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Murkowski issues statement on situation in Afghanistan

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who is in Alaska this week, issued the following statement on the situation in Afghanistan:

“I have been closely watching the rapidly deteriorating situation unfolding in Afghanistan. It is clear that conditions have quickly turned from a controlled withdrawal to a full-on emergency. I am gravely concerned for the Americans that remain on the ground, embassy staff, Afghans that have helped the U.S. Government, and the millions of innocent Afghans—particularly Afghan women and girls who are experiencing unimaginable violence at the hands of the Taliban.

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“I have never supported an endless war in Afghanistan and have called for our troops to eventually return home, but this was not the responsible way to leave the country nor was it even the manner the President’s own advisors recommended. Recently, Congress passed supplemental appropriations to support increased demands on the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program with the belief this Administration had a viable plan in place in Afghanistan. This was clearly not the case. We have now reached an outcome that no one wanted or hoped for. As Leader McConnell recently stated, ‘this debacle was not only foreseeable, but foreseen.'”

“My message to President Biden is this: When you address the nation today, we need to hear not only an update on the situation, but your plan to keep Americans safe, both at home and abroad. Three previous American presidents have borne the burden of commanding this war. This is undoubtedly not an easy task, but it is an incredible responsibility endowed to the President of the United States and the leader of the free world. Right now, thousands of American veterans and their families are wondering if their service and sacrifice was in vain. American citizens are wondering what your plan is to ensure Afghanistan will not again become be a safe haven for terrorists. And, millions of Afghans, now without a president of their own or a viable army to defend them, are wondering what will come of their country and the rights of women and children under Taliban rule. Simply put, your words matter.”

The president will be addressing the situation at 11:45 am Alaska time.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. What was it that opened your mind and your mouth? Was it the video reminiscent of Americans being evacuated off the roof of our embassy in Vietnam for was it the C-130 trying to take off with 15 or 20 people hanging on to the side of the fuselage that eventually fail some to their deaths because they knew they would be dead within 24 hours if they stayed? Which one Lisa?

  2. I think a message from Murkowski regarding Biden Administration blunder is inappropriate, and too soon from her, considering she is a supporter of President Biden. She knew something like this event will occur coming from either Biden or Harris.
    How ungrateful these people shown themselves to peoples who put their lives and livelihoods on the line. I think they made the mistake becoming Democratic. Afghans probably should had followed a Constitution Republic after America. It appears Democratic governments always end up collasping- It collapsed the South when it was democratic.

  3. I appreciate this. I’ve not had frequent occasions to think well.of our Sr. Senator, but this response gives me hope for a reasonable rational approach that’s less about campaigns than it is about human lives.

  4. Lisa has been aiding and abetting the biden regime since it grabbed the reigns. She is responsible in part for the fall we see here and world wide.
    See Afghanistan, we can only pray that her ineptitude won’t lead to that coming to our shores. The entire world as well as our country is on the brink, thanks lisa.

  5. RINO Murkowski helped create this disaster by her support for the Democrat Party, Biden/Harris administration. ISIS & AL QAEDA not have a secure base of operations in Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban to plan & launch terrorist attacks. Taliban also have US military equipment, abandoned by Biden/Harris administration to defend it with.

  6. Go soak your head Princess.

    I’d love to say what I really think, but doubt it could get past MRA filters.

    She would happily support the Taliban if it got her votes.

  7. Daddy’s Little Princess knows nothing about sacrifice, suffering, or patriotic service to her country. She is from a class of protected, privileged and wealthy people who have been personally safeguarded their entire lives. Born of privilege and given anything she pleases, Lisa Murkowski is a spoiled brat American who truly believes her family is of a royal blood class of Americans. She is a Democrat parading around the Capitol, thinly disguising herself as a Republican. She fools no one. Simply put, Alaskans need to get rid of her next election cycle and end this sickening Murkowski regime. Alaskans deserve far better.

    • Well said Elaine!
      If Lisa had a single ounce of integrity, she would never have allowed her corrupt and arrogant father to appoint her to the US Senate in the first place.

