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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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New health orders from governor include in-state travel restrictions

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People traveling from the villages to Anchorage are picking up COVID-19 and taking it back to their villages. In a new set of travel guidance “orders,” Gov. Mike Dunleavy is giving off-road and off-ferry communities the authority to limit travel to their villages. There are exceptions for critical workforce individuals.

Dunleavy is also asking people if they travel to Anchorage or Fairbanks to get tested before they return to their villages, or if they go back without a test, to quarantine 14 days.

The rest of the orders are basically as they have been for many months — loosening regulations, increasing Telehealth, and allowing company board members to meet electronically.

Effective Nov. 16, the following COVID-19 Outbreak Health Orders are issued under the new disaster declaration that goes into effect as the previous disaster declaration expires at midnight, Nov. 15:

Order No. 1, Suspension of Regulations and Statutes, suspends certain regulations and statutes to allow agencies to best address the COVID-19 emergency.

Order No. 2, Telehealth & Courtesy Occupational Licenses, authorizes telemedicine, access to licensees from other jurisdictions, and flexibility to certain licensing boards.

Order No. 3, Virtual Meetings & Electronic Communications for Boards, allows business to be conducted virtually and via electronic communications for boards of corporations, non-profit, and ANCs.

Order No. 4, Non-Congregate Sheltering, provides FEMA reimbursement eligibility for temporary sheltering and quarantine.

Order No. 5, Critical Infrastructure, provides guidance for critical infrastructure workers in Alaska. Appendices with specific guidance for the following industries: commercial fishing, independent harvesters, and seafood processing plants.

Order No. 6, International & Interstate Travel, provides guidelines for residents and non-residents traveling into Alaska.

Order No. 7, Online Raffles & Prize Drawings, allows charitable gaming permittees to conduct raffles, lotteries and other contests online.

Order No. 8, Intrastate Travel, specifies the limitations on community restrictions, and that Critical Infrastructure must be allowed to travel into rural towns, but follow safety plans; defines critical personal needs for residents that need to leave communities; and implements a testing strategy and protocols for individuals traveling from road system communities to off-road system. 

Intrastate Travel Guidance

COVID-19 Outbreak Health Order No. 8 provides guidance and requirements for travel between communities located off the Road System or the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS).

Beginning November 16, 2020 at 12:01am:

  • Local communities are permitted to enact travel restrictions to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Beginning Nov. 21, 2020:

  • Travelers in a community on the Road System or the AMHS for less than 72 hours are recommended to test for COVID-19 5 days after arrival at final destination and follow strict social distancing until negative results are received, or follow strict social distancing for 14 days at final destination if no test was taken.
  • If a traveler is in a community on the Road System of the AMHS for greater than 72 hours, they should get a molecular COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to travel to a community off the Road System or the AMHS and should not commence travel until a negative test is received. If return travel cannot be delayed until the test result is available, the traveler must follow strict social distancing until they receive a negative result.
  • Anyone who is currently infected with COVID-19 must not travel to a community off the Road System or AMHS until they are cleared from isolation by a medical professional. 
  • Asymptomatic people who have recovered from a documented COVID-19 infection within the past 90 days are exempt from travel testing.

Additional information on the new COVID-19 Outbreak Health Orders can be found here.

All COVID-19 Outbreak Health Orders can be found here.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Why do we have tsunami warning system when the odds of you dying from a tsunami are so low?

    • So these idiots can warn you about the Covid!

  • Why did you stop calling it the Wuhan or Chinese Virus ? Is it because you finally realized what a —- you are for using those terms in the first place ?

      • It’s not the China virus, its the Chi-nah virus. Please be more accurate in you reporting Suzanne……. 😉

        • Still not enough. It’s the Communist Chinese Party virus.
          Just happened to come from the Wuhan lab, the same lab that the US government financially supported under the Obama Administration. Same CCP that Biden received $$$ from. Same CCP that the Clintons offered advanced military technology to. No, this is NOT rocket science. Coupled with Dominion and the traitors in the Democrat Party, the motive becomes more clear. Connect the conspiratorial dots for a complete answer.

          • It is amazing what stories people can come up with when they do not have to rely on facts!

      • Hey Suzanne, Bill Allen is Dermot Cole fyi. Keep up the great work and website.

        • The Warlock himself.

    • When being unable to read a map is converted to a virtue.


      We are guilty of the mortal sin of noticing.

    • It has been common practice to name diseases after the places where the outbreaks were first detected. Ebola is just one example. Others include MERS, Spanish flu, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Zika, Lyme. Since it is taboo for American media to say anything that the Chinese government finds embarrassing, Hollywood movies and American news reports need to pass censorship boards before they are published. The media is still calling Ebola by its place name. Perhaps they feel that “those people” aren’t worthy of the same sensitivity.

    • Bill, why not call the virus from Wuhan, Hubei, China the “Wuhan Flu“? Is that name some sort of “micro-aggression”? Doing away with items named after locations will lead to so pretty boring stuff, I’m afraid.

    • Did the term “Spanish Flu” offend you? Bill?

    • So anyone who calls it by its origin is a racist?

      Gee Bill, project much? If you are a racist, that’s your prerogative, but you don’t get to slander the rest of us for being truthful and accurate in describing where the vector originated from.

      And Where did it come from?

      Wuhan, China.

      How was it handled, within China?

      They closed down travel within China, to contain the virus, and kept travel open between Wuhan and the rest of the world. Whether it was designed to be weaponized, whether it was naturally occurring, etc etc can all be debated by reasonable people, making reasonable conclusions and still disagreeing. What CANNOT be disputed, the way they weaponized the virus, after it was airborne, and the way they directed it, away from themselves and deliberately toward the rest of the world. If it makes you feel better to call it something different than we do, so be it, but if you ignore it’s origin, and and how it was manipulated, then that sort of willful ignorance, speaks to your own bigotry, not ours.

