if he was inclined to do it! People who believe that are the absolute dregs of society society and are so paranoid they should be institutionalized! They’re dangerous!! As for the vaccines Dr. Fauci had nothing to do with (he doesn’t work for Pfizer or Moderns, nor does he do the pharmaceutical chemistry required to develop a vaccine), it’s the height of absurdity to claim he would try to harm people with a vaccine! As research into covid has progressed, the studies are finding that it not only kills a whole lot of people, it causes heart damage, vascular damage, lung damage, and/or brain damage in at least one third of the people who catch it, regardless of age and severity of illness! Just last week a study was released that showed it causes shrinkage of the brain! As for the vaccines, nearly everyone I know who has had COVID was young and dumb, immunocompromised, or a right wing antivaxxer. Red states have fared far worse than more vaccinated blue states in the past year. No one realized the vaccine needed to be a 3-dose one from the gate then boosters as needed so, when Omicron hit, a lot of the vaccinated folks were overdue on the third dose and that particular strain is so far from the parent strain it’s almost a different microbe. Of course the vaccines didn’t work well against it! But they did help prevent serious illness! COVID is not the sniffles. Not is it a flu. It’s a contagious cardiovascular disease that manifests in the lungs, heart, blood vessels, and neurological system. It’s a dangerous disease that will have ramifications for decades to come for people who have survived it. Many will develop heart and brain/memory problems in the future. It also seems to stay in the fat cells for months and may retreat like herpes viruses do only to come back in some other form years from now. We don’t know. It’s a type of retrovirus like HIV so the potential is there. Check the research. It’s all there.

    • Just FYI, Esther. From Forbes:
      Net worth: The Fauci household net worth exceeded $10.4 million.
      Earnings and gains: Salaries, benefits, royalties, investment gains in the Fauci household exceeded $1.7 million in 2020.
      Fauci’s wife: Christine Grady, the chief bioethicist at NIH made $234,284 in 2020.
      Royalties: Fauci made between $100,000 and $1 million as an editor and board member of McGraw-Hill.
      Awards: In 2021, Fauci was awarded a $1 million prize for “speaking truth to power” from the Dan David Foundation in Israel.
      Fauci is the highest paid government employee, exceeding even the president.

    • “was a Dr. Anthony Fauci. No one knew who he was until a certain president dragged him out of his lab and threw him in front of TV cameras! ”
      That would be Ronald Reagan, if I remember correctly. Fauci has been a camera hog ever since AIDS was first detected.
      Just because you did not know his name before COVID, does not mean he was not all over the place.

  10. The FDA was forced to release Phizer’s pre – approval vaccine data recently under a Freedom of Information Act request from a large group of concerned doctors & researchers. The data was shocking, to say the least. Anyone who submits to anymore Covid booster shots is a complete moron in light of what is being revealed. Health “experts” who continue to spread vaccine misinformation should be very careful as they are more than likely exposing themselves to future lawsuits & hopefully a loss of their credentials.

  11. I thank God I do not follow the prescription of having to believe or follow the pseudo science man made global warming or the vaccine/pharma theory. More people have died and/or adversely affetced by the pharma “medicine” death shot, covid scamdemic bio weapon and propaganda from covid in one year than the past thirty years combined.
    I can not wait for the Nuremburg trials to start once again.
    Pharma——-Legalized drug pushers and subsequently created addicts. What comes out of the end of a bull is still crap.

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