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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Murkowski votes yes to gun-grabbing Merrick Garland as attorney general

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It always is disappointing when Republicans, who supposedly belong to a party that believes in defending constitutional rights, confirm people for high office who have situational views of those same rights.

The latest jolt came Wednesday with the 70-30 confirmation of Merrick Garland as attorney general, handing the reins of the Justice Department to a longtime federal appellate judge who over the years has voted at least four times to curtail gun rights.

Twenty Republican senators – including Alaska’s Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski – joined Democrats in approving President Joe Biden’s pick for the nation’s top cop post. Sen. Dan Sullivan was a “no” vote.

During his confirmation hearing, Garland pleaded ignorance of important gun control issues. With a straight face, he told senators he is uninformed about gun policy and could not say whether Biden unilaterally could deny gun sales by permanently delaying background checks. Using the same rationale, he said he did not know whether Biden could ban the sale of popular rifles such as AR-15s.

That from a man who will be advising Biden’s administration, the most anti-gun in recent memory.

As we mentioned before, Merrick, appointed by Bill Clinton to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Washington, D.C, Circuit, knew enough to vote at least four times against gun rights.

In 2000, he voted to allow the FBI to retain National Instant Criminal Background Check System background check records in direct contradiction of federal law. Retention of those records would create a de facto gun registration list, also banned by federal law.

In 2012, Garland voted to allow the prosecution – with a 30-year mandatory minimum sentence, no less – of automatic firearms offenses without proof the accused knew the weapon was automatic.

Surely the GOP senators knew all that, but voted for him anyway.


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Latest comments

  • Remember her voting record come election time!

  • Every action she takes seems to be to separate herself from the AK GOP party and Alaskans. I believe 2022 will be the year that Senator Dan Sullivan becomes Alaskas senior Senator.

  • Trump has destroyed the Republican party. It is a shame how Republicans have become so incorrigible and feel that having an independent brain is unacceptable. Talk about a party of sheep who force their members into being party-bots who must be in lockstep or face internal consequences.

    • Thanks, Chris. Outstanding description of the Democrat Party. Now it’s time for the GOP to stop electing RINOS, and do what we used to do best…working to bring our diverse opinions and backgrounds together to protect our freedoms, securing the blessing of Liberty, and advancing the rest of the rights established in the Constitution of the United States of America. You know…the thing. PS: Thanks to President Trump, the GOP is more energized and united than it has been in many decades.

    • L-O-L
      Typical liberal projection.
      You just described the Democrat party to a tee.

  • Well, at least Sullivan had a pair………..

  • She’s been exposed and she no longer tries to hide her voting record or the fact that she’s a rino. The cat is out of the bag. I want every native to know up there that when she contributes to taking your gun away, what are you going to do then? Don’t be sheep and just stand around. Remember this and other things at election time and get her the hell out of politics while you can.

    • Yes
      The native and Bush communities need to wake up. If they want to feed there families with hunting using (GUNS) omg I’m afraid, stop the madness.
      If these communities vote in Lisa. She will throw them under the bus. If so you get what you voted for

  • She voted and supported Eric Holder and supported Jim Comey and Bob Muiller and against Trump at every turn for 4 straight years…and supported and voted for every congressional move to support her mentors at those merchants of death at Planned Parent Hood all those years as well…

  • When Princess Lisa was in the state legislature, she was anti-Second Amendment. Then Daddy anointed her a US senator, and she became enlightened and joined the NRA. Don’t be surprised when she returns to her roots and embraces the left’s gun grabbing agenda.

  • Why post a picture of a 1911 45 acp over the Constitution? This is a low capacity magazine weapon from 100 years ago. Despite the fact that many revere John Browning and his Model 1911 in the same light theologians and churchmen hold the Tablets from Mount Sinai it clearly is an anachronism today. Please Suzanne, try to find a file photo of a Glock 17 next time.

    • The senator who’s house-husband ran a noodle stand, seems to be lacking the very thing that her house-husband relied on to put food on the table. A functional noodle.

    • It’s just a file photo fool. My 17 shot Beretta isn’t jealous.

  • Wow what a train wreck! Every deed has been destructive, unfortunately we’re all on the train too!

  • Gun sales going up again. This time, exponentially! I’m out the door this weekend looking for a .223 Christianson Arms precision rifle. Got my new AR-15 last month. Looking at Glock 17 versus Sig Sauer…….in .40 cal.
    Can anyone weigh-in and give me technical advice? I want to beat the rush before the next million firearms are sold in the US. Thanks Lisa.

    • It’s the ammo that is being held back right now. Ammo shelves are going bare. Dealers can see the ammo that is sitting and available through their connections, but it is Not getting distributed out to the dealers for their shelves. “Something shady is going on”

  • When we think that republicans are shooting themselves in the foot, take another look at the foot; it may be your own.

  • Does this woman go out of her way looking for opportunities to vote against the wishes of Conservatives?

    Please, show me one piece of evidence that she doesn’t. Just one will do.


    • She did try to get that road built down there between Cold Bay and some other village I believe somewhere down that way. I don’t know how hard she tried. I shared a plane with her out of Dillingham on the way back. That was all just about getting votes though. She plays a pretty good game but just doesn’t get anything accomplished.

  • Murkowski is just a tool for the left, nothing more.

  • Well surprise! No doubt Murkowski conferred with Pelosi and the ‘squad’ before casting an ear to her constituents.

  • Out of touch… out to lunch…
    She can’t annoy the Swamp & miss a DC cocktail party

    • Strang e things are happening at those parties. Very strange.

  • The Democrats are not coming to take away your guns, and you know it. Please don’t feign such outrage in an attempt whip others up so as to support your cause.

    If you’re a law-abiding and responsible gun owner (which I am, too), why are you afraid of increased background checks and other controls? You have nothing to fear from them, as they will help keep guns out of the hands of those who are incapable of being equally responsible. Surely you can’t argue with that – demanding that others meet the same high standards that you do.

    Sure, gun ownership has been determined by the SCOTUS to be a right (arguably so in Heller), but the same decision also clearly states that the right is not unlimited, and that it should be regulated. As with other dangerous items, common sense approaches towards purchasing, owning, and using firearms are entirely reasonable.

    Happily, young people these days understand the dangers that come along with unfettered gun availability, thanks to Sandy Hook, MSD, and far too many other horrific massacres in their schools. As they come of age, they will sensibly begin to close many of the loopholes that exist today, and the days of the Wild West will finally draw to a close.

    I’m a gun owner. Regulate me for the sake of my grandkids.

  • Whidbey, the only thing I’d trust you with is a cap gun. Anything that fires a projectile requires self-control and mindfulness, two things that are beyond your reach. Get back on yur rockin chair and light up another doobie.

    • Wow, Maverick. You sure know how to add depth to a conversation!

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