Governor withdraws plan to split Health and Social Services into two


Gov. Mike Dunleavy has withdrawn his executive order to split the Department of Health and Social Services into two departments.

The proposal was facing considerable headwinds in the Legislature from both sides of the political spectrum.

When he announced the split of the department in December, he and Commissioner Adam Crum said the department is too big, and with 3,500 employees, could do a better job if two departments had more focused missions. Thus, one department would be the Department of Family and Community Services, and the other would be the Department of Health.

A simple majority of the Legislature was all it would have taken to block the executive order, which had not garnered support from tribal health groups and the state’s largest public employee union.

A resolution was passed by the House Health and Social Services Committee that was moving to the House floor for a vote, and it looked increasingly like that resolution would pass with several members of the Republican minority joining.


  1. They can hide the grift and incompetence better in the larger department. This was never going to get off the launching pad.

  2. Here again- the GOP stabs the Governor in the back. They do it on the national level, they do it on the state level, etc etc. Who needs democrats when Rasmuson Republicans stab conservatives in the back every chance they get.

  3. Once again, the Cowardly Lion of Alaska wets himself publicly.

    Do us a favor Dunleavy: resign.

  4. Finally a good decision by Dunleavy – or his handlers. This would have just meant more supervisors and administrative staff getting more government checks. A bad idea, shows the incompetence of this administration.

  5. Why do we need this agency? To frighten us into complying with Covid-1984 Decrees? Cancel the whole damned agency! We don’t need them!

  6. I’m sure there are a lot of fine employees at the Alaska Dept. of Health & Social Services that are working hard in their mission of safeguarding the health and welfare of all Alaskans!
    Having said that, can anyone explain why the Dept. of Health & Social Services requires 3,500 full time employees to accomplish their mission?
    Considering our State’s declining Oil & Gas Revenue, isn’t it past time we undertake a realistic Audit & Review of the Personnel and Operating Budgets of All State Agencies?

  7. As a long time State employee, each new leader who comes in has to change things…. first they split them, the next guy combines them, then they split them again…… do we really need to do this again? If they split a department they essentially just add more employees, duplicate admin staff, duplicate “special assistants to _____” (fill in the blank).

  8. Social services…the misguided belief that the government is responsible for improving your life by taking money from those who earned it to give to those who did not.
    Raising your standard of living with other people’s money isn’t a legitimate governmental function.
    Eliminate the entire mess.

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