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No more Eskimo Pie

Dreyer’s Ice Cream says it will stop marketing its iconic chocolate-covered ice cream as “Eskimo Pie,” because, the company says, the term “Eskimo” is derogatory.

The announcement came Friday and is the latest in a number of announcement from companies that are banishing African-American and Native American images from their products: Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Mrs. Butterworth’s and Cream of Wheat all had African-American representations that are now considered too hot to handle.

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Land o’ Lakes, an agricultural cooperative, is also removing the brand image of a Native American woman because the company said it was degrading.

“We have been reviewing our Eskimo Pie business for some time and will be changing the brand name and marketing,” Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream’s spokesperson told CBS News. “We are committed to being a part of the solution on racial equality, and recognize the term is derogatory.”

The company has not yet announced what the new name of the ice cream confection will be, or whether there will be a human face associated with it.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Land O Lakes doesn’t understand that they have now made it more derogatory. By removing the image they just stated they have taken land from the Natives.

  2. They can take their products and peddle them elsewhere. The left keeps pushing and companies keep giving in….what the ******

    • The petitions on are robo signed. Over exaggerated. I looked into certain petitions to remove statues and half of the signatures are from fake accts & or people who never signed. They also make there own history by liberal beliefs controlled by extremists.

      • When you lie to make a point, you only make yourself look stupid and lose before you start.
        You had a good argument and then you took it to far with a lie.

    • Absolutely ” the most stupid action by long term producer of quality

      Not only lose customers but “trash ” the stock valuation !

      Can’t believe an employee actually did this. Kinda of like tearing down Christopher Columbus statues.

  3. As each of these companies announces that they will be changing the names of their products because they are “racist” I will be writing to each of these companies letting them know that I will no longer be purchasing their product. What will be next??? White rice? White chalk? White flour? Maybe we will no longer be able to paint our house WHITE. Have had a snoot full of this.

  4. Yep. Racist ice cream. Obviously offensive and intolerable white supremacy.

    The world has gone stark raving insane!!!!

  5. Might be fun to visit with Herman Cain about buying these brand names, investing in an employee-owned company of American black and indigenous people to make and sell these things again.
    Might be funnier to find out the names aren’t for sale, just stashed out of sight until the (fake) storm blows over…

  6. Land O’Lakes started it several months ago. I wrote them that when the Indian Princess is no longer on their butter, I will no longer be a consumer of their product………….

  7. They are all breaking their neck in an effort to be the goody companies what a bunch of crap with trying to be looking favorable but ending up with looking stupid in the eyes of common sense minded people

  8. As an Alaskan Eskimo I find that this ice cream is not offensive and I personally is going to miss the name. I loved them growing up and still love eating these to this day. This world is getting ridiculous….

    • When I saw this, I called my Eskimo gentleman friend and asked him if the name “Eskimo Pie” offended him. He laughed and said no. I then asked him if he thought maybe other Eskimos got offended by it, he started laughing again and said no. When I told him why, he couldn’t believe it.

  9. World Indian Eskimo Olympics (WIEO) seems to be ok? For now? Good gawd people, snap out of it! What a bunch of pandering snowflakes.

  10. Unbelievable. We’ve been putting land o lakes butter and Auntie Jemima syrup on our cream of wheat for decades. We mix it into a concoction with seal blubber, freeze it, and call it Eskimo Pie. You people in the cities really are stupid.

    • I would love to try some, Tommy. I hope you can start your own brand and either license the name or take it without worry of trademark infringement. Eskimo Pie rocks.

      • Anyone here ever tried our great Mexican food? Burritos, enchiladas, tacos, etc. Mexican chili peppers. Sounds to me like the Lefties all have severe cases of Montezuma’s revenge.

        • We make fun of ourselves. Cannucks! Greatest hockey team in the world. What is wrong with you crazy, ultra Lefty Americans?

  11. I can see changing the name in Canada, where the term Eskimo is offensive. But in Alaska, we’re not.

        • The Edmonton Eskimos are a professional Canadian football team based in Edmonton, Alberta, competing in the West Division of the Canadian Football League. The Eskimos play their home games at The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium and are the third-youngest franchise in the CFL.

