For second time, Democrats decide to nominate Biden ‘virtually.’ This time, it will be weeks before the Chicago DNC convention in August


The Democratic National Committee has decided not to wait for August, when delegates are scheduled to converge on Chicago for the Democratic National Convention, an event that usually culminates in the nomination of the presidential nominee.

Instead, the DNC is gong to conduct a “virtual roll call” in the coming weeks before the convention. This is to ensure that Biden can get on the Ohio ballot, which has a deadline of Aug. 7 for nominees. The DNC convention in Chicago is not until Aug 19-22.

Ohio is an important state for the presidential election, as it is often a swing state. This year, polling is strong for Donald Trump, according to FiveThirtyEight’s aggregation of recent surveys. But the Democrats know that anything can happen, and it would be embarrassing if the sitting president didn’t get on the Ohio ballot.

No date has been set for when the Democrats will have their virtual roll call vote, which will be done presumably by Zoom, Teams, or another online meeting application.

In the past, the Ohio Assembly has moved the deadline to accommodate candidates from both the Republican and Democrat parties, but the legislature has not moved the deadline this year. Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, called for a special session to begin on May 28 to try to resolve the issue; the Senate passed legislation moving the deadline but the House did not.

“The Legislature had Session yesterday and failed to take action on this urgent matter. Ohio is running out of time to get the sitting President of the United States on the ballot this fall. Failing to do so is unacceptable. Therefore, pursuant to Article III, Section 8 of the Ohio Constitution, I am calling a special session of the Ohio General Assembly to begin on Tuesday, May 28th. The purpose of the session will be for the General Assembly to pass legislation ensuring that both major party presidential candidates will be on the Ohio ballot in November, as well as legislation that would prohibit campaign spending by foreign nationals,” Gov. DeWine said.

“It is important that when Ohioans cast their vote for President of the United States, United States Senator, and many other offices this fall, they have the opportunity to cast a vote for either of the major party candidates for those offices,” DeWine said.

Whether the virtual nomination dampens the attendance to the Democratic National Convention remains to be seen. It costs delegates a lot of money to attend a national convention, and some may choose to sit it out, since inflation has cut their earnings dramatically under Bidenomics, and since they won’t actually be casting votes for their nominee.

The party has been plotting for weeks to have at least the option of a hybrid in-person and virtual convention — just in case.

This will be the second time in a row for Democrats to do the nomination via remote vote. In 2020, the Democrats held a virtual convention in order to minimize the spread of Covid. Biden accepted the nomination from the basement of his Delaware home, where he had spent most of his time during the campaign that year.

There are also worries about civil unrest or rioting. This year, some expert Chicago to see a reprisal of the 1968 Democratic Convention riots over the Vietnam War. The city now has a mayor, elected just last year, who appears to side with pro-Hamas protesters. In recent months, those protesters around the country have become unruly, lawless, and even violent.

Alaska’s Division of Elections’ deadline for independent candidates is Aug. 7, but is Aug. 30 for president and vice president candidates from the recognized parties. The deadlines are set so candidates can be included in the Official Election Pamphlet.


  1. The mayor of Chicago is not pro-Hamas. The city council took a vote in support of permanent cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. The MAGA Crowd has a hard time understanding that. The latest death toll stands at 36,615 Palestinians, for a group of people who claim to be pro-life you don’t seem to care about the civilians in Gaza.

    • No, I really don’t care about Gazans.

      They chose a government determined to fight Jews instead of take care of their people.

      After a savagery not seen since Pol Pot, Israel decided to remove Hamas from this mortal coil.

      Gaza f’d around. Now they’re finding out.

      • I agree the people has of Gaza made their choice when they chose Hamas (violence) to represent themselves.
        I am sorry several hundred of their people have died, but they started this war when Hamas killed 1,189 innocent Israeli’s in their hateful unwarranted attack on October 7 th.
        They need to turn over the innocent hostages, and the terrorist who attacked the Israelis so they can be tried and punished for the atrocities they committed.
        Israel is doing the right thing. They are trying to wipe out a moss and every civilized society should be supporting that and helping them.
        Biden is wrong to support Palestine and these terrorist. America should stand with Israel!!
        These Supporting protesters should all be thrown in jail. They are supporting a terrorist group which is a crime.

    • The latest death toll published by the Hamas run Gaza Health Ministry? The same death toll that has been shown to be a complete fabrication?


      You’ve chosen to believe lying terrorists who raped, murdered, brutalized, butchered, and kidnapped innocent women, children, and elderly.

    • The issue is that they are ruled by a tyrannical regime who use them as human shields. Hamas also intercepts all foreign aid for the people and use it/sell it themselves. You’re fortunate to live in a country where you don’t have to worry about being “wiped out.” For now anyway.

  2. Put a mask on Dirty Joe. Boost him 10 more times. And put a size small prophylactic on him. He’s infecting America with disease.

  3. Alaskans for freedom wouldn’t know freedom if it hit him in the —. The Palestinians voted for Hamas so they get what they deserve. None of the rest of the Muslim world is willing to accept their refugees either, why should we.

  4. The GOP has some problems in this area as well but it is extremely difficult to argue that the current Democrat Party engages in any process to select their nominees other than some Leftists and union people gathering in some small room somewhere. There are fewer and fewer contested Democrat primaries. Josef Stalin would be so proud.

  5. Why even bother with a Convention? They already are trying to end run the election.

    And this is the party trying to “save” democracy.

  6. There is far more to worry about for democrats than registering to be on a ballot. They live with constant fear that the corrupt and brain addled fool they are obsessed with running for president, will not ‘make it’ through the campaign. Each of his day’s weak episodes adds more doubt. And then they also face the nightmare of the possible elevation of the universally disliked Kamala Harris. Of course, all of this was the democrats own making.

  7. The fact that they think it is possible for this despicable, decrepit, walking fence post to “win” another election and remain upright four more years, tells us they have shenanigans planned.

  8. A virtual convention to nominate a candidate for what has become a virtual office of president makes logical sense. Maintaining the pretense of a constitutional republic which is run by individuals who are beholden to and represent the citizens is all that matters. The permanent state will not tolerate any challenge to its’ grip on power and policies. There is only one political party, the GOP faction functions as the virtual opposition party, a pressure release mechanism for the mass of citizens whose interests are irrelevant. It wouldn’t matter if Biden were on life support, he has no personal say in anything, assuming he had such cognitive abilities.


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