Man who picked Palin for VP connects himself to caper that sabotaged Trump rally


Steve Schmidt. A name from the past in presidential elections, remembered by some politically minded Alaskans as the guy who chose Gov. Sarah Palin to be the running mate for Sen. John McCain in 2008.

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Schmidt showed up as a savage commentator over the weekend applauding his teenage daughter and her friends for acquiring hundreds of tickets to the Donald Trump rally in Tulsa — tickets they had no intention of using.

The teen ploy that went viral across the country sucked up thousands of tickets and made it look like more than a million people had requested tickets to the Tulsa rally, only to make it appear that getting inside the arena was impossible due to the numbers having reached beyond the capacity. The media then reported that the turnout was disappointing to the Trump campaign, and that was the narrative that led the news cycle.

“My 16 year old daughter and her friends in Park City Utah have hundreds of tickets. You have been rolled by America’s teens. @realDonaldTrump you have been failed by your team. You have been deserted by your faithful. No one likes to root for the losing team,” Schmidt wrote on Twitter on Saturday night.

It was an ingenious youth-executed political disinformation campaign that cost the Trump camp a round in their battle with the mainstream media, as story after story on Saturday evening focused on how the stadium was not full, as it had been expected to be. Seats in the upper tiers of the stadium were empty.

The teens had used the app Tik Tok to communicate to others how to hoard tickets to the event and deprive Trump of an overflow crowd. From there, the social media trend went to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, and stayed under the radar from the Trump campaign.

Schmidt has a special hatred for Trump, and left the Republican Party in 2018 out of his disapproval of the president. He has a podcast focused on Trump and spends his days tweeting against the president in the most personal and hateful terms:

“Tonight you sweated and snarled your way through what will be remembered as the ‘Emptysburgh Address.’ The story of your dangerous shuffle down the ramp was pathetic. Tonight was a failure, just like your Presidency. America saw a small crowd looking at a loser,” Schmidt wrote.

Schmidt knows a thing or two about losing. In 2008, Schmidt was the senior campaign strategist for Sen. McCain, the Republican nominee for president. At the time, McCain was leaning toward his preferred running mate, Sen. Joe Lieberman, but most of his advisers were against that choice because the ticket needed something to dazzle voters with, since Barack Obama had such celebrity status. They also needed more women voters for McCain. Schmidt convinced McCain to pick Palin and the ticket went on to lost to Obama-Biden. Back then, Schmidt had become a household word in presidential politics.

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It’s not clear that Schmidt himself was working on the ticket-hoarding caper against Trump, but he knew about it and condoned it.

Several who attended the Trump rally told Must Read Alaska that thousands of Trump supporters outside the stadium were not able to reach it due to the protesters and the police barricades.

Although the stadium was by no means full, the Trump campaign said over 4 million watched the rally on television and thousands milling outside would have been welcomed in, had protesters not prevented them.


  1. I can’t image the hi jinx this these people pull in future attempts to denigrate President Trump and sabotage his administration. I’ve never seen Screwtape unleash such bitterness. Childish, and much more sinister, games such as this is all we’ve seen from “the noble opposition” since before America elected Trump.

    That they wasted years and untold millions of hard working American tax dollars trying to undo our American presidential election reveals their motives for the poison they are. Said in my best Trump-like pouty voice: “What a SAD bunch of losers..”

  2. Do you think “vote by mail” won’t be abused and manipulated by the leftist Democrats? Think again, these commie’s are trying to take over anything that would produce an honest election. November 3rd Vote Red, Trump is the only person strong enough to fight against the anarchy griping this country!

  3. I don’t even feel like this is America anymore. We are being overrun by a bunch of children and parents who act like children. Pathetic.. Using kids as a tool.. He’s the biggest tool of them all…

  4. Proves the point election interference was and always will be a Democratic tactic. This a–wipe should be shamed that the left has manipulated children to do their work because they can’t face reality that we the patriots of the US will do away with swamp creatures like McCain.

  5. Sure seems like the media completely missed this story in their glee to report that all the seats weren’t full. Where’s the rally for that pervert Joe, do they allow him out of his basement anymore, will they allow him to speak?

  6. Even Fox News this morning debunked the, protestors were blocking the metal detectors excuse this morning. Not blocking the entrances either. In fact, the police had a large blockade around the BOK. Losers.

    • “Even Fox News….”, Fox News was bought up by a liberal conglomerate 3yrs and has been fake news as well. You need to keep up with the times. Breitbart, and OAN are the only 2 news sources that aren’t manipulated by leftist globalists.

  7. Many generations of students who attended so called places of higher learning that used to be called colleges, which are now indoctrination centers, is coming home to roost. The ultimate outcome is predictable, just what you are seeing in the streets. People who believe in group think and have no capability to think independently are subservient to the heard mentality. They believe their own truth when the facts don’t support the group narrative. Be aware of mail fraud and be afraid. Remember the last election where in California 2.5 million mail ballots disappeared? And eight republicans were ahead before absentee ballots were counted after which they all lost. The evil left will leave no stone unturned to seize power. Starting to sound like 1933 Nazi Germany to anyone?

