New candidate for Alaska Republican Party chair: Jerry Ward


Former Sen. Jerry Ward has announced he is a candidate for Alaska Republican Party chairman. He joins a field of three others, including Nikki Rose, Mike Robbins, and Carmela Warfield.

The chairmanship opened up after Ann Brown announced she will not run for reelection to the seat. It is a volunteer role and requires the person chosen to pay all of his or her own expenses related to the role, including travel to major GOP meetings in the Lower 48.

Ward served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War, was a state senator, a real estate professional, and as President Donald Trump’s Alaska campaign point person in 2016 and 2020. He was a delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention from Alaska, as one of 11 delegates bound by state party rules to support Trump at the convention; during that cycle Sen. Ted Cruz had more delegates than Trump had in Alaska.

He was also a key part of the campaign of Sarah Palin for Congress in 2022.

Ward is a strong supporter of Trump in 2024 and says he will fight ranked-choice voting, the new system of voting in Alaska since 2022.

Ward set up a website to promote his candidacy for party chairman. The party state convention is where the election will take place, April 19-21 in Anchorage. The state convention also chooses 26 of 29 delegates from Alaska to the Republican National Convention.


  1. Ward supported Palin over NB3 which tells me his lack of knowledge about a person before he supports them and NB3 has far and away more intelligence than out of stater Palin who quit 1/2 way through her very first term as governor under pressure from Shannon Moore and Andrea McCloud.

    • Jerry has always been that guy looking “for an angle” for his own benefit.

      Yes, this position is unpaid, but the opportunities are there.

      If Jerry said the sky was above and the ground below, I’d look up and then stomp my feet just to make sure.

      • The case is closed per the law .
        Ward made a lot of sleazy decisions.
        The case is basically open regarding judgment of his character especially if he’s appointed to party chair .
        Sadly once again trump chooses extremely flawed people.
        Ward tends towards self serving corruption. He helped the feds make a fake case against ted Stevens .
        His idea of making for profit prisons was misguided at best and immoral at worst.
        Jerry Ward is not fit to be involved in politics. He’s easily manipulated.

    • Jerry Ward is one of the sleaziest and most slippery persons to ever grace Alaskan politics.

      He will serve Jerry Ward, not Alaska, and not the Alaskan Republican party. Jerry serves Jerry.

      Simply put, for God’s sake NO!!

  2. I like Jerry, but he went w/Palin which helped us get Peltola.
    Also, isn’t he older then both Biden & Trump by now?

    • It wasn’t Sarah who made us get Peltola, It was the “never Palin people ” that voted for her with RANK CHOICE, they should have voted red instead of voting for Democrat Peltola. In the Rank Choice, you vote all red, not splitting the party.

  3. ” He was also a key part of the campaign of Sarah Palin for Congress in 2022.” Tell me this isn’t the genius who had Sarah jump into the congressional race literally 30 minutes before the deadline…

  4. 😬 yikes

    Alaska Republican Party needs work. Though resumes are impressive None of the candidates are all that suitable for the daunting works ahead to instruct, repair, and unify a splintered party whose elected leadership go off in all directions that seems best because of they have no core.

  5. No flipping way! 3rd Generation Alaskan is right. Now I will add to that. I invited Sarah directly and through Ward face to face for n AMAC candidate debate. She said, “Why would I debate a looser”. Jerry was even more snotty, said that he knew I was not a supporter and would not agree to a debate.
    Jerry Ward INMO was just as much a jerk as Senator. No way would I want him “leading” the RNC!

  6. Jerry Ward in my opinion is a fighter and that’s what we need in this State, I think Jerry would do a great job.

  7. Nice guy Jerry – I count him a friend. His leading role in Paiin’s campaign for Congress against NB3 gave us Peltola… a deal-killer mistake. I will not be supporting him for State Party Chair. Unless someone can show me a very good reason otherwise, I’m supporting Mike Robbins.

    • So you prefer Robbins, a fully owned by the Chamber of Commerce, because he hurt your feelings by supporting Palin after she BEAT NB3. Who is a male Haley that doesn’t know when to drop out

  8. Ward and Trump are two peas in a pod. They have no ability to expand their base, the only path to victory is voter suppression

  9. The Republican Party is getting as toxic as the Democrat Party, although the party platforn still reads good. It’s looking like it’s time to start stocking the catacombs. We’re being dumped from the pot into the fire.

  10. Let us continue to have parties of exclusion rather than inclusion and independents will continue to outnumber both parties together

  11. Hey look at all the RINOs crawling out of the woodwork that will never forgive Jerry Ward for stopping NBIII’s mission to become Uniparty’s next Jim Whitaker/Bill Walker/Murkowski clone.

    Now we see NBIII minions shedding crocodile tears about Peltola. Riddle me this, if they are ‘so upset’ – why did post-election ballot data show a whopping 50% of them failed to Rank the Red and/or voted Democrat once Little Nicky placed a distant 3rd in a 3-person race. Oh yeah, NBIII campaign was an infestation of JEB! moderates that are thrilled that Ranked voting outlawed R closed primaries so they can openly enlist Democrat crossover voters.

    Will say this about the Ranked Voting scam, it created an irrefutable data trail that smokes out the rot in the Republican Inc. wing of party.

    • You obviously don’t know Nick Begich. Begich is a hard conservative who has backed Trump since 2016. It was Palin who said she would put Peltola second on her ballot. Begich consistently advised people to put Palin second. Palin was never going to win – her numbers were so bad they were lower than Joe Biden!

  12. Joey Biden, 81; Donald Trump 77; Hillary Clinton 76; Bill Clinton 77; Jerry Ward 75. Time to move on.

    • While we’re talking about ages, here are the ages of politicians in Alaska
      Lisa Murkowski 66
      Nancy Dahlstrom 66
      Mike Dunleavy 62
      Dan Sullivan 59
      Mary Peltola 50
      Nick Begich 46

      Don Young when elected? 39
      Nick Begich when elected? 38
      Frank Murkowski when elected? 48
      Ted Stevens when elected? 45
      Dan Sullivan when elected? 49
      Lisa Murkowski when appointed? 45

      Time for a changing of the guard.

  13. Jerry Ward is an entrepreneur guy, long time conservative. Loyal too. A natural organizer very inclusive. Always working overtime for conservative causes and always will among stagnant people. It is what he does.

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