          • Lisa may have got my goats and chickens, but she won’t get the rooster. The rest I bequeath to Nancy, except to House Husband, who gets the sit-down lawn mower and some shed tools that I have no idea what are used for.

          • Did you save the instructions on how to run the mower? I never had to do this kind of work in my life, ever since I’ve been Lisa’s prince. The Murkowskis’ always had servants trained for these non-royal duties.
            What? Frankie has a rooster?

  8. Maybe if Murkowski had stood up at some point since November 3rd to demand an open and complete audit of the election the idiot hand puppet Biden wouldn’t be in office and the Taliban wouldn’t be creating a horrific human rights disaster in Afghanistan.
    Murkowski, Sullivan and Young all share blame for this situation, the resurgent border crisis, the massive deficit spending, the reimplementation of CRT everywhere and all the other awful things Biden and the Democrats are doing to our country.
    All three should resign immediately so that we can get representatives who have ethical and moral courage and a desire to follow the constitution and constitutional laws.
    These three don’t…they’re all a disgrace to the state and the nation.
    And, no, “Used to live here as a child” Tshibaka is not who we want to send back to her true home (Washington DC) as one of our senators.

  9. We should immediately airlift our Afghan friends to the southern border (Mexico). Then they will have no problem getting in…

    • We really can’t just abandon these people that our soldiers have fought so hard to defend…it would be shameful. Lend me a plane, a fuel card and I will go get them myself…

      • They would shoot you down if you got within 500 miles of the place. Did you see that video where those specs coming off of that C-130 where people falling from an altitude at about 2,000 ft? Who’s not going to be anybody to help. The Taliban is going to clean them out once and for all.

  10. It is important to remember that 1) President Trump was the one who initiated the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and his plan was, basically, to do nothing other than pull out the troops, 2) that the Afghan military was negotiating its own demise by handing over troops to the Taliban in exchange for bribes, 3) that the Afghan military folded, willingly, like a cardboard outhouse during an Alaska winter, 4) that the US military has been in Afghanistan for 20 years without any significant progress in establishing a viable, permanent national government, and 5) that neither the Afghans nor the Taliban initiated the attacks of 9/11, which were carried out mainly by Saudis.

    It can be argued that Bush got us into the wrong war, twice if you count Iraq. His target should have been Saudi Arabia, but instead, love fests have been our negotiating technique with them.
    The war in Afghanistan is a sorry tale. Twenty years spent there have earned us little or nothing and cost the coalition forces over 3500 lives. We could stay another twenty years and lose another 3500 lives or cut our losses and pull out. Finally, someone came along, in the person of President Biden, who had the where-with-all to pull the plug on this ongoing disaster. It was bound to be ugly, and the blame shouldn’t be laid solely on Biden.

    • OH! so that’s why he was praised for the agreements with the Taliban. As long as they followed they guidelines we wouldn’t be in this mess.

      Greg, Are you in the basement in camp david too?

    • The Trump plan was to leave a counter terrorism force of less than 3000 to support the Afgan Government & secure US interests. In fact US air support for the Afgan military was always key to keeping the Taliban from taking over again & providing a terrorist safe haven. The Biden administration withdrew US air & intelligence support & abandoned thousands of US citizens now trapped in Afghanistan. How long have we been in South Korea, Japan, Europe? We’re in those countries because it’s in our nations interest to be there.

      • Trump agreed to removing all US Troops by May 1, 2021 without the Afghan Governments involvement.. People in South Korea, Japan and Europe want us to be there. Afghanistan has been rejecting foreigners since Alexander the Great. You appear to have trouble separating fact from fiction

        • Then why are Afghans storming the airport trying to flee the country. The Democrat Party, Biden Harris administration abandoned thousands of US citizens to the mercy of the Taliban. Instead of a planned orderly withdrawal which included securing US civilians, then removing high value military equipment, Biden surrendered. Now thousands of of our sons & daughters are at the mercy of the Taliban, both outside & within the Airport. It Saigon X 1000. Total failure & there will be blow back.

  11. A more realistic approach would be to send a delegation over and get old joe to immediately withdraw the U.S. Gov. from the Patriot Act.