  8. Which is the biggest threat to our state, our country, our traditions, our freedoms, and our way of life?……. Russia?, China?, North Korea?, Global Warming?, ISIS? Answer: None of the above, it is the Socialist Democrat Party right here at home within the borders of our Constitutional Republic.

  9. Schmidt is no stranger to tanking Presidential Campaigns. He assured McCains defeat by pushing for Palins selection as VP. And now the proud father has his child working for the same outcome on President Trumps campaign.

    • But Jay, you can’t fit but a few dozen folks in Biden’s basement. Maybe yur guy, Sleepy Joe, will forget how to read a teleprompter. The nuclear code trigger button looks a lot like the on/off switch on his coffee maker. Gosh it’s gonna be so much fun watching the debates this fall.

          • Biden is a hair sniffer, a whisperer, and, …. the digital rape episode of a young staffer is still unresolved. But the press is so silent. Biden is a plagerizer, an Obama lap dog, corrupt as hell, and got his kid involved in a crooked affair with a Ukrainian gas company. Biden has a form of creeping dementia, not unlike Alzheimer’s disease. He looks washed up. The Democrats sure know how to pick them. By the middle of October, he will be a laughing stock, and many of his supporters won’t even go to the polls in November. Trump will ride it out and get his eight-year hitch.

  10. Only a delusional idiot, or liberal, would consider their antics a win. They had to buy the tickets so all of that money went into Trump’s war chest…keep up the good work. Next time they will make sure they create a large safe space for supporters, and then invite them to come inside and sit in the “empty seats” purchased by silly libs!!

  11. Antifa and other violent protesters were blocking off areas to prevent people from parking near the arena. Cars were backed up for miles and many gave up and went home. The terrorists confronted an elderly Vet in a wheelchair and pushed him over and screamed obscenities. Thugs. We must vote for a law and order President who will make abolish the crooked press and move the Second Amendment to first place where it belongs. Free political prisoners like Flynn, Stone and Giuliani. Prosecute and jail flag burners and players who don’t stand for the pledge of allegiance at a football game.

  12. The best definition of “dirty politics” I can think of but to use teenagers to do it is unconscionable. Remember Mr Schmidt “what comes around goes around” and some day those teenagers are going to be running this country and I’m afraid they will be doing it without morals!!

  13. To generate a crowd of 6,200 is phenomenal during the COVID-19 scare. No crowd this large has assembled yet. Democrats should not be joking as Joe Biden, pre virus, could barely fill junior high cafeterias. When he did, he would get verbally abused by some angry senior citizen. Laughable!

  14. None of this matters. The big question after all the last three months had to offer, was: “does HE still have it?”
    Not the rallies, they’ll come back if he still does have it. And the verdict? Over 5 million people watched that speech, and it went for over 1.5 hours. The reaction of the media, and the leftists, and sad, really pathetic, petty individuals like Schmitty, tells you all you need to know: This guy is back on his game and in His element. They’ll fix the issues, and the rallies will build. Biden cannot go 5 minutes and this guy can go for hours. Barring extensive fraud, and we all know that is coming, he is going to destroy Biden and put another nail in the coffin of the leftists and globalists who hate America, and most especially, Americans.

    • You are so right Lawrence…..and in November the American voters will return the President to office in a landslide and all the far left has is a bunch of nuts like schmitty, his misled daughter and her misled friends…who may be loud but they are few in number . They have to do things like they are doing as they have NO ONE on the democrat side to support….

  15. I saw a recent video somewhere online that was narrated by Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Don Lemon and several other notable men. Although the message is that racism is a thing of the past (take that as you will), the other message was “Where are the fathers?” Why is it that the current issues are fueled by a bunch of young people so unschooled in our history that they would rather erase it than learn from it. Why would this prank by the Schmidt kid and her contacts be so lauded by the father? What is wrong with this picture? Put Schmidt into time out and punish the kid for fraud.

  16. I think Sarah would have been a better fit with Trump. Wasn’t Schmidt mentioned in “Going Rouge”?

  17. “He has a podcast focused on Trump and spends his days tweeting against the president in the most personal and hateful terms:”

    Too precious, see one be one! And y’all don’t think Bluto does the same? It is DELICIOUS to watch the rats eat each other! Bluto’s going down; a normal human listening to over 15 minutes of him spin that he can’t walk down a ramp because of ‘shoes’ knows the man is just making stuff up. His riffs are getting more than just stale and people are just getting tired of all the constant lying. You all are grasping and gasping. My fav commentator about anything Bluto is Rick Wilson. The man constantly nails it.

  18. The sad thing lost in all of this is the lengths our young folks will go to “destroy” something, when they could spend that time trying to “create”. Unhappy with the politician? Then find your own better one, or run yourself. Instead of trying to ruin someone else’s rally, hold your own – advance some ideas, offer some proposals, create some initiatives. They have nothing to offer of their own, so they try to steal away from someone else. That’s just sad.

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