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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Murkowski, Romney, Collins and Sasse congratulate Biden


Four moderate Republican senators have put out statements congratulating Joe Biden on his election victory.

Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Susan Collins of Maine, broke away from the rest of the Republican senators, who have urged President Donald Trump to not concede until matters involving reported widespread fraud are resolved, or at least until legal challenges and recounts are settled.

“Tonight, he declared victory and pledged to be a president who represents all Americans,” Murkowski wrote over the weekend. “I congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris and will be ready to work with their administration when it takes office.”

“We may not always agree, I will work with them to do what is right for Alaska—just as I will continue to emphasize collaboration and bipartisanship with my colleagues in a narrowly divided Senate,” Murkowski said.

Congressman Don Young also congratulated Biden on his win. “President-elect Biden has tremendous work ahead of him. Today, a long, hard-fought, and contentious presidential election appears to be behind us. It is time to put the election behind us, and come together to work for a better tomorrow for our nation.”

Gov. Mike Dunleavy was more circumspect: “I for one will support our President’s efforts to ensure that the election is completed with integrity. Let us hope and pray that it is.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • It’s newsworthy that our US Senator acknowledges that the candidate who is ahead by five million votes, has won. Golly, even Don is saying it.

  • Young and Murkowski need to educate themselves on the process. Biden is not president elect until Dec 15th at the earliest. It’s very clear.

    • And add your former boss Jeb to the list.

  • It’s a revealing time – to see just who stands for the rule of law (and the rule of Zink), and who doesn’t.

  • Murkowski has to go in 2022 – Trump said he’d back anyone with a pulse against her…..

    • Sarah Palin 2022!

  • The RINO Club of idiots and traitors.

  • Time to take the trash out!!! Lying Lisa Murkowski needs to go!!!

  • With friends like these, who needs enemies?!?

  • So apparently all of the cheating was in one direction?

    Face it folks, Trump lost, and you need to deal with that fact. Denial won’t bring him back.

    • Face it Whidbey, you don’t care about cheating, because, your only concern was getting rid of the bad orange man. Means to an end. App justified to the happy leftist. Meanwhile, your compatriots are openly making lists for retribution. Win at all costs, and destroy any who oppose you. Nice set of principles you have over there on the left. I’ll pass thanks. I may lost the country, but I’ll hang on to my soul.

      • Well, yes. I am thrilled to death to be rid of the bad orange man. In fact, I drank champagne for breakfast to celebrate.

        But you haven’t answered my question: If there was any cheating, why did it happen in only one direction?

        The only cheating in this election was Trump’s efforts to bias it in his favor by throwing shade on mail-in voting (which you will eventually use and love), the Post Office, poll watchers with guns (intimidators), and garbage lawsuits.

        Deal with the loss and move on.

        We lived with Trump for four years, so you can live with Biden for eight.

        • Biden will be a drooling vegetable in under 2. That’ll make him the smartest sounding dem wit in or out of office

        • Biden won’t live past 2 years. The 25th amendment awaits him. The cheating was one sided because Republicans have class, honor and integrity. Dems never have.

        • Biden for 8 yrs? Dream On. Are you good with Kamala for 4 yrs? (Probably). The election has not be verified yet. Good will triumph over evil, or America will suffer – Trump 2020 !

          • Sorry, Dear Emily. You are dreaming and in denial. Biden will be inaugurated. End of story.

  • With these four RINO loons, the Democrats have more than enough votes in the Senate to get their Blue Wave pipe dreams through…

  • Murkowski is tone deaf and blind. She is hedging her bets wrong. Clearly she is in direct conflict with the state citizens…she is as bad for AK as the activist judges.

  • Lisa is Deep State. I will never vote for her, and never have. I’m disappointed in Don Young, but respect that Dunleavy respects the constitutionally mandated process of federal elections. None of the swing States have been certified, none have finished counting legal votes, and separating them from invalid ballots. The election is not over as far as the President-elect is concerned.

  • Lisa needs a new career- Former senator. I’m done. Either be a republican or run as a democrat.

  • As much as a Trump supporter that I am, the election is lost. I knew the moment that mail in ballots were permissible that Trump did not stand a chance. It is time to move forward as Biden will be our new president for a couple of years and then Harris will finish off his term.
    As much as I don’t like what is going to happen with them in charge, it may make more folks realize that Democrats are not good for our country.
    Trump is very polarizing and even had conservatives voting against him. We need to look for great candidate to take us to victory in 2024.
    Without having control of the Senate, my biggest fear of packing the supreme court will not materialize. Any gun control actions by Biden will not make it past the Senate and any EO will not make it past the supreme court.
    What I see is our country being stagnant during this administration.

