Offending vehicle plates are illegal already, DMV says


Alaska Department of Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka has released the following statement:

“Over the weekend, we were made aware several Alaskans were concerned about messages conveyed on Alaska personalized vehicle registration plates. The plates in question had previously been recalled by the DMV, and the DMV issued replacement standard plates to be displayed. We are notifying law enforcement that these plates are unauthorized by the DMV.”

She is referring to at least two license plates that were noted on social media by Recall Dunleavy Committee attorneys — one plate says “FUHRER” and the other “3REICH.” These plates may refer to Nazi beliefs.

“The Alaska DMV has strict guidelines and protocols for issuing personalized license plates, which prohibit references to violence, drugs, law enforcement, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and other government entities. The DMV has a recall process in place should a plate be issued that later is determined to be inappropriate or offensive, which was used in this circumstance,” Tshibaka said.

“I am ordering a review of DMV guidelines and processes to determine how these plates were issued and to ensure that Alaska’s personalized plate program continues to protect the public’s interest – both in terms of preventing inappropriate messages, and also the state’s obligation to protect Alaskans’ constitutional rights to free speech,” Tshibaka said.

Any Alaskan who wishes to provide input on these processes is encouraged to do so by e-mailing the Department of Administration at [email protected].


  1. It’s the same thing that happened to my trump garden flag that simply said make America great again and had the name Trump on it. Somebody don’t like something and they get their panties in a wad and it’s canceled culture City. So much for everybody just getting along like Rodney King pleaded.

    • It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be they don’t like the shade of color that you painted your house with. Have gone crazy insane and we really need to be very cautious and be situationally aware of what’s going on around us.

    • Must be your white privilege that prevents you from fearing such things.

      A while ago I saw a car drive down the road and didn’t recognize it. Fearing it could have been a vehicle with disturbing license plates I dove under my kitchen table and have been here ever since. Luckily, my iPhone gets good reception under the table.

      I have called the ACLU, Senator Murkowski, the White-house, reported it to Facebook, and warned several fortune 500 companies that I will not be buying their products until all license plates are made safe.

      My iPhone battery is going dead and this is the last message I can send.

      Will someone please call door dash and have some tofu noodles with quinoa and soy milk sent to my house?

  2. why wasn’t this a bother to this crowd 11 years ago, when people saw it? You can’t be not bothered by something and then suddenly spring up and say it bothers me forcing someone who you weren’t bothered by them 15 years earlier to abide by your comfort when it never bothered you before a narrative was spoken into existence. That 3Reich has been around longer than Trump?

    These peoples are not against the family, Must Read Alaska, Trump, conservative republicans and/or moderate democrats.

    These hardened men and women really are coming for the Christians who fear God more than man believers who follow the standards of God over following man’s standards .

  3. Strange. I’ve seen license plates with the word “gal” or “Native” on them. Not sure why that would be a problem.

  4. Because the butt hurt must be made to feel like their feeling matter in all things. Their feeling don’t matter to me and I feel there are myriad other, far more important things, the state can focus on besides someone’s opinion regarding some else’ license plate.

  5. The DMV’s regulation is probably unconstitutional on its face. For a government entity to put a regulation on speech it has to be “content neutral”. This is a term of art coined by the U.S. Supreme Court. For example, it is illegal for billboards to be displayed in Alaska. That is a “content neutral” regulation and therefore constitutional. Another example is in New York City, taxi cabs were no longer able to display advertisements or messages on the top of their taxis. The regulation the DMV is peddling is not content neutral. It says what content may be displayed and what may not be displayed. You can say you like the New York Mets on a license plate in Alaska but you are not allowed to say your proud to be a marijuana grower or a pharmacist. This stupid woman, Kelly Tshibaka, has no idea what a nuclear bomb she is walking into.

  6. No need for a license plate to get your free speech message out… or permission or censorship from the govt. Just make up some magnetic signs that state your message and you’re good to go. This criminal is not my president.

  7. My Dad, who served in the 242nd regiment of the 42nd Infantry in France and southern Germany, helped shoot a bunch of those 3rd Reichers.

