Neo-segregation: A Juneau teen club has ‘BIPOC only’ events as it divides students


Across the country, universities are adopting “safe spaces” for people of various gender and racial identities, and dorms for people of different ethnic backgrounds.

In Juneau, the historic Zach Gordon Teen Club now has a segregated event for teens who are black, indigenous, or persons of color — BIPOC, as it’s called. It appears to be based on the “safe space” model.

According to, “Safe spaces are places reserved for marginalized individuals to come together and discuss their experiences. Marginalized groups may include women, people of color, survivors of abuse, and/or members of the LGBTQIA+ community. … Through safe spaces, colleges promote inclusion, diversity, and sensitivity among students.”

Apparently, the Zach Gordon Teen Club is taking it to heart. “BIPOC Teen Talk,” as the event is called, is just for some teens. Although not stated, it’s clear that white teens are not welcome, as it’s to be “A social gathering space for Black, Indigenous, and People (Teens) of Color (BIPOC).”

The event is sponsored by the Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition and the Aware Shelter.

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  1. This is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. We need some brave people to file lawsuits against this club.

  2. Ok, is there a safe spaces meeting for Wasp only?
    White Anglo Saxon People.
    How about PTOBR.
    People That Only Bleed Red.
    Need I go on?

  3. Oh look…how cute, y’all! It’s some junior hypocrites! One day, they’ll be grown up lefty hypocrites! Bless their tiny little hearts…

  4. Zach Gordon Youth Center always had a disproportionate number of teens of color majority, if not all Tlingit.

  5. Don’t forget that Juneau spent some of its CARES Act dollars on drag queen lessons. You keep sending legislators to Juneau and expecting better outcomes. Now we have rank choice voting.

    • I mean, it’s sort of typical to get leftists crowding in around legislators. No matter where the capitol is, these folks follow. Stop blaming Juneau. There are a ton of conservatives here, but the downtown lefties have silenced their voice with gray area voting laws and whatnot. I consider myself a moderate. Most people do, though.

  6. So sad. As long as we enable people to exclude, blame, or hate others based solely on skin color we’ll continue going backwards. It’s painfully tragic to see this almost universally condoned by the very institutions that used to be seen as the great equalizers. Please politicians, cut funding to every college or university that indoctrinates racism. The ignorant masses are eating it up and it will not- it CANNOT- lead to anything good.

  7. As a descendant of northern Europeans, does my skin not have a color too? Or am I transparent? Apparently, to the neo-racist crowd of “woke” social revolutionaries, I am not just transparent, but invisible — oh, and inherently evil as well. Funny how that works.

  8. MJ, good post. Racism will go away when we quit teaching it to our children – after three generations. What we’re seeing now only makes things worse – and we will perpetuate the racial strife for another two at least thanks to this stupid “woke” (expletives deleted…) nonsense.

  9. Freedom of association also means the freedom to disassociate, multiculturalism is a failing ideal, a modern experiment, and crowning achievement of social communism aka cultural Marxism.

  10. God created all people — Red, Yellow, Black, and White. Yes we’re not perfect. No one is.

  11. Have they set up “Colored Only” drinking fountains and bathrooms yet?

    If teachers would teach HISTORY they and the kids would know this was tried before, and we rejected it as a bad idea.

    I can’t see a shred of difference between today’s Woke liberals and the racists of the 60s.

  12. It’s been too easy for the billionaires running the planet to divide us in order to destroy the greatness of the UNITED STATES. We should be ashamed that we can’t see the true evil that is tearing us apart and focus our efforts on stopping it. DIVIDING us on race is not but one tool they are using amongst the many forms of Division!

  13. This is not coming from Alaskans. It is imported from the east and west coaster, national political parties, corporations and billionaires who want to subvert, destabilize, and destroy our way of life. First step towards restoring sanity to our great state – change the laws to stop allowing outsiders from donating to local and state election campaigns.

  14. Persons of what color? We are all persons of color. Unless one is transparent they are a person of color. His is truly getting so nauseating and ridiculous. Add also, the palest of skin, the bluest of eyes, the b.oldest of hair, can also be an Alaska. Native or a descendent of an African slave. This is all stupidity in its purest form.

  15. Oh dear my less than stellar thumbpecking and doing so when angry. Apologies for all my typos. B.olldest should be blondest. ‘His’ should be This. Blah.

  16. Why are my comments being changed. Only the last sentence was used.
    This is not the first time.

    • PA – I don’t have time to fix all the grammatical problems to make some of your comments understandable. You could help out by reducing excessive capitalization, using more commas and periods, spelling words properly, and reducing the number of expletives. I have over 300 comments to review/approve and can’t spend the time fixing them all to make sense of them. – sd

  17. I have experienced racism from all colors of people that I’ve lived with. It’s not just from one race or color. People hated on me because of my skin color when I was there to help them. Eventually most came around saying that I was there for the good but their nature reaction was one of hate. Best to judge a book by its contents rather than its cover.

  18. If the CBJ contributes any money to either organization, they should turn that spigot off immediately! Our youth need to come together, not driven further apart. This is racism 101 at its worst and should not be tolerated by the citizens of Juneau. Whoever came up with this boneheaded idea should be canned.

  19. @suzanne

    Your own article has sparked a small controversy within a group I am involved with. If you would like to contact me, maybe you can assist us in rectifying the outfall of your hastily put together article. I feel like any group of people should be able to meet with people who share the same experiences. I am a member of Trout Unlimited (because I love to flyfish!), I qualify to be in multiple heritage and ancestral groups (Norwegian Americans, Daughters of the American Revolution, the Mayflower Society, etc.) All of which are predominantly white. It is a dangerous road to call out social groups for being discriminatory. While there is much hypocrisy in the trending group types… I refuse to use pettiness to shoot myself in my own foot.

    • M – As someone who grew up in Juneau and went to the Zach Gordon Teen Club as a youth, and as someone who also knew him personally, I feel that the article stands on its own merits. Thank you for your comments. I do appreciate your perspective. – sd

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