        • Peggy, are you Irish? How do you feel about the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame? Get real, sis. And kwityurbitchin!

          • Not Irish and wow, not bitchin’ either. Just stating a well-documented fact that our native cousins in Arctic Canada find the term Eskimo offensive and prefer to be called Inuit.

            But since I made absolutely NO mention of sports teams, maybe you’re getting my comment mixed up with John’s…?

    • I lived in an Inupiaq community almost my whole life. People prefer to call themselves Inupiaq, unless they are talking to white people they don’t expect to know what that means. Some of the older generation prefer Eskimo, but not when they are speaking their language. Eskimo is not a word in any Alaska Native language.

  12. No more of those “racist” foods for me, even though I remember them from the time I started to remember. This is another farcical avenue to leftism. I won’t personally discontinue these foods because the foods themselves are “racist”. I will boycott every one of them because of the message they now send to America. Not the food. The ‘administrators/CEOs bowing to the leftist fools/tools make me sick. Chick fil a the same. I wouldn’t walk into that establishment if the “CEO” paid me, after watching him on the news bowing, scraping and shining the shoes of a BLM racist. Pretty sure “racism” works both ways. Not just white against black. Now, it’s ok for racist blacks to proclaim superiority over whites, but no way for any white to think they are even equal to the BLM bowel movement. Disgusting and against every gain against racism in history. Not America. Some backwater country with a tin pot dictator would revel in this leftist sewer, not America.

  13. So Native Alaskians made this decision? Or is another ethnic group saying this is for their own good? Cause that sounds racist to me.

    • It is white people who are part of the “cancel culture” who are deciding for other races what is offensive to them. For them to think they know better is in itself racist and they (the white snowflakes) are just too stupid to see it.

  14. Sports teams like Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, Florida Seminoles……..beware.

  15. “Political correctness”, haven’t heard that term in awhile…and yet here it is running amok! In capitalism, people decide things by what they buy. They, in effect, vote with their dollars. If these things are so offensive then why have these companies been so successful?!

  16. I am a member of the federally recognized tribe, Nome Eskimo Community. American Indians were originally called Indians because someone thought they landed in India.

    Alaska Native and American Indians have been advocating to be included in the living history of America. A more accurate history, but still. I want to see brands that acknowledge my existence, not backslide into removal of our existence.

    I do not know who is serving as the judge, jury and voice of perceived racism, but someone got this all wrong. Instead of erasing, maybe embracing, learning about the Eskimo culture and be a springboard of sharing interesting facts about Eskimos. Like – no we do not live in igloos anymore. Or no – there have never been penguins in Alaska. Or, a real no-brainer – different recipes of Eskimo ice cream, for instance.

  17. Grow up, this leftist garbage is just that garbage, they are not giving in to anything, they are jumping on the bandwagon hoping to increase the customer base. every decision they make is about the bottom line.
    The left are “commies” the right are “nazi’s”..I mean really, what is this grade school..

    There are good people on both sides of this stuff, but as in all things, a small group on each side screams, calls names and gets all the attention, the far left and the far right are destroying us, we used to be able to laugh and blow off stupid stuff, but now it’s all life and death, ‘commies”, “nazis”, just stupid.
    USA Americans, all of us, not just left or right, ALL of us. We fight, argue and disagree, called family. The media keeps us fighting for nothing..grow up , listen , and realize you are being suckered into stupid issues.
    I love this state, this country, and I accept we are allowed to disagree and still be Americans.

    just saying..

  18. Stating that “the term ‘Eskimo’ is derogatory” is an offense to Eskimos, and is itself racist.

    • Nope it’s not sir. Where do you live, Seattle?? 51 yr resident of Alaska pal. Our Eskimo people do not find any of this racist… Are you aware of that? What entity you working for Black Lives Matter or anther domestic terrorist?

      • Born, raised, and residing in Alaska, Sir.

        Read the article:
        Dreyer’s Ice Cream says it will stop marketing its iconic chocolate-covered ice cream as “Eskimo Pie,” because, the company says, the term “Eskimo” is derogatory.

        Do you think the term “Eskimo” is derogatory??? To me, that is a racist statement, because I do not consider the term “Eskimo” to be derogatory.