  12. It’s all part of ‘politickin’. Like the axiom of Napoleon: “To succeed in politics, promise everything, deliver nothing”. Things like Lisa happen during election season. Haven’t heard much from her directly in Alaska. Just lots of praise from socialist media for her support of all things leftist.

    • Negotiating a Bi Partisan infrastructure agreement and opening of ANWR leasing is hardly leftist, or socialist. Supporting a big lie and Donald Trump is about as un American as one could be.

  13. Amen. I think all 4 Presidents are on the hook, but President Biden watched it happen. I guess he at least spoke to a camera and not behind a cheap cellphone with Twitter.

  14. A safe, controlled exit from Afghanistan? Our current military leaders have much more important things to plan, like how to eliminate political opposition from the ranks.

  15. The Pullout:
    Sleepy pulls out and the Afghani are scared

    After 20 years they should be prepared

    But he blames Trump and their Prez too

    With his helicopter load of big bucks he flew

    Chi-Na will be next man up to declare

    Russia, then the U.S. couldn’t do it so quick

    The Taliban pulling their same ol’ schtick 

    We’ll wait in hills while your resources dwindle

    You think we negotiate; it’s just a big swindle

    Joe should have it figured, but he missed the trick

    So let’s look ahead to what Chi-Na can do

    Now that the U.S. and Russians got screwed

    They already want the Taliban in bedWill  Taliban play Buzkashi with dear leader’s headJust what exactly will be their purview

  16. You are a part of this bad situation Murkowski you were against Trump and your Republican party for this trash that is now in charge !

  17. You are a part of this bad situation Murkowski you were against Trump and your Republican party for this trash that is now in charge !

  18. You are a part of this bad situation Murkowski you were against Trump and your Republican party for this trash that is now in charge !

  19. I want to see some resignations. If the Chairman of the JCS had any integrity left, he would have resigned. If the DOD Secretary Austin had any integrity left, he would have resigned. Many other generals/admirals need to put their papers in. There is very little integrity left at the highest of our military levels.

    • There is a line of Generals a mile long just as inept at what is there, ready to take their position. If there were a good patriotic man or woman in the Field Grade ranks and probably lower by this time, they would have been ran out of the military and denoted a potential terrorist.

  20. This is wrong and so embarrassing to any caring American. Millions of Americans put themselves on the line to save America from this very thing! Yet our congress and many Americans embrace this fully.Biden said this would never happen again yet, here we are. There can be no trust and no loyalty any more.

  21. So I suspect all these Afghan refugees will be coming here? Where else are they going to go?
    Kind of like the border situation, lets import future democratic voters?…….

  22. They will be bringing them here, speeches like this provide justification. People falling off the airplane really sum up the Biden Admin didn’t they.

  23. Hey Lisa, we don’t want to hear from you anymore. Why don’t you just shut up until we can vote you out! Your buddy Joe reversed every Trump policy from his first day of taking office, but he expects us to believe that it was “the Trump plan” that failed America.

  24. These 4th Century goons will for sure do three things. They have already been documented doing so:
    1) They will confiscate the guns of all private citizens.
    2)They will rape and take possession of all little girls and women they find desirable.
    3) They will behead anyone who worked for Americans or who speaks out against their barbarity.
    What they will not do is listen to virtue signaling finger wagers like Lisa Murkowski and Nancy Pelosi. As they were speeding from town to town last week we should have been bombing them into oblivion. Our leadership at all levels is a woke joke!

  25. There was no reason to leave. The region was stabilized with our presence. It was not a hot war. We have been in Korea for 70 years and Germany for 80 so time is a BS excuse. A small contingent of military ground and air support was all that was needed. This is the worst foreign decision/action ever made in history. I didn’t agree with Trump wanting to pull out either, but he certainly would not have let the country fall back into control of our enemies. This is a planned event to destroy our military prowess abroad as this administration is doing to us economically, to position China. And now our politicians are going to say the words that lull everyone back into a feeling of helplessness, frustration and fear while they dismantle the country’s structure with the passive permission of half the population.

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