House Minority members issue shared principles


The Alaska House Republicans released their vision and principles in a declaration statement.

“There is reason, we believe, in optimism for the future of Alaska. With our uncharted wilderness, our ever-plentiful resources, and our bountiful seas, Alaska remains a treasure for the bold. We, the undersigned, commit ourselves to restoring the greatness of our state,” the declaration statement reads.

“We believe in governance that fits Alaska. We will fight for a state government that operates transparently, remains accountable to the people, acts with integrity, and operates on a responsible budget that does not inhibit economic growth. This includes preserving our permanent fund for future generations, instituting a spending limit, and opposing a statewide income tax.

“We believe in restoring an Alaska open for business. This includes fighting for our right to engage in responsible resource development, protecting our fishing and tourism industries, and developing the infrastructure and fiscal solutions needed to attract more industry and jobs.

“We believe every Alaskan deserves equal treatment under the law. We will fight for an Alaska where each lawful vote counts, where law enforcement has the resources to keep our communities safe, where all life is protected, and justice is served upon those who unlawfully harm others.”

The declaration of principles was signed by 18 Republicans. Only Reps. Kelly Merrick and Sara Rasmussen, who have left the Republican caucus, did not sign the declaration.

Rep. George Rauscher said the caucus has a joint resolution in response to President Joe Biden’s crushing energy policies that are harming Alaska already. The resolution must be voted on by the entire House, however, and the House is controlled by Democrats.

“All Alaskans believe that resource development is key to Alaska’s survival right now,” Rauscher said.

The resolution will implore President Joe Biden to honor the recent coastal plain oil and gas leasing program. It asks the administration to honor the long, safe, and responsible development on the North Slope. If passed by the Legislature it would be sent to Congress and the Biden Administration.


    • The Voters landed them in Juneau with a 50/50 split and the ones that signed this statement all held together the two that did not sign split and gave control to the Dem’s. Do not forget who they are as they run again in two years

      • It doesn’t matter. If we vote them out, I guarantee you that two more RINOs will conveniently appear (see Kelly Merrick). Add in Dominion and Prop 2, and we’re in for a real mess for years to come

  1. Oh Great.
    Now more importantly: How will we balance the State Budget?
    Its really the only conversation we should be having.
    We are at a crossroads between fire and ice.
    Best wishes to everyone!……………….

  2. They lost me at “fight”. This group is beyond inept.

    The GOP is committing suicide in epic fashion

  3. They’re giving us resolutions when they should be revolutionizing how Alaska does business.
    They have the precedent right in front of them. We didn’t storm the bastille when we lost half of our PFD. Neither will we do much except whine if they take the rest.
    At least make it a wound that can heal, not this protracted death of a thousand cuts. If and when you do, just curb your greed and leave enough for running Alaska.

  4. Oh so Rasmussen and Fields were playing footsies, and of course we know Field’s is cowardly little Merricks escort. Your constituents are the people, not your dinner partner in Juneau.

    • Hey Zip, after reading the silly statement issued by the R’s it is surprising more members of their group have not jumped ship. A legislator has a duty to represent his or hers district, not to their party. The R’s had 3 weeks to cut a deal with the Lady from Kodiak, some of the Bush folks and perhaps even a democrat from Anchorage get to a majority. This of course would have meant some compromise on their part and a softening of their ideology. The question is where is the leadership in the Republican Party? Uh huh… You may not like RINOS or WINOS but at some level you have to work with them in politics. Stop blaming Merrick and look at the real cause of the problem.

      • Robert….Your thought is that a good representative or senator is one that gives on their ideology, in which their ideology is what they were elected on, in return that’s what their constituents want out of them when they go to Congress. We do Not put these people up there to not stand strong?
        Believe it or not, a whole heck of a lot of us out here are sick and tired of the compromising and rolling over that has been going on for years. Each time we compromise, we get further and further away from our Freedoms and Constitution, which should never be compromised by anyone.
        I would imagine the majority of the people are tired of having over taxation, over budget, over controlling, in other words We are sick and tired of big costly government. It’s time that the big clunky government started to revoke a lot of our taxes, and lower what minimal taxes we actual need.

        • Zip, Did Merrick renounce her Pro Life stance? Is she now anti-development? Don’t think so. Again, Ideology is important, but getting something done requires you to work with others that are outside of your ideology. Or as an old Preacher used to say, “you can be so right that you can be wrong”… meaning stay in your ivory tower and watch as your numbers dwindle and your power is all but muted. Just like it is now. Democrats are Evil, Republicans are Stooopid, I know, I am a Republican.
          BTW Zip, why did you not consider the complete lack of imagination and leadership the R’s have? They could have gotten most of what we elected them to do, now they are a joke. Don’t blame Merrick, blame your leadership. Merrick isn’t your scapegoat.

      • Jay….If they aren’t, I would be surprised. Probably having a good dinner and laugh at all us peons on our dime.

        Unless you meant the sweet curdled milk desert, if so, then that will have to be answered by a better insider than me.

  5. I think Hammond was right, we should have kept the income tax, so we do not rely solely on oil money, I used to pay state income tax before most boomers came here, and I deducted my state tax from my federal tax, which didn’t bother me that much, but out of state workers had to pay it too! Lost of people from out of state contribute nothing.

  6. Democrats are like a wolf pack, they stick together no matter what, if anyone strays they attack them. Republicans are the complete opposite, they never stick together and have no loyalty, they will do what’s best for personal gain. Lisa is a fine example.

  7. Blaw Blaw Blaw get to work and orchestrate the repeal of Prop 2 and get us some elections that actually represent the will of the people. These kinds of platitudes instead of action may make this group feel better while they do little or nothing of significance.

    So go ahead and pat each other on the back for this worthless tripe, no sense actually getting something done to make a difference. FAIR ELECTIONS get to work you so called leaders and start the process of organizing the people you represent instead of sleeping at the wheel while collecting per diem.

  8. Thanks to the incompetence of these RINOs, “Dominion Bryce” Edgmon is now chair of the rules committee. Any effort to restore election integrity will be blocked by the Chinacratic leadership

  9. Seriously?
    Hiding behind its fearmask chattering about vision and principles…
    What is wrong with this picture?

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