    • So, Trump’s “polarization” oddly led to him receiving more votes in 2020 than in 2016. Can’t really believe that many conservatives voted against him in this election but not in the prior. From what I can tell, the opposite is true.
      Also, how did you know the election was lost with the permission of mail-ins? Isn’t that saying the same thing as voter fraud was assured? And control of the Senate is very tenuous with RINO’s like Murkowski, Romney and Collins.

    • Fortunately for this country we didn’t view your statements with great Britain. We didn’t say oh well the king has spoken and bend over and grab your ankles. No this fight is not over and it never will be. We will probably self-destruct because that’s what all world powers do eventually, ask the Romans.

  • Conservatives, join the conservative social media site to see all the updates concerning the fraud and lies of this election that are coming to the forefront. The mainstream news media, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. are all in the pockets of the liberal democrats and are not sharing news with the public about the fraud that is being exposed.

    As far as Murkowski, that RINO needs to go. She does not represent the conservatives of this state and we need to make sure that she doesn’t get re-elected, should she choose to run again.

  • Let’s go ahead and count the rest of the votes, let the Supreme Court weigh in first, okay?

  • Reform the vote. Remove the old guard Republicans. Finish cleaning the Republican party.

  • Hah! As expected, the usual “republican” sycophants lined up to congratulate Biden prematurely in order to ingratiate themselves with democrats. We can expect the same old bowing and scraping from lisa toward democrats. Pathetic.

  • What the results tell me the majority of voters didn’t like Trump. The Republicans in general not so much.

  • Aunt Lisa and Uncle Don sure seem eager to see Biden/Harris, (more Harris than Biden since Joe won’t last a month) in the Oval Office. What’s to look forward to so eagerly? Re-entry to the Paris Accords, re-entry to the Iran Nuclear deal, tear down Trump’s Wall on the border and open the spigots, US full funding of NATO, tax increases, industry gone overseas, empowerment of Red China, other things itemized in Ms. Downing’s article “Land of No, Biden is about to shipwreck Alaska’s economic boat.”
    Since Trump did more good for Alaska than any other president you’d think they’d stick by him while he’s in the fight. I guess they don’t have to so they didn’t. Doesn’t show much appreciation.

  • The Deep State obviously has some bad stuff on Murkowski. She no longer represents Alaska & needs to go ASAP.

  • Now if we can get Governor Dunleavy to accept reality, he might want to establish a relationship with the person who most likely be President on 1/20/2021. It will work out better for Alaska if he does…

    • There is no path to sensible negotiations with Biden and green girl Harris that will help Alaska. You must be smoking something. Everything that we’ve gained becoming energy dependent will go away and the globalist party will increase your taxes by doing away with the Trump tax cuts, unemployment will be on a steady rise, China will be back to their old bag of tricks with their poster boys Hunter and daddy, the supreme Court will be useless if they are successful in taking the Senate, our southern border will once again be flooding in illegal immigrants so the rule of law will go away, you and your clooneys can sit back getting high while the rest of us work to provide welfare for you. I don’t see anything that will better Alaska and if I’m Mike, I’d stay strong with my constituents that put me in office, and appease those that rely on the government for entitlements, and let the rest of the washingtonians or oregonians that have infested Alaska go to hell. Remember Davy Crockett when he said I’m going to Texas the rest of you can go to hell. That would be my policy.

  • It’s not about appreciation. Young and Murkowski don’t want to be on a “hit list” if Biden unfortunately wins this crooked election. It’s the easy path out. Although Young did surprise me with this comment. The election isn’t over. Gore/Bush election went on for 37 days. Keep fighting and pushing, don’t give up. If not, hide behind your mask in your house.

  • Dirty Deal Lisa needs to retire from politics. As for the rest, it is going to be very gratifying when Trump finally wins and puts the Biden crowd in their place. These people are huge jerks and they never shut up.

  • If there is one consistent flaw in the universe, it’s Lisa Murkowski. Can someone please tell her the lamestream media doesn’t certify elections and there is verifiable voter fraud happening across the nation that is being contested in court. Why does Lisa support voter fraud? Does she care that Dominion and Smartmatics voter machines can be manipulated by a simple algorithm that flips votes? Does she care that poll watchers were locked out of ballot counting efforts? Does she care that votes stopped across all the battleground states at a specific time and restarted at a specific time and votes were either tossed out or flipped by the manipulated machines? This is a National Security issue Lisa! Please Alaska, we absolutely must get rid of this stain on our State!

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