    • When something is discovered, it generally gets the name of the discoverer, or the place where it was discovered. This is something scientists practice and use, unless you’re naming a planet or star. You might want to take this entire procedure up with all the scientists.

      It is the Wuhan virus. If you want to take offense at that, that is your choice. No one can control your feelings except you. If you have the intellect to realize that, then you can choose freedom from offense. In fact, if you’re *really* smart, you can actually considering many perspectives on any given issue, thus empowering yourself to understand a multitude of perspectives, and thus, people. That would actually enable tolerance and understanding over simply being offended.

    • The Wu Wu Flu.

  • He forgot to mention the hopping on one foot while spinning around counterclockwise. While holding 4 leaf clovers singing BeeGees songs.

    This ends one of three ways
    1-Total obedience without question
    2-People getting tired of it and getting on with life.
    3-Enough people getting it for Herd Immunity.

    • 4 leaf clovers and BeeGees songs.. so funny. I’m gonna be giggling all day.

  • I hope that school districts throughout Alaska will be issuing guidelines/recommendations to any school teachers who may be thinking of travelling out of state for the Holidays to visit family. We don’t need a bunch of teachers returning to Alaska & then having to quarantine for 14 days – with pay of course.

  • Once a vaccine is made available these orders must completely end. If an adult chooses not to be vaccinated then so be it, that’s their right. But, no more lockdowns.

  • Too little too late. At the very least there should have been a statewide mask mandate. What a joke.

    • If the masks are so effective why do we lead the world in death counts? Please dont make us all laugh by blaming MAGA rallies.
      Scientists across the globe have said masks dont help. The WHO and Washington have reiterated.
      I work in an industry requiring masks and respirators; I can tell you that if your mask does not form a seal, it’s a fashion statement, it doesnt work. You arent protecting yourself or anyone else.
      Surgical masks are to stop medical professionals from sneezing / coughing into your opened up body cavity, they arent magic bullets against microscopic airborne pathogens.

      • Yep, smacked a tree with his motorcycle but call it Covid…close enough. Had a heart attack? Any sign of Covid…close enough.

        Apparently you missed the CDC’s admission that less than 10,000 had died from Covid with no comorbidities. That was a month or so ago so I suppose the death toll has climbed a few hundred. BTW, Covid was actually a good thing since it almost completely cured the plain, old seasonal flu.

    • Yet, places with strict mask mandates are seeing a spike in cases.

    • You’ve been brainwashed. You are a victim of propaganda.

  • Flu proven more dangerous to more people. Never did any of this for the flu. This has been and is a political stunt. People have always and will always get sick. Our immune systems must be exposed to threats or we will become weak and not be capable of fending them off. Common sense has been the greatest casualty of this political power grab. The mass media have propagandized a large percentage of the world’s population into believing this is a threat. Numbers of deaths are suspect at best, and you cannot have accurate counts when monetary incentives are provided for a specific result. Positive cases are meaningless. There are few hospitalizations and few deaths. Kind of like we see from flu. Every year. Time to wake up and use critical thinking skills.

  • What a pathetic joke in rural Alaska.

    If the Governor wanted to actually do something helpful, he’d cancel school until the kids could be in the classroom. There’s no worthwhile internet, so let’s quit pretending the kids are getting an education. Send the teachers back to the lower 48 and start over next fall. Lay the rest of the staff off and put them on unemployment.

    Then really do something worth while and figure out why the American Taxpayer just dumped $280 MILLION into Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation (YKHC) hospital and there’s not a ICU.

    I’m guessing all 30,000 of us out here are preprogrammed to live long enough to get from a Village to Bethel, pray that the weather is flyable, then get medevaced for$60,000 State Medicade dollars to Anchorage.

    Governor, time to investigate what everyone out here knows is a hole in the budget pocket that’s one of the main contributers to the demise of the PFD.

  • The CDC doesn’t require mask wearing. You can wear your mask 24/7 if you want, but don’t forget your face shield. No one will think any less of you if you mask/shield up all of the time. It is a choice for you.

  • The San Fran Bay area has lost 350,000 jobs this year. They have 500,000 citizens living on food bank dole outs in the bay area and those food banks are on the verge of collapse. All thanks to the “orders” from their politicians. Lockdowns, masks, bans on meetings, bans on working and small businesses, bans on groups except antifa and blm. All for the wuhan v. They have destroyed so much of their economy that they may never recover, for a scam perpetrated by democrat socialists. Up to 80% of their small businesses will never reopen. Is that where Alaska is headed? Sure seems like it, especially in our cities.
    People, this scam is not about a pandemic. It is about control of Americans and turning America into Venezuela. Put our working class out of business and make everyone dependent on the government, run by the same politicians that are destroying our country. The communist way. Why do you think the push is on to disarm America? Less effective/no resistance is why. Every democrat socialist population in America is headed for communism if they get their way. America will cease to exist as America unless President Trump succeeds in taking down the criminal socialists. Either support and fight for him and real conservatives or face disaster. If the socialists pull their scam off, there will never be another genuine election in America.

    • ?

      We need ‘Like’ buttons in the comments section .

  • Pfffffffft………..I’ve called it the “Wuhan Plague” from the start.

  • Life expectancy in 2020 in the USA is on track to be lower than 1995 levels.

    Why are we blaming these added deaths on covid
    when clearly Soros is behind it?

  • Americans do not obey politicians. This tyranny is not acceptable from the likes of these empty suits.

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