Notes from the trail: Mark Begich endorses Chris Constant for Congress, Les Gara has a barbecue with Vic Fischer


As of Tuesday, about 58,000 of the ballots in the special election primary for Congress had been voted and turned into the Division of Elections. That’s about 40% of the high end of the “expected vote” in this election, but with a mail-in election and a short campaign season, it’s still anyone’s guess, as Alaskans begin the process of replacing their congressional representative.

Political family splits: Mark Begich, former mayor of Anchorage, former U.S. senator, and now businessman, has endorsed Chris Constant for Congress, even though his nephew, Nick Begich, is running for the same seat. Constant is a Democrat, like Mark. Some thanks Nick gets for having provided capital for his business ventures. (Corrected).

On the air: Tara Sweeney, running for Congress is making her move in media. Her campaign and the independent expenditure group supporting her just bought over $80,000 in broadcast ad buys for messaging from May 17 through May 26, which means it will be the Tara show on the airwaves. Carpet bombing.

Halcro on Twitter: Andrew Halcro, running for Congress, is running a series of ads on social media that look like they were done by Fivrr, the overseas design shop that lets you have graphics built on the cheap offshore. His latest is a cartoon video showing he supports Lisa Murkowski, LGBTQ, Abortion, and that he believes climate change is real and supports gun rights. It’s the kind of production that might cost him $200 to have produced. The whole campaign is beginning to look like a marketing venture for something else Halcro is doing in the future. He doesn’t use legal disclaimers on his ad, per FEC.

Sealaska pulls the race card: Vote for a Native, Sealaska says in its recent message to Alaska Natives. “Let’s send one of our own,” is how the corporation puts it. Imagine if the Daughters of the American Revolution or garden variety “white person” wrote such a thing.

The known Alaska Natives running for Congress are Mary Peltola, Emil Notti, and Tara Sweeney — none are Sealaska shareholders.

Palin fundraisers in Florida, Georgia: Sarah Palin is raising funds in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and Savannah, Georgia this week, with former Gov. David Perdue.

Les Gara barbecue: Running for governor, Les Gara says he is the only pro-choice candidate. Special guests Vic Fischer and Jane Angvik and music by Hannah Yoter are notable for this downtown Anchorage event. Downtown Anchorage is Gara Country. No word on what they are barbecuing but surely it will be a carbon neutral event. Maybe Les is going to clean out his freezer full of last summer’s salmon.


  1. Mark endorsing Constant is a red herring to make people think that Nick isn’t a closet liberal. Constant has no chance of winning so it’s a “safe endorsement”.

    • You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve known Nick personally for years. I bet you’ve never had a 5 minute conversation with him. Probably the only thing liberal in Nick’s closet is a Homer T-shirt he bought years ago during a momentary lapse in good judgement. Closet liberal he is not.

      Try attacking his conservatism based on his positions…what he’s said, what he’s done. Nothing to say? I didn’t think so.

      You’re probably a dem troll just trying to smear Nick because he scares the crap out of you guys.

      • Actually, I’m a nonpartisan who first registered as one in 1968 after returning from a tour with the Army. I don’t care for either national party. I will however vote for Palin for several reasons. Her presence in DC will be a poke in the eye to the mainstream media, liberals, Pelosi, Schumer, Murkowski and other RINOs. Watching Her and AOC in catfights will make the political theater less mundane. In two years if the voters tire of the drama, they can show Her the door.

        As far as fear: wasted energy. Death is inevitable. Embrace Life. Nick is not even of the slightest interest to me one way or the other. As an aside, I do loathe the majority of politicians worldwide though…

        • We need someone who will serve as more than simply entertainment, and Sarah’s not very good at that anymore anyway. Her lack of preparedness and tired one liners just don’t cut it these days.

          Your vote, your choice. I believe we need to move past egocentric, self-dealing hacks who care only about themselves. And yes, that means Sarah. I’ll stick with Nick.

    • Robert, I disagree, I think Young Nick brings much to the table. Perhaps you were not around when his Grandfather was alive. He was a great Congressman. I think Nick Begich III will do even better. Forget his Uncle Mark, this kid is the real deal. Or vote Palin, more Drama, more idiot things like endorsing Walker.

  2. Surprise Mark endorsing Constance! So people think Nick Romney Begich is not a LIBERAL and will stand out from His Favorite Uncle Marx. Lol

  3. No red herring here. “Nicholas” is not close to his uncles. He wasn’t even raised by his own parents. His Conservative grandparents raised him far away from his crazy Left-wing-kook uncles. NB3 is our next US Congressman…….guaranteed. The Gross One, Sarah Palin, and extremely light on his feet Chris Constant all know it.

    • Ceak, if you are unable to vote for whom clearly is the best candidate in this race , (because his name reminds you of his Uncle Mark) then please vote Santa Claus! There, fixed it for you! Who doesn’t adore Santa?

      But then maybe you want to have a camera seeking reality TV star represent you?

      • The Santa Claus You suggest espouses Bernie Sanders’ far leftist agenda. You might just as well mention Constant…

  4. A carbon neutral event with Les Gara? LOL…
    Democrats produce more carbon gas in the form of flatulent than anyone else. Including cows.

    • @Artfull Dogger.
      True statement. Liberals and Lefties are well-known for farting in a room and then sneaking away, hoping a Republican gets blamed. Happens all the time. Those gaseous Democrats use every available means of stealth, trickery, artiface, deceipt, and skullduggery imaginable.
      What do these Democrats eat that make them so flatulent?

      • Gonzo bean burgers, hard-boiled eggs, and sunflower seeds..together…washed down with a seltzer. Finished off with a big bowl of weed. A gastrointestinal cocktail for Lefties. Democrats age quicker too, if you didn’t already notice.

  5. “Downtown Anchorage is Gara Country.”

    Not in my house! We seceded from downtown people’s democratic republic of Anchorage.

  6. The US Constitution is supreme and foundational, declared, laid-down law of the land and republic of this nation even in Alaska. We need sheriffs to review for constitionality everthing written in this state in sometimes illegal group activity in Juneau for conformance with the US Constitution. Absent this review is a built-in vulnerability of the constitutional rights, property and otherwise, of the inhabitants of rhis state.

  7. Mere ignorance of the clear, express language intent within the US Constitution does not triumph over the US Constitution language even in our current tv programmed days.

  8. Marks endorsement of Constant is good for we Conservatives, even though we already know who the enemy is it’s good that Mark makes it clear to the rest of the state. Chris Constant is a vile human being and oxygen thief, he stands zero chance of getting elected to congress.

  9. I guess my comment didn’t pass your censorship yesterday Eh Ms Downing! Nothing bad on my part but appears your protecting both Begich’s

  10. It’s just as well that Mark did not support his nephew because Mark was a lousy senator himself. And he ran the city of Anchorage in the bankruptcy as Mayor, so his support probably would’ve been something people did not like if they remember what he did to our city

  11. Maybe call Matt Carlen at 907 903-8710 at Sealaska Media and ask how he feels about his racist political ad.

  12. Why isn’t this made more clear in Alaska…if the Murkowski family are so pro-native, why don’t they surrender their political position and all wealth and give it to those they tell everyone we “stole” it from? Moral frauds like Lisa Murkowski have no problem ‘hiring’ natives but, she will be damned if she calls one her equal by surrendering her job and privilege to an Alaska native. To her, Alaska natives are just fine as long as they know their place; behind her. The most despicable and cowardly people in America today are White Progressives. Their very cowardice provokes people of all colors. Surely we can all unite against White Progressives who want to design our world?!

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