    He was a generally a kind and understanding man, but right up until he died last March, he still hated them. He saw first-hand what they did.

  8. “The daggers others throw your way will become in God’s hand chisels to fashion you into the image of Christ.”

  9. So, it is apparent the owner of the license plates KNOWS they have them unlawfully mounted on his/her vehicles.
    I wonder if the owner actually gets a citation and fine as they should; or Since there are so many white supremacists burrowed in law enforcement:
    Does he or she only get a warning and a covert “wink and nod” when cops finally confiscate those vile plates?

    • White supremacist in law enforcement? Where you getting that from? The how to be a racist while being a member of Congress owners manual? I think it says something like that and Omar’s and aoc’s copy.

  10. There are federal court cases that clearly state that the government entity that produces or requires license plates cannot prevent offensive or otherwise unpleasant language chosen by the plate holder. There is a real Problem when a an entity chooses what is allowed. There is no way to define “ hate speech “ . So while it might be very offensive to
    many the choice of what to put on a plate is generally protected. The governmental Agency by preventing it denies people their constitutional right of freedom of expression and speech.
    On the other hand the Govt cannot put things on a plate that express the govt entities expression preference and then require owners to put the plates on their vehicles.

  11. So if this is a personal family name Reich is the DMV Rep Hannan, also saying this family must change their name because it is offensive? Is that next?

    • C’mon Greg, I think a Reich family could come up with something a bit less provocative that 3Reich. How about Reich with their first initials? Or maybe 4Reich, if it fits? This plate was meant to attract negative attention, and we have enough of that already.
      Fuhrer might be a bit more of a challenge.

      • Folks there are members of the Nazi organization that run for president each campaign. Same with the KKK. Unless I hear different from Biden, this is still America where the first amendment resides. Put some bumper stickers on your car about how Nazi suck and liberals are the new Nazis.

        • All this brings to mind the quote by Gore Vidal, (and I paraphrase), “Freedom of speech is saying whatever you want and not having to be held accountable for it.”

        • Correct! The first was the Vatican. Second was the Kaiser. Third was Hitler. Fourth is The Establishment.

          DMV is arbitrary in what plates they deny; the law is ambiguous and that makes it illegal. Rep. Hannan is a far left hater of freedom so what she says is something to be very careful of.

  12. Should have naming a child “Moon Unit” been allowed? Should there not be a national registry of acceptable names? Criminal penalties and removal of all children from a home where anything other than approved names even been considered?

    Has the time come when the great American movies featuring Adolphe Menjou be banned, even burned?

    I think this whole 3REICH thing just answered that question. But not to worry, when the time comes a government agency will provide a free lighter and a fire-safe can of gasoline.

  13. Rep Hannan and Alaska Department of Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka both need to take the Rorschach (Inkblot) test. No telling what psychosis might be exposed from a thorough clinical examination of the deepest darkest corners of their imaginations…

  14. Things I never thought I’d ever say:

    Seeing the governor’s liberal knee-jerk reaction to an expression of free speech….

    I’m off to find a place where I can sign the “RECALL DUNLEAVY” petition.

  15. It is no crime nor illegal in any way to have a license plate have the words that these had. What occurs is that in order to obtain vanity plates the registered owner of the. Vehicle must agree with the State to abide by its terms. It is kind of like a contract. If the person violates the agreement by asking for a term to be placed on the plate, the state can deny the vanity plate and instead provide a standard plate. If the applicant refuses to put a legal plate on the car he/ she can be cited. The state determines whether the vanity plate meets their requirements. If it does not they may reject it then or even later and having it in the vehicle thereafter does not constitute a legal plate.

  16. Today is Audie Murphy day people. On this day 76 years ago, he killed the hell out of Nazis and earned the medal of Honor. I wonder if they would be against the license plate that said kill Nazis?

  17. Lately the Left has latched on to the expression “the big lie” in connection with many conservative Republicans belief that their was rampant fraud in the Presidential election.
    Shouldn’t we cancel the people that use this hateful expression which was coined by Adolph Hitler?

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