A second Libertarian duo puts in for governor’s race


Two more Libertarians have announced they are running as a pair for governor and lieutenant governor.

Roman Shevchuk and Danny Clift announced this morning the launch of their campaign, with Shevchuk as the gubernatorial candidate, and Clift in the second spot.

The duo says it “intends to begin correcting Alaska’s course by promoting leadership guided by reason, restraint and accountability to the people.”

Shevchuk describes himself as a capitalist and second-generation American, whose family escaped the aftermath of communism in the Ukraine to seek a better life in the United States, settling in Wasilla in 2001.

Clift is an architect, entrepreneur and lifelong Alaskan who runs two businesses: his architectural practice and a marijuana cultivation site in Anchorage.

They detailed their platform:

– Believe in consensus-based leadership. Citizens give consent
to be governed and for this law to be common, it must be supported
by an overwhelming majority. It is not government’s duty to direct the
community. T
– Oppose partisan political behavior that has typified the
landscape of politics in this State.
– Believe in a full PFD and the statutory formula it’s based
upon, and are against the POMV.
– Aim to maintain or reduce state spending in all divisions.
– Protect our citizens’ rights. All of them.
– Are sensitive on LGBTQI+ issues
– Are Feminists in the classical way that the Merriam Webster
dictionary defines it.
– Believe in the subsistence lifestyle in Alaska and are
against trawling.
– Are friends of the marijuana industry.
– Believe in school choice.

Already announced are two other Libertarians, Billy Toien and Shirley Rainbolt.

Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas have announced as nonpartisan candidates, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy has announced, but has not announced his running mate.

Alaska will have, for the first time, an open primary, with all names on the same ballot, and a ranked choice voting general election, where voters will rank the four candidates (or teams, in the case of the governor’s race) who emerge from the primary with the most votes.

Candidates have until June 25, 2022 to withdraw from the primary ballot. The primary election is Aug. 16, 2022


  1. These gentlemen may be fine candidates but…So many people are saying they want to be non partisan these days. I guess they have no opinions or points of view or beliefs. If you have any of those things…your partisan, even if you say your not. Non partisan is an illusion. Just look at the non-partisan Anchorage Assembly.

  2. And if the Alaska Supreme Court overturns Ranked Choice Voting, this is all for show.
    Gotta love “Libertarians” who demand their check from the government – lol.
    They don’t know the meaning of the word.

  3. Lisa Murkowski’s (ahem…. I mean Scott Kendall’s, one of her former campaign workers) Ranked Choice Voting Project is about to play out…

    I would wager that a forensic audit of the 2020 Election in Alaska would quite likely shine a glaring light on the Ranked Choice Voting portion of that election. Good money.

    • This may not work out well for lying liberal lisa . Even if she wins by this crooked rank choice voting she loses. Everyone I know hates her. After her days in politics she will have to move out of Alaska.

      So where do these sleeve bags retire too ????

      • We usually go on cruises, Doug. Nancy and I tried the 360-day cruise but we got tired of eating steak and lobster every night.

  4. As others have mentioned, they are not actual Libertarians. Chrony capitalist democrats? RHINO lite? Maybe. Not Libertarians.
    As for Walker, he is an Independent Alaskan for Hard Leftist. – M.John

  5. Well, at least with more choices there is a chance we can dump Bill Walker in the primary. If it were just between Dunleavy, Gara and Walker, one of the later two would win, as I can not see any self-respecting conservative give any vote to the master of disaster Walker. Neither will the liberal persuasion give any vote to Dunleavy. This whole RCV gives me the creeps.
    As for those two, their platform is another schizophrenic list. These days LGB….and feminism are diametrically opposed (with men in girls bathrooms and on their sports teams), there is no increase in resource development mentioned anywhere on that list and the consensus based leadership sounds like a lot of sticking the wet finger in the wind to see were it blows from.

    • Funny, in your house is it vanilla and chocolate ice cream only?
      Only Country or Motown music? Red Solo cups or Great Value plastic cups? Blue jeans or Carharts only? Yankees or Bucs? Seahawks or any other NFL team?

      Truly do you believe that 320 million err… 319,300,000 (with debatable COVID deaths) Americans all fall into two private government sponsored political parties? You don’t question this? This doesn’t seem suspicious at all? How is it we have like 50 flavors of ice cream at Freddy’s or Stuffmart but only two political parties? The decades long influence campaign has run its course and now we have the enviable task of choosing the lesser of two evils…yeah. Both established choices are evil…go one pick one.
      It’s time man. It’s time for a third party. It’s gonna take a healthy dose of courage. But it’s time.

  6. Libertarians typically draw votes away from Republicans. If you’re a leftist Democrat that’s what you are and won’t be swayed. This will tilt in favor of Democrats. Libertarians and Republicans need to join forces and not split the vote, otherwise Walker will be our new governor.

  7. I say “Heck yeah”!
    You know what would be great? Political establishments (R and D) that continue to peddle the notion that the only choice you have is between the lesser of two evils and that is good enough for you. The result a decline, no a retreat away from Freedom and Liberty.

    Vote in fear for your fav D or R candidate if you have to. Then I recommend you submit a protest vote by voting Libertarian. Protest the spending BOTH parties do. Protest the overwhelming regulation BOTH parties do. Protest the corporate protectionism BOTH parties do. Protest boondoggle wars BOTH parties approve. Protest the catering to special interests BOTH parties do continually.

    I know you’re scared. I know its tough to walk away from a comfortable choice. Its tough to come to the realization that your party has consistently let you down overs the years and decades. I know, I’ve been there, I walked that path, I got the tee-shirt. Like tossing that soft comforting yet filthy ragged woobie you’ve drug around for years; but there comes a time when you just got to let it go man.

    Look at the AK legislature and the PFD amount….Miccicihe, Bishop, Revak, Stedman, Stevens, Imhof, Stutes. These Repubs gave you your reduced PFD so special interests could get their “fair share”. Enough said?

    Be brave. Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils. Your Freedom and Liberty is worth more than that.

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