Muni code enforcers file legal complaint against ice rink for too many skaters, not enough masks


Code enforcers from the Municipality of Anchorage lodged a complaint against O’Malley Ice and Sports Center for the crime of having too many skaters using the facility, and the skaters not wearing masks.

The complaint was signed March 5, after the emergency order that it was referring to was set to expire, and when the Municipality knew the new emergency order, with fewer limitations, would be in place.

On Feb. 26, 2021, Municipal Code Enforcement Officer Cherie Easley said she saw 10 adults playing hockey in one rink, the complaint states.

Ten adults — and none of them were wearing face masks.

“She saw 31 people in a different hockey rink,” the complaint said.

“Four kids were not wearing face masks or coverings,” the Muni wrote.

Officer Easley spoke with a staff member about some people not wearing face masks or coverings and more than 15 people on a playing surface.

“On Feb. 27, 2021, Officer Easley returned. She saw 34 people in one hockey rink. Four kids and one adult were not wearing face masks or coverings. Thirty people were in another rink. None of them were wearing face masks or coverings.”

That “skating without a mask” is in violation of Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson’s Emergency Order 18, for which the Muni is recommending at $300 per violation fine.

It is unclear if it’s $300 per person in violation of the order, which would be substantial, or $300 for the hosting business. It’s also unclear if the code enforcers have photos of the offense, as they did not provide those with the complaint.

The code enforcers ordered the skating center to immediately require all patrons and employees to wear masks and abide by gathering limitations.

Emergency Order 18 was replaced by EO 19 days later by the Anchorage Assembly, beginning on March 2.

The mask mandates are still in place. Capacity limitations have been lifted but social distancing mandates of six feet are still in place. Skaters may not come within six feet of each other.

For organized sports, mask mandates are in place, while prohibition against competition has been lifted.

Typically hockey games, including referees and coaches, involve about 35 people.

The complaint will be heard by an administrative judge. The owners of the rink have 15 days to answer the complaint.

“I’m going to defend against the complaint,” said Steve Agni, one of the co-managers and member of the limited liability corporation.

Anchorage has been in under emergency orders starting with the “hunker down” order EO 3, which was signed by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz on March 20, 2020. The current EO 19 has a defacto capacity limit on businesses since it requires spacing of at least six feet between patrons, which places a cap on the number of people who can participate or attend any indoor event or venue.

Read the complaint at this link:


  1. EO19 actually went into effect on Monday March 8, 2021 at exactly 8:00am. I’m not in favor of any of it, but get the facts straight before you start putting people’s names out there.

    • The community as a right to know since these people chose a bully profession. Anchorage School District campaigns agianst Bullying, All Bullying should not be tolerated.
      Where are you speaking up for the tens of thousands of covid positives crossing over the border.

      Send this code enforcer down on the southern border. Then she will not be a bully.

    • The complaint was signed March 5, after the emergency order that it was referring to was set to expire, and when the Municipality knew the new emergency order, with fewer limitations, would be in place.

  2. Don’t pay, don’t show up for court, trespass the Code Enforcers and then vote to get rid of every single one of these commie assembly members including the illegal mayor.

  3. So how would this go if Steve Agni says “Well, our business reminds all patrons they are legally required to wear masks; but some won’t listen. These same folks who “live on the edge” probably drove 5 mph over the speed limit on their way here. Can the city penalize ME for other people not following the Mayor’s mandates?

  4. Sounds to me like the code enforcers have a hockey stick up their…


    You know 🙂

  5. Rock bottom = being a CCP payed snitch against Americans , aka “code enforcers”. Pathetic parasites are the only ones carrying on the “scary covid” narrative.

  6. Here in Florida, the Governor has excused all mask mandate violations. But he isn’t Hitler like the current wannabe up there infesting the mayor’s seat.

  7. Dirty rotten tattling commies. Wait till these commie jacka$$es start fining you for what they thought you thought when you thought what you thought you thought but wasn’t thoughting what they thought you thought but what you were really thoughting was, what a bunch of commie jacka$$es they really are..
    At this point I don’t have to make any sense either if they don’t have to.
    What a load of whoohee, seriously, mind your own you bunch control freak challenged Psycho busy bodies. Go blow it up yours….!!

  8. These Muni fools need to be shut down. Including the lady mayor with a wife. There is ZERO reason to mask up with the low density of skaters on the ice and the high air volume space to disperse any virus load.

