Nobel Prize in Medicine: mRNA Covid vaccine developers

Katalin Kariko, Drew Weissman are pharmaceutical researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.

Some may doubt the efficacy of the Covid mRNA vaccines, but not the Nobel Prize committee. The jury has named Hungarian Katalin Kariko and American Drew Weissman as co-winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2023, saying their discoveries were critical for developing effective mRNA vaccines against Covid.

“Through their groundbreaking findings, which have fundamentally changed our understanding of how mRNA interacts with our immune system, the laureates contributed to the unprecedented rate of vaccine development during one of the greatest threats to human health in modern times,” the jury wrote.

Kariko, born in Hungary, was a medical researcher, and then was senior vice president at BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals. Since 2021, she has been a professor at Szeged University in Hungary and an adjunct professor at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Drew Weissman was born in Massachusetts, and established a research group at the Perelman School of Medicine, where he began collaborating with Kariko in 1997. He is the Roberts Family Professor in Vaccine Research and Director of the Penn Institute for RNA Innovations.

The pair, who met while waiting in line to use a photocopy machine, worked together for many years. They were selected for the world’s most prestigious prize by the Nobel Assembly of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute medical university. They will share the 11 million Swedish crown award, worth about $1 million U.S. dollars, between them. The prize money is considered taxable by the IRS.


  1. Hard-won and well deserved! Now, of course, they will begin to receive physical threats from the anti-vax community.

    • Oh come now lets not be extreme unless you are trying to invoke violence on them from those democrat wearing MAGA hat guys who were hired to attack Jussie …
      its not like they are supreme court justices who really are in danger and risk their lives by going out on a limb and suggesting equal protection of life as described in the constitution for unborn children.

    • Of course. Cannot imagine the science-denying comments that are sure to follow on here. Never mind of the obscene amount of data proving the efficacy of this vaccine. Never underestimate the power of denial.

      • If this vaccine works, why does it not prevent getting Covid? If this vaccine is safe, why does it kill a certain percentage of the people who take it? Please explain your version of “science” that denies empirical evidence. I’ll wait.

      • Says the side which claims boys can be girls and global warming is real.

        The left: the party of bad comedy and worse science fiction.

      • Cman, comments in denial of Science? Like every lying word out of the mouth of Fauci? But then Fauci proclaimed, ” I am the Science”.
        BTW, that wonderful m- RNA therapy that they pushed as a vaccine, how well did that work?

      • Just in case you want to read actual peer-reviewed literature on the matter, rather than your own “research”…..

        “Monovalent mRNA vaccination was 76% effective in preventing COVID-19–associated IMV and death <6 months after the last dose and remained 56% effective at 1–2 years."


        • Of course the CDC would say that, in writing even. Just proves our point that the CDC, the WHO, the Nobel Committee, and the rest of the UN are making strides in learning how to control the world for the coming one-world communist government.
          I will not argue that their RNA research is important or even worthy of a Nobel, but find the use it was put to is purely evil.

          • And you can prove this how? You can’t, but hey, you can say anything you want. Just because its spoken, doesn’t make it true. The research I just posted is open to falsification, your claims are not. One is science, the other isn’t.

        • Thanks for the link.
          Did you actually look at the study, or just assume the headline was the full story?

    • Yeah, yeah blah blah…do you actually believe any of the stuff you post, or do you just get a kick out of agitating?
      You have to admit that those two wearing masks to get their price in 2023 after umpteen boosters is a bit disconcerting and not trust inspiring.
      That being said the mrna technology is definitely a break-through and new innovation and deserves recognition. If our experience is any gauge though, it is just not ready for general consumption and maybe would be better applied to a more stable virus/bacteria for better results.

      • Is “blah, blah blah” actually supposed to be your retort? I like to read multiple peer-reviewed analyses before coming to a conclusion on something like vaccines. If it wasn’t ready for public consumption, then these studies would have shown that to be the case, unless you just think all scientists are part of some deep-state cabal hiding reality from the general population. Never mind that any results that are published are reviewed by other scientists who then attempt to replicate those results. That being said, and to your question, yes, I do enjoy agitating those on here who choose to ignore actual research in favor of what they hear on talk radio.

