Alaska’s major candidates for Congress have all filed: Nick Begich, Nancy Dahlstrom, Mary Peltola

Nick Begich, along with his wife Dharna and son Nick IV, filed for Congress with the Alaska Division of Elections on Tuesday, as Nancy Dahlstrom had done last week, accompanied by her husband Kit.

The most well-known candidates for Alaska’s only seat in Congress have all completed their official paperwork with the Division of Elections.

Nick Begich was the last of the three major candidates to file for the seat, finishing the application Tuesday at the Division of Elections.

Nancy Dahlstrom filed on May 23, and Rep. Mary Peltola the day before that.

Begich made a humorous social media post about his filing, to clear up the “confusion” about whether he or his son, Nick IV, was the candidate. The photo included the two Nicks playing “rock, paper, scissors,” while Dharna Begich holds the official filing paperwork. Begich has been running since last June, when he filed with the Federal Elections Commission. This filing ensures he gets on the state’s primary ballot.

Dahlstrom also did a social media post last week when she completed her paperwork. She had officially filed with the Federal Elections Commission in November.

Rep. Peltola apparently didn’t file in person, but said her team took in her paperwork for her. Her social media post shows a photo of Dahlstrom on the wall of the Division of Elections, which Dahlstrom oversees as lieutenant governor.

Other candidates have filed with the Division of Elections for the seat, including someone from Iowa, another from Arizona, one from Chicago, a South Dakotan, and some Alaskans, including Gerald Heikes, John Wayne Howe, and Lady Donna Dutchess.

The filing deadline is June 1.


  1. Nancy should have stayed out of the Race and let Begich compete with Mary with a few last names! As it is now The Republican Nick & the Rino Dahlstrom will split the vote & Mary will be in again.

  2. I want to know when and where NB3 will be appearing in the Matsu Valley.

    Dahlstrom needs to go away, and not pull a Palin, splitting the (R) vote and once again giving the seat away to Peltola, who is a low IQ grifting little Communist.

  3. Republican just never “get it.” With our new method of voting we will see that with two republicans running, Peltola will be reelected. Why in the world can’t the two republicans get together and decide which one of them should run. Peltola has, I guess, proven to be a good, solid, strong democrat and will vote democrat almost no matter what logic tells most people to do.

    Can someone tell me if two republican really stand a chance competing against each other? I confess, I don’t think so.

  4. If Nancy Dahlstrom really wanted to send Peltola packing she would through her full support behind Nick.
    Sadly her ego won’t let her do what’s best for Alaska and she’ll split the vote and give Peltola the win.

    • Andrew where have you been???
      The whole point of RCV is to get rid of the primary and turn it into a free-for-all with 58 candidates on the ballot. If we could hold a party primary Lisa, would no longer be in DC and we would have had the opportunity to settle the Nick / Sarah question once and for all before either was up against Mary / Al Gross (who conveniently dropped out).
      On the other hand if there are again loads of candidates in the primary, the way to keep Nancy out is not to rank her at all, so she will not make the general.

  5. GREAT! Nick Begich has my vote!

    He will represent Alaska and Alaskans in ways that the current seat holder is completely unable to figure out. Her comprehension and general understanding might be better if she had stuck around in college long enough to actually earn a degree (remember she falsely claimed to be a college graduate). Nick has the intelligence, academic degreeS, professional experience, commitment, and awareness that Alaska needs in our next US Congressman. VOTE NICK BEGICH!

  6. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I refuse to support an Alaska Republican Party that runs two R’s against a D. They guarantee a D will win. Get your stuff together. One R candidate and only one. This will be ANOTHER unforced error. Don’t come begging for money when you can’t figure something this simple out. Signed – a bunch of frustrated Republicans living in a red state with a Communist Representative.

  7. Dahlstrom will screw it up again and split the publican vote, petola will win. When will publicans get there act together? Like they are their own worst enemy, kinda like being on the side of dumbcrats. We need dahlstrom to take a hike, did she fix the voter roles in ALASKA? No, isn’t that a major role of lutenient gov? If she won’t do her current job why should we promote her? Dahlstrom drop out, do the right thing.

  8. Nancy Dahlstrom wants to be Governor and is only running to get known in Alaska. She is taking away our chance to get Peltola out.

    I will not support her again after what she is doing.

    • Join us, Kenai. We are organizing an anti-Dahlstrom campaign. We are going after her.
      We have some goodies in store.

  9. All the hype all this time about Begich v Peltola and they both only recently filed. Still have til 5pm on 6/1 to see if anyone else files before narrowing it down.

    • Begich has been running since last summer and Dahlstrom stepped in in November. Filing with the state is a formality.

  10. 2 folks going after what’s her name
    Peltola! Cant some someone just come together under one! This is a huge problem! We all should be ashamed!

  11. All these folks unhappy with Nancy running. Well she knows that she doesn’t stand a chance. She is getting ready to run for Governor in 2026. Just chill folks.

    • If what you claim is true, then it logically follows that she must be a Peltola supporter to spoil it for Nick and get Mary re-elected.
      If she wants to be governor she should stay out of the race for the US house. She is certainly not getting my vote for any office (and that includes dog catcher)!

  12. Dahlstrom is demonstrating a COMPLETE lack of respect for conservatives in our state. She knows full well this will only put leftist Peltola back in , but simply doesn’t care. If she thinks this is a path to the gov seat. Think again Nancy.

  13. Dahlstrom is a liar. She inflated her abilities, which are questionable at best. Sign me up to oppose her. She is nothing more than a spoiler.

  14. Dahlstrom is not well liked here in the interior. Getting through to her in Juneau was about as likely as getting Elvis on the phone. She hasn’t done squat diddly for any of our local candidates. Never heard from her or her buddy Mike. I wish she would simply step aside. She has zero chance at winning this race or any future Gubernatorial race.


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