Officers who shot back at dangerous shooter in campground have been identified


The Anchorage Police officers who shot back after a dangerous felon pulled a gun and shot one of them were Kevin Morris and Carter Mayes, the Anchorage Police Department said today. Police policy is to release the names of officers who discharge their firearms 72 hours after the incident. The two officers, per department policy, complete four days administrative leave after the incident.

Morris has one year of service in the APD, and Mayes has three years of service. Police did not release the name of the officer who was hospitalized after taking a bullet to his abdomen.

Mayes is a board member of the Alaska Peace Officers Association.
Iese Gali Jr. was charged last week with attempted murder in the first degree of a police officer, assault in the first degree of a police officer, assault in the third degree of a police officer, and misconduct involving weapons in the third degree. The charges follow an incident that took place at the Centennial Park Campground, when officers attempted to contact Gali, who was wanted on a separate charge of evading law enforcement.
District Court Judge David Nesbett set bail at $1,000,000 cash, and Gali Jr. remains in custody. If convicted, he faces a maximum possible sentence of 99 years for the charge of attempted murder in the first degree, 20 years for the charge of assault in the first degree, and 5 years for the charges of assault in the third degree and misconduct involving weapons in the third degree.

The Alaska Office of Special Prosecutions will review the police officers’ use of force and that report will be given to department’s internal affairs to check for policy violations. The public will be made public by Office of Special Prosecutions upon completion.


  1. Body Cams for the Police Officers. They need to be added to the uniform of the officers for just these reasons in the charges. The police officer’s union needs to step aside and let the body cams be added as uniform requirements. The assembly should stop the
    junk” they have added at each and every assembly meeting when the public has testified and requested the body cams. Body Cams tell a different story than the one without the cams and correct what is stated in a report. Too many shootings and not enough visual support and some testimony can be convoluted to accentuate either side.

  2. I’ve never understood the rush to publish names of officers involved in obviously self defense shootings. All it does is place the officer, the officer’s family, and his home in danger. After an investigation and verdict maybe, but not before. Too much speculation and fake news to do any kind of good.

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  4. Congratulations to judge David 1,000,000 dollar bound way to back our police honor of integrity. I can’t see it there are so so many jobs in anchorage what happened to being a go getter in life. Congratulations to our police to have to deal with cowards lazy stuck on stupid clowns who just want to be a piece of crap and not earn it. I could not do what our police do and I can not imagine how they do it. BACK THE BLUE. WE ALL DO.

  5. Remember, The public was assured that Centennial park was neat and orderly after giving it to the homeless!!!!!! Move along, nothing to see here!

    • What’s your point? The same thing could have happened at the midtown Walmart. I’ve been parked there before with a gun in my hand as I watched thugs go through the parking lot looking for a car that was unlocked. I watched hookers doing their thing in the tree line out by the street and attic sharing needles. Don’t call out a single location when there are so many around town that equally qualify and some maybe even more so.

  6. Remember, The public was assured that Centennial park was neat and orderly after giving it to the homeless!!!!!! Move along, nothing to see here!

  7. I think it’s an important to identify who the heroes are. These folks put their lives on the line daily and are often criticized for simply doing their job. The media tries to put a mud stain on law enforcement because a felon gets injured during an arrest. It’s all part of their agenda to encourage chaos in the country and to tear down society and the morals that we were raised with. We need to have a parade instead of sneaking around in the shadows.


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