        • cman, part of the problem with agitating, it cuts off the very debate, which you wish to contribute facts to. When you make outrages statements like WTD above, others have two choices: ignore and feel complicit or rise to the bait and get sidetracked from the actual topic of the article (Sebastian and Frank are especially good at obscure sidebar comments unrelated to the topic at hand).
          My problem with this whole vaccine research peer review etc. is the very large amount of suppression of diverse voices,(some from other countries) who have other observation/research/results as “mis or disinformation” often at the government’s hands by proxy. This was especially true, as many American were locked-up in their homes and controlling the narrative to only one conclusion hindered good and strong debate and search for alternative options. Peer review means very little if you only have people, who agree with your hypothesis/results act as reviewers. It leads to circular thinking and results that may not resemble reality. It should also be of note that during the pandemic so-called peer-reviewed articles were expedited and published twice as fast as normally.
          Then there is the pride and ego of researchers and scientist. Dr. Fauci is the prime example. He demanded to be the end all be all and brooked no other opinions but his own. Knowing his track record does not make me all that comfy with his conclusions. That he has a personal and monetary interest only adds to that.
          The most troubling for me is the “emergency use authorization” that continues to be in use even after several years of data. It not only holds the manufacturers harmless, but circumvents the more rigorous testing and especially researching of long-term effects of a treatment that has no such tract record. Instead it is cleared for anyone 6 mos and over. Individual, who in 10 or 20 years may display significant side-effects we have yet to know anything about, will pay the price for this hubris WITHOUT recourse, especially considering that we have NO comparable long-term data from other vaccines, as none are based on the same Mrna delivery model.
          I appreciate your diligence and the views you bring to the discussion, as they contribute to the whole.
          So to your opening statement. When WTD implies that ALL, who do not agree with HIS line of thinking, are basically thugs bend of physically harming those they don’t agree with, such a statement can only be met with “blah blah blah” for the hot and ignorant air it really is.
          American values are born of equal voices, freedom of opinion and the ability to debate. WTD’s comment is the antithesis of that.

        • So how many times have you told anyone stupid enough to listen “I still got Covid three times, but it wasn’t as bad as it would have been because I got the jab!”?
          Because you can measure with accuracy and replicate the results of the severity of what might have been? Follow the science…..real science.

    • Has everyone lost their marbles, over a billion souls dead or disabled over these bioweapon vaccines around the world.. these people should be on trial for murder. These are not vaccines, these so called vaccines are full of horrible anti freeze, graphine, immune suppression, nanotechnology, thousands of bacteria like disease carry lipoprotein, and much more with 33 pages of horrible side effects on their own web page..
      What are you doing, its all over the internet, the Patents, the papers of all the big companies and corporations involved in this hideous vax lie. Start with the DOD, they are running this along with DARPA, they run the CDC..which by the way Is not part of the Federal government..they are a private vaccine company.
      Don’t take a vaccine no matter what they will die or become very disabled, find your way to the 60,000 scientists and doctors around the world..listen to Senator Ron Johnson heading up the investigation of these killer vaccines.

      • And you can back up these numbers with actual data? I doubt it. I’ve been taking vaccines for years, including the mRNA vaccine and I’m perfectly healthy. Guess I must be an outlier?

        Remember. Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

        • cman, I am pretty sure that Satan is proud of you. You are so consistent in telling the lies that you have been instructed to repeat endlessly.

        • Responding to perceive unscientific comments with scientifically inconsequential personal anecdotes doesn’t seem to support your point here cman. Your deliberated obtuseness of any difference in methods between traditional and the mRNA injections only adds to that impression.
          Furthermore denial of adverse outcomes from the Covid shots indicates deliberate ignorance.

  2. This from the same people who gave Barry Soetoro a noble prize for being a half term senator/community organizer, BEFORE he even sat in the Oval Office.

  3. The “vaccine” that didn’t work?

    Once upon a time a Nobel meant something. Seems today they are available at the Freddy in Wasilla in the bargain aisle.

  4. The Nobel Prize Committee just lost all credibility and the prize is rendered meaningless.

    Is there anything in this life that will not be used as a political tool?

  5. And the Vax works so well that they are wearing those useless masks while accepting their awards.

    Seems totally legit….

  6. “Kariko, born in Hungary, was a medical researcher, and then was senior vice president at BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals.”

    Glad to hear it wasn’t Pfizer, who ended up being the ones who bought the shot.

    • Dr Robert Malone was a key factor in researching and developing the vaccine who also became very sick from the side effects (Myocarditus) and tried to warn the public but He was silenced immediately. He has some very important insight on the benefits and long term effects/hazards of experimental vaccines.

      • So Malone claims it was poison a few years back. Now he is bent he doesn’t get credit. So what is it? Andy I warned you about your vision earlier, it’s myocarditis. Itis means inflammatory condition. Itus is in the Urban Dictionary. Probably your go to companion along with Strunk and White.

