Murkowski won’t endorse Bronson for mayor, but endorses mail-in elections in Anchorage


Sen. Lisa Murkowski has steered clear of endorsing fellow Republican Mayor Dave Bronson in the Anchorage election. Both Sen. Dan Sullivan and Gov. Mike Dunleavy have endorsed Bronson, as has former Mayor Dan Sullivan, also a Republican.

In fairness, Bronson didn’t endorse Murkowski for her reelection in 2022. But in 2024, Murkowski is once again on the record for endorsing Rep. Mary Peltola for House, and Nikki Haley for president, while saying twice on the record that she’s not certain about her future as a member of the Republican team.

On Saturday, Murkowski broadcast her love of mail-in elections by posting on social media that she was happy to be voting by mail in the Anchorage election, which ends Tuesday at 8 p.m. As of the close of business on Friday, 36,569 ballots had been logged in at the Anchorage Election Office.

Murkowski could have always voted from home through the long-established practice of absentee voting, and she probably did so before the liberal Anchorage Assembly moved the city voting into a mail-in ballot starting in 2018, with very few opportunities now for people to vote in person. The mail-in ballot ends up with a high number of spoiled ballots, when the signature verification process fails, as it has in Anchorage.

In 2022, one in every 100 ballots was rejected due to signature verification failures. Although the Anchorage election office sends a notification to the voter whose ballot has been rejected that they need to come in and “cure” their sick ballot, many people are out of town and don’t get the notice in time. It’s not clear how many ballots were cured in 2022

In 2021, 1,052 ballots were rejected due to signatures not matching. It’s unclear how many of those people were able to “cure” their ballots.

This year, voters can cure their ballots without ever going into the Election office. In one more step away from election security, voters can text “Anchorage” to the number 28683. They will get a text reply with a link to click that allows them to sign again from their phone. But the voters will also need to enter their State of Alaska voter ID number, affirm it was they who returned the ballot, sign the affidavit on their phone, take a photo of their official ID and hit the submit button.


  1. Mail-in ballots are in place specifically to enable cheating. They have no other legitimate purpose. I’m sure Lisa knows this.

      • Don’t forget, you can always do the write-in too. Murkowski is spelled:

        “H Y P O C R I T E”

        And you can take that to the Bank.

        • Thanks for the spelling correction Frankie!
          I can remember back in the day when a ballot marked with Corrupt Queen was acceptable as a write in for Lisa.

          • For those who are tallying up the write-in ballots, I’m sure they’re used to all sorts of terms rightfully applicable:
            … Hippocrite
            … Corrupt Queen
            … Rotten Smelly Salmon Queen
            … Mean Queen
            … Saggy Udders
            … Queen Bad Hair
            … Power Grabber
            … Ego Queen
            … Bottox Candidate #1
            … Queen Hefty-Pants
            … Daddy’s Little Princess
            All of these (and many more) are basically counted for Lisa.

        • Nancy,
          I don’t know about you and Frankie because you both are living on borrowed time. But Lisa and her House Husband would be at their Vila in Mexico counting their money and plotting a substantial inheritance from you. That’s your Catholic daughter.

    • She is broadcasting who we SHOULD vote for by not endorsing the TRUE REPUBLICAN.
      Lisa the loser, resign as the disgrace you truly are.

    • Last time I looked we don’t need her endorsement to vote.
      I don’t care who she backs because I want all new politicians that are not lawyers or rich.

  2. Of course the shady elected senator would endorse the most corruptible method of voting. Just call it Tammany Hall updated. Lust for power is a psychopathy.

  3. Personally, I think he doesn’t want her support. She is clearly not a Conservative and should abandon the Party of Conservatives. She and Peltola are controlled by the same group….nothing but puppets.

    • Nancy Pelosi owns both Lisa and Mary, these two traitors to Alaska, traitors to America, traitors to our native communities should be brought up on treason charges. Nothing less at this time in our nation as these two useful idiots continue to rape, pillage and burn America. Their approval of ILLEGAL ALIENS into our nation alone puts them in prison for life. Imo

  4. Princess Lisa never fails to take the opportunity to slap the voters with any sense of decency, honesty or integrity square in the face. What a truly vile, corrupt and loathsome swamp monster she is.

    Yep, we can always count on Princess Lisa to praise ANY measure that further corrupts the integrity of our voting process. She would not currently be sitting on her inherited thrown otherwise.

    Princess Lisa represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with contemporary politics. She is nothing but an embarrassment and a blight on Alaskan and national politics, and the sooner she is replaced, by whatever means, the better.

        • Treason? That’s a pretty major accusation to level. Tell me, how has she committed treason? Was it not falling in line behind Trump? Or did she specifically do something treasonous?

          Or do you just not know what “treason” means, but it sounds cool?

  5. Murky has already endorsed Lafrance with her endorsement of Peltola…No way in hell would she endorse a man over his superior being.

  6. Yes Lisa we know! Your stance! Use daddy to get in and continue to cheat to stay in! Gud god forgive my soul for believing in you! Blessings Lisa!

  7. Of course, Alaskas worst governor ever, worst senator ever, and worst mayor in the last 20 years would endorse Anchorage’s worst mayor ever. These people have no regard whatsoever for the people. Hurray for Senator Murkowski!

  8. Yet voters keep voting her in. Who? Thats where the criticism needs to be directed. There and the Alaska Republican Party.

  9. Hopefully this coming election Rank Choice Voting will be in the trash. Murkowski will be on her cheating way out. Wonder is Murkowski is just as corrupted as Biden Family is

  10. Please correct the 1st sentence. Bronson is not a “fellow Republican” of Murkowski because she is NOT a Republican.

  11. Murkowski, being the beneficiary of a stolen election in 2010, would of course endorse mail-in balloting. So much easier for fraudulent counting and obfuscation than showing up in person and filling out a real ballot.

  12. What we have here is misandry – Lisa has an issue with men. Specifically, not liking them. Hates Trump, won’t do the R thing and back an R candidate for Mayor. The only thing Lisa hates more than men is Sarah Palin. At that same time she’ll back Peltola? A squad wannabe with a very questionable voting record? She’s doing a great job of straddling the fence in order to get those so-precious-to-her Democrat votes. Hope she doesn’t get splinters.

  13. Lisa was only republican to vote for Deb Haaland secretary of the interior.
    How’s that working out for Alaska? Google it. And cry.


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