Names of dead and missing in Wrangell landslide released by Alaska Department of Public Safety


The Alaska Department of Public Safety has announced the names of people still missing after the Nov. 20 landslide in the Southeast Alaska community. Three Alaskans remain missing:

  • 65-year-old Otto “Ottie” Florschutz
  • 12-year-old Derek Heller
  • 11-year-old Kara Heller

Three Alaskans were located deceased:

  • 44-year-old Timothy Heller (located 11/21/23)
  • 36-year-old Beth Heller (located 11/21/23)
  • 16-year-old Mara Heller (located 11/20/23)

The landslide, which was unexpected, occurred at about Mile 11 of Zimovia Highway on Monday evening, taking out three homes in what was a 450-foot-wide mud and debris field. Rain and wind in the area had been intense in the previous several hour, with as much as three inches of rain falling in some areas.

Searchers conducted three separate active search efforts after determining what areas of the slide zone were safe for rescuers to work in.


  1. Devastating. Reminds me of the Oso landslide in Washington in ’14. Hopefully it was quick and no one suffered. Mother Nature is a powerful force.

  2. My goodness, I couldn’t imagine being the owner of the homes that were left standing so close to the slide.
    Is there worry that more area could slide..?
    Condolences for the families and friends of these lost souls. Very sad.

  3. Devastating! Looks like one family completely decimated. Two of the missing are young kids with the same family name as the three deceased. You just never know. Be thankful for every minute of life.

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