          • My family and I are Native American and Conservative, NOT white liberal. We do NOT consider the term “Eskimo” to be derogatory.

  19. What about the dog breed American Eskimo. I love my Eskies. Do I have to refer to them as Miniature Samoyeds? Or, is that offensive too?

  20. People that are comfortable in their own skin do not have issues with ANY of this. The only fragile snowflakes that think it’s racist are the leftist Libtards that wear their identity on their sleeves. If these dumb companies would just say no and move on this would all stop. But until we start standing up for ourselves and saying no to these bullies… They will continue their childish tantrums… The left is killing itself…. Eating their own bite by bite…. Lovely to watch…

  21. Pandering to the Fascists like other major corporations. It’s payoff money, in the hopes the Fascists will leave them alone. It never works. They will eventually come for you too.

  22. I’m just thankful it’s called chocolate ice cream so there’s no racial issues if I order it. The same is true for vanilla — I wouldn’t want to ask certain people for apple pie with white ice cream.

  23. Are we going to get rid of Swedish Meatballs due to white privilege? Will Ronald McDonald have to go? Same white privilege (not to mention red hair which liberals hate). How about Chef Boy R Dee? What about Paul Newman? He’s everywhere. For the ultimate in white privilege, absolutely get rid of the Pilsbury Dough Boy!

    • You have tasted Swedish meatballs right? Ugh! Clowns are creepy. As for the redheads…let the liberals hate them, increases my chances of finding love one last time! I have a weakness for redheads (women). The Dough Boy? Well he does not represent whites well…overweight and bald, definitely we should get rid of him! So, Jim, I don’t personally see a down side to this movement of yours. Where do I sign up? Maybe we could call it “Save the Redheads”?!

  24. Thought you might enjoy the excuse letter I got in response to my note to Land o Lakes.

    Thank you for your email regarding our new packaging. We are sorry to hear about your disappointment.

    As Land O’Lakes looks toward the 100th anniversary of our cooperative in 2021, we’re seeking new ways to tell our farmer-owned story to consumers. We’re doing this by rolling out new packaging for our products, which began in 2019. The new packaging features words like “Farmer-owned” and “Since 1921” above vibrant images of land and lakes. While the packaging is new, the ingredients in the products have not changed and the same delicious products are inside. We appreciate your comments and will share them with our product team.

    We hope this helps you understand our goal in making this change. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in the future.


    Land O’Lakes Consumer Affairs

    Case: 228835.

  25. Marketing people aren’t a good source of cultural richness. They’ve been lying to you since you were a child and everything that comes out of their pencil is intended to mislead you into an odd amalgam of brand loyalty and bs.

    New concept for you? When you were a kid the lies started in the cereal aisle and you sucked that stuff up. Here are a few translations:

    Some settling may occur in transit =
    We only filled this big honking box half way

    Product enlarged to show detail =
    You’re about to receive less than you paid for

    Secret decoder ring inside =
    Tastes like a sugar coated horse stall floor. Your brat will scream for the ring though.

    Never expect truth or reality from a marketing hack.

  26. According to Mars Corp, Uncle Ben was a rice grower in the early 20th century renowned for quality. The name and image has been accordingly used as a label for a best-selling product. The Uncle Ben image depicts a distinguished looking man. Leftists who would remove it are implying it is not in the same respectable league as the Quaker Oats man or Chef Boyardee. These leftists appear to be racists.

    • ….. The same point applies to Aunt Jemima. Why is she unworthy to be on grocery shelves along side Betty Crocker and the Sunmaid Raisin girl?

      • And what of that stupid looking Irishman hawking Lucky Charm cereal! Damn, If I were Irish I would be extremely offended!

        How about you Wayne Coogan, didn’t your family come from County Cork? Or was it County Mayo?

  27. We need to remove all Alaska Native monuments and totem poles because they had slaves long before the Whites showed up. The Native Americans in the lower 49 too. And Let us not forget racist beer summit Obama and his slave owning family. Wipe that racists name off everything. And let us not forget who was selling the slaves to the white folk in Africa. After all that I’ll worry about an ice cream bar.

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