    The powers that be have decided it’s time to end this plandemic and there’s no justification for this sort of heavy handed leftist fascism. Fire these Muni fools!

  9. Code Enforcement officers should swing by the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union building on Northern Lights (next to Chuck E. Cheese) during the lunch hour. If they did this, they’d see nearly fifteen people crammed together in the small lobby area on most days and not (all) observing social distancing.


    When I asked the manager about this she there can be up to 19 people crammed in the lobby area without social distancing before she would be concerned. Maybe code enforcement officers would raise her concern?


    Have you noticed that Alaska USA has gone downhill in the last couple of years??

    • No, but I’ve definitely seen severe vertebral degeneration in Americans
      in recent years. OMG, the voodoo flu is going to kill us all!!!111!!!!!

    • Way to go Barbara. There’s probably some special commie hotline number for people like you. You know, if you don’t like being around unmasked normal real people, no one is forcing you to be there. They also made a vaccine for you too, if you’re real worried about it.
      I would say put your own face mask on and move on, but you’re probably still stuck in the, just me wearing a useless face mask doesn’t work, it takes everyone wearing a useless face mask for it to work, ill thinking.
      You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

    • You. Asked. The. Manager……okay Karen, I mean Barbara. That whole area is down hill, look at all the bums on the corner of Seward and Northern Lights. Vote someone that’ll save that area, quit complaining to the manager. Of better yet, volunteer to help save that area.

  10. This is a prime example of disproportionate measures taken by intellectually undistinguished people in a panic. Pretty much sums up the entire Covid drama.

    • I want to be on the jury for every trial related to these brown shirts. Ever hear of “Jury Nullification?”

  11. H e double hockey sticks no.
    Fight this absurd unconstitutional rule. Mrs mayor double dip can go to h e double hockey sticks

  12. I remember when our faux mayor announced the hiring of the new three thugs. She said “they were here to help local businesses” Help them empty their already battered checking accounts for the city’s gain is what she should have said! Who didnt see this gestapo nonsense coming?

  13. Tell these little Commie Cockroaches to piss off! As soon as we the people start exercising our Rights these little wanna be KGB agents and their mini-Stalin leaders will slink off to hide under the rock they crawled out from under.

  14. “Officer”

    Wow. Didn’t take long for these lefties to turn that term from one of respect into one that is an absolute pathetic joke. Karen’s with badges.

  15. I didn’t think you could get lower than a parking enforcer. Absolute crap. As if people haven’t got enough to contend with–a year of hell and now we have Austin Quinn Davidson’s brown shirts to deal with when you take your kids skating. Business owners and customers DO NOT CAVE! Turn this into a happening!!

  16. If the people would just stay home drinking , smoking pot, watching CNN and Netflix then Bradley J Larson could go back to being a Wal-Mart greeter and this virus would not be killing people. Took the kids to the library in Wasilla,,,, got their books and left. Coming back to Anchorage saw unmasked people gathered outside a pot store smoking ,,, go get’em Bradley. Or is it that they don’t have funds to pay fines just for pot so why bother?? Stay home and trust the Government people.

  17. They’re going to have all you people down there bending over and spreading your cheeks before you know it!

    • Ten years ago, I would have laughed and said there’s no way the American people would stand for that. Now? I no longer trust or believe in my fellow Americans. We’ve become a nation of obedient cowards.

  18. This nonsense needs to end. Anchorage has huge homeless, crime, and a myriad of other problems. Adults playing hockey and children skating? Wow, some major crimes there, need a quick stop to that. Currently we have tens of thousands of refugees/asylum seekers crossing our southern border with no tests or masks. Maybe we should focus on that? BTW, who is in control of these code enforcers? Is it legal for them to enter a business without identifying themselves and producing a search warrant?

  19. This is blatant use of the Muni to punish businesses that would support, or have events for , Bronson fo Mayor. Friday the 6th, there is an event at the Blue line Pub for Bronson, Sunday the “code enforcers ” show up to screw with the business that had the event. This is such obvious crap, it is criminal.

    • And what is the relationship with the Alaska Club and the Muni that a manager of the Alaska Club, who own a building the city was going to buy, ends up with a “code enforcer” job with the city?

