Follow up: Palin files federal financial disclosures, but Revak, Halcro, Wool still missing


Following a Must Read Alaska story Tuesday on the financial disclosures by congressional candidates that were due Monday, former Gov. Sarah Palin filed her disclosure with the Clerk of the Congress, as required by the Congressional Ethics Act.

The disclosure shows her financial investments and where she has made her money from in recent years. There is nothing remarkable in the filings except that much of her income has been generate through an online program called Cameo, in which celebrities get paid to give shout-outs to people for their birthdays, anniversaries and more. Palin reported $200,000 in income from making these short videos.

One of these Cameo videos was contracted by some friends of congressional candidate Tara Sweeney last year, who evidently paid Palin for it, as Sweeney was retiring from the Department of Interior, with the election of Joe Biden for president. It can be seen at this link.

A screenshot from one of the Sarah Palin “Cameo” videos that she has done to earn income over the past year. This was the Cameo for Tara Sweeney.

Palin reported her assets as between $950,000 and $2.4 million. Her Wells Fargo savings account has between $500,000 and $1 million. The financial report shows that she has had a successful career as a political figure since being governor of Alaska.

View the financial disclosure forms for all the congressional candidates who filed them at this link. Use the search function and be sure to click on the “candidate” tab.

Candidates who raise more than $5,000 are required to file these disclosures for the special election now underway to fill the Alaska seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Still not filed are congressional candidates Josh Revak, Andrew Halcro, Adam Wool, and dozens of others who have not mounted strong campaigns.


  1. This whole farce is little more than raising her brand awareness.

    Say I’m cynical and don’t trust her? You betcha.

  2. Nick Begich with multiple companies and income tied to Mark Begich. The swamp gets deeper and he will be a RINO. Sarah America all the way.

    • Mike, successful people often own multiple companies, Trump did, right? Trouble with your thinking is that you don’t have any proof that Young Nick will be a RINO, we know however that despite Sarah’s talking points she endorsed Walker. So… what was your point?

    • Thanks Mike for pointing this out. I have been saying this over and over that Nick is not who he claims and says nothing about where he stands on the issues. This is why President Trump has endorsed Sarah! Sarah Palin is the only America First candidate that has a chance to win this thing. Every Alaskan that loves America and the Constitution must rally behind Sarah now! Tell the woke corporations in this State to pound sand and get behind the real MAGA candidate! Tell the RINO Republicans to take a hike with their Democrat friends who are embracing the demise of our country! If America is to free itself from the slavery of the Corporatocracy, it will have to be a grassroots effort to show folks the truth of who is in the hate America club and who genuinely will correct what they have done to our country and are currently doing to your State. Whether you want to believe it or not, America is at war! They are purposely allowing an invasion of the southern border and destroying the economy to obliterate your retirements and investments. They are spending so much money, the dollar will be worth nothing by the time their done. They do not care about you or your family! Hopefully by now you can see this and are willing to become engaged in this war to save America. You absolutely must callout your Governor and elected so called “Representatives” to remind them of their duty to you. We must fix our broken election system and place those in power on notice.

      • Michael, would you attack and potentially kill someone who believes the opposite of you? Are we truly at war?

    • Sarah made all her money last year on her celebrity status. Her money was made on the Sarah Palin brand. What has she built? Anything?

    • Speaking of RINOs, remember when Sarah used all of her star power to endorse CCP candidate Bill Walker, who after winning election, promptly tried to get Alaska partnered with the Communist Chinese?
      “Sarah America” indeed……

    • One of my closest relatives thinks Elizabeth Warren would make a great President!?!?!??… Proof to me that it IS possible for two people who are related to have completely different political ideologies…

      • Would you believe ‘controlled opposition’? He endorsed a person of his known party.

  3. I hope someone asks Palin what she meant in her ad when she said she was in this race for the long run. Then ask her why she quit her job as Governor. Then ask her if she thinks she let down her supporters, who spent time and money getting her elected. Then ask her if elected whether the voters should trust her to stay if things got a little rough.

  4. Sarah doesn’t want to reveal how much campaign money comes from National Enquirer subscribers. Wool can’t remember who donated to him, or much else, after 30 years of smoking doobies and drinking with college kids.

    • As a long-time member of MADD, I am appalled that Adam Wool had the nerve to run for Congress. He’s one of the despicable politicians I’ve run across.

  5. Is there a deduction in the Federal financial disclosures for bad plastic surgery? That might explain the lowball figures Sarah provided.

  6. Alaskans should vote for a representative who reflects Alaskan values and works hard to help resolve problems. Sarah Palin demonstrated she does not understand our Constitution, or how government works. On top of that, she is a quitter. She will make the final 4 and siphon votes from Begich.

  7. Sarah recognizes the three party system… Democrat, Republican and Sarah… What could possibly go wrong???

  8. Nick Begich is the only responsible candidate that should be elected. All of the others are merely clowns and won’t serve “all” of Alaska and/or Alaskans. Vote Responsibly … Vote for Nick Begich!!!

  9. I see what’s going on here. Sarah took her late filing over to the mainstream media, which now appears to be her friend and ally. I get how this works. They would love her to be in office now that they don’t have Trump to kick around, but as soon as she gets in, blamo, she’s the enemy once again. But for now, the mainstream media is her useful idiot. Keep up the good work, Suzanne. We appreciate it.

  10. This election is being advertised as a mail in ballot only election. I called the division of elections about this and was told there will be in person voting at certain places from may 27th to June 10. I don’t think many people are aware of this, please get this out to your readers. You can call the division of elections for a place near you to vote.

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