Sen. Lora Reinbold endorses Charlie Pierce for governor


Sen. Lora Reinbold of Eagle River announced her endorsement of the Charlie Pierce-Edie Grunwald ticket for governor/tt. governor at a Pierce for Governor campaign event at Kriner’s Diner in Anchorage on Sunday.

Also endorsing Pierce was Andy Kriner, owner of Kriner’s Diner. Kriner battled former Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz over the illegal shutdowns of businesses in Anchorage during the onset years of the Covid pandemic.

Reinbold said Pierce’s conservative credentials of fiscal responsibility, his position on the Permanent Fund dividend, support for education, resource development, election reform, rights of the individual and personal medical care choice are some of the reasons for her endorsement.  

“While the current administration abandoned its obligation to the citizens of Alaska in exchange for special interest and lobbyist favors, Mayor Pierce kept the Kenai Peninsula Borough ‘open for business’ during the Covid pandemic, fought against all forms of mandates, promoted personal choice for medical care and even introduced and passed the very first 2nd amendment sanctuary Borough Ordinance protecting your right to bear arms.  Charlie Pierce represents leadership for Alaska. The Pierce-Grunwald ticket is the only one that puts “Alaskans First” and is committed to a better Alaska for all of us,” Reinbold said in a statement.

The first stop for all candidates for governor and lieutenant governor is the Aug. 16 primary election, when all will be on an open ballot in a jungle primary, unlike in years past. Due to Ballot Measure 2, no longer do lieutenant governors run independently and are then paired with the winning nominee from a party. Now, they run as teams of governor/lieutenant governor.

Reinbold is not running for reelection to the Senate, where she has been a staunch conservative.


  1. I think big mike has seen the light here and said to himself I need to turn back to GOD and my oath duty, and I believe he is going to be of for and by the people. Lora your integrity has been proven and I hope in the end I don’t have to tell you, you was right again here. Don’t let us down Mikey we are still aboard and man in the pumps on your ship.

  2. Pierce/Grundwald are my first choice. He is a stand-up man who will put Alaskans first and Edie Grundwald will start to fix the broken election system in this State.

    • Indeed they are my first and only choice. Mandate happy, PFD stealing RINOs need to be taught a lesson.

  3. Ditto : My first choice is Pierce/Grunwald. I attended an AMAC meeting and was impressed with them as a team. Their motto: Putting Alaskans First, Results not Rhetoric. They are a hardworking team who states The PFD is an Alaskan Right, Efficiency in State Government, promote a truly friendly Business climate and other statements I liked. Let us beat the outside money from progressives and elect a good Alaskan from the Kenai and one from the Valley.

  4. Charlie Pierce stands head and shoulders above the crop of grifters and con men running for Governor.

  5. Whoever oath integrity is , add one more name, naive!!! “ Big Mike “ is a passive/ aggressive defiant ignoramus!!
    I’m all about him having a come back to Jesus moment! ; but no chance in hell will giving him the reins of this state again be good for anyone!! No not never!!!
    Charlie Pierce will win and be a huge contrast in the right direction!!!

  6. I too will support the Pierce/Grundwald team in this election. I do not know Charlie but by what he has done, but I know Edie to have integrity and the ability to get things done. The loud minority that is enjoying the handouts will treat him much like Mayor Bronson is experiencing now, but like the Mayor, maybe more due to experience, they will ultimately accomplish their jobs instead of cowering under pressure. I only hope that more people come out and participate, by ignoring the adds and research the candidates , and of course remembering to vote. These are truly important times in our democracy, and local choices effect our entire nation. Many elections have been won by one vote, and when that happens, we can all believe it to be ours. It is time for the quiet majority to speak out.

  7. It sad how many people are supporting a failed governor in Dunleavy.

    The man is a empty suit with no spine and less balls. He went from promising to be a PDF warrior to pushing a 50-50 split. He’s not trying to cut budgets or reign in a failure of a higher education system.

    Dave Bronson has much stiffer opposition and yet he stands and fights. The Cowardly Lion is curled up in the fetal position behind Ben Stevens desk.

    But these are the same voters who like Palin walks on water and actually gives a damn about anything not named Sarah Palin.

    We deserve the government we elect.

  8. Tried to pin hm down on abortion reform issue at a meeting here in Anchorage and all I could get out of him and Edie was “ we have a plan”. Got the impression he was soft pedaling the issue.

  9. Seriously leaning this way, Dunleavy is just too soft and gives in to the left far too easily. It’s time to take Alaska back and this would be a good start.

  10. Charlie Pierce has our families votes! Dunleavy had his chance and proved himself to be a terrible leader. We need solid proven leadership, and that is Charlie Pierce and Edie Grunwald! Get involved folks and help them now if you want things to improve.

  11. Just keep voting and when you do, vote for Charlie Pierce and Edie Grunwald. Remember, all it takes is one vote on a choice….Charlie Pierce and Edie Grunwald. I prefer having Alaska in working hands of people that have a common purpose. That is to make better changes for Alaska and work for the benefit of the people of Alaska. Charlie Pierce works to improve the economy in his area of Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula and the rest of the state under Dunleavy has suffered and declined. Wake Up! Vote for Charlie pierce and Edie Grunwald.

  12. Integrity, honesty, hard work from early morning until late.
    Charlie Pierce will be the first at work and the last to go home.
    Our family is voting for CHARLIE PIERCE FOR GOVERNOR 🇺🇸👏🏻

  13. Charlie is the REAL DEAL I am so grateful he is running. He is strong in a crisis, humble when given a pat on the back, he invites people to come up with ideas to be a part of the solutions, generous with giving recognition, he watches the pennies and we will be so much better when he is in the Governor position. He and Edie are not just running now the are already pouring over issues for solutions.

  14. I’m likely to vote for Pierce in the primary to help ensure he makes the top 4 rank vote. I heard Pierce on the radio the other day, like a lot of naive politicians or maybe shrewd politicians who think their constituents are stupid, Pierce seems to think that a governor can go it alone and get things done. You need a supportive legislature to get things done and if the legislature is dead set against you, you surely aren’t getting anything done. If the legislature changes drastically it won’t matter if Charlie or Mike are in there because they both want the same things.
    And conversely, if the legislature does not change it won’t matter if Charlie or Mike are in there because they both want the same things.

    Dunleavy and Pierce will be ranked in my top two, if Kurka somehow beats Walker he will be my third and I will write in a fourth.

  15. I have spent some times with Kurka and Hueper and I can say that Chris and Paul both have clear and in depth grasp of the situations we are in and have good plans for correcting our course. They are regular Alaskans who see the problems in our communities’ direction and are passionate and smart enough to get involved and steer this thing back. We all just want the life we could be having by living in a good place.
    Anyway, it seems Mike is compromised somehow and we need realistic leadership away from the left agenda we are headed for.
    Kurka and Hueper are also excellent candidates. Take time to listen to them, or better yet ask questions. I think you will be impressed.

  16. Charlie Pierce / Edie Grunwald are my 1st solid choice. They are different because they have integrity and are NOT renting out Alaska’s resources from big outside donations. They are a force that will bring people together to work for putting Alaskans First. They are strong pro-life, supports a constitutional convention, promotes Alaskans and most of all love and dedication to us. Vote August 16th.

  17. You all probably voted for Walker and Palin their first time around. See what that got you! I’m sure Pierce is a good person, as is Edie. But that doesn’t make them as good candidate for Governor & Lt. I helped fight for conservative value for 20 yrs working in and around the legislature. Nice person doesn’t achieve the goal of moving the needle to the right! Just saying!

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