No sign of life: An update from Alaska State Troopers on Wrangell landslide rescue efforts


The Alaska State Troopers changed the search and rescue strategy at the landslide in Wrangell from an active search to a reactive search.

On Nov. 20, a massive slide occurred, crossing the Zimovia Highway and reaching the shore, taking three homes with it. At least three are still missing: One adult and two juveniles. Three were found dead during initial search efforts.

After three separate active search efforts, including aerial searching with drones, helicopters, and planes; ground teams with K9 scent detection dogs and trained professionals; and water-based searching with K9 teams and sonar, search teams have reached all areas accessible without the use of heavy machinery.

With the assistance of the Alaska Department of Transportations and Public Facilities, the methodical clearing the roadway has begun, and responders will continue looking for the three missing people who may be buried in the slide area. If new evidence or information suggests that any missing people may be in a specific area in the slide zone, the Alaska State Troopers may restart the active search focused on that new area.

While the active search is concluding, it remains a priority of the Alaska State Troopers to locate the three missing Alaskans to help bring closure to their families and the community.

“Our deepest sympathies are with the families, friends, and loved ones of the three deceased and three missing Alaskans,” Troopers said in a statement. We appreciate all of the assistance that has made this search possible from our local, state, and federal government partners and the regional search and rescue teams that dropped everything to respond to Wrangell to help with this search.”

The Alaska State Troopers will release the names of the deceased individuals and missing persons on Friday, Nov. 24.


  1. I think the area should been kept as a nice picnic area like my birth family used to use it has before houses were built. Look at that dirt for foundation. It reminds me of the crazy developers putting homes above Juneau’s Fred Meyers. Both me and another relative shared the same opinion the foundation it doesn’t look stable. It’s mudd building a house on mudd instead of solid rock.

    Our lives are tested by the storms of life. Where are we anchored and how secure is the foundation be tested by storms beyond our control.

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