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Breaking: Assemblyman Rivera must stand for recall

Assembly Chair Felix Rivera will have to stand for recall. Judge Dani Crosby gave the order today, after Rivera and his surrogates unsuccessfully tried to fight his recall in court.

The judge denied the plaintiffs’ motion to decertify the petition. It will go in front of the voters in March unless there is a Supreme Court appeal.

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Ballot will be mailed to voters about March 16 and are due back April 6, when the mail-in-only municipal election ends. Also on the ballot will be several candidates for mayor and school board seats, as well as bond issues.

Rivera’s recall will appear on the ballots of those living in his district, Anchorage Assembly District 4, Seat G, which is seen on this map:

A group of Anchorage residents loosely associated with the Facebook Groups Save Anchorage and Reclaim Midtown worked for weeks to get the required number of signatures to take Rivera back to voters. He was reelected to his seat just last April.

After the signatures were certified by the Municipal Clerk, Rivera and his surrogates filed a lawsuit, saying the signatures should not have been certified.

In her order, Crosby said it is up to the voters to decide if Rivera failed to perform his prescribed duties, and if so, whether that merits his recall from elected office.

The allegation stems from an order by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, who in EO-15 prohibited political gatherings of more that 15 people.

On Aug. 11, 2020, a meeting of the Anchorage Assembly took place, during which it was pointed out by Assemblywoman Jamie Allard that there were 17 people in the room, which was at that point closed off from public participation.

“After thanking [Ms.] Allard for her comment Rivera looked around the room and the Regular Meeting proceeded.” Allowing the Assembly to break the emergency order was the misconduct that led to the recall

The judge’s order is in this PDF document:

If he is recalled, the municipality must have a special election in 60 days.

“If the next election is more than six months away, the Assembly shall provide for a special election not more than 60 days,” the charter says.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Did he really think that he could overide the system in place. The man is arrogant and thinks he is above the law. Sorry nobody is above the law regardless of your position.

  2. If he is recalled, the municipality must have a special election in 60 days.
    “If the next election is more than six months away, the Assembly shall provide for a special election not more than 60 days,” the charter says.
    I swear I’ve heard this similar memo somewhere before……. hmmm maybe I’m wrong.

  3. Do not celebrate quite yet. The Alaska Supreme Court may step in to save Mr. Rivera. The “Big Five” certainly understands that the Left must always win and conservatives must always, always lose. It is part of their oath of office.

    • Should the AK Supremes do that, they will have invalidated their opinion allowing the Dunleavy recall to proceed. They can’t have it both ways. Should they try, i predict a Constitutional Convention in their very near future. Cheers –

      • Oh ye of great faith! Thinks ye that laws are meant the same for all? No, progressives are ruled in one way to favor themselves and everyone else are ruled much more severely to also favor progressives.

  4. He will probably stand off a recall. The last presidential election has shown how deep election fraud is in the USA & Alaska. Nothing has changed to indicate fair & honest elections will return anytime soon. Dominion Voting Systems are still in place, ballot harvesting, mail – in voting & corrupt judges changing election regulations at the last minute will ensure the “right” candidate wins!

  5. I’m thinking of buying a house and moving across the street so I can be in his district and vote him OUT of office.

  6. Wondering either the Anchorage mail-in-ballots will acquit Chair Rivera or the court doesn’t want to botch up their chance of recalling Governor Dunleavy on what Democrats are calling not frivolous charges against Dunleavy? Hahaha. I sometimes I can’t believe my generation and generation going to 1985 graduates grew up to be making today’s community choices. I say all under 58 should retire and go work menial job until they learn to live around others different from them. Hahaha

    My parents generation those over 60 are kicking up their feet, eating popcorn, watching the show how the younger generation under 58 are making a mockery of themselves. Hahaha

    • But then agian, our parents generation made a mockery of themselves in front of the WWII generation. The apple doesnt fall very far from its tree. There are baby boomers joining the young show like oldie parents partying with their youngish adult children. Hahaha

  7. Sad to say but the people will vote with him. The ones who do vote want this type of leadership for their city. Time and time again they have proved that. Liberals know this and use it to get elected. The voice of recall is going to fade away. Defeating the recall effort will be a challenge that his followers will take personally . Oh make no mistake about it ,,,, they will take it personal.

  8. Poor poor Rivera and all these leaders someone around them need to witness the True Christ into these leaders lives. They are so poor as poor as a beggar! their friends can’t even help them, they are living just as much as a beggar as Rivera cause no one witnessed the True Christ into their own lives.

  9. They are printing the filled out ballots as we type. The election process in Anchorage is screwed up thanks to the people. You must have been lazy or uninformed to allow mail-in ballots. Well good luck.

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