National Libertarian Party picks Chase Oliver for its presidential nominee

Chase Oliver, visiting with Libertarians in Alaska in April, 2024.

Chase Oliver is the national Libertarian Party’s nominee for president. His running mate is Mike ter Maat. The two emerged victorious from the 2024 nominating convention in Washington, D.C., held this past weekend.

Oliver is a 37-year-old Libertarian activist who currently in Atlanta and has a career in business, with an emphasis in human resource management. “

He began his political activism opposing the War in Iraq under George Bush, aligning with the Libertarian Party after an encounter with a Libertarian during the Atlanta Pride Festival in 2010, his web page says.

Oliver ran for Congress for Georgia’s 5th district in 2020, and for Senate in 2022. In the 2022 race, he was credited with forcing a runoff between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker; Warnock won that runoff.

“He advocates the adoption of Ranked Choice Voting to avoid future runoffs,” his web page says.

Oliver has described himself as described himself as “armed and gay.” He is pro-choice on abortion, pro-gun rights, and adamantly anti-war. He’s against the death penalty, and also against prosecution of “victimless crimes,” which is a common phrase for prostitution. His platform is at this link.

Oliver has visited all 50 states, coming to Alaska in April to meet with the Alaska Libertarian Party officers in April.

His running mate, ter Maat, was born in Portland, Ore., and is a retired Florida police officer and economics instructor. He ran for the top of the Libertarian ticket, but after being eliminated for president, ter Maat endorsed Oliver and accepted Oliver’s offer to run as his vice presidential nominee.

Alaska’s Libertarian Party was once a stronghold in the country with the most Libertarians per capita and some of the only Libertarians holding public office. Rep. Dick Randolph, for example, was elected to the Alaska House in 1978 and again in 1980, under the Libertarian banner. He had previously served in the House as a Republican.

The Alaska Libertarian Party, however, has lost some of its momentum over the past 20 years. In 2004, when the population of Alaska was 659,000, there were 6,929 registered Libertarians in Alaska. That grew to 7,179 registered members of the party in 2014, but by 2024, with an overall Alaska population of 733,000, the party is back down to 6,659.


  1. The problem with the Libertarian party is that they split votes. The Democrats are a very cohesive bunch and live by the same narrative, they won’t be swayed. This will take away votes from Republicans which we don’t need.

  2. Even though many conservatives borrow Libertarian ideology, the Libertarian party always picks loser candidates. These guys don’t have a prayer of getting 1%. This election is only about Trump v. Biden, with RFK2 getting maybe 7%, excluding swing states. That’s it!

  3. “prosecution of “victimless crimes,” which is a common phrase for prostitution”, LOL where does this writer get that? there are plenty of crimes that don’t have victims, for example, DUI’s don’t always have a victim. This guy lost me at Rank Choice Voting!!!!!!!!

    • DUI is a bad example as it is incredibly reckless and has the potential to inflict great harm on people who did not choose to participate. The drunk driver’s passengers? No sympathy as they willingly got into the car. The family of 4 driving in the opposite direction? Entirely different story, and I am happy to relinquish my “freedom” to drive drunk in order to live in a safer and more orderly society.

      Better examples of victimless crimes (beyond prostitution) include gambling, drug use in the privacy of one’s own home and possession of certain politically-disfavored guns.

  4. Armed and sexually confused. Dangerous combo. Anti war? But it’s ok for him to decide when someone needs killing. He has all the answers, just ask him. Libertarian is just another way to spell Liberal, or Anarchist. What they seem to miss is the Constitution guarantees us a Republican system of government. In writing, in plain old easy to understand English. And they can’t stand it.

    • No. That’s not what libertarian always means. At least not within my lexicon and I’m a conservative and registered Republican. Yes they go seem to self destruct politically. Libertarian, in my opinion, means advocacy for less government interference in our lives. Government isn’t the solution to everything we encounter in life. It means I don’t care who someone sleeps with or loves, as long as no one is being victimized. It means leave me the hell alone to live my life free of petty tyranny. We have WAY too many laws governing our existence. And they can and will be used against you if you get “out of line”. If you think we still have a representative government, I have a bridge to sell you. So, a person can be socially libertarian yet conservative in other values like my natural right to worship my Father God, national security (a strong, well conditioned and highly trained warrior force) and fiscal responsibility. Term limits for congress would be nice. That doesn’t make me a liberal or anarchist. Quite the opposite. Not a complete list but I hope this helps.

  5. Here are some quotes from Mr. Oliver.

    “I’m not going to stop being a visible ally for trans people. Never.”

    “I finally found a KF94 mask I find to be comfortable and my mask/glasses lanyard arrived.”

    “Guess what? I went to a Pride event featuring a Drag Queen Storytime. And there was no “grooming” or sexualization. Just happy kids hearing a story about rainbows.”

    “I would actually vote for codifying Roe and Casey.”

    “Create a simpler path to citizenship for immigrants who are already here. Expand both the HB1 visa and startup visa.”

    What a disgrace. The L’s will be lucky to get 1%.

  6. I poked around for answers, because I do not see any viable support for this faction and I swim in these waters. Here is the best response I received >

    “It’s the same thing that happened in 2020, which resulted in Jorgensen. She wasn’t winning in the early rounds, but people were voting against a candidate as much as they were voting for their candidate. When your candidate drops out, you vote for anyone but the guy you are against. Rectenwald had the lead in round 1, but every time a candidate dropped, the votes broke for someone else by and large.”

    “You can see the faction that nominated Oliver. Nick Sarwak, Andy Craig, etc. Beltway Libertarians. They are at Reason and Cato, and they get invited on CNN. They used to be the Pragmatic Caucus, but that disbanded when the previous chair resigned (in disgrace). I think you’ll find many of them making up the Classical Liberal Caucus now.”

    So co-opted and fed adjacent. Gross.

  7. Today’s Libertarian party has nothing to do with actual libertarianism (linos?). They have simply hijacked the moniker. The founders of modern libertarianism, von Mises, Nozick, Rothbard, would agree with very few of the positions held by today’s ” libertarians”. Republican Lite? Democrats With Guns? As for Oliver, he is a hard leftist who supports abortion, men in women’s sports and child mutilation. Maybe the leftists have infiltrated that party, like they do everything else.

  8. This makes no sense. At a time when the major candidates are not popular, they run the most oddball of the oddballs? They will underperform in a cycle where they ought to be overperforming! Fewer libertarians than usual will vote for this guy.

  9. This guy backed Pres. Obama AFTER Federally mandated Obamacare was passed.

    That’s not a libertarian you fools (Losertarians – M. Medred)


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