  20. Is mustreadalaska supporting Mike Robbins?
    His Ad has appears on your page the last few stories I’ve read.

    • He purchased an ad. Dave Bronson ads also appear because he purchased one too. Others have, as well, if you look around the website. – sd

  21. The Ice Rink should say, “Kiss my patooty”. Masks don’t stop virus’s and there is a clinical study that proves it so stop the nonsense!

  22. I am pretty certain that these code enforcers need permission to step foot on property not owned by the Government, even OSHA needs permission unless they observe a “Life Threatening” situation, the definition for same is narrow and confined. Refuse them entry, they will then be required to get a Court Order signed by a Judge for entry. Screw with the little snitches. You have a thing called Due Process, use it.

  23. I don’t blame the people who were hired to do a job , I don’t agree with. I do blame the gestapo that hired them. Vote everyone, we need to get rid of these losers who are small minded, carpetbagging tyrants that are screwing up our way of life with their San Francisco socialist point of view.

    These immoral people need to go!

    • If you have principles and have the fortitude to stand by them, you would never hire on for a job like this, even if it was the last job on earth. I am assuming these enforcers are either all for this, or are happy to sell their souls and country for a dollar. A lot of that going around anymore..

  24. I would have used the loudspeaker to introduce Ms. Easley to the crowd. Then politely tell everyone on the ice that they had to put a mask on or leave.

    Also would have asked the patrons to give Ms. Easley a big round of applause to let he know just how much the residents of Anchorage appreciate her efforts.

    Of course my idea is assuming she did not slink out the door and file the complaint in the secrecy of her office.

  25. Regardless of your views on masks, mask non-compliance is not a form of rebellion that has any traction. By design, not masking only hurts the businesses that you frequent by putting them in the crosshairs for fines, closures and eventually shutting their doors like many small businesses that have from this administration’s Emergency Orders.

  26. Amy, go back to your college weed friends in Oregon or wherever you came from. You make no sense.

    Regarding the so-called code enforcers, nothing but true Believers with bonus of a big city paycheck. Nothing but bullies and punks. Lapdogs of the current Administration. They should be ashamed of themselves. Wonder how they feel about if they look in the mirror every morning before they go into the punk job they have. The last ones I saw around town were wearing blue jeans. Wow, real professional. Not. Just wait though as this crew of thugs running the city will have them in some kind of uniform real soon. After that they will have pepper spray and tasers. Only the liberal police Union will keep them from having real powers of enforcement and Firearms. At least for now. After all the Republican mayoral candidates fight and allow Dunbar or some other fool to be elected, all bets are off. We already making preparations to remove our business and Residences from Anchorage. Real soon.

  27. If you want to lay the blame for this influx of authoritarian government, look no further than our friend GW Bush, and his apt named “Dept. of Homeland [in]Security.” If that didn’t make you shudder back in the day, you’ve got no right to be shocked over these Muni Brownshirts.

  28. Scott, perhaps Ms. Easley could explain to me/us why the tens of thousands crossing our southern border are not required to test or wear a mask. They will make their way up here. Also, Tuberculosis is on the rise with these people. Anything being done to prepare for this outbreak? Probably not but we’ll go after those rascally skaters!

  29. Bronson said that if he is elected, all these fines will be forgiven. Now that vaccines are available to anyone, I would suggest that anyone concerned over this flu should get one, and leave the rest of us alone. Does anyone know how many code enforcement people were hired and at what cost? And how about court costs? Remember photo radar and how quickly it went away when people started to challenge their tickets? Let’s just clog up their own system again. That will fix these liberal judges. And ” lawmakers “. F the F ing F ers.

  30. I spent a month in Florida with out a Mask and no social distancing and I’m fine. Florida is doing it right. Gov Desantis gets it!

    Masking does not work. It is not good for children. The children are suffering irreversible psychological and emotional damage from being separated from friends and families.  Toddlers are growing up without being able to see expressions on faces  – an important part of growing up.

    We have a country of fearful masked up zombies wandering about.  Just yesterday when I got back from Florida and I went to the grocery store, at least half of the people had filthy rags on their faces and were peering about with dead eyes.  Every one needs to fight masking and have courage!

  31. Sounds to me like a completely inept Mayor-what a waste of valuable resources pto be chasing these kind of “ violations” it’s like arresting everone who breaks a speed limit-ridiculous!

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