      • When an individual gets the Peace Prize for… doing nothing, and researchers are given it for a product that does nothing, yes… the Noble Prize has officially become meaningless.
        One does not have to be on the selection committee to see that.

  7. Well of course, They are both affiliated with University of Pennsylvania that has received millions of dollars from China which is also the home of Penn BIden Center where Joe also stashed top secret documents for his Chinese handlers to fondle through.
    The U of Penn is the new home of big pharma for all those investors out there who want to really cash in on new vaccine experiments. There is really big money in it now that research and technology has finally reached a milestone developing a method of population and herd control through the use of engineered viruses as well as vaccines for the same viruses. Its a win win shot at becoming rich according to my financial advisor who emulates Pelosi Venture Capitalist investment firm.(the investors bible)
    Reminds me of the 70;s when the same tech companies were developing speed trap radar equipment for speed enforcement as well as selling speed detectors for the same but the technology would change every year or so to keep sales up.
    Everybody needs to get in line because you can bet your investment portfolio that a new virus/vaccine will appear as selection cycles roll around.
    Nobel peace prize lost all credibility when they were forced to give it to the first black President …for some reason?

  8. These folks pictured were instrumental in developing a covid vaccine that has been referred to as effective, yet both continue to wear masks. Seems contradictory at best… -Cheers

  9. Ever since Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s never been ever so clear that the Nobel Prize Committee is a complete joke – sham – fraud.

  10. I’m wondering if these two esteemed researchers took their own jab? Probably not, that’s why they’re wearing masks.

  11. choke choke…now I’ve seen everything. unreal. these guys will do anything for more money in their pockets.
    how many more people will you kill with your LYING BULLSHIT??? you should all be put in jail, for your lies. YOU’RE KILLING PEOPLE FOR MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS!!!

  12. TOTAL BS. Dr. Malone, an American, invented and discovered MRNA technology. More quackery and lies from the Left.

    • Agree, Ted. Let these fraudsters hide and gag behind their masks. The Left is full of mendetious propoganda. It’s what they do best.

  13. Too bad the prize people didn’t bother to ask the people who suffer from the side affects of their horrible shots. It’s been nearly 3 years since my job forced me to get that shot or loose everything because I would lose my job if I didn’t do the dictators bidding.
    My arm has never stopped hurting at the shot sight. And some days the pain radiates the the rest of my arm and soo bad I can’t lift my arm without excruciating pain.
    Thanks a lot, prize people, for rewarding him for causing my suffering!!!

      • That was the Peace Prize.. Different committee. This was the Prize for medicine. Like the one for physics or other sciences. I worked in a place with a guy who got one. Dr. James Allison. Who did something worthwhile. One of my college professors was a Nobel winner. he made his whole career repeating the same experiment. And being a jerk to freshman chemistry students.

  14. “Some may doubt the efficacy of the Covid mRNA vaccines, but not the Nobel Prize committee”.….well, apparently, the winners don’t trust the efficacy since both of these criminals are wearing masks….the irony is amazing….more so, because the author didn’t even pick up on it.

    I live in a community with close to a dozen deaths from men who took the shot – one died suddenly 4 days after getting it – the others developed sudden cancers and other debilitating diseases. Big pharma is wiping up their deaths with the fake media and ridiculous prizes….don’t forget the veracity of the Nobel “Peace” prize committee who awarded it to Barry.

  15. Remember when Barrack Hussein Obama won the Nobel Prize for Peace and then went on to embroil the United States in armed conflicts in 5 different countries at the same time? The same guy who authorized drone strikes on American citizens & unarmed women and children? The vetting is non-existent for these awards!

  16. An injection SO SAFE, they threatened you to take it.
    For a disease SO DEADLY, you have to be tested for it.
    *LOL.. Anti-Vaxx? How about Pro-Choice, or does that only apply to the unborn….?

  17. You all can hear from medical experts, including world acclaimed Dr Peter McCullough, at the “Covid & Beyond: The Establishment and You” event. At the Mountain City Church on October 13/14. You will also hear from an expert on Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact your daily lives. Finally, James Taylor of the Heartland Institute will speak on Covid Policies: A Trial Run for Future Government Control”. Here is a link to register: ‘

  18. Remember how they didn’t want to share the test results for 75 YEARS until they were sued into doing that? And the media hasn’t bothered to dig into that data – isn’t that weird?

    Suzanne: You should read this book and write a story about it.


  19. Doesn’t give me much confidence in their “vaccine” when they have to wear an ineffective mask to protect themselves from Covid! Couple of clowns!

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